To learn the basic construction to promote the work of the government

August 5th, mayor, municipal Party Secretary Wang Yubo presided over the enlarged meeting of the municipal Party committee to study and implement the provincial, municipal committee spirit, arrangements for the implementation of the work. Wang Yubo stressed that the twelve session of the six provincial and municipal thirteen session of the nine committee to strengthen the "important deployment of base construction, and the second half of the work to conduct a comprehensive arrangement. We must improve the ruling level, from the realization of the strategic task of understanding the "three basic" building of great significance and long-term significance of understanding the "Three Basics" from construction to enhance the governance capacity and governance level, from the practical significance of the stability of the reform and development of understanding the "three basic" building, with a high degree of political consciousness, fearless responsibility identify the base construction and reform, development, stable work, combined with the point of contact point, the starting point, to the "three basic" construction to promote the work of the center, to ensure the full completion of the annual objectives and tasks. Wang Yubo requirements, it is necessary to seriously study the leadership of the speech, conference papers. Luo Huining, Secretary of the aspirational speech, specific requirements, both of the brave play, and is responsible for the long-term height; governor Hao Peng’s speech pragmatic Qiushi, a dialectical analysis, there is a comprehensive plan for more work requirements; Wang Jianjun secretary’s speech is provincial requirements and actual situation of mastery, embodies the dialectical view, pragmatic dry and strict requirements. To effectively enhance the work in the study of consciousness, initiative, the municipal government should focus on the implementation of the spirit of the city to carry out the spirit of the meeting to deploy, to request. The two is to make the base construction as an important part of government work and the important guarantee. The "Three Basics" work relates to the overall situation, and is closely related to the work of the government, is a powerful starting point for the work to promote the protection of the government. To promote the "Three Basics" work in the spirit of reform, support the base construction with responsibility attitude, strengthening the self construction of the government to the "three basic" requirements, to ensure that the government system of grass-roots organizations, effective operation of powerful execution, the people trust the government system; basic work, pragmatic and effective legal compliance, satisfaction of the masses; the basic ability of government personnel system to meet the needs of work, play promising, accepted by the masses. Three is staring at the annual target, the first to courageously. A class of municipal government and all localities and departments should strengthen confidence and work will, sober and dialectical analysis on the development of the city to look at me with the same period last year saw the completion of the gap, the gap between the indicators, see with the provincial government requirements, the stated objectives and tasks of the gap, and development of the concept of state, see the gap between reason and research initiatives an index analysis of a target, implement the work requirements, implement policies and measures to implement the responsibility. The four is to pay close attention to the difficult work, struggling to tackle tough. Unremitting efforts to control the atmosphere, go all out for the stability of the price, pay close attention to the promotion of employment steady income, and constantly strengthen production safety, and continue to do a good job of social stability.   read more

Qinghai two provinces and cities held a forum in Chengdu

11 month 7 to 8, the Chengdu municipal Party and government delegation to visit Qinghai, with the province to promote economic and social development and regional exchanges and cooperation between the two places. 7 pm, Qinghai, Chengdu, the forum held in two provinces in Xining.

provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor of, Chengdu municipal Party committee secretary Tang Liangzhi speech. Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong introduced the economic and social development of Qinghai and strengthen regional cooperation. Provincial Standing Committee, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao, vice governor Yang Fengchun attended. Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General Wang Yubo presided over. read more

Provincial Bureau of industry and commerce to strengthen the matter after the supervision of 1708 lo


9 month, Industrial and Commercial Bureau combined state and local provincial departments to further deepen the reform of commercial system, strengthen supervision, to carry out long-term business enterprises not clean up, improve the authenticity and accuracy of the main stock market data. Up to now, the province has not yet cleaned up a total of 1708 companies do not operate. Provincial Trade and Industry Bureau has been in accordance with the relevant provisions of the public revoked the business license of 43 companies, municipalities and counties, county market regulatory authorities in accordance with the jurisdiction of the law is in accordance with the provisions of the business license revocation procedures. read more

Zhang Baowen rate NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection team to check the implementation

9 month 21 days to 26 days, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Zhang Baowen, the NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection group to Qinghai, the province to implement the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" to inspect. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng accompanied by inspection, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng chaired the briefing.

