You need three hearts to do the website

a website is like a child of its own, growing day by day, day by day, and a little bit of accumulation on the top,.

at the same time, a good site can bring you a lot of benefits, bring you advertising fees, naming, and even bring the development and expansion of enterprises, so the website needs three hearts

1. careful

to view the site each connection, even if the existence of death, this article held that article. That article in the buckle to the users and search engines are a friendly attitude. Usually careful check by others or hang horse, flow, check the flow of the site is from what you came here. With his growing up, watching him grow up, I believe that your interests will increase

2. determined to

it’s important for a station owner. You can’t give him a day without your kids. Do not accompany him to play a day, then others will slowly think he is nobody’s child, search engine once, you still like this. You haven’t moved for the two time. You said he would come third times? He should be determined to maintain 3-5 original articles a week to enrich the content of his site. Let users get more useful things here, reduce the jumping rate

3 ordinary heart

After all, Baidu

is not my mother, Google is not my brother, so this is the rank size change can hardly be avoided, so we must have a common heart, do not do content for a station, garbage flows, you stand there will always be a good ranking

I’m from Monday peak, I hope everyone respects originality. Thank you

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The broken things of the stationmaster Zhang Baiwan

also do not know how to understand the webmaster network, that is, after graduating from high school last year, on a few days broke college, go home and quit, at home to spend money to study the plane and three-dimensional production. Maybe I was a restless person, in the first half of every day online learning which went to Internet cafes to collect inside the website in aspects of the article, after copied to the U disk, second days to learn the local computer on the plane, because there is no way to access the Internet in the plane where the computer learning at the beginning of the search, the most is to make money and personal webmaster webmaster, now I know that I collected mostly from stationmaster net out, because for a long time, he borrowed 50 dollars from my sister, she also said after the first half of 100, because the webmaster articles every day to earn money this is what I want to do, feel a lifetime career. Spend 45 dollars to buy a space, gave a name, I want a good long time to think of to apply for a domain, it began a metamorphosis, or ready to do porn website, then download the program and Baidu Post Bar Post Bar Peggy is the same, because there was no computer myself only to the Internet bar go online to copy the contents, the methods of publicity now think it is very funny, is to Baidu Post Bar to send, in order to sell the station, is crazy about buying and selling to Baidu Post Bar sites, said this abnormal me let Google acquisition of 20 million, which was later a man to buy this domain I said to do porn station, said to me 200, I said to the 400, he said, let him think about it, then there will be no more. After that, because the site has no popularity, never more than 100, there will be no how to manage. One of my old classmates said, call my station to play with him, I will put the management password and account number to him, because he won’t play, all of a sudden my data to delete, no, that sad ah. Later, in order to get a friend a web site, is given to him, and use this space, that metamorphosis of the domain name has also been useless.

study is in half a year later, after the Spring Festival this year, came out to find a job, do the two do not add up to a ten day, did not work, you must do a lot of things, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. till, also no money, 500 dollars also, I thought it is better to go home to sleep! Just after the family bought the computer at home, is because of the computer that I really fell in love with the stationmaster net, because will also look at several times every day to learn about, have now or so. Do a website of our county during the period, I hope to do local portal, is really funny now in retrospect, may want a few days to see a netizen reply as: do local station three years development, the name of the site several times, also did not get data a few times, want to start well, not now, but I still did not give up the domain name, a domain name after all about is very rare, and that is one of my dream, I am not sure I can. "

Ways to enhance the popularity of subject resource websites

many webmasters choose what they have learned or are interested in, and set up resources like websites. The website of subject resource is the most practical website for users, but because of the influence of some subjects, the website atmosphere is not ideal enough. How in the specialty, the knowledge strong situation, strives for more users, lets the website atmosphere enliven, I discuss some superficial understanding:

1, site resources to enrich

in many cases, for some subjects, the same website how to make your own website innumerable, rise above the common herd recognized by the users, enrich the resources is the first?. You have to make sure you have absolute advantages in the amount of resources that you can win;

2, site resources to fine, distinguish between hierarchical


website has enough resources and quality standards. It is very important to ensure the originality and authority of the website resources. Secondly, we should also pay attention to distinguish the level of the website resources, and recommend the resources for the comparison.

