Welcome to Ma’anshan in Anhui

with the continuous progress of science and technology, our lives there have been a lot of intelligent products, especially the advent of robots, for our lives to provide more convenient and efficient. In November 1st, the reporter from the Ma’anshan Municipal Science and Technology Association was informed, organized by the Ma’anshan Municipal Association, Municipal Education Bureau and the municipal Party committee, Ma’anshan City Youth robot contest 2016 science and Technology Museum organized will be held in the city of science and Technology Museum in November 20th. At present, the competition is hot registration, registration deadline is November 11th.

it is understood that the game will be divided into primary school group, junior high school and senior high school groups in 3 groups, including the FLL engineering challenge, skill games, game (only subject task group and primary school junior high school group), children’s creative game (only a group of primary school), race, cross-country race comprehensive tracking robot Indiana Jones and a total of 7 sports events. Each competition will be divided into one or two groups according to the group, such as the three prize, if the team will be less than 3 teams as the show, only for the first prize award. In addition, for the winning team coaches, will be awarded the "excellent instructor" title, according to the number of teams participating in the competition and results, will also set up a number of outstanding organizational units.

watch the robot contest in Anhui, Ma’anshan welcomes you, please remember the specific viewing time, do not miss oh! It is reported that the robot for the popularization of science and technology, to encourage more young people to robot enthusiasts in the electronic information, automatic control and other high-tech fields of study, exploration, research and practice, stimulate their interest in science, Ma’anshan has been for many years to carry out the city’s primary and secondary school students in robot competitions, while the construction of the robot laboratory as an important content the education information construction. Through many years of training and competition, the students’ ability to carry out the work, the ability of the brain and the application of multi-disciplinary comprehensive knowledge is better.

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Henan Province, a total of 90 thousand and 700 people participated in entrepreneurship training

for many entrepreneurs, held in social entrepreneurship training for people’s entrepreneurial activity is very helpful, since this year, Henan province has organized nearly 100 thousand people participated in a series of entrepreneurship training.

to give relief, Small and micro businesses in March this year, Henan Province issued the "notice" issues related to the adjustment of the rate of unemployment insurance, the unemployment insurance rate from 3% to 2%, the year can be reduced Small and micro businesses pay unemployment insurance premium 243 million yuan. At the same time, human society, finance and other departments to increase efforts to support entrepreneurship loans, the first half of the province’s new issuing small loans 5 billion 460 million yuan, to help 76 thousand people to achieve business, of which 3600 college students venture issued loans to 310 million yuan. In strengthening the entrepreneurial support for college students, the provincial financial arrangements for 30 million yuan each year, special funds for the project through the review of each college students to give $20 thousand to $150 thousand free funding.


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Leclaire good brand women’s quality of life in the investment good choice

comes good nick brand good? In our life, has always been a very advantageous choice. Good brand comes to join in the project, an open their own good brand stores in Leclaire, is a very wise choice!

company "LARCHY" brand, adhere to the combination of self, to join the market strategy, has been in the China, establish self owned stores, nearly 200 stores scale, brand influence further personalized fashion consumption territory, the achievements of the" LARCHY" industry; extraordinary influence, by fashionable women, have very high visibility and reputation.

"LARCHY" market performance excellence, the company benefited from strong company and the United Kingdom, France and Italy and Hongkong, a number of professional design consulting company long-term cooperation, adhering to the" LARCHY" European design style and the idea of the original, and together with the professional design team to Japan, South Korea, clever fusion of Oriental traditional the clothing culture, the protection of the "LARCHY" brand to consumer driven design; from first to last mission.

company has a production base is located in Guangzhou Panyu District Shiji Town, covers an area of 10000 square meters, with the world’s leading TPS mode of production, the annual output of 1 million pieces.


comes good nick brand? High quality women’s choice of joining the project, shop is earned! If you comes to join Nick brand women’s good project, is also very interested, right up to my advice!

