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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >Following the Luxperience Thought Leaders seminar in Sydney on 6 September, MyTravelResearch.com explore the issue seemingly changing the face of luxury travel, the Occupy Movement:Increasing inequality in wealth is one of the factors changing the nature of luxury travel. Social and political forces such as the Occupy Movement and government austerity cuts are driving some of the rich to spend their wealth more privately. The same forces have also encouraged the rise in socially responsible luxury travel activities.The trend to private consumption away from public scrutiny can be seen in the increase in purchases of mega yachts and private islands. Technological change and its impact on workplace communications has also triggered a counter demand among the rich to de-tech completely while on holiday, said luxury travel expert Carolyn Childs.Addressing the Luxperience Thought Leaders seminar in Sydney, Childs told the audience of 500 high-end travel buyers, sellers and advisors that the ‘occupy’ movement, like the French and Russian Revolutions before it, had changed the psyche, moral reference points and consumption patterns of well-off people.“We now see the rise of responsible resorts such as El Nido in the Philippines where high end travellers are both pampered and give back to the community,” said Childs. “Luxury travel is now increasingly defined by a rising commitment to people, planet and self-improvement as much as indulgence, pampering and conspicuous consumption.”Childs told the audience that wealth disparity has been on the rise since around 1980, with the richest 1 to 10% in North America, Europe and Australia now owning over 70% of society’s wealth.However, the rise in the nouveau rich, not least in China, India as well as G7 economies, has seen luxury consumers around the world splinter into personality types such as “philanthropist”, “dynast”, “lotus eater”, “hedonist”, “pioneer”, “jet setter”, “enrichment seeker” and “replenisher.”The luxury travel sector has also seen the rise of  “aspirational” consumers who will splash the cash depending on three factors: the occasion (such as a honeymoon or anniversary), the experience (such as a trip to Antarctica), and the traveller’s ability to trade up or down – for example, enjoying a three-star holiday but taking a helicopter ride to a spectacular dinner on the last day.Luxury travellers now rely on elite travel agents, or advisors, that Childs called “magicians”.“These Gandalfs and Merlins are completely service-minded, very creative control freaks who try to anticipate the psychological and physical needs of their clients. They have to deliver magic. They dread saying ‘no’ to a customer who is only used to hearing ‘yes’.”When it goes wrong the results can be high profile. Childs cited the case of Johnny Depp’s terriers Pistol and Boo who faced being put down when the actor brought them into Australia in defiance of quarantine regulations.In December, Childs, the co-founder of MyTravelResearch.com, will publish an in-depth study of trends and changes in the luxury travel economy in partnership with Luxperience.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

Trump announces departure of acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan – as it

first_imgShow In a sieve we’ll go to sea!Patrick Shanahan’s ousting is just the latest of dozens of senior figures to depart the high-turnover Trump administration. Trump’s White House has had the highest senior-level staff churn rate of the past five presidents, according to figures compiled by the Brookings Institution, a think tank, Reuters reports this afternoon. Here are the most prominent – check out the Guardian’s interactive, directly below. Acting…It looks dramatic when it’s put in a list. MSNBC tots up the senior Trump administration posts currently being operated by an “acting” incumbent. Share on WhatsApp Walter Shaub, AOC, concentration campsIn the ongoing row about migrant detention camps, former head of the independent Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub, who quit the Trump administration in disgust, has weighed in behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez this afternoon.AOC last night and earlier today spoke of her outrage that the Trump administration is “creating concentration camps” on the US-Mexico border to detain undocumented migrants, including children.Shaub just tweeted, and AOC retweeted. @Joannawalters13 Detention camp for migrant youth, Tornillo, Texas Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot blasts Trump while in NYCChicago’s new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is visiting New York this week and is meeting today with city mayor Bill de Blasio and first lady Chirlane McCray.Their meeting has, in rather curmudgeonly fashion, this reporter thinks, been tersely described on official notices as “closed press”, so we’ll see if anything emerges.But Lightfoot wasn’t pussy-footing around last night at the DNC LGBTQ gala in the Big Apple, blasting the Trump administration for its biased policies.“Trump — behind his smoke screen of lies, insults and angry tweets — has pursued a dangerous agenda rolling back basic rights for LGBTQ+ families, troops and employees,” she said in her speech.“They aim to reverse civil rights which you may have assumed were a matter of settled law.”Personally, and the White House aside, Lightfoot was celebratory, remarking: “One month ago, I was inaugurated as Chicago’s first openly gay mayor and our first black woman mayor.