3, use website resource itself to popularize website

this point, presumably every webmaster should know. For example, a WORD document data, we can in its header and footer to make their own advertising language. Of course, the better the details, the better. After downloading the resources, users may propagate the website two times through the resource itself, which may affect more people;

4, pay attention to the unity of knowledge and interest

discipline resource website often pays attention to the construction of professional resources, but often ignores the interest of the website. This is not easy to form user interaction, users often take the information to leave, and rarely can stay to communicate seriously. Suggest stationmaster in doing sufficient resource at the same time, can highlight the interest of the website. For example, can be added on the subject of professional online video, appropriate to add some entertainment projects, but also not excessive focus on entertainment, so will only distract attention, distracting;

5, pay more attention to subject news

some owners may not be aware of discipline news, in fact it is a very big role: it can let the webmaster first time to grasp the pulse, the latest web content material for the website, website to increase the user’s interest in reading, you can look at the specific before Shao Gui Hu wrote "informed traders survival: webmaster from today’s news", here no longer;

6, timely enable closed invitation to register

invites registration to be appropriate after a certain period of time. When site users and resources reach a certain base, choose to invite registration. This will deepen the user’s impression of the site. Of course, inviting registration is just a strategy. It needs the webmaster to grasp the opportunity.

7, scientific and rational application of integral system

many subject resource sites

Since the media talent necessary 10 skills, positioning pain point, build your product

we all know that two years of hot "from the media", there have been like: Luo thinking, Wu Xiaobo channel, so that the marketing circle boiling case, the valuation of some reached $100 million. In the concept of many people, from the media is the WeChat public number, WeChat public number is from the media.

in 2015 from the media is still hot, and show the form is more diverse, now most people are using the WeChat platform for public subscription number, as well as the video from the media, since the channel plan Youku 10 billion promotion; audio media such as Himalaya, Lai, dragonflies FM All flowers bloom together.

so, how do you choose so many platforms,


this needs to be based on your own situation and expertise to choose a location, the media platform is just a content dissemination channels, the most important thing is that your content can bring value to others.

many users often ask me how to start from the media, I summarized here 10 kinds of necessary skills from the media, to share with you.

one, positioning: we need more aspects, different angles to locate customers, so my understanding is mainly the following 5 kinds of positioning:

1, positioning yourself: find your own field, and be proficient in this field. Mainly three points:

1.1, who am I,


1.2, what advantages do I have,


1.3, what value can I provide to others?

must first understand his strengths, delve into a field, become a model in the field, and become an expert figure. Do not think big and complete, proficient in what you have to do in the field, and whether you do that field, must be to do their own favorite, interested, because only you like you can do further.

remember to be an area where time becomes friends, that is to say, this thing will become more and more interesting as time goes on.

2, locate customers: select target customers

you need to know your customers is that kind of people, you ultimately want to service who are students, parents, workers, men and women, or service enterprises, or is the boss, you need to find out who your target audience is, once you have determined the customer groups, you can according to their life experience, personality and occupation screened the most refined for customers, you’d better get accurate customers as a characteristic.

3, locate the pain point: find the customer’s problem

know who your customer is, you have to find ways to find out what hurts them. You have to study your customers, find their needs, and provide them with solutions or products.

there are many ways to understand your customers’ pain, and here I share some of my equations for mining customer demand. This equation includes 4

The real experiences and causes of Baidu K station

first is to say my website, Shenyang tourism network,, Shenyang tourism consulting website, has now been ruthless Baidu all K off!

