The website is three kinds of phenomena and measures K

this is the most serious, before they met friends said, the search engine of all K light hair, nothing left. It also often see online friends said that the solution is stable, update the high quality of the chain, actually do not what role, of course, if you persevere, persist in a year or so, may be moved by the love of Shanghai or Google. I sleep on the station before K method used directly for the new domain name, or can speak with WWW analysis to WWW domain name, also can rebind a domain name to the site, in fact, is to let the search engine included a new domain name, when search engines, we again in exchange for the original domain name was K. In a word, I have a new domain name, equivalent to reject all search engines crawl my site.

2, general


doing Shanghai dragon ranking in your hard every day like a day, like a bolt from the blue K station resounded in your ears, you can not eat dinner, night can not sleep, and don’t forget to scold with deep hatred and resentment few search engines. Shanghai dragon journey, will encounter K station, in fact, this is a good thing, so difficult to let the webmaster have grown up, mature.

K, stayed home.

injured all over the body.

1, the total was K

3, general small K, the home page is K.

and second kinds of circumstances, this is the home page is K, pages and keywords ranking are in general, this situation is caused by excessive site optimization, which belongs to the lower right, there may be a website stack keywords, keyword density is too high, a single chain of other reasons. Overall, is the site of the frequency is not well controlled, such as the update, the chain channel construction, exchange Links etc.. If the home page is k, you can check the main keyword density and >

this phenomenon more, all the inside pages are K off, only the home page, this time should be timely processing sites, or sites will be always K may have injured all over the body. Cause this to happen is the readability of web content is not high, not high correlation, and so on, the procedure may be the site framework is not reasonable, no site map, this results in a spider climb to the site co.. When this phenomenon, we try to write a readable article on the front page, the best, so the plant easy to climb to your site. There is a page can leave their URL page on the site, in some work that is outside the chain.

K but the station is always not good, hard in vain it will take more time to recover, as both sides, since station has been K, don’t be sad, do K station after recovery is a priority, the author people for the analysis of several K station phenomenon.

The opposite of


Note to talk about their own summary in operation station group at


in recent years, with the development of Internet technology, search engine optimization of industry competition, Shanghai Longfeng exploration shortcut, and search engine is also in progress, can not ignore its intelligence, at present, in distinguishing >

station group characteristics is not obvious, we are not aware of, one base station sites to search engines will not be found, but subtle base station sites related to each other, each other in weight. This is features an excellent station group. How to do this? First of all in the domain name registration information should reflect the difference; secondly, many owners in order to save the time and cost of capital will choose some.Ifo as the domain name as the station site domain name, as the station group administrator’s personal webmaster different suggestions to this practice, made a vivid metaphor, like the Webmaster Station Group many of its resources in a large warehouse, warehouse fire in the warehouse, things will be spared, burned, and the station group is the same concept, once the search engine to find a station group was identified as spam sites, then the station will be affected, the worst case is all K. Just as the 2011 nobility baby all search engine website, like removing suffix completely blocked, so the station group collective operations, should also pay attention to the difference.

with the Shanghai dragon industry competition, maximize some Shanghai dragon Er tries to find a way to get the benefits, or a new Shanghai Dragon technology to rapid uptake of search engine traffic, after years of research found that the concept of stations in Shanghai Dragon Phoenix industry wide recognition, but also widely application of station group is simply by a webmaster to manage multiple web sites, many websites related to each other, through Links mutual transfer, the weights of the website, one or more other drive part, a common intake network flow approach. Station group as a new thing, in a brilliant experience, but the principles of hard work, restricting this shortcut, along with the development of search engine technology, a major update, stations have major contusion of search engine, many webmaster again to return to the right path, more respected the original. But the station group is not many webmaster or unable to get up after a fall, as in the past, how they live, the following is the webmaster summary to avoid search engine punishment station group note: the promotion of

postscript: some owners will use cheaper to TK free domain name suffix. My suggestion is that if you build the English trade website that is OK, if you build the Chinese corporate website, you don’t have to consider, the search engine of this kind of website, to the weights of the low. Once the owners personally build a station group, part of the site domain name suffix TK, spent a tremendous effort, no way thought, what website didn’t pick up.

station group of mysterious site out of the ordinary

site registration information to different individual combat

selected domain names have certain differences 2,

The three stages of website optimization promotion

in addition to specific learning, should be attention to their time, energy and wisdom all gathered in Shanghai Longfeng above, to maximize the initiative and creativity. How do the focus of Shanghai dragon, mainly to do three things:

