Shanghai dragon essence continue to follow the new pace of love Shanghai algorithm

is the largest search engine, the development of love Shanghai search engine on a website has played a supporting role is very large, can be said to a web site for the love of Shanghai support is equivalent to half of the success, but the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon and the essence of it is not "content is king, the chain for the emperor" of the situation, Shanghai dragon essence is to find out the starting point of his love in the changing development of Shanghai, follow new steps of love Shanghai algorithm, here to share some of my website is how to follow the footsteps of the Shanghai new love, hope on the part of the webmaster help.

stable love Shanghai, we have to guess the next step dynamic

love Shanghai

love Shanghai, as long as a web site traffic, links, etc. remain stable, so when love Shanghai changes in the impact on the site is very small, we can see A5, Chinaz, im286, the owners of these sites, no matter how the love of Shanghai, site traffic, and included links the change is very small, but their website ranking is very stable, from which we can see that no matter how love Shanghai, as long as the site to stabilize their love will not change how Shanghai impact on the site, and to stabilize their website we need to start from the following three aspects:

3, stable site outside the chain, from August to now, my site outside the chain has fluctuated between 700-800, if one day the chain fell to below 700, I will go to the manual immediately increase the chain site, so long, my site outside the chain while in continuous rotation but guarantee stable.

love Shanghai change, all the stability for the first

2, on the site of high quality constantly updated, now love Shanghai to pay more attention to the quality and originality of the article, so we need to use love Shanghai this to achieve stable website, now my website is updated daily from the previous 1 articles to update now daily for at least 3, record the update also let my website ranking have been effectively protected.


No matter how

1, expand the love of Shanghai traffic, no matter how I believe love Shanghai, love Shanghai have attached great importance to their search flow, and we have in the face of love in Shanghai, you can expand the love of Shanghai stable flow to achieve the purpose of the site, if your site ranking has dropped, can not achieve the previous goal. So I suggest that you can do it yourself to add some manual flow, this is the best way to keep the site stability.

regardless of our website is how to carry out the operation, I believe that love Shanghai love the stability of the site, and to let the website of their own, starting from the station point of view, we must strengthen the link of site traffic, their collection, the three aspects of the work, at least to the content of spider love Shanghai you can crawl, let love flow statistics in Shanghai can use stable, this is the purpose we want to achieve.

Local real estate network how to optimize Shanghai Dragon

first analyzes 3 basic elements of the website, found a large number of keyword stack phenomenon, so the title, keywords, description have been changed, the main keyword keyword is mainly several common XX, what the real estate network, Taicang real estate network, the Taicang real estate information network, the website has snapshot update, but snapshot rankings have not come and update.

said the new local real estate in addition to weight with a little master, want to quickly improve website weight is nothing more than Links, Links for love Shanghai ranking effect is also very good. At present, as far as possible with the increase in the number of 2 a day, the goal is to increase to about 30.


is currently the site’s ranking is a 20, a 80 or so, there are other flat side of the long tail word ranking is better, also in the adjustment and improvement, so may be mainly responsible for part of the work station, after optimization work arrangements may be mainly the following aspects.

first, related to the effect of the chain on our website is bigger than the other, not related to the chain is much better in this respect, as a key to do.

The basic

3. regular chain construction work.

second, at the same time we can also cooperate with them in the form of a comprehensive publicity to our website, this website to make our brand awareness in this place.

is currently over real estate network optimization work in 1 places, because this place is the real estate network website’s 2 domain, but the domain name of the website is not reasonable, so there is a certain influence on the optimization.

1. Links exchange.

2. local real estate forum to promote cooperation. This should be a more important aspect.

here than not to write very detailed, do Shanghai dragon has some time to understand, but the specific operation is different, the analysis of main competitors in this local real estate network is the local station of other real estate sites to a local real estate net is added, so that the competition is quite fierce the. Personal goal is 1-2 months so focused on the optimization of keywords are ranked first, wait for the results.

this work is a must, for the love of Shanghai, the chain is still necessary, so this is also a focus of the work, such as the establishment of the blog website blog, XX real estate network such as Sina blog, URL blog, blog Title Optimization, looks like a professional local real estate network blog column, publish original articles. Of course the chain but also other forms of work carried out as usual, and text hyperlinks, to increase website weight and keywords ranking.