!That is why

is K off, before a station is regular (or day) to received some news or information, because this update, before each update N message! The station was drop right, the station did not say, do not care no, that is to find their own information affected Baidu’s information! That is station with others own station of the same name, his early and are out of the K


No. 4.11, it is found that the flow down a lot, I would not be so, less than half, in the Baidu to see the result did not leave, sure 100% is the reason, so please pay attention to other webmaster, do not copy the Baidu news, Post Bar, to know, to avoid conflict with Baidu when will you the station is K off, but K or Google, Yahoo are normally included, now Baidu acquisition information also bold


, it is important to make Baidu original content, such as if the station information copying is not going to go inside to find Baidu, such as: Google, Yahoo can also find a lesson! Understand a truth


Wei Wei what kind of community is easy to fail

met with keso at a conference in Xiamen, and I asked a question whether the style of a community was determined by the operator or the user, and I had an answer: the operator. Keso, however, is biased towards being a user. Later, I issued this question on micro-blog, an answer has been recognized by keso: the style of operation determines the first batch of users, the first batch of users laid the community style.

there’s some truth to the answer, but I always feel the need to nag. A community style, the first group of users is very important, but it is entirely possible for the first batch of users, this community will no longer be able to get up.

One thing

should be wary of is that the community has become a "IT community."". Though I was removed from the IT ring, but I know that the topic of IT (in addition to Apple’s new mobile phone released such big events), most of the topic is very small, there are too many seemingly IT industry practitioners after work is not interested to discuss this matter. And usually do community of people from the Internet, some contacts in the circle (or know a so-called Montana circle), leading the group of friends into a community, it is perfectly possible to make a vertical field of IT community. Unless you start going to do this, otherwise this road is a crooked road.

‘s first batch of users is also very picky users, will make a lot of suggestions. As operators, it is worth noting that they ignore their suggestions. More importantly, how to ignore them without hurting their feelings. Although the online community usually means free services, it is ultimately a commercial product. And no product can "endlessly" meet user needs.

this has touched on the light and the details. I’ve always been rather vague about the phrase "the devil in the details.". The devil is actually heavy. The first user’s attention to detail sometimes misleads the operator and achieves perfection and perfection in a matter that doesn’t matter much. It only consumes a small amount of resources from a small start-up team.


successfully crossed the initial stage, after the community of users to the second and third batch, how to maintain and strengthen their own style? Keso has a good view: the bean products as operators to do the operation, while Sina micro-blog as a product to do. This means that watercress by pushing different products to defend and develop their own style. Watercress north, the so-called "watercress does not operate" behind, in fact, this means. But Sina micro-blog does not push more heavyweight products, but through operations (such as topic discussion, important user recommendations, delete posts, etc.) to strengthen their style. As can be seen, watercress is a technical thinking, sina is prone to human control – although the UGC community, but the two companies a big, small, decided what path they should adopt.


ItBuLu do not let the soft lost

just saw an article in stationmaster net, write still more real. The main content is directed at the current type of soft material to small webmaster adverse effects. Soft Wen, it should be said that the last two years more popular. In fact, we can look back, commercial advertising, show programs, media, gossip, editing, news, etc., are a kind of soft. As our webmaster publicity their website, propaganda, soft Wen mode is in two years popular. We can go to some webmaster websites, a large number of articles are mixed with the name of the site and web site. The contents are empty and similar, without the quality or direction.

the last year, I’m also learning the website optimization and operation aspects, as a hobby, so play, mainly or their own exploration. So some friends ask me which tutorials I see and where the tutorials are good. I’ll just tell him that the tutorials can look around, and don’t take it as a book or your own pattern. Even if the author of the article succeeds in such a pattern, you will not succeed if you copy it. Because the published model is too late. I remember the judge who won in China said that the model of success can not be copied, but the success of the bumpy road can be used as a reference.