, to focus on the long tail keywords content. Long tail keywords can help improve the rankings, also can bring a steady flow. So, to focus on the long tail keywords, as is not to the original, but not too important, it is important content to do fine, the only way to gain the ideal results.

third, chain layout, to focus on the principle of reasonable guide. The conversion rate and the user from the user experience point of view, the site has the obligation to recommend knowledge of their information to the user, and try to improve their access to the site of pleasure. Users want to create value for us, we must open the speed from the web, to guide customers to buy the products of this series of process to pay attention to a reasonable guide.

is engaged in study of Shanghai dragon to do the following three points: (1) have a strong desire, (2) in order to enhance the technical thinking and willing to work, (3) the Shanghai dragon as a means of livelihood. In addition, learning in the process of execution, we have to do three things: (1) comprehensive combing all the theoretical knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng especially important technical knowledge; (2) to improve its technology in actual combat and find out their strengths and develop; (3) and continuously improve their accumulation in combination.

many beginner Shanghai Longfeng people often feel very difficult, do not know how to learn, so the first thing to do is for the novice or single-minded, single-minded in growing progress in the webmaster, to concentrate on Shanghai dragon every day, take the time to study Shanghai dragon, hold Shanghai dragon. On the one hand, continuous efforts, on the one hand is the temporary flow are relatively poor, in this process still specific learning, realize the accumulation, to achieve a qualitative breakthrough day.

second, outside the chain, to focus on the chain of high quality. The chain is only included in the chain to be effective, to pursue high quality, must have high correlation and extensive degree, display rate is high, but a lot of the chain can not do these things, so many people use the forum signature over the fire links, it can also achieve this purpose.

has long been committed to the research and practice of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, often feel boring and exhausting Shanghai dragon live, will consider what to do optimization work today every day in the mind? What method effect? How fast to do site optimization and soon reached the ideal ranking. We walked carefully back course, will find that Shanghai Dragon technology promotion and generally go through these three stages.

First, the content of

first stage: the specific study of Shanghai dragon

second stage: focus on Shanghai dragon

Tumblr’s six years of growth — from one person to 100 millionThe higher the ranking, the more valua

is actually a lot of people are considering using this method, 100M virtual space only a few dozen yuan a year, the domain name cn is a piece of money or buy, the overall cost of less than 100 yuan, you can set up a station within a day, if you set up a month, a conservative estimate there 20 or so, so if each station can do offline, at least 400 yuan of income.

cooperation with the deepening of recent Ali mother launched a series of activities, the recommended plan based in an army of ants on the site, according to Alexa website ranking represents recommended value, as long as the Alexa in the global ranking 5 million within the site, recommended that prizes, each 20 yuan or by accounting, if ranked 1 million less than an increase of 5 yuan, the total reached 25 yuan, if it can be recommended to the global ranking 500 thousand within the station, you can get a bonus of 30 yuan one-time recommended.

recently launched Ali mother activities can be more and more popular, the launch activities Antz program launched and put the code on the money ", increase the stimulation of the personal webmaster community participation enthusiasm, and with the continuous Discuz network, two site cooperation, will reach deep into the station, and bokee and mop, cooperation, and advertising platform to expand the field of action but with great blog, looks good.

is now in business for 6 years. Tumblr has been bought by YAHOO for $1 billion 100 million, and Arment has touched it. He reviewed the early days of Tumblr and its later development. After all, he looked at the company and David Karp step by step.

2007, Karp desktop

, is not to say completely useless, many SEO can try, establish websites for SEO ranking advantage, generally a dumpster hanging half a year, PR to 2~3, so you can take this.

in fact, this activity from the surface of the figures, there is really great temptation, if you can recommend ten websites every week, earn one thousand or two thousand, not too big problem. But many webmaster will disdain: "ten recommendations a week, impossible!" then we will now see if there is the possibility, or how to do such a thing.

but this station with sh419 to do dumpster blow gradually restricted, why? Because sh419 is not included, basically no traffic and ranking, especially the mass production of garbage station, now the situation is not included, and is likely to be the K domain name, and that the operation will bring the above cost consumption, cost more than earn higher, generally not recommended.

one. Use your website group

is more important, sh419 once the web site that rely on garbage flows to support GG, and Ali mother advertising to set one yuan per week, then according to the current analysis of one yuan advertising hot, every month 4 yuan each station still earn to increase the income of 80 yuan and intangible in. By ten months, nearly 800 yuan a year, plus nearly more than 1000 of the income, at least to offset part of the cost of doing the station.


you remember last month to sell the Instapaper Betawork Marco Arment, in fact he has another identity – joint founder of the famous Tumblr and CTO, then left the company in 2010, become independent developers and technology bloggers.