in the Qing period, Zhang Baowen line depth Xining City Haidong City, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, has been to a city road, rural road, national highway and highway on-site inspection, and further part of the traffic command center, traffic police team, vehicle management, driver training school motor vehicle driving test center, highway network operation monitoring and emergency response center, transportation monitoring station, highway toll station work mechanism, a comprehensive understanding of the province’s implementation of the law on road traffic safety situation. read more

Xining public cultural services promotion measures and other six systems introduced to promote the d

November 23rd, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, the Xining public cultural services to promote measures, such as the six systems examined and adopted by the study, Xining will promote the development of efficiency and enhance the cultural soft power.

in the provision of cultural services, develop and promulgate basic public cultural service programs and services directory according to the social economic development level, population status and the actual needs of the public; according to the actual demand, through the purchase of folk cultural enterprises, cultural organizations, non-profit organizations, cultural conditions of personal and cultural products and services. The provision of public cultural services to the society; to promote all kinds of public cultural service facilities free of charge, and support for free or preferential public cultural service facilities; encourage the internal culture of qualified enterprises to provide services to the public; during the national holidays and school summer vacation, the opening time should be appropriate to extend the public cultural facilities, and add the corresponding cultural services; the construction of public cultural service digital will be included in the city City information construction planning, to provide the public with convenient digital cultural services, etc., to meet the basic cultural needs of the public.

in addition, and the "Xining city public cultural service promotion measures" jointly published a "Xining city public culture service social development promotion measures" "Xining city public cultural services operating public participation measures" of the "Xining Municipal People’s government to the social forces to buy public cultural products and services management approach", "Xining city the basic cultural demand feedback method" "Xining to promote cultural talent development procedures". ;
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Xining Rural Road Market

In order to avoid the traffic accident casualties occurred in the city of Xining along the highway, the city Department of transportation will be the city’s transit highway rural bazaars unified regulation.

with the city area traffic infrastructure construction and urban and rural integration process speeding up, especially along the road of national and provincial trunk highway intersection Town Road, etc., people spontaneously recurring and stage stallage, stop soliciting phenomenon is more prominent, many people and cars, fast speed, road Qunsiqunshang major traffic accidents are more prominent, along the road traffic safety situation is very grim. read more

Urban and rural medical assistance fund out of the new regulations

In April 16th, the provincial Civil Affairs Department and the Provincial Department of finance, human resources and social security department, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission jointly issued the "Qinghai province urban and rural medical rescue fund management approach" (referred to as the "measures"), effectively improve the efficiency of rescue fund, to fully guarantee the compliance with the conditions of the economic difficulties of the masses of medical services. read more

Xining four computing standards enforcement behavior

In the party’s mass line of educational practice, Xining city law enforcement and supervision departments to improve the satisfaction of the masses as the starting point, efforts to solve the last mile problem of the vital interests of the masses and the style of construction services, release positive energy through the "four operations", set up the new image of honest and pragmatic people.

in the purpose of the people on the "plus". Adhere to rely on the masses to engage in activities, the masses involved in the whole process of activities. Carry out the "visit hearing" and "open remonstrance", "police and law enforcement officers stationed in the village", "Five" activities to "point record." and "twinning registration card", "convenience services contact box" platform to build ties with the masses, listen to their opinions and suggestions to law enforcement for the people, serving the masses to extend the reach of the grassroots level. In the process of "minus" negative. Through active consultation, timely revealing problems, respond to the demands of the masses, Jane and work flow, solve masses law enforcement problems. At present, the city’s total cancellation, decentralization, and approval 73, 37 municipal departments of examination and approval of the reduction from the original 342 to 276, reduced 19.3%; the 10 items of the 7 departments from the original commitments for the adjustment for the 208 items on applications, the overall compression processing time is more than 35%. Fair law enforcement on the ride effect. The law enforcement and supervision departments to improve the service efficiency from the perspective of law enforcement work, carefully combing link and process barriers, blocking point, actively improve the working methods, continue to refine the implementation of convenience initiatives, people get benefits. In the style of construction in addition to dust. Adhere to start from the first feeling of the people, which is not satisfied in which efforts to change the "ugly face, so ugly, the door is hard, difficult to deal with bad style, let people feel the law enforcement and supervision departments and law enforcement service image of real change. To investigate the use of official vehicles in violation of the relevant provisions of the issue of management 5, given party discipline 5 people, 13 people informed criticism, admonishing conversation 2, warning interviewed 14 people.   read more

