Why the tutorial so much, you still can’t learn Shanghai dragon

2. the lack of Shanghai dragon learning direction: no matter how much knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, most of the bad friends is very do not know how to learn, how to start, although many tutorials on the Internet, but also because of course caused no effect, the answer, or is a simple generalization. High repetition rate, or is this tutorial said so, the next tutorial to do so, resulting in most of the learning friends do not know who to listen to, but not the direction of learning, as the lost lamb rattling, looking for.


said before, may wish to learn about what the people of Shanghai dragon, I know a friend, to learn Shanghai Longfeng mostly in enterprises as Shanghai Longfeng positions, you want to find a good job, but in the present circumstances, an advanced degree in Shanghai Longfeng depends on the management of how to know the extent of Shanghai Longfeng positions without identity, your superiors, is still very difficult to carry out the Shanghai dragon work; or some full-time wife, at home with children, in order to realize their own value, and want to learn Shanghai Longfeng, remember there is a 28 year old lady said, want to learn Shanghai dragon, then remember it night to coax over the child, then alone lying in front of the computer, usually at 12 in the evening will consult me some problems, the people of Shanghai Longfeng visible learning how to of course; There are also some just left the campus, like hothouse bird out of the cage, specifically to find rich quick cheats, is enough to make you upset.

1. of Shanghai dragon awareness is not high: in most learners, the so-called Shanghai dragon is the optimization of key words to home to want, but the real Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, rather than search ranking optimization, it is because of the ranking as the Shanghai dragon all day, bitter exercises also ranked No one shows any interest in. To give up halfway a few; in a word, you know the Shanghai dragon, you can depend on how far to go in Shanghai dragon road, but this point is not high because of no great importance, know to learn real Shanghai dragon designed to "optimize" two words, not only is the only search engine optimization ranking, but also includes website optimization, website optimization, website content quality conversion rate optimization, website optimization, website server design beautiful page optimization experience, is not found himself only know to do not know other rankings the


in today’s Internet era, any want to know things can be through the network to find a lot of people at home, self-taught, all thanks to the age of the Internet, but the Internet of the Shanghai dragon tutorial so much, can be said to be free to share, why have disaster caused by flooding water, there is still so much to learn but not Shanghai Dragon good friends? First below to share with you why most of my friends don’t study well because of the Shanghai dragon, Cen Huiyu is only a personal opinion, do not like do not spray.

to learn good reasons why Shanghai Longfeng the following:

Another perspective Shanghai dragon is actually not so important

look at some large web sites above, not all sites are suitable for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, such as Taobao, micro-blog, Alibaba, renren贵族宝贝 and so on, because they are independent of the vertical search services, and some personal information related to personal privacy, web sites do not need to submit the information to the user through the search engine, but also input the URL into the website directly, does not need the help of the third party website search engine to retrieve information.


I work in a construction company, competition in this industry is very large, on all aspects of the technical skills requirements are relatively high, according to the views of Shanghai Longfeng better optimization of the industry, the website ranking will bring more customers. In fact, it’s not like most station customers or from the sales of telephone marketing and visit. Through the search engines to look up the few customers, and the search engine brings customers are more familiar with the Internet, the customer’s profit rate is very low.


of large and medium-sized enterprise products regardless of varieties and specifications are very much, if so many products need to be optimized through search engines, particularly large workload, cause is not proportional to the input output. This situation is not suitable for Shanghai dragon to optimize, can make use of third party platform, will pass to the website product platform database to optimize the product name, many third party platform weight is very high, does not need to deliberately with search engine optimization can have very good rankings.

Shanghai dragon just marketing tool

is not suitable for Shanghai Longfeng optimized website

Many of the core keywords are ranked first in the

every day to improve the chain number we sleep outside the chain, to processing a large number of pseudo original articles using a variety of tools, the purpose is to search engine included our site weight to the site more, bring more traffic, bring more revenue for us. But today I want to say why Shanghai dragon is not so important? Here is not so important reason why Shanghai dragon.

conversion rate is the key to

multi product is not suitable for the optimization of

when Shanghai dragon to bring traffic to the site, the more we need to consider is the conversion rate, ranking, traffic is not Shanghai Longfeng target flow, ranking in addition to the server to bring pressure and self little vanity, no meaning. Will flow into personal or business real income is the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a tool, one of the network marketing tools, individual enterprises, a very small part of the network marketing. We can’t go to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, some website traffic >

website, bring traffic also have so many calls, but very few people, website bounce rate is as high as 50%. On the contrary, through telemarketing and home visits gave the company a stable performance, the company’s main business comes from the line promotion.

