Caused by the chain of the chain of right down the same color and background color

with the chain, because some places do not take this convenient and not related to the chain display, set the hidden effect.

recently to a friend to do a "Changsha SMS" keyword optimization, because it is new, so one or two months ago is mainly two aspects: to enrich the content of the website and the website chain. There are plans to carry on, of course, also continued to increase keyword ranking on

had never encountered this kind of problem, thought to the website has continued to increase the chain, the website keyword ranking will have absolute advantage. So, no defense and treatment measures of any increase in the chain.

when you meet with me in the same situation, how should I do? I approach is not immediately put the link before delete it, then add more effectively the chain through the efforts to effectively the chain to dilute

browser is difficult to read, may it search engine recognition, as a fraud, and right down. Because, because a friend want to have ranking effect as soon as possible in time, some industry friends so please help to increase


before work as usual, why suddenly fell

all Shanghai dragon friends all know, to the website chain is the most effective measures to enhance the website weight and keywords ranking, but recently on some website promotion process, found a chain did not bring the weight to the site, in contrast to the site right down the problem.

went to finally reach in the natural ranking love Shanghai in the first place. Make people feel this way to keep the site keywords ranking. Who thought that not long ago, the keywords ranking dropped again,

Ranking ?

then look for the source, I got the work before we do all optimization check and consider again, found the problem:


may Never mind one or two such as the chain, behind the work, the chain more slowly. The search engine started to pay attention to you. Because of this behavior to the intelligent search engine now is very easy to find, because the spider will first CSS file and the style content of loading pages, and record your.

The color of

summary: all browsers can cause the chain difficult will give website (keywords) bring down the right effect. For example: anchor color and background color the same; CSS, opacity: 0.5, z-index:-9999, margin-top:9999px etc..

anchor chain, will affect the site keywords ranking, of course not directly affect the color, but through the interaction of keyword anchor color and background color to influence, if the anchor color and background color the same or similar

How many words are there in the advertising LeagueExperience CPA registration division, really assig

2008-10-22 18:25:13 –

2008-10-22 18:31:58 –

, 2008-10-22, 18:31:42, 51vk, union, customer service,

6, treat every webmaster, a IP day significantly less, every day thousands of IP is not significant, "Xianpinaifu" is a taboo advertising alliance.

, Michiru fly brother ?

, 2008-10-22, 18:28:09, 51vk, union, customer service,

I didn’t cheat again.


How I want to fly an ? , Michiru fly brother

2008-10-22 18:31:53 –

` brother – will not make the mistake. So no one group also has a few guys that the password is wrong. One of the guys said something bad and was kicked out right away. I contacted the customer service again, and then he got my ID number and asked me for a check.

, 2008-10-22, 18:30:55, 51vk, union, customer service,

, Michiru fly brother

7, part of union fee is high, some deductions of 10%, despite the price tag, but why not like some Union as "Qi run all advertising commission payment fees by qirun bear, the main site is from the actual settlement amount of

then I didn’t apply for payment,

if you cheat, you won’t be paid

said a few words to the advertising unions

` flying brother chats – Michiru, I looked really funny.

on today, nothing has been done, picked up a job, do a website optimization. Thinking about how to do it.

The following is a friend

2008-10-22 18:28:33 –

, Michiru fly brotherWhat about

2, the webmaster estimate with me although I may not be called the webmaster, will not and bad reputation alliance cooperation, let alone those anonymous league.

, your account number is sent

? , Michiru fly brother ?

8, and some League Limited hits, more than 8% is not charged, that is, if the display of 100 IP, and click 8 times, in fact, you do not get a penny. If the advertising and content match highly, why not exceed 8%? Such an alliance is forcing the owner to leave the worst advertisement to him.

2008-10-22 18:31:09 –

won’t give it to me,

, Michiru fly brother


effect is too bad,

5 can do, alliance does not deduct the amount? Real time display on the effect, I would appreciate a "real-time display click effect fifth, click on the horizon" real-time display effect of alliance and many, such as the limit, Qi Yun, told the network, if an advertising alliance heart is not a ghost, why not do it?

` s brother today opened 51VK fly an alliance to see, last week issued no commissions. It turned out that your account password was wrong. Contact the customer service, and then tell me whether the password is forgotten or input error.