Arment and Karp Strike while the iron is hot. soon, Tumblr increased the function of reblogging, this website is no longer a simple content publishing platform, but with social elements, so that the morphology of the products to be unique. Followed by the summer of 2007, Karp decided to stop site outsourcing services, seeking funding, all time Tumblr before, two people’s income depends on the income and deposit Karp consulting work, very limited budget. Thus, in November 1, 2007, two announced funding and launched Tumbl>


soon two of them developed a prototype of Tumblr, and obtained Lifehacker reports, and the report on the front page of Digg first place, please note that it was 2007, and now the position of Digg very influential, almost Reddit, users love to go places. How many people were interested in the idea of Tumblr at that time?.

But the introduction of

David Karp in 2006, a few months later, he worked with Macro Arment to do network development

in 2006, Arment has worked with Karp to develop websites for media companies, including Frederator, Serious, Eats, and so on. In the fall of that year, before looking for new customers, Karp told Arment that he had an idea for a while and was going to do it. The domain name of the website has been bought, it is tumblr, it will be the platform that releases "tumblelogs" note.

How to find out the cause and solving method causes site


maybe you spend a lot of thought, maybe you used a lot of time, you may have good intentions, but you may inadvertently make a big mistake. It is in order to make our website and give them a better first impression, win customers favor, so too much load picture ah ah, animation and so on, yes, may look pretty cool. However, if so let your website becomes the snail, and even cause the browser crashes, it is recommended that you remove these fancy, just quickly modified it, don’t give your site so much load, let him move. Now this fancy speed era, not many people are willing to take the time to wait.

perhaps few people love the title of the party, because this is very easy to give a person a kind of feeling that I cheated and. Trust is the most difficult to establish a relationship is most likely to damage between people. Of course, now in the development of the search engine optimization personnel, shielding the title of the party may no longer be difficult, but there is.

three, full title party


, a loading efficiency is low

do a dish of delicious dishes need to put the seasoning the deployment of a just perfect, but bad food need only a seasoning not placed enough. For we all well prepared meal or gift — website, is the same reason, let others love and come to your website a lot to do, but let people hate your site may only need to have a trouble is enough. Below, the author will introduce the site to let the behavior make some people uncomfortable, if you find your site in return rate is not high, then look carefully, the following behavior in your site there is, if any, perhaps this is the crux of oh.

website is not impossible, but the website advertising, advertising only, please, that is also called the site? Yes, all the webmaster pointing to advertisement make money, but if your site is full of advertising, you can also earn money, because it is impossible to have hits. At the beginning of a substantial advertising, let the user depressed, what am I to come why? Before downloading, first click on the ads, always make people feel that you are in blackmail, do I have to download it again here; even worse, display advertising in an instant, I click on a link to money, you don’t want to have, this is OK, I come back, the next time, I can not come, I also can not afford Untouchables to hide me. The advertising website, my approach is to directly turn off, lest stay too long and rather baffling to trample what mines. So, you were, don’t fall into the eyes of the money, advertising is important, but more important to the user’s reputation. Remember, you provide to the user service, absolutely not advertising, otherwise, you can only contact with the user site. Give a little bit of interest in front of it, look a bit further, as long as your site has enough hits, advertising is not missing.

Now can also share method to improve website weight and spider crawling

2. for Google, it will look at the PR to identify the value of the site and weight. If the high PR website, Google spider will crawl, turn to low PR content site. The higher the weight of the site, the spider crawling to the opportunity will be bigger. If a high weight of the site links to your site, then the spider will soon find your website, and give priority to grab your content. At the same time, if high weight website links to your site, relatively speaking will also give you the site outside the chain of high weight. So, a lot of new beginning are desperately looking for some high PR website to do Links or buy links.

induction tap 贵族宝贝, the contents of the article are original, if please keep the link on the site of the original site, please respect the labor of others, thank you.

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A5 registration discount: 2013 GOMX global network marketing conference


3. factor

website ranking except in the chain, external links is also very important. These external links like on your website to vote, the search engine will be through these external links to your site to increase a certain weight and ranking. If a type of information the site outside the chain from high weight website information types, website information is also another type of website, is a chain of high weight, the weight of another chain, then the chain weight high website ranking will naturally in low weight chain type the front of the site.