Talk about sh419, shlf1314, Ali, mom’s three major advertising alliances and networksGrassroots Cai


and Lei Jun, Li Kaifu and so on, compared to the total feel of CAI’s body less what.

to do business transformation, such as Lei Jun, just acquaintances; returnees such as Li Kaifu, Kochi, just for the scientific verification mode; there is nothing passion pie, cast; Cai Wensheng is sent to the grassroots.

this is only suitable for free, hurry who skip

well, let’s start regardless of the above phrase AABBDDEEGG, to see English look! Let’s talk about such as the theme, the domestic network, it is a personal point of view, is not entirely representative of the network, this article can also be said to be the way, if there is no time to chat, you can skip.

grass roots, gray areas, accompanied him along the way down. Grassroots is his main label. Also on behalf of the games to bet, don’t care about good looking for loopholes, restrictions and fetters, find tips.

station: the cost is very small, if you spend 500 yuan to buy a 3-5G server, the G server will generally allow you to establish a sub directory and subdirectory building sites, and spend only 500 yuan, making a dumpster online program, a telephone line. The net, 20 minutes, 10 minutes, a template, and then set up collection, SEO site, one night have a number, and returns? I have done this. The display slight skill before an expert!! a included normal, IP for the calculation of 3000 garbage station, to 3000IP how long does it take to see the contents of the message, alliance, each registered a few dollars to mention, while SMS alliance advertising is there is more attractive content one day a few people registered pop ads, what you choose to look at the pattern, good quality point selection The difference between the time window, the RP, the full shot, the hour, and the full play is that the viewer is each

Abstract: Cai Wensheng has a business mind and vision of Fujian’s years of experience makes him make a living away from home at the situation, while avoiding disadvantages, to human nature very wise. So despite all the criticism, Cai Wensheng could still be spared the trouble again and again.


data show, 4399 Games >

this is one of Cai Wensheng’s legendary experiences of selling twisted sticks, setting up stalls, selling clothes and selling pirated discs.

Fujian Gang, Xiamen Internet "take the lead brother" label is deeply branded on him.


as a "joke" founder Yi Guangxu, synchronous push founder Xiong Jun, Meitu Xiu Xiu founder Wu Xinhong and Yao Jianjun, none of Fujian, and the degree is not prominent.

China the Internet can be started relatively late, I remember in high school, on the site of shlf1314, a BB, and the other is 163! Some chat rooms, and now, the rise of the daily website is about 600 or so! Successful people are not satisfied with the site of the kind of pleasure! Need now is there a need to flow! Do in front of the computer to rub money sites, each have different methods, SEO master through means between K station and included the wandering! His master program is some procedures, can also be sold out, a server can make a relatively large site. There is a garbage station ten do it eight "" trash understanding of each person are not the same, but also similar, depends on the level, the general understanding is that content acquisition, copying, template download A bunch of pop, of every hue, advertising, the advertising content is copied from others, observe the market continues to made a fortune, what followed the hot wind, garbage station only 1 evening, hundreds of M servers, 1 yuan, the domain name below analysis site type

1985, the author was not born, 15 year old Cai Wensheng was arrested in the streets of his hometown.

, in the investment community, is actually assigning something else.



fails to say what is wrong and calls for abuse; success is a disgrace to legend.

because he came from the grassroots, two because he has a special liking for grassroots projects.

was the 4399 and Mito company that Cai Wensheng later became chairman of?

does not lie in his grassroots status, but because he relies on reselling the domain name fortune, he has not created a business, just 10 years ago, the founder of only 4 years of 265 sold. "Domain name dealers", "quick money business people" taste too heavy.

Cai Wensheng has been bitter about this for years, and it’s painful. Now he’s relieved, because he says, "

"if you don’t succeed, the pain you’ve suffered is painful memory.". If successful, these can be ignored."

is not the policeman who caught Cai Wensheng, but the city manager. The reason is destructive to the morals a week before CAI.


China’s Internet has made great progress at present…… ….. We should be able to understand what they mean, many people have been unable to meet in 2000 the Internet mode, then we are on the Internet is mainly play a few games JY, ML not to say on the fledgling , now has the epoch-making? 08 years! One world one dream the slogan is not cooling, and all kinds of things are still happening around us

Yao Jinbo also started by domain name, but has been 58 of the halo cover up.

is to sell lighters in a stall, while the lighter side of the cigarette is attached to sexy bikini babes. It is said that this kind of lighter was popular among young people in the 80s of last century.

