What are the key factors to open clothing store location

open clothing store generally choose those positions? In addition to the super business, many operators like to talk about their own shops arranged in the roadside. Clothing store location should be taken seriously, if you want to make a profit, then you should do more homework, Xiaobian share a few suggestions, I hope to help you.

location to note, in fact many friends all know, is that there must be considerable traffic, such as the Beijing Xidan North Street, passenger Wang, good enough, businesses became a hotly contested spot. That is not enough passenger flow on the line, nor is it. In some regions, such as Beijing’s CBD, a lot of people, but on the scarcity of resources, high rents, and through the local passenger for employees and as a courier company salesman, to provide services for commuters restaurant takeout etc., or they have no time to go around, or do not have enough capacity to pay, resulting in operating in this kind of area businesses operating difficulties.

1, select the floor to do the clothing business, the first step is to choose the most popular shopping district;

2, secondly, to make the correct positioning of their own brands and products;

3, third, to the value of the business sector to make a breakdown, to see if these potential consumers are the future buyers of their own products;

4, fourth, pay attention to rent.


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Thunder boss killed in a car crash NBA thunder boss killed in a car accident

, according to U.S. media reports, the thunder boss of · Alberi aged 56; McClendon died in a car accident. McClendon had personally directed the thunder (formerly supersonic) moved out of Seattle, moved to oklahoma. In the day before the crash, McClendon was also indicted by the federal court. Justice Department spokesman Arberg (Mark  Abueg) refused to respond to the impact of the death of Mr. McClendon on the case.

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How to open a successful home textile stores

many novice entrepreneurs are joining the troubled textile skills, in the textile industry, which actually contains a number of rich business opportunities and prospects are also considerable, but as a beginner, you still have to grasp the core skills, so as not to when the first contact of the textile industry to confound, missed and wealth, the following Xiaobian a look at it!

1, how to choose a home textile products

first textile shop you know what you want to be a consumer business, they usually buy home textile products can determine how much money the products prices also need to know the price of consumer groups have much to bring the number of sales and profits for you.

are you sure you want to do, then you should know what kind of love the consumer products, the questionnaire of products you can make a picture of Zhang Jiandan, print two hundred or three hundred copies, by friends, relatives and classmates feasible target consumer survey confirm that you want to do business, so you can be to minimize the risk of investment.

2, how to choose a suitable home textile stores to join the brand

We usually go to buy

textile products used to look at the color pattern, then look at the textile shop price, material, processing, packaging, so you have to choose the products, after the Company re choose the brand, service, product sales is relatively more complete. Choose home textile stores brand as far as possible to choose the product more than the whole, at least bedding and curtains to support, brand awareness in the local high, the price can meet the consumer groups you set. Franchise stores generally have a considerable part of the experience for reference, and have a model shop.

3, home textile stores how to choose the best store

independent facade

independent stores can make textile franchisees have independent advertising space in front of the store, the franchisee can make certain publicity through their own thoughts and experiences, can play a small role in promotion activities.

shop around purchasing power

joined the textile franchise brand, of course is to have sales, profits, this time around the store purchasing power is very important, given the franchisee’s advice is to choose the shop before, must have certain understanding to the store around the purchasing power, for example: if you do is high-end consumer products the brand, and the choice of the locations of consumers have around love buy cheap products, sales certainly does not come up.

store traffic

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What are the advantages of joining sea and air barbecue

What is the

on the food and beverage industry in the world hot snack industry? What can rely on market demand as soon as possible to build up the family fortunes? Xiao Bian think it must be barbecue. Barbecue catering style has become one of the majority of consumers love the way of cooking, barbecue flavor seasoning and different flavors of tempt the appetite of people, plus numerous baked food can be inexhaustible, the barbecue market unusually hot today! Here we recommend

and barbecue

sea and air barbecue is highly performing, often surrounded by diners around the circle, etc., and some diners can not help but want to do it yourself. More and more people naturally gathered, business, of course, hot every day. Selected from Xinjiang, Turpan, a variety of flavors baked, in addition to the common cumin, spicy, but also has a variety of sauces and sauces are not available on the market. Sea, air and barbecue from the nomadic ethnic groups of Mongolia curing methods, unique mellow. Increase the focus of the product, fragrant, tender, cool features, can greatly maintain the moisture of the chicken wings, do not shrink, baked paste, greatly improve the yield. Nutrition and health, and girls will not eat fat. From the African barbecue techniques, both fat dissolved, and will penetrate into the meat chicken seasoning, add tender taste.

join the sea and air barbecue what are the advantages, as follows:

1. air and sea barbecue has a variety of different tastes of snacks, young and old, in the time to eat, enjoy the history, taste fashion.

