To learn the basic construction to promote the work of the government

August 5th, mayor, municipal Party Secretary Wang Yubo presided over the enlarged meeting of the municipal Party committee to study and implement the provincial, municipal committee spirit, arrangements for the implementation of the work. Wang Yubo stressed that the twelve session of the six provincial and municipal thirteen session of the nine committee to strengthen the "important deployment of base construction, and the second half of the work to conduct a comprehensive arrangement. We must improve the ruling level, from the realization of the strategic task of understanding the "three basic" building of great significance and long-term significance of understanding the "Three Basics" from construction to enhance the governance capacity and governance level, from the practical significance of the stability of the reform and development of understanding the "three basic" building, with a high degree of political consciousness, fearless responsibility identify the base construction and reform, development, stable work, combined with the point of contact point, the starting point, to the "three basic" construction to promote the work of the center, to ensure the full completion of the annual objectives and tasks. Wang Yubo requirements, it is necessary to seriously study the leadership of the speech, conference papers. Luo Huining, Secretary of the aspirational speech, specific requirements, both of the brave play, and is responsible for the long-term height; governor Hao Peng’s speech pragmatic Qiushi, a dialectical analysis, there is a comprehensive plan for more work requirements; Wang Jianjun secretary’s speech is provincial requirements and actual situation of mastery, embodies the dialectical view, pragmatic dry and strict requirements. To effectively enhance the work in the study of consciousness, initiative, the municipal government should focus on the implementation of the spirit of the city to carry out the spirit of the meeting to deploy, to request. The two is to make the base construction as an important part of government work and the important guarantee. The "Three Basics" work relates to the overall situation, and is closely related to the work of the government, is a powerful starting point for the work to promote the protection of the government. To promote the "Three Basics" work in the spirit of reform, support the base construction with responsibility attitude, strengthening the self construction of the government to the "three basic" requirements, to ensure that the government system of grass-roots organizations, effective operation of powerful execution, the people trust the government system; basic work, pragmatic and effective legal compliance, satisfaction of the masses; the basic ability of government personnel system to meet the needs of work, play promising, accepted by the masses. Three is staring at the annual target, the first to courageously. A class of municipal government and all localities and departments should strengthen confidence and work will, sober and dialectical analysis on the development of the city to look at me with the same period last year saw the completion of the gap, the gap between the indicators, see with the provincial government requirements, the stated objectives and tasks of the gap, and development of the concept of state, see the gap between reason and research initiatives an index analysis of a target, implement the work requirements, implement policies and measures to implement the responsibility. The four is to pay close attention to the difficult work, struggling to tackle tough. Unremitting efforts to control the atmosphere, go all out for the stability of the price, pay close attention to the promotion of employment steady income, and constantly strengthen production safety, and continue to do a good job of social stability.  

Qinghai two provinces and cities held a forum in Chengdu

11 month 7 to 8, the Chengdu municipal Party and government delegation to visit Qinghai, with the province to promote economic and social development and regional exchanges and cooperation between the two places. 7 pm, Qinghai, Chengdu, the forum held in two provinces in Xining.

provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor of, Chengdu municipal Party committee secretary Tang Liangzhi speech. Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong introduced the economic and social development of Qinghai and strengthen regional cooperation. Provincial Standing Committee, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao, vice governor Yang Fengchun attended. Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General Wang Yubo presided over.

Wang Guosheng in his speech on behalf of the provincial Party committee of the Chengdu municipal Party and government delegation welcomed. He said, Qinghai and Sichuan Province in the western country, close friendship, linked mountains and rivers. As an important center city in the western region of China, Chengdu actively build a network of city group Hing District, dual core city and metropolitan area development pattern, in the beginning of the new normal, trillion, and then starting on to achieve a new leap forward. We should learn from Chengdu’s good ideas, good experience, good practices, and strive to do a better job in Qinghai.