? , Michiru fly brother

, 2008-10-22, 18:31:21, 51vk, union, customer service,

what’s wrong with my account number,

3, and the webmaster does not want much, just want to get what he deserves. The stationmaster wishes to be treated fairly and fairly.

9, why advertising effect is so bad, I made an alliance, click rate is 1/3000, I make friends up, also did not show, so I understand the reason put in effect is the result of poor union buckle quantity, so if the union buckle quantity hard, webmaster choice is to temporarily abandon the alliance.

2008-10-22 18:31:06 –

your balance will be paid by tomorrow, but the alliance decided to stop working with you,



looked at group, but also very lively. A webmaster friends ` my brother and I will fly – Michiru vented his distress over.

10, some union claimed that "we affirm for cheating tolerance is 0, once found a blocked account, and deduct the Commission, need to rely on everyone to maintain good faith!", I used half a sentence to interpret the "hateful", from the second half of the sentence read is "false", this alliance is too proud. For some reason, the webmaster for the union is also a lot of forbearance and forbearance. Everybody look at the definition of "popcorn alliance" to "what is cheating" is simply put shit! please keep editing this two words, I am conceited!, alliance Yisifumu >

1, the most damage to Adsense is advertising alliance, when an alliance endlessly to the webmaster fraud, this alliance will be cast aside by the webmaster. As the so-called "popcorn alliance", perhaps the league as "popcorn" as "junk" food video, we all know that there are more problems is not the webmaster popcorn alliance.

2008-10-22 18:24:16 –

4, advertising alliance not superior, cooperation is not who ask who, but not superior and subordinate relations,


There are only 4 communities of value. See what you belong to


Last December

has little contribution to the readers talking about the community, I was purely by community operators experience complete process to create a community, including preparatory to some medium-term direction of community management and the development of late can be considered. (in the public number "product rookie exchange"), the key words "community" can be seen from the "construction group" to "the new process" and "management".


(10 steps in community management I understand)

today’s article is mainly a combination of this period of time on the actual management of research society, with an updated perspective to talk about the community’s topic: how to do valuable community operations.

at the beginning of the topic, you can first understand the operation of the research foundation.

Study on the operation of the

agency founded in February 17, 2016 is an aggregation operation Master community public products rookie exchange under, we will discuss the topic of the week for remote, case sharing, hot spots, we are not in the same city, not in the products of the same category, not in the same age, but we have the same goal: to do the most work operation will play



(Tuesday’s topic for discussion, warming up pictures)


community by the monthly and recruitment system, the cumulative number of 267 people to join, repaying the non active members remaining after the number of 165 people. After 3 months of operation, from the creation of a person to the present, there is a topic group, recruitment group, reading club, collection group, media group, art group organized by the community division of labor formation. The service provided by the third phase is much better than the previous two, and the membership is becoming more and more active. Specific operational research society foundation operating data are as follows:

80 day retention rate: 61%

is active for 80 days: 52%

group activities today: 76%

active today: 144 people,

average daily interaction volume: 1000+

Research Club income: 9900 yuan


in fact, the community is not a new model for us. When we went to college, our fellow villager’s QQ group, the class QQ group, the social group QQ group… Broadly speaking, they are communities, but that group of people, purely for the convenience of communication. Later, do not know what time concept at last year’s community fire up, even the fellow group even the original simple love also called the Christian name "community".

, according to the QQ group, that is the logic of community, I really do spend energy community should have three:

one goes to college, and hundreds of them are there

Six things that must be done before the webmaster hosting server

hosting server before entering the data center room, the system must have done in advance, but only installed system, open remote control is still far from enough. The first day we talked about is "hard security", now we can talk about some "soft security", master did not look again, also do not Paizhuan blow my enthusiasm, more do not despise me. The server has been hacked. Think back to it. Did you do all this?.

1, operating system security,

may be a friend often reaction, my server has been hacking into, every week I have to run at least two room, how do ah? In the installed operating system, immediately install an anti-virus software, and operating system patch upgrade, upgrade anti-virus software and virus database and feature database the. This time you can not blindly stroll on the server, the Internet viruses, Trojans and more. After the upgrade, do some basic security permissions, including the rights of each disk partition and directory, and even refine to the security settings of the relevant files. The settings for specific permissions are no longer discussed here. Different operating systems, different application directions, permissions settings are not the same. Do not follow the online tutorial intact, otherwise you will suffer a loss.