“I was elected by a huge majority — 74% — and I have to feel that the vote revealed a genuine sea change in public attitudes. None of this would have been possible a generation ago. It’s still a bit stunning, isn’t it?” Facebook Updatedat 5.02pm EDT Facebook Twitter Facebook Updated 19 Jun 2019,Out: the acting defense secretary, Patrick Shanahan.Photograph: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP 19 Jun 201913:04US does not want war with Iran – Pompeo Twitter Early afternoon summaryOrlando, Florida, Trump’s base, the rest of us, rest of world, etc, braced for Donald Trump’s official 2020 reelection campaign launch tonight. Reminder, Guardian US will be running a special live blog on this, from Orlando, from 5PM ET, with a live feed of Trump’s speech at 8PM.Trump has promised mass deportations of “millions” of undocumented immigrants from the US, beginning next week, a policy that has sown confusion and drawn skepticism as well as opprobrium from opponents.Acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan has withdrawn from the process to confirm a permanent defense secretary, amid doubts over background checks, turbulent personal life and reports of tricky relationship with Potus.Joe Biden held a successful fundraiser in New York City yesterday, at a financier’s house, attended by a handful of Republicans. He announced his campaign for 2020 has already raised close to $20 million. Elizabeth Warren soon catapulted a proverbial donkey dropping into his eye in scorn.US markets rising on news that Donald Trump and Xi Jinping plan an “extended meeting” while at the G20 in Japan next week, amid the US-China trade war. 19 Jun 201912:47Markets rising on China news Donald Trump Twitter Updatedat 2.42pm EDT US politics Twitter Share via Email Share on Pinterest Topics Facebook 19 Jun 201917:00Trump to launch re-election campaign in Orlando tonight Twitter Twitter 19 Jun 201915:28 Trump announces departure of acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan – as it happened,President to address rally in Orlando, FloridaSupreme court decision awaited on census citizenship questionSign up for the US briefing and get a new perspective 19 Jun 201916:46 19 Jun 201915:59 Other less famous names include:Kevin Hassett: Trump said on June 3 that the White House council of economic advisers chairman would leave his post. Randolph “Tex” Alles, head of the US Secret Service, left in May as part of a broader shake-up of the Department of Homeland Security, shortly after Kirtsjen Nielsen’s departure.Clete Willems: A key figure in trade talks with China and a deputy to Trump’s top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow.Heather Wilson: The US Air Force secretary, once considered a top candidate to become defense secretary, returned to academia. Updatedat 3.56pm EDT Tomahawk cruise missile launching from a US destroyer. Photograph: Ford WilliamsAvalon.red/Avalon.red Joanna Walters in New York Share on Facebook 19 Jun 201914:01 Shares123123 Show Share on LinkedIn 19 Jun 201913:59 Facebook Share on Messenger Twitter Newest 18 Jun 201908:52Trump threatens mass deportations as he launches 2020 campaign 1 of 3 The latest major Trump resignations and firings Read more Twitter Facebookcenter_img 18 Jun 201910:32As Trump flies in, Orlando Sentinel disavows him 19 Jun 201916:23 19 Jun 201915:55 Republicans MSNBC (@MSNBC)Key Trump admin. vacancies with acting leaders:Acting Defense secretaryActing DHS secretaryActing UN ambassadorActing SBA administratorActing chief of staffActing FEMA directorActing ICE directorActing USCIS directorActing FAA administrator https://t.co/bWKoSV8Py1June 18, 2019 Right-winger moves closer to federal judgeshipFiercely anti-LGBTQ, anti-marriage equality, anti-women’s reproductive rights lawyer Matthew Kacsmaryk is one step closer to being handed a life-time appointment as a federal judge, after a vote in the US Senate. His final confirmation vote will be held tomorrow.Kacsmaryk 42, has ripped Roe v Wade, said abortion rights backers are “sexual revolutionaries” + fought against LGBTQ protections in employment, housing + health care, HuffPost’s Jennifer Bendery tweeted earlier today, describing the conservative religious zealot as “one of Trump’s most anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion picks yet”. 19 Jun 201914:16 Chaos at the Pentagon – even McConnell is speaking outNow US Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who appears to pride himself on doing big things “last minute” (in the row over funding for those sickened by Ground Zero), has just said it “would be better to have a confirmed secretary of defense” as the US confronts Iran, Reuters reports.Meanwhile, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said: “This is a very difficult time..to have no secretary of defense is appalling..every American should worry.”The new acting defense secretary, as of about two and a half hours ago, is Mark Esper, currently secretary of the Army. He succeeds Patrick Shanahan who quit this morning.Shanahan was in the acting defense secretary role after defense secretary Jim Mattis resigned last December following acute and prolonged disagreements over policy with Donald Trump.When he hired Mattis, Trump was impressed by the marine veteran’s bearing and his nickname “Mad Dog”, but the relationship cooled as Mattis resisted Trump’s inclination to distance the US from its Nato allies and blocked bellicose gestures aimed at North Korea in 2017.