Wang Guosheng said that at present, Qinghai is seriously study and implement the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spirit, thoroughly implement the general secretary proposed fall practice inspection of Qinghai’s "four solid" major requirements, and actively integrate into the national "The Belt and Road" and the Yangtze River economic belt strategy, new development of new achievements in the work, showing the economy "smooth, has, the better posture. At the same time, we firmly grasp the strategic opportunity for targeted aid to the central Tibetan areas of Qinghai Province, and strengthen aid green provinces and central enterprises docking industry and project cooperation, efforts to make the green counterpart aid work has become a breakthrough in Qinghai’s development and opening up the window, to promote green counterpart aid work to all directional, multi tiered and wide field depth the development of.

Wang Guosheng said that Qinghai and Chengdu strong economic complementarity and broad prospects for cooperation. I hope both sides will take this forum as an opportunity to seize the "The Belt and Road" in-depth implementation, Eastern Cooperative Development and other major opportunities, strengthen communication docking, grasp the project implementation, to promote regional development cooperation, enhance the comprehensive economic strength of the two, add new advantages, new impetus in the integration, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation and common development in the in writing a new chapter in the exchange and cooperation between the.

Hao Peng in his speech on the economic and social development of Chengdu in recent years expressed admiration for the achievements. He said that the Chengdu city government delegation to visit Qinghai, to further promote the development of the two, has very important significance to promote the construction of The Belt and Road ". At present, Qinghai is in a critical period of the well-off society, we need to vigorously carry forward the spirit of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, self-reliance and hard work, we need to strengthen the spirit of reform and opening up with other provinces, especially the cooperation with Sichuan and Chengdu. He hoped that the two exchanges and cooperation to a new level. The two should further strengthen the interconnection infrastructure, promote the construction of high-speed railway, the West into a new Sichuan green channel, to improve both access capacity; to promote the new energy, new materials, tourism, agriculture and animal husbandry production characteristics etc.;

Provincial Bureau of industry and commerce to strengthen the matter after the supervision of 1708 lo


9 month, Industrial and Commercial Bureau combined state and local provincial departments to further deepen the reform of commercial system, strengthen supervision, to carry out long-term business enterprises not clean up, improve the authenticity and accuracy of the main stock market data. Up to now, the province has not yet cleaned up a total of 1708 companies do not operate. Provincial Trade and Industry Bureau has been in accordance with the relevant provisions of the public revoked the business license of 43 companies, municipalities and counties, county market regulatory authorities in accordance with the jurisdiction of the law is in accordance with the provisions of the business license revocation procedures.

in the clean-up work, the province at all levels of business and market supervision department through several rounds of consultations with the IRS, tax and other relevant departments, formulate long-term business enterprises not clear work program, clear annual report in 2013 to the 2015 province for three consecutive years are not submitted or not report information publicity, undeclared and unable to contact the company all included in the scope of tax clearance. At the same time, in the Qinghai daily, the West Sea city newspaper issued a notice on the liquidation of the long-term suspension of the business is not operating, the long-term closure of the enterprise did not operate a publicity notice. On this basis, the province’s industry and commerce at all levels and market supervision departments to take the call, on-site inspections and other methods, statistics, screening for three consecutive years did not submit annual report or annual report information publicity companies, respectively to the tax, the tax department transferred to the 2058 quasi clear list; state and local departments according to business and market the supervision department provides the list of serious data, eliminating duplicate data and normal taxpayer data, and the formal reply to the industry and Commerce and the market supervision department, the final 1708 households need to clean up the list of enterprises. The province’s industrial and commercial and market supervision of these enterprises in strict accordance with the procedures for handling cases, according to law.

it is reported that the next step, the province’s industrial and commercial and market regulators will continue to strengthen cooperation with the national tax, local tax authorities, according to the law for the long-term closure of the business is not open to clean up, more effective maintenance of market order.


