Safe Internet Day: How to avoid the biggest security threats this 2020?

first_imgInternet is a tool that we use every day. In addition to using it to communicate with others, there are more and more people who visit different websites to buy clothes, books, toys or even to make the purchase of the week and thus save the time it takes us to go to the supermarket.Whatever the tasks we do on the network or the utility we give to the Internet, we have to have one very clear thing: we must protect all our data correctly. Through the Internet, there are people who are able to know the personal data of others and even steal them without having to leave home. Image: iStock Today there are many different cyber threats that we can find on the web. And although there are already professionals who fight to eliminate them, there are some that continue to evolve, thus becoming the most dangerous of all. What are the biggest threats on the Internet? Phishing is one of the most popular ways to steal information on the Internet. This specialty within the “cyber theft”, consists of sending emails to the victims posing as a reliable website. The objective? That users put their data and thus steal the password and bank details. To avoid this threat, you have to explore the email and everything you put in it before sending any information. No company would ask for such sensitive data by mail. Other threats such as ‘viruses’, ‘worms’ or even ‘botnets’ and large-scale attacks, are other dangerous practices that can be used to infect our devices and steal personal information. Having the antivirus well updated and performing regular analyzes on its status is essential to avoid these security threats.In addition to these, there are many other threats that are a danger to anyone who uses the Internet. Cybercrime increases every year and more and more ingeniously that it is very difficult to control, so to be protected the main thing is to be aware of how dangerous the internet can be and to navigate with caution through its networks.center_img Internet is full of cyber threatsPerforming regular analyzes is essential for cybersecurity.last_img read more