“I think he’s sort of a Democrat, if you want to know the truth,” Trump told a TV interviewer in October.Former defence officials had said that Mattis saw his primary loyalty to the US constitution, and that had guided his relations with an erratic and acerbic president, our Julian Borger wrote at the time of Mattis’s announced retirement. Reuse this content First published on Tue 18 Jun 2019 09.00 EDT Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot Photograph: Scott Olson/Getty Images Unlike many news organisations, we chose an approach that means all our reporting is free and available for everyone. We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. For as little as $1 you can support us – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Make a contribution – The Guardian Share on Twitter He mentions that he saw AOC among protesters at the since-closed Tornillo federal detention facility for migrant youth, which was an appalling bunch of tents in the desert near El Paso, Texas, that mushroomed in size over a matter of months last summer, as the Guardian revealed at the time. Shaub just termed it a “child concentration camp.”The administration has opened more camps nearby since then, such as this one which was being readied just as the president was calling conditions for migrants crossing the border as “Disneyland”, despite much evidence otherwise. Twitter Facebook Older Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin spoke out on Capitol Hill earlier, on the floor of the Senate, saying: “It strikes me as unusual, more than coincidental, that in June – the LGBTQ Pride Month – our Republican colleagues would decide to bring to the floor the nomination of a Texas district court nominee, Matthew J. Kacsmaryk… Mr. Kacsmaryk has not been shy about his hostility to marriage equality and transgender Americans,” Durbin said. “I oppose the Kacsmaryk nomination. This is yet another extreme nominee outside the mainstream of American thinking who does not deserve to be rubber-stamped for a lifetime appointment by the United States Senate.”According to Durbin’s Office, Kacsmaryk has “repeatedly written in his personal capacity about his opposition to LGBTQ rights and the Obergefell case.”In 2015 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled same-sex couples have the right to marry in the Obergefell case, Illinois local station KFVS reported.Kacsmaryk claims being transgender is a “delusion”.Human Rights Campaign legal director Sarah Warbelow said Kacsmaryk “fails a basic expectation of impartiality..HRC will continue to raise the alarm about Kacsmaryk and other nominees who refuse to protect the rights of all Americans.” Tue 18 Jun 2019 17.02 EDT Facebook 19 Jun 2019 17:00 US politics live Facebook Facebook 19 Jun 201917:00 US immigration fresh crackdown – not immediateCNN ace reporter Shimon Prokupecz has tweeted an update on the latest immigration threats/row/confusion. I’ll let it speak for itself. Share on Facebook Jennifer Bendery (@jbendery)And… Matthew Kacsmaryk’s nomination moves forward, 52-44.Final confirmation vote is Wednesday.June 18, 2019 The United Nations headquarters, left, looms in the background as visitors take pix in celebration of WorldPride, the celebration that will converge on New York on the final weekend of this month, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the uprising at the city’s Stonewall Inn that kick-started the modern gay rights movement. Photograph: Bebeto Matthews/AP 18 Jun 201909:59Trump and Xi Jinping face-to-face at G20 19 Jun 201914:36 Oldest Newer Shimon Prokupecz (@ShimonPro)Senior official tells CNN no operation next week to pick up millions; tentative plans for July operation targeting families with removal orders.June 18, 2019 This hours after Donald Trump whipped everyone up into a foam and sent a fresh tremor of fear through any undocumented person in the US by announcing an implausible new “policy” via Twitter: “Next week ICE [immigration and customs enforcement] will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States. They will be removed as fast as they come in.” Josh Rogin (@joshrogin)Officials confirm to me Patrick Shanahan is not only withdrawing from consideration, he is resigning his current Pentagon post. Last day unclear. https://t.co/zufBzZ9nmzJune 18, 2019 Democrats Key events Trump to launch re-election campaign in Orlando tonightThis blog is about to close for the day. But my Guardian colleague Adam Gabbatt is about to fire up a special politics live blog from Orlando, Florida.He recently alighted there from the Guardian US base in New York to cover, with the help of a very focused team, Donald Trump’s official 2020 reelection campaign launch.It’s going to be a huge night. If you’re a Trump fan, it’s like Christmas in June. If you’re not, well, don’t look away from the difficult things….we’ll have the right tone and sharp analysis, so stick around, we’ll be right back.Early evening summary. It’s already been a busy day in national politics, in particular.Former government ethics chief Walter Shaub has backed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s view that detaining undocumented migrants en masse at the border essentially creates “concentration camps”. AOC has been in a row with conservatives, specifically Liz Cheney, since Donald Trump last night promised a new rash of mass deportations. The US Senate is one step closer to confirming ultra-conservative, anti-LGBT, anti-women’s rights, religious zealot Matthew Kacsmaryk to a federal judgeship – a job for life.Acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan’s departure is just the latest in the Trump administration to find the door hitting him on the way out. Live feed Shanahan to resign Pentagon postWaPo’s Josh Rogin tweets: US elections 2020 Joe Biden Walter Shaub (@waltshaub)She’s right, and it’s time the media started calling them concentration camps. (A year ago this weekend, I saw @AOC in person protesting outside the Tornillo child concentration camp. I didn’t know who she was at the time, but her passion in opposing the horror got my attention.) https://t.co/xJ6lvsXN4rJune 18, 2019 19 Jun 201913:06Acting defense sec Patrick Shanahan withdraws from confirmation process US politics live Donald Trump Twitter Updatedat 2.17pm EDT Share on Twitter Share via Emaillast_img read more