Zhang Baowen rate NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection team to check the implementation

9 month 21 days to 26 days, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Zhang Baowen, the NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection group to Qinghai, the province to implement the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" to inspect. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng accompanied by inspection, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng chaired the briefing.

in the Qing period, Zhang Baowen line depth Xining City Haidong City, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, has been to a city road, rural road, national highway and highway on-site inspection, and further part of the traffic command center, traffic police team, vehicle management, driver training school motor vehicle driving test center, highway network operation monitoring and emergency response center, transportation monitoring station, highway toll station work mechanism, a comprehensive understanding of the province’s implementation of the law on road traffic safety situation.

9 25, law enforcement inspection team listened to the provincial government and relevant departments to implement the road traffic safety law report. Zhang Baowen fully affirmed the implementation of the road traffic safety law. Zhang Baowen pointed out that road traffic safety is directly related to the healthy development of economy and society and people’s lives and property safety, related to the realization of the goal of building a moderately prosperous society. We should attach great importance to road traffic safety, road traffic safety as an important part of safety development. Always firmly establish the concept of safe development, adhere to the interests of the people first, consciously implement the provisions of the road traffic safety law. Zhang Baowen proposed to solve the road traffic safety law implementation of prominent problems in traffic management departments of public security organs of law enforcement vehicles, road traffic safety management and protection, the development of ideas, focus, and solve the problem of chronic disease, promote the traffic safety situation continues to improve. Zhang Baowen stressed that to increase the intensity of the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, governments at all levels to achieve the leadership in place, security in place, put in place, supervision in place, promote the legal provisions and the implementation of policy measures, and do the work for road traffic safety, protect people’s lives and property safety, protect the people live and work in peace.

Hao Peng in the chair of the report to the law enforcement inspection team to inspect and guide the work of a green thank you. He said, as the foundation of the national economy and leading industry, the development of transportation in Qinghai such a vast infrastructure and relatively backward provinces is particularly important, is the current and future periods in our province to speed up the important aspects for infrastructure and public service short board. We will have to resolve outstanding issues as the road traffic safety law in the process of the implementation of the law enforcement inspection, to promote the development of transportation, the opportunity is important to enhance the level of road traffic safety, correctly handle the relationship between security and development, safety and speed, safety and quality, safety and efficiency, and further enhance the traffic supply capacity, to further improve the the level of governance according to law, the further innovation of the management system and mechanism, to further strengthen the leadership, to ensure that our province road traffic safety situation continued to improve the smooth, hard for economic and social development, the people to travel safely to create a good ring;

Xining public cultural services promotion measures and other six systems introduced to promote the d

November 23rd, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, the Xining public cultural services to promote measures, such as the six systems examined and adopted by the study, Xining will promote the development of efficiency and enhance the cultural soft power.

in the provision of cultural services, develop and promulgate basic public cultural service programs and services directory according to the social economic development level, population status and the actual needs of the public; according to the actual demand, through the purchase of folk cultural enterprises, cultural organizations, non-profit organizations, cultural conditions of personal and cultural products and services. The provision of public cultural services to the society; to promote all kinds of public cultural service facilities free of charge, and support for free or preferential public cultural service facilities; encourage the internal culture of qualified enterprises to provide services to the public; during the national holidays and school summer vacation, the opening time should be appropriate to extend the public cultural facilities, and add the corresponding cultural services; the construction of public cultural service digital will be included in the city City information construction planning, to provide the public with convenient digital cultural services, etc., to meet the basic cultural needs of the public.

in addition, and the "Xining city public cultural service promotion measures" jointly published a "Xining city public culture service social development promotion measures" "Xining city public cultural services operating public participation measures" of the "Xining Municipal People’s government to the social forces to buy public cultural products and services management approach", "Xining city the basic cultural demand feedback method" "Xining to promote cultural talent development procedures". ;

Xining Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee decided to appoint and dismiss the list

(adopted at the Twelfth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress on April 24, 2013) (


decided to appoint:

Li Jianqing, director of Xining economic cooperation promotion bureau.

decided to remove:

Jin Feng, director of Xining economic cooperation promotion bureau.

