Entrepreneurs can not ignore the 8 types of legal risks

entrepreneurs who earned a hard career, but found that the enterprise into a legal dispute, for which the effort and even pay the price of money. This is because the initial venture did not attach importance to the relevant legal risks, hidden dangers for the future.

2014 years, Jingdong and Ali listed, China set off the climax of the mobile Internet business, all walks of life to O2O". The entrepreneurial team fought, entrepreneurial passion is wavewave, but the business is not a trifling matter, entrepreneurial projects can start, is the first step, but can go to the end, very rare. Entrepreneurial failure, many aspects of the project and the team is the reason, but the root cause is often legal risk.

in the developed countries, the law and finance is the enterprise survival and development of the left shoulder and right side. Enterprise legal risk prevention and management consciousness is generally high. In the entrepreneurial team members are generally young, relatively low social experience and legal knowledge of the case, from the beginning of the business, you must pay attention to the legal risk management.

Z. Now, according to their own legal service experience, summarizes some common legal risks for the entrepreneurial process, for your reference, welcome criticism and corrections.

1, the legitimacy of venture project.

Z lawyer notes that many projects are doomed from the start. For example, the use of APP to help users credit card cash, net loan platform to absorb deposits, etc.. I said so, we may understand, but in practice, the entrepreneurial team is often the first to consider financing, how to do bigger and stronger, but the project is not illegal or even criminal, can get legal protection.

2, entrepreneurial team members have labor rights restrictions.

3, the partnership agreement (the shareholders’ agreement, the articles of association) must be as detailed as possible.

Z lawyers have seen the entrepreneurial team think are friends, classmates, brothers, the first to do the project again, there is no concept of a partnership agreement, which is likely to be between days after lay hidden. Just imagine, in good condition, can not talk about the partnership agreement, in the event of conflict situations, how can talk about the partnership agreement? At the same time, the partnership agreement between the partners not only protect the rights and obligations, the more important is to protect the healthy and orderly project. The partnership agreement must be responsible for the project positioning, development planning, division of labor, equity arrangements, the rights and obligations of partners, the loss of commitment

Binzhou ice cream is good – the whole

China’s food and beverage market, small projects in winter are popular with ice cream tea and other brand items. In the current domestic food and beverage market, the popularity of ice cream is very popular, many consumers are ice cream enthusiasts, ice cream market demand is very large, very substantial business opportunities. Binzhou ice cream to join, which brand is better? Popular national favorite ice cream is a good choice.

favorite ice cream as a professional ice cold drink project, have a higher visibility and popularity in the domestic beverage industry, by virtue of the unique characteristics of the ice cream products, consumers have been welcomed and recognized, start a favorite ice cream stores, rich security.

Binzhou ice cream

Binzhou is located in Shandong, is a densely populated place, the market demand for food is also very large. Binzhou ice cream to join is the direction of investment opportunities is, choose a favorite ice cream brand, out of the ordinary products let you easily do a business, the market more competitive.

love ice cream projects in China’s food and beverage market, which has a high popularity, the market consumer groups covering all ages of consumers. Invest in a favorite ice cream stores, headquarters will have professionals to provide you with entrepreneurial guidance, choose more than love to buy ice cream shop is not wrong.

if you want to invest in this ice cream brand to join the project, please leave a message below our website, we will arrange our staff to contact you when you see the message.

