UEFA tells clubs not to follow the Belgian example

first_img“The work now focuses on scenarios spanning the months of July and August, including the possibility of UEFA competitions being restarted after the completion of the national leagues,” says the letter sent, stressing the organization. of calendars. “Joint calendar management is strictly required, as the conclusion of the current season must be coordinated with the start of the new one, which may be affected in part due to the overload of the current one,” he says. UEFA , the ECA and the association of the European leagues wanted to be very forceful in their response to the Belgian decision since stopping the competitions also cast doubt on access to the European competitions.Whoever does not finish the league will have a difficult time playing in Europe.“Since participation in UEFA club competitions is determined by the sporting result achieved at the end of a full national competition, a premature termination would cast doubt on the fulfillment of that condition,” they argue. Not finishing the season jeopardizes access to European competitions next season, it is more the maximum organism of continental football demands to finish the championship to be able to access these places. In this sense, the Belgian teams, it is argued, are now in serious danger for the coming season. The Belgian league’s decision to end the competition and proclaim Bruges champion has raised considerable uncertainty for European clubs. Doubts about the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic continue to hover over the organization of football and the Belgian example has run like wildfire today. UEFA reportedly tried to calm the waters and urge its members not to rush. Thus, the European body has sent, hours after the Belgian announcement, a letter, which has been accessed by the Associated Press, signed by itself, by the ECA and all the European leagues. According to the article, AP has had access to the letter, in which the fundamental objective is to calm European clubs by assuring them that the season is going to end.The letter signed by UEFA, ECA and the Association of European Leagues. The letter signed by UEFA, ECA and the Association of European Leagues.center_img “We are sure that football will be able to restart in the coming months, with conditions that will be dictated by public authorities,” said the letter from UEFA and the ECA. “We believe that any decision to abandon national competitions is, at this stage, premature and not justified,” he makes a clear allusion to the Belgian example. Similarly, it is explained that UEFA is already working on a plan to resume football.last_img read more