Xining Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee

appointment list

(adopted at the Twelfth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress on April 24, 2013) (



Zhao Liang is a member of the Xining intermediate people’s court;

Qin Yong is a member of the Xining intermediate people’s court;

Lv Yong is a member of the Xining intermediate people’s court;

He Yanbang is a member of the Xining intermediate people’s court;

Feng Jun is a member of the Xining intermediate people’s court;

Wang Youlin is a member of the Xining intermediate people’s court;

Ma Furong is a member of the Xining intermediate people’s court;

Jiang Xiaojuan is a member of the Xining intermediate people’s court;

Wang Peng is a member of the Xining intermediate people’s court;

hill has Mei as Xining intermediate people’s court judge;

is a member of the Xining intermediate people’s court.

Xining Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee

appointment list

(adopted at the Twelfth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress on April 24, 2013) (



Li Ge is a member of the Procuratorial Committee of the people’s Procuratorate of Xining municipality and a procurator;

Hu Xiangbin, deputy director general of the people’s Procuratorate of Xining south beach area;

Chen Jie Xining City People’s Procuratorate prosecutor;

Nguyen for the people’s Procuratorate of Xining City People’s Procuratorate;

Tan Zhiyi Xining City People’s Procuratorate prosecutor.


Miao Tuowu of the Xining Municipal People’s Procuratorate, procuratorial committee members, prosecutors duties;

Yu Jianhe south beach area of Xining City People’s Procuratorate Deputy Attorney General Office;

Fang Fudong Xining City People’s Procuratorate prosecutor duties;

Shi Jianmin Xining City People’s Procuratorate prosecutor duties;

Yu Naiping Xining City People’s Procuratorate prosecutor duties.

Xining Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee

approves appointment and removal;

Xining Rural Road Market

In order to avoid the traffic accident casualties occurred in the city of Xining along the highway, the city Department of transportation will be the city’s transit highway rural bazaars unified regulation.

with the city area traffic infrastructure construction and urban and rural integration process speeding up, especially along the road of national and provincial trunk highway intersection Town Road, etc., people spontaneously recurring and stage stallage, stop soliciting phenomenon is more prominent, many people and cars, fast speed, road Qunsiqunshang major traffic accidents are more prominent, along the road traffic safety situation is very grim.

for the effectiveness of remediation work, three counties at the same time to focus on remediation of the county farmers market, the town and the sidewalk stall point, random vehicle stop chaos by chaos, cluttered garbage, unlicensed meals and other timely Chajiu behavior. Datong County transit highway of serious market phenomenon of Chengguan Town, Xinzhuang Town, Starr Town, Dong Xia Zhen other markets, according to market towns concentrated open time to strengthen supervision, clean up illegal stalls set up since 10, Zhang Gongludong Liu Ning to correct the problem of private car parking lane intersection. Huangzhong County of Lu Yun Xi Bao Zhen Jia Zhai Cun Ge road section and other sections of the 16 markets of rectification, 5 bazaars which Lu Yun Road section, Republic of Xi Bao Cun Zhen Hou Ying Cun, Da Yuan Cun, rouchard Zhen Tu Men Guan Xiang Tu Men Guan Cun, Guan Xiang Tu Men and you should you want to check section of fixed places. Huangyuan County, more than 120 illegal demolition of illegal signs, banning illegal water plus car wash point of more than and 130. (author: Zhao Linsong)


Urban and rural medical assistance fund out of the new regulations

In April 16th, the provincial Civil Affairs Department and the Provincial Department of finance, human resources and social security department, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission jointly issued the "Qinghai province urban and rural medical rescue fund management approach" (referred to as the "measures"), effectively improve the efficiency of rescue fund, to fully guarantee the compliance with the conditions of the economic difficulties of the masses of medical services.