in order to publicize their website, we have written a similar soft text. I think, the real soft Wen should comply with several points: first, originality. Some webmaster called him to do flow estimation is very fierce, update website also very hard, if call him whole literature, that is very difficult, so call them to promote the website, original content, are pseudo original. Soft Wen, it is best to write it out, even if the literary grace is not good, as long as their own real things, it is feasible. Second, do not just highlight product sites. Some people in the webmaster network published content is seen before, but the bottom of the site to promote their own.

do not let the soft lost. Especially the new entry webmaster, don’t think the article on the network is the book, is the road to success. You can put it plainly, and the mining gold is not exposed, and only dug clean, they will tell you, where there is gold, but you can only pick up a few stones.

do not let the soft lost. It is good to have courage to learn, there is no shortcut to learning, only by yourself, by their own real friends to teach experience, but also need to sum up their own, so that is their own.

PS: I like to see what I have seen on my own network. I have recorded it according to the thoughts of the site. It may not have the literary talent of flying, but these should be more authentic.

Author: ItBuLu, my blog: wants friends to communicate with me.

A5 marketing how accurate positioning of enterprise websites

positioning is the starting point of all product marketing. It is the root of whether the product can be accepted by the market. It has been mentioned in numerous books and cases and has been talked about by numerous experts and experts. However, the traditional enterprises can really put themselves into consideration, and the positioning of enterprise websites is very few. Enterprises in the online site, do marketing promotion, the ultimate goal is to achieve product sales, and the positioning of the site is the most critical. Error and bias website positioning, in an ambiguous state, will bring the entire marketing team to the wrong road, not only to confuse users, and even the marketing team will be confused, know that the funds and resources exhausted. To achieve precise positioning of city website, must analyze the industry, the target population, geographical coverage, such as the four major property management direction.

1: attributes of the product

enterprises, if they have the advantages of production and processing of some products, low-cost purchasing advantages and cooperative sales, can be listed as the focus of sales of these products. Analysis of the product’s style, appearance, the initial price can be accepted by customers, as well as similar products on the market price, function, quality, sales, to determine the product’s network sales price. Analysis of the profitability of a single product, the site’s monthly sales.

enterprise management and processing before any product, just want to build shopping mall to expand income on the market is selling products or hot industry analysis, do not choose popular industry, because nobody sold does not mean that no one saw this market. If the product determines the scope, the following is considered purchasing or agency, or cooperative sales.

two: crowd properties

determine product sales scope, target audience according to product function and purpose. According to men, women, students and other attributes division, in order to find the corresponding publicity media. Determine the property of the crowd, then come back to the market reference, determine the price range of the site sales products. However, the target population is not more widely as possible, to ensure that people continue to buy power, can support the development of website purchases on the basis of the detailed analysis to the crowd, in order to ensure the future promotion of a precise direction.

three: geographical attributes

e-commerce platform usually to achieve "monopoly" operation will be profitable, "here" "monopoly" refers to the brand influence monopoly. Relying on powerful web sites, the country has a shopping demand for Internet users to attract shopping mall, this process is undoubtedly relatively long. Enterprises should be based on marketing funds, logistics and distribution, to determine whether the site for the development of the country’s business, or for a regional operation. If the provinces or cities have strong purchasing power and consumption potential, city business to the regional mall proposal is based. Gradually expanding the scope of business sales. Narrow sales range, it is equivalent to publicity and reduce the difficulty of publicity.

four: business attributes

identifies the first three attributes and then makes sure they are bigger and larger

Do stand, need to persist in making money, only hope

to join the webmaster industry has been a year, and in the past days and nights, there have been sad, there have been joy. Sorrow comes from poor web performance and traffic ups and downs. Joy comes from countless efforts, finally admitted to the network, and have made considerable profits. And now all this seems to be nothing more than two words —- persistence.

