A web site search keywords will English why Chinese ranked second home



on the two: whether this site was hung black chain using the webmaster tools to detect client website source code, did not find the program hanging links about a Chinese keyword.

on the three: see through a webmaster tools website chain enter the website domain name, the results came out, a total of 7 links to this English website, look at the name of the link, the original is the Chinese keyword, all links to web page.

note: this problem is a small saw in May 10th, ranking second page (Encyclopedia below), the website ranking in 21, it is noted.

A thinking


is the title of the article I see a problem in Shanghai know, questions users confused and attach relevant pictures for answers. Because the editor is also engaged in the Shanghai dragon industry, this is also very interested, so he studied, discovered the mystery of this station.

: whether the content for this web site contains Chinese keywords or keyword Chinese English translation through a keyword search Chinese love Shanghai netizens question (love Shanghai index 75), search results ranking second is really a English website, at this time, Xiao Bian first thought is to view the contents on the website. Open the English website, found that there are English, content is contained a Chinese keyword. So Xiaobian use a translation tool to Chinese words translated into English, after reading web content is contained in the English keywords, search results, or not.

by sharing network 贵族宝贝liwuzhijia贵族宝贝 original feeds, starting Admin5, please keep the link. Respect the original, build a harmonious ecological internet.

see here, I believe that everyone has to know what’s happening? Or is this a webmaster or cyber source, to hang black chain on other sites, keywords to your site. Xiao Bian also looked at seven sites of the chain are linked to the source inside a gray area of words.

This paper presents

Xing Ping Li


do you SEO webmaster friends for love station should not be strange? It is 2009 in the webmaster raised a Qifeng website webmaster tools. From the webmaster only know PR case, love station network will "Baidu weight" concept into the webmaster’s ideas inside, and soon by the webmaster’s favor, and in the webmaster tools also occupy a place.


after a few years, love station network has been in a state of lukewarm fire, no breakthrough. Recently, there are rumors that some network industry legend Cai Wensheng and Li Xingping two people jointly invested love station network, can be said to be a shot in the arm to the webmaster. So why did the two of them invest in the love station network? Here’s a simple analysis below: a

1. love station network is currently in the Alexa ranking is good, and in the webmaster tools ranking is also second, second only to Chinaz tools.

2. has only 800 thousand registered members, and more than one million websites have visited.

3. love stand strong as Baidu keyword database, large occupied in the domestic market share, so any company will be promoted by Baidu, then precision marketing is very important, this time using the keyword set can bring huge profits, so the key of e-commerce marketing is most in need of the way. These can be through love keyword thesaurus to learn the weight of Baidu.

said that although Baidu official did not respond positively, but love stand this so-called Baidu weight so many webmaster convinced, including a lot of station I know, if you want to exchange links, you must look at the weight of Baidu.

4. love station to submit new words function, these are also many other webmaster tools can’t satisfy the webmaster. More or now webmaster community, there are few Webmaster Tools better company. This is only a data of love station, if you add Shangcai and Li, China and Cnzz statistics before investment, these are enough for any enterprise in China to make accurate marketing at low cost.

mobile Internet needs love station,


mobile Internet is a trend, there is no doubt about it. From the above analysis, we can know that love stations occupy a large part of the data, have strong data, that is, to have wealth. Compare the data to a sharp knife, and with it you can easily plug into the heart of the mobile internet.

alliance, multi League, Baidu mobile open platform, and so on, from the data level to grasp the mobile Internet database, but Cai Department has not yet a successful case.

, but combine the 4 love station functions together. In the future, whether it’s mobile station or APP, most of them will participate in it and push China

I also talk about webmaster do stand in, insist on

currently do stop the growth in the number of owners in the growth, the new owners will be very difficult to break through in such conditions, it is for every new webmaster heart that is not only the technical differences, but also ideological differences, and why is the mental health problem of you? Have not found the thought of a new idea and an old webmaster webmaster ideas is not the same, you might say the same, then I tell you is not the same. Because to webmaster, he is mature than you, at least do war aspect. You’ll ask again, "what’s that mature?" here, let me tell you one thing about the basic requirements of operations — "stick to it,


many people ignore the importance of the problem, to go so many detours, encountered more setbacks, to accept more challenges, in fact, if you just stick to it, don’t hurry, you will find that in the end point is not far away from our


well, let’s talk about it and get into the conversation. "Stick" from our mouths is simple, but it is quite difficult, do stand in that we should stick to what? – updated every day, every day, all the original content, Boke update, post to the forum, A5 hair article, do stand principle.

1. updated daily content

every day update is priority among priorities step, updated every day can make you more content search engines, attract Baidu, Google’s favorite, you know, love is the most China Baidu boss has real goods, most love new things, you every day of the original, he will love you. If you let him love, that is equal to the flow, is a major success, and there are in, users can visit you in love, the next direct access to your site, may also be more widely. Instead, you insist that every update, then you will be in his mind, example: I have a friend in the movie station (laopody.cn) is not adhere to the daily updates, leading to the site 1 months is not included, he looked every day in Baidu, included the GG engine, but you didn’t How do people collect you when you meet the requirements of others?