The reason for

My network ten years 2000

I just witnessed the development of the network. In some ways, I’m still a newbie. I hope you can give us a lot of advice.

, 2000, new year’s day, has been in Jinhua, there is a junior high school students, all day long in the Internet bar, the Internet cafe owner to eat, control, and he, responsible for some technical maintenance, as well as online games. At that time, we basically play in the mud (mud) this online game, without the mouse, are commands, I often do not understand, but the students play very enthusiastically. (this schoolmate is next door neighbor, not secondary school schoolmate) I, basically do not play the game, will soak the chatroom or the flow each big website, each place information network. 99 years, mainly on YAHOO, and then gradually on the Jinhua port of information, and soon after the Sohu, and then sina. Have to say, the next 163, not NetEase, but Guangzhou lane, Zhang Jingjun. But later sold to Tom, this is something. There is also a provider of personal online services.

after the Spring Festival, began to find a job. First arrived in Yiwu, in the fellow found a job. At that time, in a total of four people together, a boss, mainly in accessories; a numerical head of Yiwu office, is a woman; there is a charge of foreign trade business; and I, the boss assigned me the task is actually stealing someone else’s mailbox, I try holding the attitude began to work. At that time, there was only one computer and a digital camera. Usually the woman went to the market to take responsible for product photos, know the price, I will not say what products, low price and little people can’t believe, I think the development of Yiwu is rely on low prices to the world, the source of the product mainly from Wenzhou and Taizhou. I work in Japan during the day and I go to work at night because there is only one computer. For more than a month, nothing was done. Every night is the bubble chat room, looking for hacking software, once had a friend introduced me to a friend said, and give me a QQ number, and he called me, I have forgotten the previous number, and re apply a. Since then, as long as the Internet, hang QQ. This number has been used now, seven digits. Period, there is a girl very chat, called ice white jade, big I two years old, every day eleven or two will come up to chat with me. The family was rich and had already used a cell phone. During the time to Hangzhou repair printer, I do not know what to change, 600 yuan, originally said 800, can go with only 800, and have to stay a little money back. Test software once, to their own hard drive to fill the space, the boss did not curse me, just call me to continue efforts. A few days before I left, the girl said she was going to study in Changchun and had an e-mail connection later. I remember her username was coco002.

left Yiwu more than one month later and returned to Jinhua again. Internet cafes mushroomed everywhere, the students introduced me to an Internet cafe. Contact the chess game, Lianzhong, at that time, do network management, basically do not need how to work, almost a cashier, Internet cafes, some people will not, and sometimes a lot of people around a computer, charging!

Robin Li, Ma, you can not fight it

would have been no problem, the two "boss" in their own territory in Zhanshanweiwang, this winter suddenly busy playing.

What’s the matter with

? The reason is simple. Robin Li suddenly do not want to act as a master in the lonely in the search market, wanted to knock a electronic commerce, with the so-called "Feng Qingyang" test of some ma. Sagittarius for a time Robin Li and Ma Yun kill snafu, closecall.

China’s enterprises are confronted with the tactics of struggle when their opponents invade, and most of them are in this mode, so the above situations almost always appear again and again. Ma Yun and the year’s EBAY eBay, Ma Yun and Ma Huateng have fought, regardless of the high and low, do not give up. This is not the Internet patent, export factories are met, the buyer did not like the game "bargain", direct killing his opponent’s throw away everything when fleeing.

This happens to be

1000 years ago Cao Zhi, the famous "seven step poem": This is the same root, fratricidal. Some really do not understand, all in twenty-first Century, how these rivers and lakes chiefs, the form of duel is still so primitive,

?We are optimistic about the

e-commerce, this is not surprising, but not necessarily for a "carrot" to fight a fight at outrance


I don’t think so. When Taobao beat EBAY eBay, is not playing out? Certainly not, if not because it firmly with "free" hit the soft underbelly of today’s "boss" is probably the latter! Ma’s cunning, is to let you see only the fighting fun, but people ignore the essence of his fight.

