The new site can’t find home solutions

three. To write high quality articles, the author believe this is the weight > can write out

if a home site site in the search engine to the first page you can’t find it, it is very likely that the site is down right now but a lot of new sites often appear in this situation. The new station is not the same with the old railway station, this is not because the site is down right, but the weight of home page this is usually not enough. The emergence of new sites in Google.

two. The increase of the chain resources: new sites included in the can after is Links exchange with other sites, if you already have some websites that can be linked to each other. Have no resources, can also be used with the usual meeting site to exchange, which requires more friends is that friends this is the way the truth about every day. Also need new exchange, everyone is a new exchange difficulty also is not so big. It is not out of Nirvana, their own money to buy a few high quality of the chain. The chain has been an important means to increase the weights of the website. It must be in this effort.

I recently made a new station, Google two days included more than 600 pages, but could not find a home, love Shanghai included a front page, other pages are not included. From this phenomenon we can see that Google is included from the content page to the home page for the new station, first you have to study the contents of a lot of use to the user, before deciding whether to release the home page, in the sea is the first page you put out, and then slowly examine your content page, the page data before deciding whether to release your content page. But in general, whether in Shanghai or Google are love as a result of this phenomenon is not only the website weight, find the problem, here we share method to solve the problem.

. Change the chain link address: new sites just do it, when to attract spiders, in order to achieve the purpose of quick attract spider in the forum post, when blogs are often reproduced. Take the form of the website is some articles reproduced to other website. As we all know, if a post or a blog on the content can attract the attention of the spider, maximize your website speed. To do so, the search engine know your website is from your content page, because the hair of the chain of the net station is some high weight website. So in a short time content even if your home page will be included, may also be ranked in those websites below. Once the website included, then send in the chain, can’t write the address, even if is reproduced in the article The source also, to fill in your website address, can not fill in the content page address. The aim is to put the weight of the website from the content page transfer to the home page. This step is the earlier operation better, new station can achieve the purpose of not included a few chain, usually as long as we go to the website that sent the article link address to send a few articles to address into the home page link address.

To experience the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform mobile phone SMS reminder tool convenience

this morning, let me to experience the convenience of mobile phone short message reminder function, is on the train to work suddenly received a text message, open a look at the original love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform message reminder, the mobile phone SMS contents as shown below:

love Shanghai official Webmaster Platform released by < message reminder tools > the way of receiving mail, SMS, mobile phone log in directly to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform into view message reminder. According to the official introduction of perfect information, can be obtained through the above several website exception message reminder, but I received in the last message reminder in addition to direct mail login view and receive alerts when the mobile phone did not receive SMS alerts, then I am really a bit puzzled love difference Shanghai official is going to specially in the QQ group to discuss with you this time, we are saying that the instrument almost, just on the line soon, many places also need to continuously optimize the think it is.


if there is a webmaster friends especially novice webmaster do not know or have.

about love Shanghai Webmaster Platform message reminder tool release has been 1 years 4 months and 9 days, how many webmaster friends do not know real experience < in this year; message reminder tools > give us website abnormal reminding the benefits of regulation, but also did not see how many webmaster wrote receipt the message reminder for the original, just on the line near < message reminder tools > anyway, Yang Zi is Shanghai dragon experienced one, this was also wrote a related article titled "from the optimization of an industry website truly appreciate the Baidu message reminder tool action" on the article mainly talked about message reminder tool gives a website with abnormal supervision convenience, accuracy, if you are interested in any of the webmaster friends can search to see, in this I do not talk much, mainly for today To share mobile phone SMS message reminder tool < > convenience.


Yang Zi before the share of Shanghai dragon introduced first < message reminder tool > has an effect on the website which abnormal reminder, as shown below:

message reminder tools have been by binding directly to the mobile phone SMS notification abnormal information webmaster website, abnormal information monitoring website for the webmaster can the abnormal situation whenever and wherever possible, to timely treatment, improve the efficiency of adjusting website website optimization, website traffic to prevent loss.

pictured on the website of the message reminder tool 5 exception can remind the construction of 1. chain 2. abnormal abnormal content of the construction of 3. websites are sending spam marketing account information 4. website by various hackers grab spider 5. sites in abnormal. For the 5 problem is a simple website abnormal remind here, want to know more Webmaster Platform can enter the information channel, the mobile phone or get SMS receiving message reminder: site anomaly.