Wangzhuan home network for enlightenment marketing advanced training courseBuilding website brand pl

second chapter why does network competitive bidding succeed?

      in the traditional economy, through the concept of transcendence and shaping the success examples of brands such as Super Girls’s plan, meet the eye everywhere, surpassing the old rules before television singer selection of naobaijin planning, talent shows itself; the courage to break through the traditional health products advertisement, "to this year’s holiday gifts, gifts received only melatonin" slogan, the melatonin beyond the traditional health care advertising propaganda concept, and a gift directly into the camp, let a person think of mentioned gift melatonin, which is the brand!

two   take the differentiation line, the brand can have a larger space for rapid growth

      originally here want to practice ladder network as an example, but inevitably introduce too much ladder too boast about ladder network, the case in the future or by everyone to write it here, Wang Yihui, thank you for the first

Sun Tzu said: Forewarned is forearmed.

      as the highest realm of website operation – website brand and website culture, it must be included in the operation strategy from the beginning of website planning.

network bidding marketing profiteering is because of asymmetric information. One is the asymmetry of product cognitive information, and the understanding of products is accomplished only through a single advertising page Multimedia. You can increase the attractiveness of your product to increase your attractiveness and increase your sales to make a big profit. On the other hand, the asymmetry between the price and the value of the product, which should be said to be essential. Because the other party does not know how much your product costs, but the product in the minds of consumers have high value, so you can do a very high price for sale, resulting in huge profits.

4, the size of each alliance threshold is getting lower and lower, individuals, small and medium-sized companies so that more people have the opportunity to try online bidding marketing.

in the course of the network bidding marketing concept is my personal understanding of the concept, is my actual operation in the process of experience and summary. In short, that is, through the network to buy or create traffic to sell their products, this is to do and Taobao’s business is not the same, this is a proactive marketing process. Just said that the use of purchasing traffic or create traffic, in fact, simply say that is to advertise themselves, but this advertising model is completed on the network. Now the network is developing very fast, increasing the number of Internet users every day. Advertising on the Internet, because current technology makes target customers very accurate keyword matching, and thus low cost. For example, sh419 keyword promotion, etc. are very accurate, each click 3 cents.

3, the logistics industry has developed rapidly and gradually mature. The rapid development of the logistics industry to provide a convenient trading places of various types of receivables, reducing the risk of consumers for online transactions, improve the online behavior of credibility, greatly improves the network auction marketing turnover and profits.


a   from the concept of transcendence, in order to build a brand out of the

network bidding marketing is a new and successful marketing model which has developed rapidly in the past two years. Shortly after the advent of the Internet, the Internet based marketing campaign continued to explore, and achieved great success in the last two years. The main reasons for success are:

      beyond the concept, is beyond the shackles of traditional ideas. Many successful foreign Web2.0 website in recent years, it reflects the transcendence of traditional concept of Web site operators, such as youtube, MySpace, digg and so on, they to several people, dozens of personal power, to go beyond the concept of Web1.0 beyond the traditional many talent shows itself, the Internet giant, to China future also appears more of this website, dare to from the concept of Transcendence Theory and models at present, and even started even beyond the Web2.0 called Web3.0, known as the Wang Yihui who dare to go beyond 2 original idea of Wei business model, bold overturned the BBS operation of old rational read, I can, you can!

      even if it is a large and comprehensive portal website, finally retain users’ s brand image is the difference, because of the difference existence, and make the major portals maintained a sustained competitive advantage, the new network of NetEase, Sina mailbox, this is where their characteristic.

The basic reason for

Chapter 1 what is network bidding marketing

2, the network from the role of a single media continues to infiltrate the financial sector, online payment platform, personal online banking development is very rapid, for online transactions to provide a great convenience.