What is the essence of

? Everyone believes that there is no free lunch in the world. Why does Ma want to do it again and again, and three do not hesitate to let Taobao free? The reason is simple: he needs popularity. A SHOPINGMALL, repair the beautiful, no one is no good. So Ma last ditch, a free C2C (person to person e-commerce), losing money earned crying, etc. Renqiwang him to earn money.

that is a problem today, Robin Li and Ma Huateng, need not to need to repeat this? No! Now, Robin Li Baidu, Ma Huateng QQ, that is a racket, like clouds to guest. The mall hasn’t been built yet, and the door is full of people. What’s the trouble? What’s the fight with your opponent?

so, Ma second steps to think of things, Robin Li and Ma Huateng can think of the first step – – how can we become popular in cash?

as for how to become money, it depends on the skills of Baidu and Tencent. For example, can you analyze the Tencent’s QQ and Baidu’s post bar are what users, and then skip the front of the "C", and directly to the money making "B" (enterprise). If the QQ is to young students, it may wish to sell toys, children’s clothing, sell sell sell bags, stationery, books and so on all students selling machine businesses pull in.

Yichun County, Fengxin, GYB entrepreneurship training into the township

is now in some rural areas, many farmers have a positive entrepreneurial idea, but no way and ability to implement a business idea that, at this time, requires the local government to solve this dilemma.

summer, can not resist Yang Shan 48 villagers to experience the joy of entrepreneurship training. Recently, the Fengxin Provincial Bureau of employment GYB entrepreneurial training courses sent to the township, ten administrative villages, the villagers took part in the training class of the 48 in Jiangxi.


"to know that we go to town is not easy, thanks to the Employment Bureau can come to our free training, and get the teacher’s guidance at home will be able to learn these before the reach of entrepreneurial knowledge, really let me have entrepreneurial impulse! We Xiyuan village chicken is quite distinctive, I intend to go in this direction to finish my business ideas." The villagers Xiao Zhuang Xiang Xi Yuan Cun Le Zizi said the author.

the training of 48 trainees after training all qualified examination and obtained the national recognition of the "GYB" after the training certificate, can apply for the county small secured loans, and enjoy the relevant preferential policies.


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Water is very deep – Tmall shop operating costs

now, want to start a lot of people, with the development of the industry, the scope of the choice is greater. Some people do 3 or 4 years of electricity providers, but also do not understand the cost which contains several items. Like CCTV playing Starbucks coffee, that the ex factory price of 20 yuan to get the hands of the product, as long as the sale of $40, he earned twice. In fact, today, if you operate in the Tmall shop, 20 yuan ex factory price of the product, with a price of 3 times the price of $60 sold, the result can only be a loss.

1 (product cost for example, 20 yuan);

2, the packaging cost (packaging, packaging, logo, customer service card, packaging supplies, such as 5 yuan);

3, cost of logistics (warehousing, courier, for example, is 12 yuan, it should be noted, the seller said this is not a "cost", can not shipping ah. But for students, consumers shopping in the process of shipping nopostage, is a one-time payment, shipping logistics costs included nopostage consumers and courier fees together after the payment, as long as they took out how much money is a consumer package or not? Your own package statement so? Express is "hard cost");

4, Tmall Koudian (average deduction 4%, 60 yuan sales price is 2.4 yuan);

5, revenue (even if an average of 8%, not to mention the shop not to pay tax, the corresponding enterprise Tmall store is not a private bank account, bank card all transactions are not a penny of tax less off, that is 4.8 yuan);

6, filming and production costs (especially FMCG is very high, even in a single mode beat, SKU shelves, shooting, retouching and post production, so it is less 3%. Is 1.8 yuan);

1, the labor cost, that you have to spend money to support the team do the electricity supplier, Tmall’s cost. It is less 6 (operation, design, customer service, warehouse, because Tmall is…) is the operation of the company, employee wages, pension insurance,   office expenses all stalls, in Hangzhou.

Take spicy spicy pot taste many young and old

now chowhound who require but more and more high, some traditional many delicacy food, has been unable to meet the needs of many now chowhound, in order to better adapt to the development of the market, in order to better meet the needs of different consumers, with Du spicy pot this brand will conform to market and health, launched by the market, by the chowhound’s delight, and take the ferry spicy pot also according to different age groups demand, carefully adjusted about taste, divided into mild, spicy, hot spicy, not just young people love, old people and children also love it.

take spicy spicy pot? Take the ferry belonging to the Beijing Restaurant Management Co., take the ferry restaurant to attract customers with its new, extraordinary and special, different food culture and characteristics, to meet the public demand for fresh, affordable, quality, fashion consumption psychology.

