Sand Festival – a logical and phenomenal tourist story that is a great addition to the Nin story

first_imgPhoto: Marin Stulić, Nin Tourist Board The long natural sandy beaches of Nina are one of its trademarks and an impressive image that is remembered by all who have been here at least once, and the total length of Nin beaches is as much as 8 kilometers, while the longest and most famous among them is 3 kilometers long, sandy Queen’s Beach. Find out more about the magic that comes and goes, ie about the 5th Sand Festival here The Sand Festival is so logical and a phenomenal tourist story that is a great addition to the Nin story. The Tourist Board of the City of Nin will again this year hold a Sand Festival where towers and sculptures made of quality Nin sand will be built under the guidance of artists and sculptors. It is the two world-famous Queen’s Beach and Ždrijac Beach, otherwise perfect places for families with small children, places of unusual encounters between bathers and builders. With their skills, they will create new sand structures on August 18, in the early morning hours from 08 am until the evaluation at 7 am, as a result of their creativity and imagination. Visitors will be able to relax and play creating their own art in the form of Nin monuments or some form hidden in their mind. The most beautiful sculptures will be awarded, and the organizers will take care of good fun and relaxation on the beaches of the royal city of Nin. Building sand towers with children is an emotion and an experience to remember. And when we add other phenomenal sculptures by artists to the whole story, we have a great tourist story and content. It is these “little” unforgettable experiences that we remember the most and that is the essence of tourism. Apart from the famous cultural and historical heritage, the town of Nin is rich in natural resources, among which stand out long natural sandy beaches.last_img read more