Case analysis find out the worst landing page

1, and no business related to the same source


because these items are some maintenance projects a long time ago, so far, there are a lot of problems in the site of the landing page, resulting in the visitor can not meet the needs of.

technical and usability problems users?

you to clear a little content, no matter what you are engaged in what industry site optimization, the final customer you have to face the user, so from the user’s perspective, what is the first landing page they want? Price? Focus on priority? Or focus on products to find potential language user display?:

3, did not follow the landing page

language ?


The basic principle of

4, did not find potential customers

a landing page should need to follow the principle of what? An effective landing pages, it can change according to the related market changes or you can predict the market, do you have a good title to check the site landing page, have some high quality multimedia products, such as pictures, whether you the page can interact effectively with

don’t think, users to search related sites keywords or site access to the site in order to get the relevant information from the web site, but you have users want to find content? In the optimization process to understand the site content is set to some users concerned about the information content.

this is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work often overlooked some content, such as technical problems need to consider here is that the browser compatibility issues site, IE, in the domestic commonly used 360 browser, Sogou and travel, if you want to site for more visitors, so the traffic is compatible technically the treatment should first consider these aspects, you can use the webmaster tools data.cnzz贵族宝贝 here have a lot of data within the industry, through the analysis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to consider what content.

this is the preliminary work left some optimization problems in the process of the operation, in order to attract traffic, when the release of the chain, such as hair products in the forum site in the price and price of the product does not comply with the relevant theme, or released the chain and site content is not only related. In the chain of clever add anchor text links related to the final result of this is to bring the user down off the page, the conversion rate is reduced, and the page out rate increase, also want to have a good impression in the search engine

has recently been combing his hand on optimization project, unfortunately, most of the projects are fluctuations, in order to find the root cause of things, I spent time to sort out and analyze project fluctuations of the day finally, hard work pays off I finally found a reason of fluctuations in the project.

2, stop the

4.25 love Shanghai earthquake chain

in my opinion, the two is particularly important, we must pay attention to, so rational, love Shanghai each push Xindu is to progress, we must from the perspective of the Internet to analyze.

, the introduction of the new Shanghai love judgment chain is normal only principle: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations. Saying this sentence I read a dozen times and I still didn’t know the meaning of love in Shanghai, this statement is ready to accept either course, leaving the bottom or directly into the bottom part of the means. Shanghai love you this "veiled" attitude is really funny.

4.25 when I was in Sichuan for the Ya’an compatriots have a heavy tribute, love Shanghai launched the "chain earthquake" is coming, felt violent strength, spread to the entire Internet source. People in grief, love Shanghai still no reason to stop because the atmosphere is changing the behavior of the algorithm. I want to laugh, a few days ago is still finishing the chain platform summary table, but in the 4.25 "love Shanghai earthquake" on fire, useless. I think that is a webmaster, no one will be able to survive, the day just before the station leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 is down right, what those 6.22 events, 6.28 events were all sidelined, because this change is not only the love Shanghai love Shanghai website, is to change the entire internet.

We first look at the ! low IQ?

looking back, also love Shanghai once lovely, but it’s 4.25 introduction of this chain of judgment is to delete the article, the webmaster of Shanghai love all the memories, I carefully read every word, can only say a word more than one word can hurt my heart. I suddenly began to appear on the website a remote future state, I ask myself the website not cheating way to do outside the chain, but those who have not the technique of cheating, but now can not be reused, the chain is self-evident for the importance of a website, and now the chain looks like Shanghai with a gun pointed at you the head, let you step to the passover, love Shanghai love Shanghai, you are not cheating, this is your father ah BEng


is the most important in see a signature: BBS. Fortunately I have been hate this way, I believe we all know Shanghai dragon I have it, a platform is very good, but the forum outside the chain but it will play, no matter what the landlord written reply, he will bring a "good learning", and finally their own a look at the link, is selling furniture etc.. Learning, learning your sister ah, this left the way of the chain is low quality is too bad, you love Shanghai do a really cheerful. Then love Shanghai this one given that what is love? The meaning of Shanghai is nothing more than that: you want to go to the forum outside the chain, please go to the site with their high degree of platform to sell you a furniture to Shanghai dragon forum, when I