get spicy spicy pot company headquarters R & D personnel throughout the country to collect delicious spices, after repeated tests and finally successfully launched the exclusive secret system of pot food. To enjoy high-end food, attentive service to consumers, by the market praise, the store all over the country.

power flow advantage: do business pay attention to follow the trend, conform to the trend, can get a strong external driving force. Take the ferry company in China spicy pot "food consumption" is currently the most popular popular tide; hunger breeds discontentment, and just eat nothing, the money is good business, with the brand to support the project as a driving force, take the ferry spicy hot pot franchise headquarters will enable you to reduce drag and expand in the market, and achieve a multiplier the operating performance of

as a number of venture capitalists, the advantage is the key to join the spicy spicy pot to join? Return advantage: the pursuit of return to do business, the level of return, the first depends on the profits of the product, second depends on the degree of competition in the market. Take the ferry spicy hot pot products are higher than the profits, clothing, department stores, home appliances profits, not only that, the greater advantage lies in: unique taste, no competition, in the first operation, Chinese become an independent school, very easy to form a monopoly market structure.

investment advantages: take over spicy pot company has a diversified investment advantages, different investors can be based on their own investment capacity, business mentality to determine the size of the investment can be large, small, random choice. For example: communities, streets, supermarkets, food markets, breakfast points, shopping malls, school canteens and other densely populated areas.

In addition to

characteristics of small for all products described above, except to join the advantage with Du spicy hot pot franchise headquarters in order to help every investor to join a better management of local market, headquarters marketing and comprehensive technical guidance to investors, and also can get the headquarters and technology in cooperation upgrade services. Take spicy spicy pot to join the reason why so popular, rich

On behalf of the driving force to join you to find a good project to make money

generation driving hot demand, a lot of friends want to join the project on behalf of driving, this idea is good. On behalf of the drive to join it? Many people have doubts, to find a good project, on behalf of the driver is still very reliable. So what are the generation of driving on behalf of the project? Let’s take a look.

quickstone drive was established in 2011, belongs to Shanghai quickstone Cci Capital Ltd, through mobile Internet technology to improve the traditional driving on behalf of the service industry leader. Now, through the generation of mobile phones on behalf of the application, you can launch on behalf of the driving needs, in the distance from the last 5 generations of driving master choose to provide you on behalf of the driving service.

drive to join reliable? On behalf of the driving service has the following advantages:

1, 39 yuan (including within 10 km) of the ultra low generation driving start-up costs, saving the cost of customer use;

2, far more than the traditional generation of driving speed,   an average of 7 minutes to reach the maximum reduction in customer waiting time;

3, the perfect driver recruitment process, drivers must be greater than 5 years, and must through written examination, interview, training, test etc. the strict test, to ensure that the driver’s professional skills;

4, the first generation of the generation of driving liability insurance, once the reason for the generation of driving the driver of the accident occurred, Kai on behalf of the drive will be a tube in the end, to ensure that the interests of customers from loss.

generation driving is a kind of trust, is a kind of trust, kaitone is committed to driving on behalf of every customer to provide more high-quality, comprehensive service on behalf of driving a car, so that users can rest assured entertainment, comfortable home, let the generation of driving become a way of life, let more user experience department technology upgrade brings convenient life.

drive to join reliable? Now on behalf of the demand for more and more fire on behalf of driving is also a very good choice to join. If you are going to do a small business, you can consider looking for a generation to join the project. On behalf of the drive to join the low threshold, good market prospects, look forward to your participation!


9 the company’s entrepreneurial failure tragic history summary

a lot of people have a pioneering history of blood, the road of entrepreneurship is not what is the so-called Everything is going smoothly., after wind and rain to see the sun. The following share is 9 companies pioneering history of blood, let us summarize the reasons!


you start a company, the company successfully financing   4000  million dollars, you also have a strong team, a clear mission and a market proven business model. But after three years of development, the company ended up in failure, this is the media have reported your embarrassing failure. These are said to be housekeeping   O2O  originator   Homejoy  the story of the company has been in July 31st last year,   officially closed.

Homejoy , of course, is not the only one who seems to have a good future, but ultimately failed to become nothing of the start-up companies. CB  Insights  156    recently compiled; the founder failed startups share the company’s failure, some failed because of the wrong people, either because the company expansion too fast, some of it is because there is no good sales etc..

There are thousands of reasons,

A case of

ridesharing service: Sidecar

millionDevelopment time: 3 years,

The causes of the failure of