Xining four computing standards enforcement behavior

In the party’s mass line of educational practice, Xining city law enforcement and supervision departments to improve the satisfaction of the masses as the starting point, efforts to solve the last mile problem of the vital interests of the masses and the style of construction services, release positive energy through the "four operations", set up the new image of honest and pragmatic people.

in the purpose of the people on the "plus". Adhere to rely on the masses to engage in activities, the masses involved in the whole process of activities. Carry out the "visit hearing" and "open remonstrance", "police and law enforcement officers stationed in the village", "Five" activities to "point record." and "twinning registration card", "convenience services contact box" platform to build ties with the masses, listen to their opinions and suggestions to law enforcement for the people, serving the masses to extend the reach of the grassroots level. In the process of "minus" negative. Through active consultation, timely revealing problems, respond to the demands of the masses, Jane and work flow, solve masses law enforcement problems. At present, the city’s total cancellation, decentralization, and approval 73, 37 municipal departments of examination and approval of the reduction from the original 342 to 276, reduced 19.3%; the 10 items of the 7 departments from the original commitments for the adjustment for the 208 items on applications, the overall compression processing time is more than 35%. Fair law enforcement on the ride effect. The law enforcement and supervision departments to improve the service efficiency from the perspective of law enforcement work, carefully combing link and process barriers, blocking point, actively improve the working methods, continue to refine the implementation of convenience initiatives, people get benefits. In the style of construction in addition to dust. Adhere to start from the first feeling of the people, which is not satisfied in which efforts to change the "ugly face, so ugly, the door is hard, difficult to deal with bad style, let people feel the law enforcement and supervision departments and law enforcement service image of real change. To investigate the use of official vehicles in violation of the relevant provisions of the issue of management 5, given party discipline 5 people, 13 people informed criticism, admonishing conversation 2, warning interviewed 14 people.  

Xining is the birthplace of the original ecological dance

– interview with the municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, propaganda department minister, art festival organizing committee secretary general Wang Haihong

today, by the Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Xining Municipal People’s government, Chinese Dancer Association Chinese · Qinghai Xining international original dance and modern dance festival kicked off, from different countries and different regions of the original ecological dance and modern dance artists will gather together in Xining, Hyun dance passion. Why did the reporter held such an International Dance Festival and other issues, the municipal Party committee, Minister of propaganda, art festival organizing committee secretary general Wang Haihong interview.

reporter: where is the inspiration for an international dance and modern dance festival held in Xining?

Wang Haihong, Xining, has a long history of thousands of years of living in this land of our ancestors created a shine with great splendor culture, left a rich material culture and intangible cultural wealth for us. Here is the junction of the Tibetan Plateau and the Loess Plateau, Tangfangudao and silk road winds through here, grassland farming culture and culture here together, this mysterious and magical land has accumulated rich culture, also gave birth to a highly developed civilization art, shining the light out of the ordinary.

1973 in Qinghai Xining Datong County unearthed tombs unearthed in the ring arm tage dance basin, so that we see the visual image of ancient dance art. At the same time, many ethnic minorities in Xining, there are 35 ethnic Han, Hui, Mongolian, Tibetan, Tu, Sala, Manchu, provides rich soil for the Xining unique culture, every nation and folk songs, "four seasons song" was widely sung, flowers and youth "dance" swept the country, "Ann called" and "wheels". Several times in the national and provincial major activities in the debut exhibition, banquet song, camel dance has distinctive national style. Tibetan unique color, rich connotation, Chinese art evaluation "Qinghai opera, folk songs in the world" "Layi" mildly long, romantic and uninhibited Tibetan dance. Temple dance religious strong, mysterious and rough. According to statistics, the province has 1400 kinds of folk dance, folk song nearly ten thousand. Xining art and dance have a deep origin, at the same time, Xining also has abundant resources of all these, the art of dance, dance art festival culture laid the good foundation for Xining, provides favorable conditions of culture.

reporter: this festival is the theme of "dance, dance heritage quest source context", why should the original dance and modern dance together?

Wang Haihong: anthropologists believe that since the human race, there has been a dance. The most primitive qualities of dance are most evident in our original dance, which awakens our original memory of the blood of a nation, for it is a call from life. Xining Datong on the sun unearthed in the dance of the painted pottery basin is by far the world’s earliest records of the ancient primitive ring dance of the ancient pottery, can be;