Local real estate network how to optimize Shanghai Dragon

first analyzes 3 basic elements of the website, found a large number of keyword stack phenomenon, so the title, keywords, description have been changed, the main keyword keyword is mainly several common XX, what the real estate network, Taicang real estate network, the Taicang real estate information network, the website has snapshot update, but snapshot rankings have not come and update.

said the new local real estate in addition to weight with a little master, want to quickly improve website weight is nothing more than Links, Links for love Shanghai ranking effect is also very good. At present, as far as possible with the increase in the number of 2 a day, the goal is to increase to about 30.


is currently the site’s ranking is a 20, a 80 or so, there are other flat side of the long tail word ranking is better, also in the adjustment and improvement, so may be mainly responsible for part of the work station, after optimization work arrangements may be mainly the following aspects.

first, related to the effect of the chain on our website is bigger than the other, not related to the chain is much better in this respect, as a key to do.

The basic

3. regular chain construction work.

second, at the same time we can also cooperate with them in the form of a comprehensive publicity to our website, this website to make our brand awareness in this place.

is currently over real estate network optimization work in 1 places, because this place is the real estate network website’s 2 domain, but the domain name of the website is not reasonable, so there is a certain influence on the optimization.

1. Links exchange.

2. local real estate forum to promote cooperation. This should be a more important aspect.

here than not to write very detailed, do Shanghai dragon has some time to understand, but the specific operation is different, the analysis of main competitors in this local real estate network is the local station of other real estate sites to a local real estate net is added, so that the competition is quite fierce the. Personal goal is 1-2 months so focused on the optimization of keywords are ranked first, wait for the results.

this work is a must, for the love of Shanghai, the chain is still necessary, so this is also a focus of the work, such as the establishment of the blog website blog, XX real estate network such as Sina blog, URL blog, blog Title Optimization, looks like a professional local real estate network blog column, publish original articles. Of course the chain but also other forms of work carried out as usual, and text hyperlinks, to increase website weight and keywords ranking.

Love Shanghai algorithm fast update Shanghai Longfeng workers how to deal with

according to the latest foreign reports, Google’s algorithm has been from the past week to change more, this greatly improved the speed of Google update algorithm, the same for a lot of Google’s Shanghai dragon brings great influence on workers. Line to Google as the largest search engine platform love Shanghai has begun in the technology, is the second largest high technology platform currently behind Google algorithm, the algorithm updates the love Shanghai from the past month, quickly switched to the week, even in the near future, more will begin to turn into reality, in this context, how to deal with the Shanghai dragon workers became a very crucial thing.

first, site update frequency to accelerate more than love Shanghai. Now many webmaster for sustainability website content updates and no performance, sometimes a week to update, not to mention more. If the rapid update in Shanghai algorithm background, if the site does not update frequency love Shanghai fast algorithm, you can only make love Shanghai think your site on the Internet has already become sluggish website, so the spider can reduce the number of Shanghai love to visit your site, a long period of time on site weight will be decreased rapidly. So in the high frequency of love Shanghai algorithm under the influence, it is particularly important to speed up the update rate.

usually love Shanghai algorithm update slower, so the Shanghai Longfeng workers will be smaller, which is why the past content is king, the chain for the emperor has become an important factor in the industry an important standard, then need only crazy hair the chain, it is very difficult to website to no good rankings, so at that time the Shanghai dragon worker is proud, limelight without the two. However, with the love of Shanghai to enhance the degree of intelligent algorithm, frequency update algorithm continues to increase, many workers in Shanghai Longfeng began to feel confused, so re sort the optimization strategy for the love of Shanghai, love Shanghai rapid update algorithm under the background of the promotion of optimization effect is more important, it can from the following aspects to deal with.

third, on Monday and Tuesday during this period must be on the website of the Links full range of inspection, must know that now many site was suddenly love Shanghai punishment, often because of their Links website caused trouble, because love Shanghai although more new algorithm become more frequent.