This paper consists of:

spider crawling to the content, and through some complex aspects related, decide whether to include these contents. This, it is crawling the web page, in addition to the link, and XML map index. The spider crawling to the page, don’t value will add the index database. It is called a spider, because its main job every day is above the network crawl crawl content.

through high quality external links can improve your site weight and the spider crawling frequency, improve the amount collected website in search engine rankings and.

Shanghai dragon knows every web site outside of the chain and website content related to the chain of these correlations for the website ranking will play a role. The spider is through a link to your website, the author for your secret, how a spider crawling of the chain.

Keywords SEM user behavior analysis in search

press click on user fees. The optimization way of Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Friendly), refers to according to the characteristics of the search engine index, rational planning of angle of the structure of the site, content construction scheme, user interactive communication, make the site more suitable for search engines to retrieveprinciples, so through the Shanghai dragon can make the site more easily indexed by search engines and the ranking.

concept and mode of operation of Comparison of

users in the use of search engines, are hoping to find their ideal that results in the first page of results can, in can not find satisfactory results when users turn over to try, but the number of users can be access to the results page is limited. According to the American marketing agency iProspeet "2006 – 2012 U.S. Internet users search behavior analysis" report shows that more than 90% people in the first three pages of results page judgment, if you will give up the search or select other search engines can not find a suitable result. Because of the characteristics of the user search, the user search behavior in SEM is very necessary.

promotion way or Shanghai dragon, the ultimate goal through the development of search engine marketing based on search engine, and reach a benign symbiotic relationship, achieve high specific products or brand promotion. At present, many domestic Internet service providers under the banner of Shanghai dragon banner, the statement does not require the use of search engines through paid services, as long as the SE0 will be able to bring customers access to improve, this makes a lot of commercial advertising industry practitioners and academics believe that the Shanghai dragon and Phoenix ~U pay promotion is opposite, only need to study the user search Shanghai dragon behavior. However, in fact, pay promotion has a premise, is to choose good keywords. If the customer is not familiar with the heat of the keywords characteristics, pay promotion role to the contrary, if through the analysis of the consumer search behavior to carry out a reasonable pay key service, not only can bring the keywords expected access to a considerable amount of keywords, some unexpected can also bring traffic and potential customers for the web site. However, no matter what kind of website, as long as the development of Shanghai dragon, can reduce the amount of certain keywords paid service, this is because.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) search engine marketing website, is refers to the use of search engine users habits, by way of promotion or pay to optimize the operation mode, makes some website keywords in the user’s search results page ranking as before, so as to guide the user to click, to achieve the purpose of sales promotion and brand exhibition. Here is the payment, mainly refers to the search engine promotion service, users pay account fees and deposit fees, according to the quality cost per click depends on your keyword set bid keyword and ranking of

two, and the Shanghai dragon’s pay promotionWhether it is to pay

and SEM

Methods of avoiding secret stations six misunderstandings in the optimization of Shanghai Dragon

! !

: prevent all the content of the website is the same, a lot of people do stand webmaster don’t have much time to do the original content, and even some of them are not willing to engage in false original, all the contents of the site are done through the same acquisition rules, structure and content of the website that the similarity of nearly ninety-nine percent. The natural site is easy to search engine recognition, so the content of construction, we must make false original, spend more time, let the website content difference to reach more than fifty percent to

station is currently a search engine optimization method is very effective, but the station group itself operation and optimization if he will be search engine grab away, so will your entire station group to K off, so loss but not a tiny bit, that is to optimize the station group injured in the sinews or bones, so is very important, but the optimization of station group how to effectively avoid being search engine seized the bag? It should try to avoid the following six common stand swarm optimization error

five: the construction of the chain can not all sites are the same, to change, to the hands of resources for each web site with the chain of different resources, so it can avoid the search engine to detect


two: Web host IP address is the same, a lot of people in order to save costs, choose the same to the content under the same IP server site, this form of natural site is easy to identify, generally not more than 200 websites, IP address or a sample, unless more than more than 200 sites, with a IP only up to four sites, and can not link between the four

is the first to talk about the search engine is how to catch the station group of the bag? Is the regularity of the general search engine judgment method mainly through the general station group will have this or that law, especially some lazy station managers, standing group of regularity is very obvious, such stations easily search engines, so we want to avoid the search engine of the investigation, it should try to put their own stations do no rules! Below is the concrete methods of

three: Web site keywords are all the same, this is generally a lot of standing in common, at this time in order to keep the long tail word keyword will become various, so that search engines do not follow the law of

four: website template avoid by all means the same many owners in order to save the construction site of the time, all the love with the use of a CMS station program, now on the Internet there are many, you can choose several to do! At the same time to make some more free template to do different

: six stations between the sites do not every website station connected, this is not practical, it is easy to be identified by the search engine, because a website can not get so much of the total connection, but we can link the content of the web page, so it is not.