Xining is the birthplace of the original ecological dance

– interview with the municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, propaganda department minister, art festival organizing committee secretary general Wang Haihong

today, by the Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Xining Municipal People’s government, Chinese Dancer Association Chinese · Qinghai Xining international original dance and modern dance festival kicked off, from different countries and different regions of the original ecological dance and modern dance artists will gather together in Xining, Hyun dance passion. Why did the reporter held such an International Dance Festival and other issues, the municipal Party committee, Minister of propaganda, art festival organizing committee secretary general Wang Haihong interview. read more

Provincial government held a joint meeting of the province’s market price regulation

8 12, Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin chaired the market price regulation work meeting, informed the province’s market price regulation, price reform, research and analysis of the price situation and price reform work, arrangements for the next step.

the meeting pointed out that this year, all localities and departments of the province does not adhere to the ideological work slack, do not slack, actively study the deployment of the province’s overall level of prices, market prices stable, the price reform actively and steadily push forward, to create a good environment for the province’s price stable and healthy economic development. read more

Provincial Food and drug safety supervision and inspection team of the city to crack down on the ill

at 9 am on May 31, 2011, the provincial food and drug safety committee steering group of Xining to crack down on illegal add and abuse of food additives work carried out a special inspection. Chai Lupan, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, the municipal food safety committee member units responsible person and four district leaders in charge of the county government participated in the special rectification work conference will be held in three.
the provincial supervision and inspection team members first listened to the special rectification work reports on the situation in Xining city. Provincial Steering Group on the city to crack down on illegal add and abuse of food additives special rectification work to give a positive, and made comments and suggestions.  

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Zhang Jianmin met with deputy general manager China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Limited Tan Jiansh

6 21, Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin met with the deputy general manager of Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Co., Chinese jasan Tan line. The two sides to further deepen cooperation and jointly promote the construction of the project conducted in-depth exchanges.

Zhang Jianmin on behalf of the provincial government of Tan Jiansheng to come to Qinghai and attend the Green Fair activities warm welcome, fully affirmed the effective cooperation of the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group in recent years in the development of new energy and Qinghai. He pointed out that China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group actively promote clean energy development, and achieved remarkable results, I hope to play a further advanced technology and strength advantages, continue to increase investment in Qinghai, accelerate the bilateral cooperation in various fields, and actively participate in the construction of Qinghai new energy base, and strive to achieve win-win cooperation. read more

Xining city meteorological environmental protection new Lane community residents garbage for prizes

shopping malls have points card, the end of the feedback activities; garbage collection in the community can also get points card, also prizes. March 10th, the city of Xining, north of the meteorological community launched a clean home round on the move, with an integral card to encourage residents to participate in garbage collection.

North meteorological Lane community has 52 units. Although the area within the courtyard of the hospital, the streets have special cleaning, cleaning up garbage, but there are people littering. read more

Xining light pollution nuisance problem

recently, the municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Ma Ning and some of the city CPPCC members, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau for the thirteen session of the Xining Municipal Committee of the CPPCC National Committee of the fourth meeting of the proposed inspection and supervision.

this year, the Municipal Council of Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau for the transfer of a total of five members of the proposal, the proposal is mainly around the downtown area of light pollution control, air pollution control and other content. The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau after receiving the proposal, according to the division of the offices of all the issues involved to contractors, and clear processing time. Led by the leaders in charge for all the proposals and come face-to-face with members of communication; all the proposals to the committee made a written reply, issued a consultation table, all received feedback from members; all proposals handling and recovery, are members of the praise. read more

Xining area into the four star hotel consumer experience started

September 17th, Xining four star hotel consumer experience activities start. Activities invited the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial CPPCC and part of the executive director, director of the unit leadership, consumer representatives and the province’s mainstream media reporters, went to the Xining area seven star hotel to carry out consumer experience activities four.

for social supervision to strengthen our province hotel industry standard, our province tourism consumption to a healthy, orderly and steady development, provincial consumer association Provincial Tourism Bureau and other departments held the consumer experience activities. Participate in the experience of the activities of the people from the consumer safety, consumer services, consumer complaints three aspects of these seven hotels objective, fair, fair and realistic evaluation score.   read more