China’s first exhibition of preschool education in 617

in June the 17th this year, there will be a 3 day international exhibition in Zhengzhou. The Ninth Asian and European · China Zhengzhou International Preschool Education Expo will be there grand opening. In this jumbly market, in which the enterprise is carried out on the basis of the judgment?

study showed that on average visit exhibitors booth volume as the base, only 12% of people in the month received the company’s sales staff call 12 before the exhibition, 88% new potential customers, but also show exhibitors to bring new customers to a high level. For the company’s products and services, 49% of the visitors are planning to buy those products and services. The exhibition is a business opportunity to show their strength, and how to choose a good exhibition platform, is the enterprise cautious problem.

first, look at the platform strength.

recently, the highly anticipated "Mi month biography" since its launch, has been well received by the national pursuit. As the heroine Sun Li, MI month, is from an unpopular step by step the princess became the first history of the empress dowager. Not only rely on their own talent intelligence, but also closely related to their identity background and years of growth and accumulation. Similarly, a good business, with good exhibits should also choose a strength of the exhibition.

exhibition organizing committee is the core of the exhibitors and professional audience, the strength of the organizing committee to a large extent affect the exhibition effect. A good educational exhibition, years of market precipitation, is a comprehensive test of the strength of the party organization, related to the Department in charge of industry leaders, industry experts, professional audience, manufacturers, distributors, agents and other aspects of the people. Zhengzhou Ouya International Preschool Education Fair (referred to as: the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition) was founded in 2009, has the Henan Province Private Education Association, Henan Provincial Education Equipment Industry Association, Henan province Modern Education Technology Association, the Henan Provincial Education Association jointly organized the relevant authorities before Co, is the first "children’s education" as the theme professional exhibition.

second, see platform publicity.

exhibitors in addition to want to contact potential customers, the scene to reach a deal, the promotion of products, enhance the brand image is also a very important purpose of many exhibitors. To ensure that the effect of the show, exhibitors effective dissemination of information, the ninth session of the Zhengzhou Eurasia preschool education into a huge exhibition organizing committee propaganda, the use of traditional media, Internet media, outdoor advertising, hundreds of media in an all-round and multi angle to carry out publicity and promotion work. At present, with the global network www.jiameng.com has joined nearly 80 preschool education media industry signed a cooperation agreement, while still Dahe, Zhengzhou daily, Zhengzhou daily, Henan education television, Zhengzhou education television nearly 20 media strongly recommended

Baby supplies store how to display goods

infant supplies stores business if you do not know how to display the principle that will certainly have an impact on the store profitability has, many businesses have come to the consultation skills on display, if you want to know with small series with a look, grasp the opportunity to learn, to acquire more profitable skills.

1, vertical display method: will be placed vertically in the vertical row of goods on the surface.

such display advantages: A. allows customers to clearly see the goods, can be compared, two horizontal arrangement, to go back and forth a few times, there is no clear impression, because people’s eyes move up and down than the parallel move clear. B. is beneficial to the similar commodity price comparison C. can not let the similar goods can enjoy "the gold dan".

2, milk powder or other items of the theme of the display method: with the festival, the theme of the promotional activities of the display.

advantages: will be a lot of goods according to a clear theme of the display, in order to remind the customer Association, improve sales. Duitou equipment outstanding products, plus eye-catching, unique advertising to attract customers.

3 related, complementary goods are displayed together: the use of this method should pay attention to the display of goods must have a strong complementarity, relevance, relevance.

4. integrated display method: the combination of goods, designed to be displayed as a whole form.

5. comparison of the display: milk powder and other goods through a combination of different combinations, the overall sales to increase sales.

infant supplies stores operators need to display goods if you display skills is not very familiar with can contact us to tap more business skills, display of goods is a university asked not to ignore this important link.

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Change yourself a little bit every day and you can change your life

you may think his age is still small, maybe you think you need to sharpen, but you know, change every step you do will have a huge change in your own life, want to change the world, change yourself first


1, remember, every day watching TV more than three hours, a monthly income of those who are not more than two thousand yuan, if you want a monthly income of more than two thousand, please don’t waste time on TV. In the same way, those who play online games or chat more than three hours a day, are also those who do not exceed the monthly income of two thousand.

3, in this world, there is a group of people, open the newspaper, is their message, turn on the TV, is their message, the streets and lanes, talk is their message, as if the world is ready for them, they can summon wind and call for rain, equal to anything. Your goal should be to become a handful of people.