2. posts, soft Wen published,

The same

, adhere to published articles will make these engines pay attention to you every day, because the engine note on your word, it would be easy, or you must adhere to the premise of the published article, have a lot of friends in A5 also mentioned that, in my opinion, this is indeed very important, is also useful, at least make a lot of friends to see you! Some natural flow! If you post, will be the engine, this is not the best of both worlds! To the major sects to send post, to attract the attention of the engine.

3. adhere to their good standing principle

do station principle problems, in A5, some friends said, "yes, there must be principles, just as we have the same principles," "live, behave, do stand," do not use what kind of under three hands

Supply network management strategy good faith management, sincere development, sincere treat others

gradually along with the rise of e-commerce, supply sites also has been developed gradually, there are goods website, wholesale website, but the nature of these sites are around the "goods" of my own, also runs a small supply site, site is small but has a lot of experience. I summed up the three strategies of supply management website: integrity management, sincere, sincere.

supply network first strategy: good faith management,

good faith as the traditional virtues of our country has been favored by many people, whether in reality or the store business websites on the Internet are so, must be honesty, to tell you a case, I hope you can feel something. I run the supply site in August last year, in October when the website development has encountered a bottleneck, the site almost no business, and I want to give up on this site has a customer, consulting me so many questions, I have answered patiently, determined to order 2000 how many goods, the time for me 2000 yuan of goods I will make 1400 yuan of money, I was afraid to come up with so much money, so the buyer explained the situation, to allow the buyer to take less goods, buyers only said one sentence: I’ll call you the money. Is this sentence changed my source site, I also did not accept his advance payment, but through cash on delivery of goods sent out, the No 5 days I received a buyer’s cost of goods, but also he brought to my website at least 20 customers, can be said that this is honesty the results of operations, if I think people don’t believe, not to, then my supply site may now have completely cross here, hope everyone in the business site must be "believe each other, believe their eyes," cash on delivery is the best choice, even if not sent the goods are up to a waste of postage.

supply network second strategy: sincere development

development is sincere about a supply network to aesthetic design and development must do website customer communication, customer service and other aspects of the work, first look at the appearance of the site design, the appearance of a supply of certain requirements and supply of goods "are related to each other, can be" to become like is a piece of goods, will be the site of imagine for the transaction of luxury, this is the site of the supply of aesthetic design. Supply site customer communication requirements of customer service staff to work on time every day, when the customer can give the answer in 3 minutes, when customers want to understand something of the goods to provide a detailed explanation, this is a good customer communication. For customer service service, I believe we all understand that I will later selling out just for money, more important is to do things Follow-Up Services, if customers feel there is a problem, then as long as it is reasonable request to give a positive response, to know the development of the site is not a few hundred dollars, but pay attention to sincerely, if only for >

Content is king, not grab exclusive, form content, strategy is crucial

I "destiny is always young Beijing SEOER about SEO" in Chinaz, A5 post interview was published, there have been a friend asked me on QQ: "how do you do

blog interview?"

interviewed grassroots grassroots, some friends surprised

I know the unspoken questions behind my friends’ questions like this: since ZAC has successfully interviewed celebrities such as Google, the head of the anti spam group, and Matt Cutts, bloggers have been familiar with blogging. Friends surprise: as a not what quality network resources of grassroots bloggers, blog is not what fame (to this day average IP less than 100), you should also do the interview, and the interview object is actually the ordinary people.

indeed, in our impression, the media interviews are generally stare at industry celebrities, so that not only publicity highlights (star effect), more attractive to the audience.

this "pull tiger banner", enhance the self good visibility of the blog I also thought, have tried to contact some celebrities, companies (such as Baidu Library), all this effort everybody guessed my efforts no echo, little echo.

in the face of such cruel reality, I can only admit that I am not famous Bo, without any platform advantages and resource advantages of reality, and other large platforms can not be robbed celebrity industry enterprises. And I realized that if I blog "grassroots interview" section to proceed, we must take the initiative to adjust the original idea, reinvent the wheel, start from the side of the "grassroots" interview.

I think, like life, we are most likely to ignore the relatives, friends, love, professional areas, we also tend to ignore their own experts". I think my side of these practitioners although not what visibility, but their efforts to study, they are thinking of the industry and their future design, fully bring me some inspiration and moved, even better than the famous interview more real. As long as I choose a good interviewee, I feel it and express it better with words, I think someone will be moved as well. Because this is the true struggle of grass roots.

more importantly, such a "grassroots interview grassroots" grassroots interview, although the need to more carefully find each other’s promotional highlights. But it can "Jan" I am familiar with the interview of "long", "avoid" I have no industry celebrity resources "short", forming a "grassroots grassroots interview" "differentiated marketing strategy, it left a deep impression on the reader.