2. free agent, free training, package teaching package, equipment configuration, functional, no experience, immediately opened!

3. whether in shopping malls, supermarkets, bustling streets, night markets, tourist spots, schools and other places, sea and air barbecue can operate anywhere.

4. production process standardization, professional production equipment easy to operate, health, fast. Combat teaching, 100 percent control.

5. joined the sea and air barbecue, no experience, just a few thousand dollars on the cost of a variety of flavors of snacks, every good business, steady money.

6. sea and air barbecue on the basis of maintaining the original flavor snacks, continue to bring forth new ideas, so that good taste fresh constantly.

7. sea and air barbecue is a specialty food, rich variety, taste is not expensive, is now selling.

open sea and air barbecue shop is a good choice for entrepreneurship, popular food business to join the sea and air from the barbecue began. If you are interested in this brand, please leave a message below our website.

How to get a good profit spicy hot shop

small set up near the residence opened a new hot shop, the decoration is very fashionable, the environment is good, the product taste is also very good, very popular with fashion consumers, store business is very good. How to open a spicy hot shop? What skills do you need to be able to get a good business? Beginners do need to learn something.


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Yichun County, Fengxin, GYB entrepreneurship training into the township

is now in some rural areas, many farmers have a positive entrepreneurial idea, but no way and ability to implement a business idea that, at this time, requires the local government to solve this dilemma.

summer, can not resist Yang Shan 48 villagers to experience the joy of entrepreneurship training. Recently, the Fengxin Provincial Bureau of employment GYB entrepreneurial training courses sent to the township, ten administrative villages, the villagers took part in the training class of the 48 in Jiangxi.


"to know that we go to town is not easy, thanks to the Employment Bureau can come to our free training, and get the teacher’s guidance at home will be able to learn these before the reach of entrepreneurial knowledge, really let me have entrepreneurial impulse! We Xiyuan village chicken is quite distinctive, I intend to go in this direction to finish my business ideas." The villagers Xiao Zhuang Xiang Xi Yuan Cun Le Zizi said the author.

the training of 48 trainees after training all qualified examination and obtained the national recognition of the "GYB" after the training certificate, can apply for the county small secured loans, and enjoy the relevant preferential policies.


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2014 good business projects large collection

want to earn the first pot of gold in 2014, friends, we must always pay attention to 2014 entrepreneurial projects. Today, investment advisers will bring you a few good projects 2014 entrepreneurship, if you are interested, may wish to take a look at it!

2014 venture project: good wild herbs planting

2014 venture good project: Jigsaw store

for nowadays a lot of people in pursuit of both personality and can bring fun leisure, can open a can make consumers for entertainment, but also can decorate the Home Furnishing gift shop, puzzle. Shopping malls in the large shopping center rent more than and 10 square meters of shops, plus decoration, personnel wages and cost of goods, the initial investment of about $50 thousand. It is worth noting that, at the time of purchase should pay attention to control the quantity, choose the varieties, each variety to purchase less quantity, to pull the consumption level, different levels to meet customer requirements.

2014 venture project: good />

2014 venture project:

2014 venture project: />

Teach you how to do a good job of clothing display

for clothing store investors, in order to break out of the market, we must pay attention to all aspects of the clothing store, including clothing display. There are a lot of people do not pay too much attention to the clothing display, in fact, ignore its invisible sales force. Do you want to know how to dress up? Xiaobian teach you.

1, contrast color matching. Is that cool color contrast to warm, like: Green wear red clothes, wear blue yellow clothes, placed in a pole, can not let the warm and cool colors each accounted for 50%, the best is the ratio of about 3:7 more appropriate, with pay attention to warm and cold colors.

2, uniform color collocation. Uniform color of the clothes together will give people a very comfortable feeling, pay attention to the unity of the color system with the same style, the same is not put together, so as not to feel like a warehouse.