4, if you really love your parents, love your girlfriend, you go to fight, to fight it, so you can have the ability, economic conditions, free time, to accompany them, to love them.

5, the society is a fast fish eat slow, rather than slow fish eat fast.

6, the society is the winner takes all, loser nothing, society, always only heros in.

7, if you ask your friends, if ten people, nine people do not know, so, this is an opportunity, if ten people, nine people all know, is an industry.

8, any one industry, a market, are the first to have meat to eat, then soup did not drink.

10, while young, go out for a walk to see. Read ten thousand books, it is better to do thousands of miles, miles, not as numerous as reading.


11, dealing with people, listen more and talk less. That’s why God gave us a mouth with two ears.

12, remember to do the final play, others think the brand sold by surprise, they think when you lost it, you can win the game.

13, don’t you, to pack, the best way is to pick up a piece of brick, follow up, suddenly from behind.

Entrepreneurship not only to open source but also throttle

and this is a word that entrepreneurs often mentioned indeed, open source is on the one hand, the throttle cannot be ignored. For just started the company, as far as possible to save costs, in order to follow the development of adequate preparation. So, how to save costs? Let’s take a look.


first start-up operating cash flow. The company’s cash is always not enough, you have to do things far more than you now have money, how to reduce the cost of cash? Do a lot of things with little money. Here are a few ways to throttle:

Second, the replacement of non cash. I remember before Sina, NetEase they are interchangeable resources, and now there are some companies with their own services for some advertising resources. I remember when I was in Silicon Valley, like rent, legal fees, advertising fees, you can use your equity to buy these services. Recent cases of cooperation between Jingdong and Tencent is a typical case of the replacement of a variety of information and services with equity. These non cash replacement can save your cash outflow.

Business license how to do this site weapon

for entrepreneurs, the first step is to open a business license for business, in order to win the full recognition of the state of our business. So how to do business license? The answer to this question will be illustrated in the following. Following these steps, investors will be able to successfully apply for industrial and commercial business license.

1, individual industrial and commercial households business license.

2, organization code certificate.

3, national tax registration certificate

4, local tax registration certificate

5, Zhang Yitao (public, wealth, private)

[one] how to apply for business license

A, industrial and commercial registration

1. intends to do business in the region of the county industrial and commercial bureau to receive the application form.

2. query intends to do business name:

(1) identity certificate of the applicant or applicant commissioned relevant certificates;

3. certified by the accounting firm

4. preparation file:



Fujian Fort conservation status quo worrying how to retain nostalgia

in our lives due to the different characteristics of each region, so there is a certain difference between the local buildings, with the inclusion of the world cultural heritage list, "Fujian earth building" renowned at home and abroad. In fact, in Sanming, Fujian, there is a great regional characteristics of large residential buildings comparable to earth buildings, but scattered in the mountains and countryside for outsiders to know, this is the "earthen fort". Preservation of the status quo in Fujian Fort worrying, how to retain nostalgia is essential, and the following Xiaobian specific understanding.

days ago, "Fujian Youxi Tu Bao Cultural Heritage Protection Forum" held in Youxi Sanming City County, Fujian province. How to promote the Fujian soil science, rational utilization and protection of fort, let Fujian Tu Bao once again full of unique charm of ancient buildings, so that people can still see the mountain in the economic and social development, could see the water, remember nostalgia, become the focus of the forum of experts to discuss the.

why so many soil Fort

according to the existing literature textual research, Fujian earthen fort was built in the Song Dynasty, developed in the Yuan Dynasty, mature in the yuan and Ming Dynasty, prevailed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the end of the Republic of china. National Taiwan University professor Xia Zhujiu in "my little knowledge" of Fujian Sanming Tu Bao pointed out that the "survival and safety" is the main purpose of earth fortress build, and powerful clan forces is to create the most important strength of earth fortress space. Xia Zhujiu believes that in the era of unrest, the government is not enough to establish order, the fort is the best foothold for the survival of the clan.