I thought it would be easy for me to have a "grassroots interview with grassroots". After I really put it into practice, I learned that for my unknown grassroots blogger, the difficulty of interviewing "grassroots" is not as small as interviewing an "celebrity".

I took a hobby into a second career in College

2014 good business projects large collection

want to earn the first pot of gold in 2014, friends, we must always pay attention to 2014 entrepreneurial projects. Today, investment advisers will bring you a few good projects 2014 entrepreneurship, if you are interested, may wish to take a look at it!

2014 venture project: good wild herbs planting

2014 venture good project: Jigsaw store

for nowadays a lot of people in pursuit of both personality and can bring fun leisure, can open a can make consumers for entertainment, but also can decorate the Home Furnishing gift shop, puzzle. Shopping malls in the large shopping center rent more than and 10 square meters of shops, plus decoration, personnel wages and cost of goods, the initial investment of about $50 thousand. It is worth noting that, at the time of purchase should pay attention to control the quantity, choose the varieties, each variety to purchase less quantity, to pull the consumption level, different levels to meet customer requirements.

2014 venture project: good />

2014 venture project:

2014 venture project: />

What are some of the equipment needed to open a pizza shop

western restaurant in China’s food and beverage market has a lot of room for development, and what we need to do pizza shop? The following small series of simple introduction, the need to open the pizza shop equipment, the purchase of these devices and how much money?.

normal shelf Table 2     500  1000

four door refrigerator   1   3000  3000

flour mixer   constant contact   1   2700  2700

register   1   3000  3000

air-conditioning 3   1   4700  4700

shelf 2     500  1000

stove 1     300  300

Hundreds of female passengers were awarded the star of female entrepreneurship honorary title

female entrepreneurs began to appear frequently on the entrepreneurial stage. Recently, the second jointly organized by the multi unit found around the star of female entrepreneurship in Beijing selection, hundreds of women who won the honorary title.

"found around the female entrepreneurial star" is approved by the National Women’s Federation, the National Federation of development under the guidance of the Ministry, by the Chinese women entrepreneurs. Development center, "Chinese women" magazine hosted a "entrepreneurial innovation aims to match the National Women’s Federation of women’s action", recommended recognition of outstanding women entrepreneurs, leading more women’s entrepreneurship, provide support and assistance activities for the majority of women entrepreneurs.

"found around the female entrepreneurial star" activities have been successfully held two sessions, through the selection of outstanding, lead and drive more female entrepreneurial innovation to the power of example, and to recommend

Join the snack car scam investigation

snack car because the stalls are not fixed, operating varieties, however, less investment funds, so by the countless entrepreneurs alike, the market is very hot, but here we can not deny that it has fraud exists, fraud investigation the following Xiaobian take you to know a join snack car!

see on TV to get rich quick multi snack car advertising spend 50 thousand yuan, but received a bunch of equipment is not the normal use of television advertising, advertising companies and manufacturers mutual shirk responsibility all kinds of rich buffet popular, consumers carefully joined trap "don’t buy our equipment, this is a tool." Tan Yubao came to his own just opened the sweet smell of Food Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Jilin to buy equipment, said.

see on TV to crisp Love Diet Culture Communication Co., get rich quick information, Mr. Tan specially to the corporation in Beijing were investigated, to spend 50 thousand yuan to win the proxy, received the machine is a mess of "junk".

6 12, the reporter saw the operation of the store Tan Yubao and his wife Ms. chen. Two couples told reporters that the machine has many problems. First of all, plug in the electricity after two laps on the "strike", and later it opened a look, scared, the original inside the bearing is bent. Secondly, the main part of the manufacturers of the advertising machine is white steel, but they can be used in the internal parts of the machine, such as the use of industrial paint paint, no smear on the already rusty. Again, the circle of iron noodle machine the part workmanship is very rough, "hard-edged", two people have been hand cut.

< >

2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival time, address, tickets

Xuyi international Lobster Festival officially started in 2001 to create a festival brand. China · Xuyi international Lobster Festival was held by local governments and leading media agencies by the people’s Government of Xuyi County of Jiangsu province with Australia and New Zealand, Sweden and other countries of the International Festival, the 2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival opening soon, invites you to visit!

2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival: June 12th (opening) –


2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival feast time: June 13th

2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival (the main venue): Jiangsu Huaian city Xuyi Duliang Plaza

2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival tickets: announced in early June

2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival traffic guide:

Nanjing: Nanjing central bus station bus ride to Xuyi’s car (every 30 minutes, the fare of 40 yuan / person).

Shanghai: Shanghai mass transit station, Shanghai coach bus station and Shanghai bus Shanghai station to take direct Xuyi car (fare about 98-145 yuan / person, depending on the model).

2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival activities:

the whole Lobster Festival around the four parts, respectively is: enjoy the taste of life, and life, show elegant life, a product to life.

During the

event has been supporting the performance of the famous square, the open-air feast of the people and the Olympic lobster tasting Xuyi lobster and other activities.


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