Saudi Man Offers Services of Moroccan Maid for Sale on Internet

Rabat- A Saudi citizen has reportedly offered to sell the services of his maid, originally from Morocco, over a shopping website apparently because he can no longer keep her in his house.Posting an ad for “Moroccan maid for sale,” the Saudi citizen who identified himself as Abou Badr wrote that he wants to give up the services of his maid.The Saudi man advertised the maid as if she were a slave on auction in violation of her human dignity and human rights. The outlandish ad posted the maid’s “price” at 1600 riyals (nearly $400) plus the 4000 riyal “Kafala” charges (about $1,066).The ad stated that the Moroccan woman had been brought to Saudi Arabia two years ago under the “kafala” system, a sponsorship system applicable in the Saudi Arabia, which puts foreign employees at the mercy of their employers.The Kafala sponsorship system, which requires foreign workers to have local sponsors, rigidly binds immigrant workers to their employers, enabling the latter to commit abuses, while preventing workers from changing jobs or leaving the country.

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