second, after a lot of observation, love Shanghai algorithm to update the sensitive period on Wednesday and Thursday, most of the nodes, so if the sudden increase of the chain website, often let love Shanghai think your site in cheating, and now love Shanghai algorithm is very close surveillance for the unusual behavior of many sites, perhaps eventually not to punish the site, but occasionally will your site were observed in Shanghai love box, then your website ranking may be in a short time will disappear, the website operation will obviously be a negative effect, so in the fast love Shanghai algorithm to update the background, we must attach great importance to the construction site outside the chain of continuity and stability, remember to change radically.

After the relocation work site optimization

above is not understand some views about the site after the move, also will go to do this, of course, in addition to these, the most important fact or a stick, if only three days fishing nets two days of drying attitude to perform, so let the site closed, this is easy, success is derived from the network your persistence! Finally.

The construction of the chain of

when some friends may move will associate the revision of the idea, anyway, have effect of moving, or simply a revision, so that the next time will not need to change; in fact this idea is wrong, the site moved to a certain extent, will affect the site itself in the search engine in the state, this time is to as far as possible to recoup their losses, and cannot be added to the revision of the impact, it will only make the web site in the search engine to a worse state, so, move the first point to note is that the data structure, the overall site don’t change, to avoid too many dead links.

frequency, the quality of the content is still to be mentioned, the quality of any time are the most important, and the moment of turmoil after the content of the website, the quality is especially important, do not copy and paste directly, although not each of the original, at least to achieve high quality pseudo original

2, after the removal of the engine speed

3, after the removal of content

! The quality of the content

5, after the removal of the link building

site after the removal of the engine speed must not be too slow, although not necessarily more than before the relocation of the host, at least not before the host has too many gaps, otherwise the site speed from a fast to slow the process, not only is the search engine, with visitors is also an unfriendly behavior


, the site was forced to close in a few days, forced to move abroad, this ranking for a temporarily stable site is undoubtedly a small blow, so was this so, no way, we have these grassroots adhering to the "policy / xiayouduice" the principle of work, the site will move to move, to minimize the impact of these, how to deal with the aftermath work site optimization after moving? Here are some of my views do not understand.


1, after the relocation of the

Site structure of

update frequency is very important, because the site after the move should be used to update strategy is stable, do not be what you want is what time to update it, try to be fixed update daily, as before the update and are not too big to move.

4, after the relocation of theIn addition to

!Update frequency of

website before moving there is definitely a rough outline, can not change it, when updating the content in the construction of perfect chain, at the same time to the outside of the chain, mainly in order to attract the spider crawling our website, so that we can better restore our health website ""

Prior to

Chinese segmentation technology analysis of the aristocratic baby

, a noble baby Chinese search results

do you think noble baby (Google) is a powerful love Shanghai? (Baidu) on the nobility, baby can be found. Yes, but that is only limited to the English, or other foreign search. When using Chinese search. The two is really noble baby. Don’t believe the sea will take you to see me today the search results, you can try it yourself, this let me determined to love Shanghai, soso, Sogou search engine to search domestic Chinese, Chinese baby does not find aristocratic ye.

today a string of characters "Wuliangye search Chinese | Guojiao 1573
Fenggu | Jiannanchun honghualang liquor price list". Of course, this is a personal marketing Jianghai website, from Shanghai dragon and aesthetic perspective, I added the vertical bar "|". But because with the vertical bar used in the Chinese Webpage. Noble baby confused



two, love Shanghai Chinese search results

station in Shanghai Longfeng ER angle

noble baby is really two. You Chinese search does not love Shanghai, objectively speaking, also want to love Shanghai is not proud. After all, your baby more noble than scandal where, moral still accuse you of

just saw Guo Jiao 1573? Is ranked in the first part of the Wuliangye is not the user wants to search in the noble baby? Also own the noble baby? Do feel this kind of search is wired. But when removing the vertical bar in Jianghai search, more noble baby two. Search out the first three are the same waste site, a site of the Shanghai dragon people hate the special catch others snapshot, Shanghai Phoenix, people’s website included snapshot information. No user worth a damn website, ranked in the top three.