1, the number of Internet users continues to increase, everyone’s recognition of the Internet, the trust level of Internet transactions continue to improve. According to the latest statistics, China has 172 million Internet users, all over the country, is expected by 2010, China’s Internet users will reach 200 million. Although network cheating happens frequently, generally speaking, the credibility of online transactions is getting higher and higher and more and more standardized.

      as an attempt to become the biggest comprehensive portal website, finally will inevitably form a differentiated competition, other sites should be more differentiated as the start of the set, and other sites in different brand image in the user, I have no people, I have excellent people, I have excellent the "special", especially how to do? Wang Yihui will appear in a future article ladder continue to reveal you ~


Yiqifa Happy rice palm mobile phone software users registered on-line promotion announcementWang Xia

return to entrepreneurship, talent is the key. At that time, the Internet start-ups in the United States Silicon Valley, mostly dug from school, three people decided to go to Tsinghua looking for people,

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

original title: what are Wang Xiaochuan and Xu Zhaojun doing in college?

dear stationmaster:


first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

net clothing marketing department

billing: CPA

1999, Zhou Yunfan, Chen Yizhou, Yang Ning, the three young people in Standford know, with the Internet dream and a venture capital to return to Beijing, joined the vigorous tide of Internet start-ups.

the dormitory was shocked, asked "who are you?", but not the three person to answer the questions, but roughly asked: "who is your best grade?"

‘s somewhat frightened classmates wrote down paper, but he wrote not names, but ID. At that time, Tsinghua Department of computer has a famous "Jiujing BBS", according to the BBS ID list, Chen Yizhou three people together to find the Department of "expert".

focuses on news, finance, entertainment, mobile phone, music, ringtones, video chat / such as station

was the first Zhou Feng to be found. Student Zhou Feng later the NetEase in 103, a CEO was on the bed he was suddenly awakened three strangers, he shouted down, asked: "I heard that you are the best in your school?!" we talked for a while, the blood of the Zhou Feng decided to Qing Hua gate ChinaRen go to work.

more League information is available: top.admin5/u

because many students took part-time jobs, that summer was the most painful summer for Tsinghua computer teachers – at least half the class skipped classes. Because at that time, 14 years ago, Zhou Feng, Wang Xiaochuan, Xu Zhaojun, a month in ChinaRen part-time wages have 8000, is simply tyrant. According to their classmates, "is to eat fried every day."

Tsinghua University Department of computer dormitory building called Building 9, the Department of each grade students are in a building, the first floor is 96, and the two floor is 95. One Saturday morning, Chen Yizhou, Yang Ning, Zhou Yunfan, three people went downstairs, kicking off the first dormitory door.

Most of the time

fully open platform makes mobile sharing possible, users can freely upload, Download favorite resources; instant chat

found talent, ChinaRen was finally on the line in August 1999. But the ChinaRen is not familiar with the alumni, Chen Yizhou originally wanted to do, and Sohu, like Sina, but did make a door, because part of the Qing Dynasty.

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One is in the game the students

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2. months registration amount is more than 3001.5 yuan /


Zhou Feng at the time mainly to ChinaRen mailbox, with the part-time cattle, and Zhou Feng’s lower berth Xu Zhaojun, and live in their next door dormitory Wang Xiaochuan.

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ChinaRen gathered a large number of dozens of Tsinghua University computer science graduate and non graduate, graduate students, undergraduate students doing a part-time job, even in Tsinghua next to find a sancaitang office.


Management bags can not only talk about human

Chinese people like to pay attention to human affairs, there is a good human affairs, which will speed up the efficiency of a certain extent, but the overall security environment is not conducive to the rule of law management. The idea of rule by man is still in the way of the majority of businessmen, and has become a major feature of China’s business. In the eyes of many bags to join the brand, brand bags to join investors to join in the terminal stores business bags, although hard to seek their own development, but still can not let the terminal stores to join bags further forward on the road, the reason is because these brand shoes investors to join in the management of the store into a human circle ".

join the terminal stores in the luggage management, the manager who wants to know, human and executive force is inversely proportional to the. The meaning of the word, the more, the manager of the management ability is worse; the manager of the management ability is stronger, the human must speak less. Many managers have a good strategic vision, often able to develop a good plan for the development of the terminal box for the franchise, but, as long as the human encounter, even a good store development strategy can only be on paper.

related recommendations

How to run a good breakfast franchise

for more business novice, compared to independent entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to join the advantages of self-evident, nowadays, more and more people start to join the project, so if you join a breakfast shop what are the main items? Especially in the competition is so fierce, the viewer is not aware of the risk may be facing failure. Features early franchise business from the following considerations:

features to join the operation of the site should be located in large residential areas or large traffic flow.