3, rational use of living area. The so-called living area is facing the direction of the flow of people most likely to see the first area, otherwise the dead zone. To push their own style in the main living area, the other style on the dead zone, which can greatly promote sales.

4, the number of models to control. Some operators believe the model more easily showing effect on many models in their own shops, but will have the opposite effect, make people feel some of this brand of "water", the so-called "rare", the best wear styles in the model has the best effect.

5, the rational use of live models". Shopping guide is a live model of clothing, which style they wear will sell what style, which is a good way to reduce inventory.

6, time to be in place. To understand who is every day to buy clothes, to dress as an example, on Monday, two or three, four are full-time wife, so you can put some fashionable and unique style, the high price of clothes in the living area and put the model on. On Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday, most of the people who go to shops are women who work at ordinary times. It is best to hang the clothes in the living area and the model.

7, store display to have a sense of rhythm. Do not put the color system is too rigid, the left side of the store is the right side of the cool color is too uncoordinated, warm and warm with a sense of rhythm.


Tianjin to build Chinese vitality of innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tianjin has always adhere to the development road of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovative achievements have emerged, on the occasion of double era, through the reform policy Dongfeng, let Tianjin innovation and entrepreneurship development stepped on a new stage.

"12th Five-Year" period, Tianjin accelerate the transformation of economic development, actively adapt to the new norm, economy and society to achieve sustainable and healthy development. 2015 Tianjin GDP reached 16538 billion yuan, an increase of 1.8 in 2010, an average annual growth of 12.4%, per capita GDP of more than $17 thousand.

significantly enhance the comprehensive strength in the background, Tianjin continue to promote technological innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, the economic structure optimization significantly: approved the construction of the Tianjin National Innovation Demonstration Zone, an area of twenty-one yuan of pattern formation; launch intelligent robots, new energy vehicles and a number of major science and technology projects, the development of a milky way no, nebulae and a number of international leading technology products, build industrial technology research institute of biology and a number of innovative platform; small and medium-sized enterprise vigorous development, the total reached 7.2 million, nurturing small giant enterprises 3400; a number of large projects, large spacecraft mass transmission project be completed and put into operation; escalation effective Wanqi 1.2 enterprises successful transition…… Independent innovation bears fruit and has achieved good social and economic benefits.

to enhance the innovation ability as the motive force of the development of Tianjin city base, gathering resources for innovation, improve the innovation system, accelerate energy conversion, and resolutely to innovation development, to power, to benefit, to build a vibrant and strong competitiveness of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Day honey chicken snack food catering secret agent

China snack market brand characteristics are many, for example what Hong Kong style snacks snacks desktop, what Japan and South Korea, today is to recommend a good Korean snack delicacy project — honey Peru chicken snacks.

Korean snack has high popularity in the domestic food market, the emergence of honey Peru chicken brought high delicacy to enjoy authentic Korean snacks, there are broad prospects, choose honey Peru chicken snacks to join, to keep the meat chicken more tasty, delicious taste, delicacy is more conducive to digestion and absorption, nutrition health.

honey Peru chicken snacks from Korea delicacy snack brand, dedicated to domestic consumers to experience pure Korean delicacy, honey sweet and sour sauce attractive, fruity refreshing, crisp juicy chicken oil good quality, delicious, crisp and tender have excellent taste! Honey chicken secret exclusive secret sauce, honey by sauce, spicy sauce, sweet and sour sauce, lemon juice, sauce VC West Orange Sauce five flavor mixture. Honey Peru chicken snack crisp Golden Chicken paste appearance, inside lock succulent fresh, not dry, crisp and tender taste, attractive and rare.

days of food and beverage honey chicken to join the secret agent

honey chicken snacks headquarters after a long period of research and development, the production process will be simplified, simple and easy to operate. For investors, the ease of operation, the ratio of return on investment as well as the headquarters of the project to support the policy, the impact of investment is the choice of investment projects. Honey chicken chicken snacks headquarters launched standardized operating procedures, so that investors can not be experienced in the headquarters of the unified training, access to growth, to achieve the level of independent operation.

to join the honey secret chicken snacks do not have to worry about the problem of equipment, the headquarters of the special equipment for the production of a variety of food easy to make; provide special powder bag, sauce bag, no two ingredients. That is put into use, simple operation. Three to five days standardized intensive training, learned so far, the package will be teaching package. Everything is simple, allows you to easily make money.