word segmentation technology is indeed a technology to do Shanghai Longfeng people must pay attention to the ability of TV founder believes that in the keyword set the site, classification and description when writing programs must pay attention to the love of Shanghai Chinese search engine segmentation features, try not to let your word processing become the short board of the Shanghai dragon second rate. After all, the content and structure is the inner part of Shanghai Dragon King’s primary focus, the >



is also a word "Wuliangye | Guojiao 1573
Fenggu | honghualang liquor Jiannanchun price list", I found was very good in Shanghai love to search, can accurately identify the vertical bar, do not affect the search results, also remove the vertical bar "|" love Shanghai search results is still so precise, Chinese search engine Robin Li created a really awesome.

According to user needs to give the site a soul


keyword we usually say is part of the title of the website. The selection of key words is often the user demand. For example, search Dongguan website optimization keywords the keywords, itself has no value, but the needs of the user through the search engine search keywords, this is given a value, the more people search more value. On the contrary, not more people search the key words, the key is user demand, exactly the needs of the user, it appears the keyword value.

so that the second step is that the website title is to solve the user needs as the premise of setting, is consistent with the optimization of site location ranking.


so that the positioning of the site started from the site title, an accurate and unique website title determines ranking web site optimization. Because it will tell the search engine: I do is a what kind of website

so the third step is to analysis the search industry, what the needs of the user? The general enterprise is the sale of products, the search needs of users is the general products manufacturers, price, usage, contrast, parameters etc.. For example, search keywords of a product, is the product price based on a search page in front of the two page website title, then the user is the largest of the price of the product demand, so the title of the site will be able to set the price of the product, such as a product: in 2016 the latest price list – brand word. Of course, this title is the most radical.

then you need to know is the principle of search engine, why your competitor’s site in the front row? Because it addresses the needs of users, is using a search engine search engine to help users solve the problem.

The definition of The An important part of the

site is probably to determine the site characteristics, bring the special occasions and the use of special groups and the characteristics of interest, special position that the site in the network, the core concept, its core function, the target user group. So what is the positioning of the site? In fact, the positioning of the site with a simple sentence is: I want to do what kind of a

that should be how to operate? This time we need to know about the basic structure of the site, usually by the website is the website title and website content, the main form of the site is the site of the title location. For example, when we search the Dongguan website optimization, the first sight is the site’s title and description, that is to say the site title is directly involved in one of the most important factors of Web site optimization ranking. The description is added to the web site of the title of notes and words to attract users to click action.

website as enterprises and products, the need for accurate positioning. For the website optimization, website localization is very important, simple, and accurate site location, site optimization has achieved half of success.


A web site search keywords will English why Chinese ranked second home



on the two: whether this site was hung black chain using the webmaster tools to detect client website source code, did not find the program hanging links about a Chinese keyword.

on the three: see through a webmaster tools website chain enter the website domain name, the results came out, a total of 7 links to this English website, look at the name of the link, the original is the Chinese keyword, all links to web page.

note: this problem is a small saw in May 10th, ranking second page (Encyclopedia below), the website ranking in 21, it is noted.

A thinking


is the title of the article I see a problem in Shanghai know, questions users confused and attach relevant pictures for answers. Because the editor is also engaged in the Shanghai dragon industry, this is also very interested, so he studied, discovered the mystery of this station.

: whether the content for this web site contains Chinese keywords or keyword Chinese English translation through a keyword search Chinese love Shanghai netizens question (love Shanghai index 75), search results ranking second is really a English website, at this time, Xiao Bian first thought is to view the contents on the website. Open the English website, found that there are English, content is contained a Chinese keyword. So Xiaobian use a translation tool to Chinese words translated into English, after reading web content is contained in the English keywords, search results, or not.

by sharing network 贵族宝贝liwuzhijia贵族宝贝 original feeds, starting Admin5, please keep the link. Respect the original, build a harmonious ecological internet.

see here, I believe that everyone has to know what’s happening? Or is this a webmaster or cyber source, to hang black chain on other sites, keywords to your site. Xiao Bian also looked at seven sites of the chain are linked to the source inside a gray area of words.

This paper presents