breakfast choice must be convenient and quick, do not take up a lot of time to eat, because most of the people who eat breakfast outside the busy time to go to work. The selected varieties suited to local tastes and eating habits of the varieties, such as steamed buns, Steamed Buns and Soybean Milk, or Deep-Fried Dough Sticks scones, plus Soybean Milk, facet, and other common traditional Rice noodles for breakfast food is a good choice.

most people go to work with breakfast, so be prepared for a special lunch boxes and plastic bags.

if you do not open a shop, you can also choose breakfast car business, in the morning in some office buildings near the door or cell, or bus station operators, but also a good income.

at the moment, the city’s breakfast industry booming, but many places in the countryside, the breakfast industry is still a blank, a lot of thousands of people can not find an administrative village of a breakfast shop, so you can also consider a breakfast shop in rural areas.

Ping Bo bun "," crispy Steamed Buns "," Steamed Buns Laojiao "are the characteristics of the breakfast food. In addition, noodles, rice noodles, rice noodles, tea, etc. can also be selected according to the local consumer eating habits. Tip: venture risk, the project should be carefully compared to the investigation, beware of Deception (


features early join the need to pay attention to the problem:

1, although the breakfast market is great, but the health of the breakfast has been a problem, especially some snack stalls. Therefore, operating breakfast must pay attention to health. Hygiene includes food hygiene and personal hygiene of the operators. Personal dress should be neat and clean, the store (dining car) must be clean and tidy, no oil, tableware must be cleaned and disinfected, to be placed neatly, take the money’s hands do not go directly to food…… Good food hygiene habits.

2, seven or eight in the morning, the breakfast shop business is the most exciting time. So be prepared in advance to avoid confusion. Breakfast shop is a recognized investment in small business projects, but this small business investment, but it is a huge wealth. Tip: venture risk, the project should be carefully compared to the investigation, beware of Deception (


such as

< >

Do a good job of lighting to make the shop more popular

no matter what kind of shop, only with the popularity of the first, can protect the popularity of the store can be higher. And how to enhance the popularity of the store, which has become a lot of operators need to think about the problem. Not long ago, I visited the market found that some retail store lighting is not good, also did not take the lighting necessary measure, many consumers go around, even the owner lost, very busy with public duty "in many sales opportunities. To create a good environment for the terminal, in my opinion, may wish to start from the store lighting this small thing.

first, we must fully understand the effect of lighting on consumer psychology. Lighting related to the store to leave the first impression, related to the ability to capture the attention of consumers. The store’s dazzling array of goods directly and beautifully displayed to the consumer, the lighting effect can not be. If you do not pay attention to the lighting effect, easy to cause the lack of display in the store, and even to consumers to create a dark impression, affect the mood of consumers, reduce their desire to buy.

secondly, we must adhere to the "beautiful eye-catching, prominent features," the principle of lighting. To play the role of basic lighting, create a bright and spacious store environment, so that consumers in a moment can glance into the store to store goods, roughly understand the species, store layout, commodity level, help consumers find goods, save shopping time. In addition, light boxes and decorative lamp can further create a theme style shop atmosphere, especially in the backdrop of the night, light boxes and decorative lamp effect will be more prominent, truly realize the "eye effect", arouse the curiosity of consumers.

again, to further improve the work of the lighting adjustment. Bright and spacious shops clearly show in front of consumers, the terminal building in the store, health standards, regional division also put forward higher requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job related to the improvement of the store environment, play a light effect on the promotion of the role of commodity sales, to achieve a consistent atmosphere and the atmosphere of the light.

each of us is a customer, in the course of the daily shopping, if the store has a light inside, relative to the dim shop, I believe such a shop can no doubt be more attractive. In a word, the lights are bright and the people are flourishing. In the store business, we must firmly grasp the consumer psychology, flexible and good lighting effect, to create a comfortable, clean and bright shopping environment for consumers.