How to run a good breakfast franchise

for more business novice, compared to independent entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to join the advantages of self-evident, nowadays, more and more people start to join the project, so if you join a breakfast shop what are the main items? Especially in the competition is so fierce, the viewer is not aware of the risk may be facing failure. Features early franchise business from the following considerations:

features to join the operation of the site should be located in large residential areas or large traffic flow.

breakfast choice must be convenient and quick, do not take up a lot of time to eat, because most of the people who eat breakfast outside the busy time to go to work. The selected varieties suited to local tastes and eating habits of the varieties, such as steamed buns, Steamed Buns and Soybean Milk, or Deep-Fried Dough Sticks scones, plus Soybean Milk, facet, and other common traditional Rice noodles for breakfast food is a good choice.

most people go to work with breakfast, so be prepared for a special lunch boxes and plastic bags.

if you do not open a shop, you can also choose breakfast car business, in the morning in some office buildings near the door or cell, or bus station operators, but also a good income.

at the moment, the city’s breakfast industry booming, but many places in the countryside, the breakfast industry is still a blank, a lot of thousands of people can not find an administrative village of a breakfast shop, so you can also consider a breakfast shop in rural areas.

Ping Bo bun "," crispy Steamed Buns "," Steamed Buns Laojiao "are the characteristics of the breakfast food. In addition, noodles, rice noodles, rice noodles, tea, etc. can also be selected according to the local consumer eating habits. Tip: venture risk, the project should be carefully compared to the investigation, beware of Deception (


features early join the need to pay attention to the problem:

1, although the breakfast market is great, but the health of the breakfast has been a problem, especially some snack stalls. Therefore, operating breakfast must pay attention to health. Hygiene includes food hygiene and personal hygiene of the operators. Personal dress should be neat and clean, the store (dining car) must be clean and tidy, no oil, tableware must be cleaned and disinfected, to be placed neatly, take the money’s hands do not go directly to food…… Good food hygiene habits.

2, seven or eight in the morning, the breakfast shop business is the most exciting time. So be prepared in advance to avoid confusion. Breakfast shop is a recognized investment in small business projects, but this small business investment, but it is a huge wealth. Tip: venture risk, the project should be carefully compared to the investigation, beware of Deception (


such as

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How much is enough to open a dry cleaning shop

laundry market fiery, many people want to open dry cleaning franchise stores, but do not know whether their money is sufficient. How much is enough to open a dry cleaning shop? This is a lot of people have questions, today Xiaobian take you to see how much money you need to open a dry cleaning shop.

is dry in this industry due to the needs of the people will, but with the continuous development of society, more and more demand is also changing, many people also saw the opportunity to invest in a dry cleaners, but a question investors encounter that dry cleaners cost? How much is enough to open a dry cleaning shop? Because only know the cost of investment, investors can make investment scheme better facilitate better management on dry cleaners. How much money can open dry cleaning franchise?


Witters laundry to join the group will develop different investment schemes according to each franchisee’s own situation, investors can also have their own ideas, adjust the equipment needed at will, in general, the headquarters will make greater efforts to develop a suitable scheme for investors investors, allowing investors to open a successful dry cleaners are Witters laundry all wish.

How much money can open


Young is the capital, 9 gold money strongly recommend

young will continue to struggle, the old will not suffer, so we have heard, well, it’s true, here is the small series is strongly recommended to young entrepreneurial projects, these projects can earn a lot of money? Here is to tell you to do for young people to do the project, 9 money ideas recommended, as long as you can find a money idea, then you are not far from the road to wealth. 9 money ideas recommend, we look at, what are they!

yourself?? it is an attractive feature of

One of the fashionable

for each adventurous man to conquer fear is one of the greatest harvest. Rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountain climbing…… One after another extreme sports is that they express themselves, to show their own another stage. Suitable for young people to do the project, every time to reach the apex, the kind of self pleasure is an unforgettable pleasure, after the game to get the courage of the certificate is a kind of man’s proof. Extreme sports like Wang Shuo’s novel "play is the heartbeat," the same man in the majority of the market.

man to give up the pursuit of high-grade never, even if do not understand, but also with the next >

What are the methods of nail shops

is there anything that can be more beautiful than women? The woman even his nails were not spared, in recent years, Manicure market is in constant development, a lot of people are well paid in the Manicure market, there are more and more people want to join the market, are you a member of them? But do you know how to run a qualified nail shop? Here to talk to you about the skills.

has good language skills

language is the mutual coordination and public relations ability, mainly refers to how employees skillful application of language ability and customer communication is increasing, psychological tactics, understanding, establish good relationship with customers, make full sense of trust, thus shaping the personal charm and beauty salons charm, attract tourists. In the interview, you can do a little test, to provide customers with their own, to test the candidate’s tongue, such as how to calm and soothe the language to the customer’s anxiety, or how to express by language, the concept of recommended products and services.