many webmaster like complain, complain about why the big engine is not included in their web site, the engine is not included, it seems that the station can do the power of the station. But look at the website that this kind of stationmaster has, I believe to almost have collection and update not seasonable problem. Three days fishing, two days to bask in the net seems to be normal. What is more, today think this type of website popular, popular and profitable, it will fall to drill into, but the previous site could not operate well, then put the construction of a new website, you have the energy and power of


in fact, in the early days of the station, most people are the same, including myself. Because of the one sidedness and lack of personal knowledge, a person may not have huge data, and looking for their own website content on the Internet has become a lot and I like the webmaster in often do part-time. And this kind of search really takes a lot of energy and time, often boring industry knowledge, people read a few, then no mood to see. As a result, the update speed of the website can not keep up with, and their own psychology seems to pay attention to this point, the collector will begin to play his effectiveness. At one station, a collection of rules mining! Many webmaster is holding this attitude to the website operation, strictly speaking, to establish a high quality web site to make money, only this is not enough.

I have more than once advised all the webmaster to put down the collector in hand, at least to do, even if the acquisition, but also to change the title and the front one hundred or two hundred words. But in the present situation, some sites are almost gone and the collector cannot survive. For this situation, I can only feel very helpless, at the same time believe that the content of the collection will eventually be eliminated by the engine.

collection is a point, the site is a more important point is that web content updates, flat rate unsatisfactory. Many websites, you see today is, tomorrow to see this content not only highly with other stations, repeat similar, even the most basic as the site of the blood – content do not timely supplement, I think, this station will also fall in the wave of the Internet in the.

then the face of such a predicament, as a webmaster of you, how to do the first mentioned "stick"? In fact is not difficult at all, please listen to my suggestions to everyone, I hope everyone can learn and understand the truth, thank you.

1, from the first day of the station, it is clear that I want to do this station, and to do all engines included, have a good weight. If >

Answer new sites can not quickly profitable

website how profitable, is the first construction site, and then promotion, registered advertising alliance, alliance advertising profit. This is the way most websites make money. But such a process is usually long, because you get some new sites set up to promote traffic, which is already a long time, unless you can direct money in advertising in various sites at random. That way, from the flow of advertising profits, it is a long-term process. And many webmaster are in the process of walking, gradually give up. After all, now is not 04 years ago of the times, and now the site into one hundred thousand, and want to get traffic from this, itself is not easy.

if you follow this path, it’s almost impossible to make a quick profit. But our ultimate goal is to make profit, the flow of website promotion, the ultimate goal is only part of the profit. Without profit, the traffic has no real meaning. Before what, I have to follow a principle, the enemy can. Only when you fully analyze your present situation and the conditions you need to achieve your goals can you better utilize the limited resources to achieve the best results.

general website publicity way, summed up: paid advertising, search optimization, exchange / self-help links, message advertising (BBS post, QQ group and other instant information) and so on. Now let’s say something about these promotions.

1. paid advertising, you have to pay for advertising in exchange for traffic.

advantages: quick results, as long as you can afford to pay, in the big flow of site advertising, and then the introduction of traffic, persistence depends on your financial support.

disadvantage: the high cost of these, unless it can get more revenue from the site, we have to eat by advertising union needless to say.

2. search optimization: slow, the effect is great, because the search itself has a large flow of user base, as long as you can do the ranking up, the effect of traffic is amazing. And the persistence is high, unless you violate the rules of search after cheating, after all, you are eating by it.

disadvantages: slow, long, now do search rankings, included is a process not to wait for a short time, from the collection of new sites to be ranked, this process can be said to be long, of course, depending on different industries with different difficulty.

3. exchange / self-help link: this effect is general, unless you are those content more attractive site, or to introduce traffic from this, less.

disadvantages: the amount of engineering is not small, and the personal effects are common.

4. News advertisement: quick, usually you in a hot place, a short time into a relatively high flow, but generally such advertising, to remove the high probability of QQ, sending the message is the same, the effect is very short.

disadvantage: effect persistence > >