in this forum, the experts agreed that the defense and protection of local banditry beast harassment, production and living materials is the main reason for building the earthen fort. Liu Qing, a researcher at the Academy of Military Sciences of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army (PLA), believes that the earthen fortress is a kind of building form under the combination of mountains and mountains and the combination of the peak and the fortress. Fuzhou University School of architecture professor Li Jianjun has studied for many years to sort out the relevant Fujian Tu Bao of the historical data, in his opinion, Fujian is a kind of earth fortress from the actual defense needs, mainly to defense, supplemented by local residential defensive buildings.

reporter saw Tu Bao are foundation of high block Lei Qi, with clay or other mixed soil hangzhu, can form closed wall thick and tall. In the building of the fort is the local common wooden structure of the traditional residential style, according to the axis and multi axis symmetry or asymmetry. As Li Jianjun stressed, and pay more attention to the different earthen mounds, defense function, generally equipped with – type turret or stilts, open type towers PaoMaDao defense facilities etc..

experts said, as a kind of special produced in the special historical period, the geographical environment, the special social form of production, life, customs, religion, school is one of the vernacular architecture, Tu Bao historical value and artistic value to the people to know.


College students start a tea shop

may be because of the change in the concept of college students, perhaps because of the impact of various preferential policies, in short, college students have become a very normal thing. Now more and more young entrepreneurs self-help, many college students have joined the ranks of the army, and the school will give appropriate support. So as a graduating college students, open a tea shop?

tea is a fashionable drink, and now many young people are willing to drink a cup of tea to relax in his spare time, so the tea shop is very popular in the market now. As a college student, open a tea shop: first, tea received the love of many young people, especially students ranks, as a student, if a tea shop near our school must have their own views on the site, after all, their own on the surrounding environment for many, know where near is the business district, where is the flow of people to. Tea shop tea shop location is the key of success, so if we can do the investigation on the site will be able to get The early bird catches the quick step.

second, because now the tea shop consumers are mostly young people, as college students to open a tea shop certainly can know more about the young people now demand for tea which is conducive to their own tea shop to make corresponding adjustment and improvement. And if you are located near the school to open a tea shop, then you are in the circle of friends or your contacts will give you the tea shop to bring benefit, do free advertising for you to increase your sales, let the tea shop on the upgrade you.

finally, as college students, tea shop than those who start software companies or Internet companies into smaller, technical content is relatively small, in the short term to return there, so the students to open a tea shop is really a business, only need to have a positive heart love tea and sincerity, and can adhere to on the determination of success.

so, if students want to start a business, but also in the choice of the project, then, open a tea shop will become a very good choice. After all, the main business of milk tea are young people, college students occupy a very large proportion. The college students are operating together, no doubt with consumers can have more common language, so that the tea shop business is more prosperous.

Beware of some small entrepreneurial trap

we come together to see what kind of entrepreneurial venture is what kind of entrepreneurial instructions, some entrepreneurial skills and calm state of mind is very important.

Third, the expansion of market scale. In fact, he did not buy the product, they use some simple and more theoretical approach to market and benefit immensely exaggerated tell you, by you step by step to trap.

Fourth, some businesses, discount, interest return high Guazaizuibian, exaggerated financial returns and analysis, for the purpose of defrauding join gold, gold deposit, interest, and money to escape him, then to make only superficial changes.

fifth, comprehensive advertising and marketing support, so that the investment is more confusing, casual is certain television brand list, is introduced in which newspapers and magazines, and in fact is in the CCTV "junk" time broadcast several times or put an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, and then huckstered list, is introduced, with something to prove, the applicants should clearly understand the so-called support.

in understanding above some attention, even if you are no entrepreneurial experience of entrepreneurs, you don’t have to worry about the future expansion of the business risk, as long as the peace of mind, I believe you will succeed.

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