has a professional nail technology

nail shop is still mainly rely on technology to enhance the source of nail shop, surface Kung Fu do better, but also less than the technical ability to come true, come directly, but also to promote economic efficiency. Therefore, in the recruitment, it is necessary to the actual assessment of the candidate’s specialized knowledge and skills, and this is the main criteria for assessment. Specialized knowledge and skills including technical ability (specifically professional techniques), the Manicure industry awareness, professional knowledge and marketing knowledge etc.. This standard basically represents the personal quality and ability of staff performance, their past industry experience, but also the starting point for future work, to a large extent determines the direction of development of personal ability and to a certain extent affect the performance level of Manicure stores.

humble service attitude

nail industry is a typical service industry, so the service attitude is good, modest and courteous staff widely welcomed by customers, but also the main object of recruitment of nail shop owner. This requires employees to have an elegant service attitude and a certain amount of personal cultivation, attitude and humility, gentle and tender personality, to treat customers in good faith, really do smile service. These employees should have at least six months to one year of work experience, often in the use of polite language, such as you, please, I’m sorry, understand the flexibility and communication skills. Moreover, they can clarify the life and work of the target, looking forward to the future, with the ideal, good professional due diligence, respect for their own occupation, occupation morality, so, to hold the ground to carry out the work to complete the spirit of dedication, dedicated service.

nail in the contemporary is so popular, is also a very popular recommendation

Ten thousand yuan can do what business to earn a snack business.

has only ten thousand yuan on hand to do business? Many friends think about this problem more than once. So, ten thousand yuan can do business? For friends with limited funds, how to choose entrepreneurship projects? Small series for you to analyze the suction gold project.

ten thousand yuan can do what business? Snack bar. If you are confident about your performance in the kitchen, you might as well start a special snack bar in downtown. Only hire a waiter, plus rent, buy Cookware, required liquidity and other costs, the investment can be controlled in the yuan. Your snack bar to operate the daily meal, you two hats is the boss and chef, small profits for business purposes, services to workers, students and migrant population, mode of operation for breakfast, snack food, operating varieties with local characteristics, focusing on coarse grain practice. So, your average daily operating income will be more than 150 yuan, remove all kinds of costs, daily net income is also in the range of 40 –   between $50.

ten thousand yuan can do what business? If you have only ten thousand yuan, may wish to open a snack bar, a $ten thousand fund enough. Of course, if you want to make your snack business more prosperous, it is necessary to cook a lot of effort.


On behalf of the driving force to join you to find a good project to make money

generation driving hot demand, a lot of friends want to join the project on behalf of driving, this idea is good. On behalf of the drive to join it? Many people have doubts, to find a good project, on behalf of the driver is still very reliable. So what are the generation of driving on behalf of the project? Let’s take a look.

quickstone drive was established in 2011, belongs to Shanghai quickstone Cci Capital Ltd, through mobile Internet technology to improve the traditional driving on behalf of the service industry leader. Now, through the generation of mobile phones on behalf of the application, you can launch on behalf of the driving needs, in the distance from the last 5 generations of driving master choose to provide you on behalf of the driving service.

drive to join reliable? On behalf of the driving service has the following advantages:

1, 39 yuan (including within 10 km) of the ultra low generation driving start-up costs, saving the cost of customer use;

2, far more than the traditional generation of driving speed,   an average of 7 minutes to reach the maximum reduction in customer waiting time;

3, the perfect driver recruitment process, drivers must be greater than 5 years, and must through written examination, interview, training, test etc. the strict test, to ensure that the driver’s professional skills;

4, the first generation of the generation of driving liability insurance, once the reason for the generation of driving the driver of the accident occurred, Kai on behalf of the drive will be a tube in the end, to ensure that the interests of customers from loss.

generation driving is a kind of trust, is a kind of trust, kaitone is committed to driving on behalf of every customer to provide more high-quality, comprehensive service on behalf of driving a car, so that users can rest assured entertainment, comfortable home, let the generation of driving become a way of life, let more user experience department technology upgrade brings convenient life.

drive to join reliable? Now on behalf of the demand for more and more fire on behalf of driving is also a very good choice to join. If you are going to do a small business, you can consider looking for a generation to join the project. On behalf of the drive to join the low threshold, good market prospects, look forward to your participation!