2, application security

recommends that you do not install any software that has nothing to do with your server, including the Windows operating system, the Linux operating system, and so on. The application software recommended that you use the latest version of the operating system, such as Windows FTP software under Serv-U, I believe in the server hacking case, there are more than 80% because the Serv-U server version is too low, combined with other local vulnerabilities invasion. A new version of the application has been promoted and of course there are reasons for it.

3, website and database security

has a friend, after finishing the program, directly uploaded to the server, the site erected, in the client can access regardless of, and this is also the wrong way. When writing a website program, the syntax and judgment of the program must be rigorous. After the database is installed, you must hit the latest database patch and make some basic permissions settings. After the website program reaches the server, you must set the permissions of the relevant directory in a timely manner. Although this does not guarantee the security of the entire server, it will at least greatly reduce the possibility of server intrusion.

4, antivirus software and firewall

may have friends complain, my server is installed anti-virus software, and a firewall, the server was hacked. It might be that your antivirus software is not configured or upgraded, or that the firewall is not configured. Including my friends will make such mistakes, installed antivirus software, just like ordinary applications!

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of Baidu, Google and YAHOO 51yes traffic statistics

our poor webmaster mostly have occupational disease, one is the habit of site website, and the other is to see the habit of flow statistics, two eyes open, busy to the morning is a minority. See the site traffic, data analysis, research on the Baidu Google spiders crawl rules, find the time rule of user access to the site and keywords, which cannot do without traffic statistics, which one is better for some? I made several stops, light secretarial chowder network replaced several http:// traffic statistics system is eat hundreds of meals, cicada 100 flavor. A lot of free traffic statistics tools on the Internet, my website has used.

first time doing secretarial chowder network, the master gave me a traffic statistics system, non mainstream, like itsun, but later said: the user experience a virus on my website, in fact, is not the virus, just a hint, I don’t know what is going on? Open head do not believe that a traffic statistics will poison? Then own open look, there is a hint, that is toxic, the master said no poison, just a little hint. However, since there is a hint, the user is not satisfied, and dare not visit my secretary chowder, although this system I like very much, but eventually gave up.

later with the famous 51 La systems, many of the advantages of respect, love, but later changed, as if driven by money, website advertising some more, understand the small website difficulties, need to survive.

51 yes is used, the operation is convenient, it is also very effective, disadvantage is that lots of advertisements, drag speed, also seems not too stable, sometimes the site open, sometimes open, traffic is also high.

YAHOO statistics, after all, come from large companies, stability is nothing to say, the speed can also be. From the function of YAHOO statistics is still relatively good, we all know that in addition to the function, YAHOO statistics and some functions such as flow alarm function, fast switching function between YAHOO ID statistics: this function can compare different sites of various traffic sources, can let the webmaster quickly understand in recent days each source analysis function changes at the same time. Can see a domain name origin, YAHOO statistics in addition to quickly view the month of IP, PV and UV, but also check the average residence time, the average number of visits. There are also analysis of the rate of external links, can see each domain of the antecedents of total PV and average PV. access statistics for SEO optimization is YAHOO very helpful, YAHOO keyword analysis in statistics is very good. Another advantage is that if you hang the advertisement of the mom, take this stream Volume statistics can also sell more money. The drawback is that YAHOO statistics seem to be a little high.

GOOGLE traffic statistics quite well, as if the largest number of users around the world. Last time I saw a traffic statistics user survey, GG was in the lead, GO>

The new breakthrough of Qianjiang lobster in the era of Internet Entrepreneurship

Internet for traditional industries to open a new marketing industry chain, to explore a considerable profit. After 80, 90 generation of young entrepreneurs who grew up in the Internet, they can be more easily achieved in the integration of the two party.

the 80 Liu Mingqiang students learning electronic technology in college, after graduating in 2005 served as workshop director at Haier, 2010 in Jingzhou, a company planning to do. Young people always have an aggressive, dare to spell, the second half of 2011, Liu Mingqiang resigned from the work of security, in Hanyang set up his own company – Wuhan li’tian red Information Technology Co. ltd.. Through the site, selling servers and domain names, the company quickly gained a foothold in Hanyang. Later, the company began to do network promotion, the line of products sold online, Liu Mingqiang found a considerable profit.

have the idea, Liu Mingqiang quickly into action, after full market investigation, confirmed his "Internet plus crayfish" business ideas. In July 24, 2014, he returned home with the money, and the establishment of the Montreal gold Co. Ltd., full-time online sales of shrimp species, shrimp, fresh shrimp, "Braised Prawns" etc.. And through the network plus express marketing, so that customers through the network order, you can enjoy delicious home cooked by a professional chef at home.