! ! ! !

Three ways to solve the soft reprint link has been tampered with

others of the article itself is immoral, but also a kind of illegal behavior, hope the webmaster friends do not for their own selfish unscrupulous stealing someone else’s original article, that the acts of theft not only damage to the original author, but also with the search engine algorithm upgrade, will cause the thief of course, as a moral damage, "

The role of the soft

with love Shanghai library for copyright attention, I believe more and more owners have begun to pay attention to their own copyright, if you find yourself site article most are stolen, under normal circumstances, as long as you communicate with them, they will immediately delete these infringing articles, and through these to the forum moderators report also, to let them pay attention to the theft of the published account, in the future they will steal more and more difficult, the effect will be more obvious

three: the search engine will also let the mature theft can reduce

has been more and more valued webmaster, soft can not only promote their own websites can also give your website to bring a lot of the chain, so as to help improve the weight of their own website, but really to write an original article itself is very difficult, it takes a lot of effort. But you spend a lot of writing articles, but others in the reprint your article to you the link inside his own, this is not a kind of respect for others of creation, is also a kind of obvious infringement, and believe in the love of Shanghai in the future for such violations will certainly increase the punishment, you know they are now other love Shanghai library have the infringement of article deleted, this is the culture of respect and respect for copyright, the sooner or later be reflected by love Shanghai algorithm! Of course at the present stage, the relevant algorithm of love Shanghai is not very mature, for this kind of behavior we want to steal active attack, here we have to introduce several thefts from this method

: a relevant forum to report

search engine is mature, the original article is more and more attention, those who steal to reprint articles will be more and more do not have the market, and the original first will usually occupy the top spot, and with the love of Shanghai and Google for the same article take only a policy for those who reprint this will be a very detailed review, those eliminating inconsistent links will soon fall, so before that want the way to steal brush an original way now basically are outdated,

With the address! !

this is actually a kind of passive solution, we write the article published in the A5, once found someone to reprint your article without leaving a link or one link, we will report in the relevant forums, such as the A5 forum, stationmaster net forum and so on, fill in the report of the content to write their own the reason, we need to fill in the relevant original


two: linked to the relevant forum moderators, allow them to remove the infringing articles


Now the Shanghai dragon and the Shanghai dragon

marketing has its own attributes, the concept of today’s Shanghai dragon from before we all know the slowly changing, properties of the product itself is also undergoing a subtle change. We look at the comparison:


4. in Shanghai and Phoenix are the experience in power, you just for a regular algorithm in operation rather than a public rule. Now the law has been changed to a more simple and crude, a fresh approach has.

3. it is known for many years in a concept that Shanghai dragon is free flow. In fact, the so-called free flow is not only based on the entrance paid for the tickets, but don’t forget to go to the attractions you put in the way of travel and accommodation. So today, we recommended to become more return flow, as long as put more time and money to get back, and not the real meaning of free traffic.

2. former Shanghai dragon are basically respected concept of long-term effective, so the investment return rate is relatively high. The Shanghai dragon can’t simply say is a long-term effect, because we pay more attention to how long can the effect, and not long long is not a core role. So a mid Shanghai dragon marketing effect, if your project for short-term effect of words, Shanghai dragon is not appropriate.

Shanghai Longfeng entry and the implementation cost of

1. Shanghai dragon explained in terms of

1. in the past is relatively low, as long as there is awareness of the company can do Shanghai dragon on the Internet, the relative effect also appears relatively fast, so become a foundation with marketing. The Shanghai dragon optimization is a luxurious facilities, its effect is not used well, but companies need to invest more resources and time, with more technical personnel, personnel, marketing and PR content marketing personnel, and most small companies can not do the integrity of the team.

is optimized for the mainstream of Shanghai dragon a search engine friendly website of inside and outside of the station technology and content are between 2000-2011 years. By means of a close to the search engine algorithm, so called Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization).

2. Shanghai dragon optimization property


from the beginning of 2011 to 2014, the search engine optimization is not restricted to the code, the content and links, because the optimization importance decreased year by year, more basic Shanghai Longfeng improved site increased year by year. So the algorithm tends to search experience and user reputation in the direction to go, so now Shanghai dragon should be understood as Search Experience Optimization (search experience Optimization)