Ten thousand cadres into the enterprise service the policy to go down so that enterprises get benefi

511 provincial deployed cadres, 4460 cities and prefectures dispatched cadres visits and service enterprises 1871 households, through the interview, propaganda policy, sort the problem, summary of research, combing the total funds, tax cuts, and other aspects of the market has more than 1300 questions, coordinate and solve the land, training and other issues 216. I save thousands of cadres into the enterprise service activities carried out since the working group on the policy of "down", the enterprise "understands", "good" supervise department, the implementation of the "shape", "affordable" enterprises the main task of the production line, in-depth business, to help enterprises solve the actual problems, and enhance the development of confidence, "thousands of cadres into the enterprise service activities made progress.

on speeding up the cultivation and development of the main body of the market, this year, the provincial government attaches great importance to and overall arrangement, the province’s first million cadres into the enterprise service activities and support public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, and promote the development of security by yield, and three strict three special education to proceed, to maximize the release entrepreneurial innovation potential, continue to deal with the economic downward pressure, is struggling to create "three areas", the construction of a comprehensive well-off solid foundation, through the upper and lower half a month of efforts, now has achieved remarkable results. "Since the thousands of cadres into the enterprise service activities" carried out a total of combing funds, tax cuts, and other aspects of the market has more than 1300 questions, coordinate and solve the land, training and other issues 216, and extend the industrial chain, the price is too high by 40 immediately do office "integrated and coordinated implementation. At the same time, thousands of cadres into the enterprise service activities "to establish dynamic daily bulletin and solve the problem of pin number system. Will convene a joint meeting of the provincial level, one by one to coordinate the implementation of the deadline to supervise the settlement, to ensure that the enterprise to reflect the problems of each piece of land, there are echoes.

at present, all regions and all levels of the working group to investigate the problem, the use of the Internet to build the working group and the steering group, regions, departments and the media contact QQ group, to the most simple, the most convenient and widely used means to transfer the provincial government to deploy, supervision and guidance of all localities and enterprises to carry out service activities. To intensify supervision and inspection efforts, the provincial steering group and the steering group to carry the active area, guiding region and the working group to accelerate the implementation of responsibility, interface; to be sluggish, give criticism; do immediately to take the field office conducted a thorough investigation, inspection, special inspection, telephone follow-up inspection and other means for all-round supervision, dynamic tracking implementation, the working groups at all levels to accelerate the pace of work, improve the working effect. read more

Xining publishing ambition

Recently, the "Xining Municipal People’s Congress · Zhi" published. The book is composed of four chapters: chapter, chapter, section and goal, and the text is divided into four chapters with a total of seven hundred thousand words, including twenty chapters. The detailed description of the development process of the people’s congresses of all ethnic groups in Xining from 1949 to 2011 and the development process after the establishment of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress, is a true portrayal of the history of the people of all ethnic groups in Xining.It is reported that

"Xining" ambition, is a major event of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress system and the process of development in the political life of the people, but also a concrete manifestation of the implementation of the National People’s Congress system, the practical significance to further promote the people’s Congress system has important and historical significance.
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Qinghai the United States and the sharing of the night tourism promotion held in Kunming

The evening of November 13th, sponsored by the provincial government of the "beauty of Qinghai · sharing night tourism promotion will be held in Kunming, will promote Qinghai to display the rich tourism resources and tourism products, for all enterprises to understand the Qinghai to build a communication platform.

in order to reflect the Qinghai Province as an important Silk Road Economic Belt on the unique local characteristics and ethnic customs, the Qinghai International Travel Fair booth area of 200 square meters, the exhibition includes 20 showcase, 2 reception area and the 4 area to discuss cooperation and exchanges. Holy hada, mellow barley wine, eye-catching Liu Wan painted pottery, 79 images with the characteristics of Qinghai scenic and cultural images, exquisite Thangka, exquisite pottery and the huge LED screen will be "big beautiful Qinghai local customs and practices" of the combination, multi angle showing in the world. Whether it is the scale of the booth, or the number of exhibitors, the exhibition content, are more than the previous brigade intersection.  
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