"Qianjiang online marketing fresh crayfish is almost a blank. I received the order through the promotion of the site, trucks sent directly, the first year sales of 30 thousand pounds of shrimp and shrimp, Braised Prawns also sold 60 thousand yuan."

How much is enough to open a dry cleaning shop

laundry market fiery, many people want to open dry cleaning franchise stores, but do not know whether their money is sufficient. How much is enough to open a dry cleaning shop? This is a lot of people have questions, today Xiaobian take you to see how much money you need to open a dry cleaning shop.

is dry in this industry due to the needs of the people will, but with the continuous development of society, more and more demand is also changing, many people also saw the opportunity to invest in a dry cleaners, but a question investors encounter that dry cleaners cost? How much is enough to open a dry cleaning shop? Because only know the cost of investment, investors can make investment scheme better facilitate better management on dry cleaners. How much money can open dry cleaning franchise?


Witters laundry to join the group will develop different investment schemes according to each franchisee’s own situation, investors can also have their own ideas, adjust the equipment needed at will, in general, the headquarters will make greater efforts to develop a suitable scheme for investors investors, allowing investors to open a successful dry cleaners are Witters laundry all wish.

How much money can open


The Eleventh China Banking Association, micro entrepreneurship award yesterday announced

China in the past to rely on the development of low-cost labor to develop intensive industries, with the increase in labor costs, the development of innovative industries. Small and micro enterprises is the most fundamental force in the development of innovative industries.

12 1, Chinese Banking Association and Citibank (Chinese) Company Limited ("Citibank China") was held in Beijing the Eleventh Chinese Banking Association (Citigroup) "micro entrepreneurship Award" awards ceremony, in recognition of outstanding entrepreneurial success of micro entrepreneurs and outstanding practitioners of microfinance institutions, officially released "the 2015 China microfinance industry development report", and to open a new chapter in the form of meaning "the first release of micro finance institutions" in the case, both of the past work experience, but also for a new ten year development reference.








Namgyal修道院或Namgyal Tsemo Gompa的惊人tsemo在列城地区,拉达克。



棕榈树和热带海滩小屋。图片:Trinette Reed










登盛德是最高的南极洲火山高4284米,坐落在最偏远的部分,称为Marie Byrd Land。这是如此遥远,没有主权国家目前声称它。南极洲已经很难到达,没有定期航班从世界任何地方。只有两个探险队曾到达火山顶上。

2015 Xining urban garbage all harmless treatment

September 29th, reporters from the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction to understand, before the date of our province issued "on the further strengthening of the province’s urban garbage disposal work opinions", put forward by the next two years of efforts, and effectively increase the urban living garbage treatment efforts to improve the living garbage reduction, recycling and harmless level, efforts to improve the urban living environment.

according to the opinions requirements, to 2015, the province’s urban garbage disposal work to achieve the development goals of the three areas. All cities and counties in the province should be built garbage harmless treatment facilities. A city life garbage treatment rate reached more than 90%, among them, the full realization of Xining urban living garbage harmless treatment; county seat and key towns have garbage treatment capacity, the county garbage harmless treatment rate reached more than 60%, the other major town life garbage treatment rate reached more than 50%. Encourage qualified cities to promote the construction of municipal solid waste incineration facilities.

set up the city’s urban waste utilization ratio reached 30%. Among them, Xining city construction has become a model city garbage classification, the proportion reached 50% of solid waste resource utilization, the whole processing basically reached the kitchen garbage collection classification. The basic establishment of the town of domestic waste management system.

the basic realization of the province’s urban garbage harmless treatment, the full implementation of garbage collection and disposal. Domestic waste treatment facilities and services to small towns and rural extension, urban and rural domestic waste treatment is close to the national average.