Entrepreneurship not only to open source but also throttle

and this is a word that entrepreneurs often mentioned indeed, open source is on the one hand, the throttle cannot be ignored. For just started the company, as far as possible to save costs, in order to follow the development of adequate preparation. So, how to save costs? Let’s take a look.


first start-up operating cash flow. The company’s cash is always not enough, you have to do things far more than you now have money, how to reduce the cost of cash? Do a lot of things with little money. Here are a few ways to throttle:

Second, the replacement of non cash. I remember before Sina, NetEase they are interchangeable resources, and now there are some companies with their own services for some advertising resources. I remember when I was in Silicon Valley, like rent, legal fees, advertising fees, you can use your equity to buy these services. Recent cases of cooperation between Jingdong and Tencent is a typical case of the replacement of a variety of information and services with equity. These non cash replacement can save your cash outflow.

This year the basic shape of the expansion of the Central Plaza

recently, the reporter from the central square of the North expansion resettlement area and the construction site of the North Square project to understand, at present the central square of the North expansion project in the resettlement area and the North Square building has been fully opened, the central square overall expansion will be completed this year will be the underground structure, the basic shape.
the central square of the North expansion project for the provincial key construction projects, a project including the comprehensive utilization project of North Square project, comprehensive resettlement projects, the Yangtze River Road underground space, the total construction area of about 590 thousand square meters; the two phase of the project for the Yangtze River Road East of the remaining land development and construction. North Plaza project includes five parts: Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Youth Activity Center, underground commercial complex, square landscape project and emergency shelter. At present, the North Plaza project has entered the construction stage, one section will be completed in May this year, the underground structure, beginning on greening and pipeline laying; two section will reach the underground structure flat in September, and strive to complete the Youth Activity Center at the end of the main cap; three section of the underground structure will be completed in October, completed the city planning exhibition hall at the end of the main construction. The resettlement area foundation pit engineering project is completed, A, B, C, D four building area is the main structure of the construction will be completed this year 50%, A building exterior, B, building C to the main cap, D building completed 30 floors on the ground.


May 1 morning a city hit a win-win benefits

August 26th morning, the reporters came to our city stretches 3 miles east of the May morning, as if into the Northern Song Dynasty painter Zhang Zeduan painting "Qingming Festival", is beside the Beichuan River off the reel in the ear, the eyes are mingled with the cries of the streams of people busily coming and going market prosperous scenery…… Is a city, so that the original small market stalls quickly grow into a large market norms civilization, the benefit of the general public as a livelihood market.
The reporter asked

to do business in the morning is what? LINJIAYA Street Office of a person in charge of breaking a finger said: nearly 200 sell beef and mutton is more dangerous rock Street transformation, and some laid-off workers; selling fruits are mainly unemployed masses East District; vegetables are living in the east area of the floating population; where the department store sells people are still homegrown farmers…… The size of the market stalls, facade 745, small stalls (facade) a day of net income of about 200-280 yuan, a large booth (facade) a day of net income of about $400. Market has become the main position to promote the employment of the population.

The citizens of

far away to stabilize the price of good


reporter in the market interviewed more than and 10 people to buy food, let reporters surprise, many people (especially the old man, the old lady, a housewife) is from rhyme ieguchi, South District, Bridge Street, Nanshan Road, a special trip to buy vegetables. The reporter asked why they go to buy food here? Bayi Road, who lives in Li Yonglong, said the old man: affordable ah, cheap ah, the whole cargo ah, things and fresh." Liu, who lives in the South Road, said: "I have a lot of food at home than here more than doubled, to buy food here, cost-effective!" It is understood that the market was established two years, playing an important role in our city to stabilize prices, a lot of food is too expensive "people in love" has been on the detour". Right now, the market average daily traffic of seventy thousand or eighty thousand people, the weekend reached about 100 thousand people during the Spring Festival, the flow of about 150 thousand people.

create a strict system of the city, the offender to write checks or appearances


Office of the responsible person told the reporter, in order to improve the market environment, the office of investment in 2011 780 thousand yuan Ching River garbage, hardening of the road, and reached the market health, river health unified by the market for "agreement with the parties concerned to solve the health problem of the" two skins ". On this basis, the implementation of health "TanQian three pack", selling fake and shoddy products, clear appearance of customer or self-employed Quejinshaoliang mouth coarse language to write checks until the Qing appearance system, as of now, the market has clearly played more than and 20 steals and sells sold Huang fish (market fair, dogskin plaster Quejinduanliang business households, scale) a city effect is obvious. Next, the office plans to set up the LED screen in the market, praised the law-abiding civilized business households, exposure fake goods, Quejinduanliang, on customer swearing, poor health and other uncivilized behavior.