The interpretation of how to promote the recruitment network in order to achieve cost optimization

Promotion methods

but I suggest that if we want to promote recruitment network cost to achieve the optimization, do not choose some like paper towels, shopping bags, disposable promotional gifts, but should choose some low cost, exquisite small gifts. As some plus small ornaments, umbrellas, fans and so on, these long small gifts is the advantage of, can be reused as one-time gifts that can only be used once you lose, gifts repeated use of the higher people’s impression of us more profound, and can effectively save the cost of promotion, can shoot two hawks with one arrow.

second: don’t choose a one-time promotional gifts

comes with a typical offline advertising banners, for your reference:

extension of a recruitment network on online promotion is not enough, must also do offline promotion and offline promotion, the most common way is to advertise. We all know that the recruitment network for the group is the job seekers, job seekers, including students, white-collar workers and groups, can be said to be uneven in quality. I found a lot of offline promotion and recruitment network owners would choose billboards in this way, I do not recommend this way, need to use hanging billboards can let more people pay attention to the site, but this cost is very high, and the precision is very low, cannot navigate to various groups of job seekers the effect is often unsatisfactory. And I think, you can choose the simple way of posting advertising posters, posted in some schools, the community, the site, which can save a lot of advertising, but also can accurately locate the various types of job seekers, flexibility is very high.

operation site webmaster clearly, to promote any website takes a certain cost, including labor costs and the cost of capital. But the high cost of investment will not receive the good effect, so in the promotion to achieve cost optimization is a very important thing. So is the promotion of recruitment website, and promotion costs may be more, to talk about how to promote the recruitment website to make the cost optimization now, to achieve the best results.

recruitment network is the highest level held a job fair, but has just started, the development of the recruitment will do not have so much money to do an independent recruitment, also cannot achieve the effect of cost optimization. So this time we need to work together with others. How to find a partner, choose the cooperation opportunity? "

third: cooperation with enterprises held recruitment will enhance the popularity of the website

: the first line of advertising to pay attention to the accuracy and non big net fishing

now propaganda product or web site are a popular way of gifts, gifts can be varied: towels, umbrellas, bags and so on. These simple gifts can make people remember that we want to promote a product and website, is a very effective method of promotion.


Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel must hold the spirit from the May 4th Movement

when the students encountered when police stopped, they did all they could to overcome obstacles, gathered in Tiananmen. Now the development of Shanghai dragon in recent years development is very rapid, many promotion methods, Shanghai dragon techniques have been used by many people to use, resulting in new Shanghai dragon skill to industry innovation, not good development. In order to get better benefits than others, must have the innovation, the only way to go

the May 4th Movement is remembered in the hearts of the patriotic movement, is a worthy of our anniversary, by the May 4th Movement can not help but think of the 54 spirit, it interprets the honest, progressive, positive, freedom, equality, creation, beauty, goodness, peace, love and mutual assistance the labor and pleasant, full of happiness and social unity. As Shanghai dragon we should have what kind of spirit of Shanghai dragon

four, the May 4th Movement of Shanghai dragon spirit of innovation

filed the May 4th Movement let us recall in 1919, due to the Beiyang government was prepared to "de sign on the peace treaty", directly triggered strong dissatisfaction with the Chinese people, which led to the May 4th Movement, Chinese on behalf of Paris and will not attend the final signing ceremony. A student, business, education and many patriots in the patriotic movement, if they insist, the final result will be Chinese one more unequal treaties, let us return to the Shanghai dragon to think, to become a good Shanghai Longfeng practitioners there must be unremittingly spirit, only learn the Shanghai dragon theoretical knowledge is not enough, we must have perseverance, practice to reach, all the problems are all smoothly done or easily solved, not beat you.

Good The >!

three, the May 4th Movement of Shanghai dragon team spirit

team play in the May 4th Movement in dripping every minute, for a common goal of mutual support and cooperation and struggle, finally successfully remove all discord and injustice. We can not deny that this is a powerful and lasting force. In Shanghai Long Fengzhong is equally important, in the Shanghai dragon team, all of them have a common goal, make detailed plans and programmes, each person assigned their own work, mutual assistance in one direction to the development of

, the May 4th Movement unremittingly the spirit of

in the protests, especially those from students to organize demonstrations, they dare to do, after the suppression of protests, some schools have been arrested, and the organization of local students to start a new round of protests. This does not reach the goal of our staff to Shanghai dragon spirit is worth to learn, in a plan at the same time, must be timely to finish the task and finish it within the expected time, after the success you will reap unexpected results!

to try!

two, the May 4th Movement the execution of


The method of website from construction to optimize operation breakthrough five levels

website design looks very free, like how to design how to design web design, in fact, has an invisible hand to guide the direction of design, if you can not see the shadow, just hard, then designed a website may have too many loopholes, and some even appear on security for example, vulnerability, flash website is more vulnerable to attack, and the website design and website optimization will conflict, will eventually be pushed to again, resulting in wasting a lot of time, so the website design does not want to do what, but in a unified design based on the optimization of the platform, so that it can easy to break in the website design level


fourth: the construction of the chain gate

or enterprise website or personal website, website construction and operation of the process is basically the same, there is a website design, keyword selection, content updates, the construction of the chain and the flow of the conversion rate of the five aspects, although many people know that the five step is key point, difficult point of course website is in the process of operation, how to easily break through these five important points? The author with his many years of experience with the operation of the site, we do a simple analysis of

: the first breakthrough website design level

second level set

for updates, looks very simple, for example, by collecting some articles, update, and do a little modification, by the end of the title or slightly modified, some even rewrite, the highest realm of nature is pure original content, this method several updates its difficulty is gradually increase, for personal site or enterprise site, the original content of the last update has been a problem, but with the rapid development of the Internet, the original content is the future direction, to write more original content is the key point! And write an original method to find the source of life from nature and they can even find some professional writers! So as to ensure the website has the rich content of

webmasters may think that keyword set is very simple, especially the enterprise keywords, usually is related, and the product can be a matter of fact, only to set a master key is not enough, you know, website traffic on only 40% of them are through the main keywords, and the remaining 60% is the long tail keywords the contribution of the long tail keywords so it is very important, and the difficulty of setting the keywords, is how to dig out the good quality of the general competition long tail keywords, long tail keywords currently looking for methods, mainly through the analysis of Shanghai love index, in addition to a

for the website construction of the chain, the importance is self-evident, this is good.

! !

third: update level

No matter !Keywords:


When you want to quickly improve website weight should be content with

, the original content, pseudo original by

as a new station, if the content is collected, it is difficult to make a site with a good weight. I think early should be based on the original articles, false original article supplement. Each article is original it is impossible, it can be said now may not have a website to do, even if it is A5, Chinaz network owners who are based in the original article, in addition to some of the more popular network information in this article is come from other websites. Not only have the original time but also have some writing skills, so through the pseudo original to complete is a good thing, a deep processed out of the false original article, by the probability of search engine included or very large.

weight high website, need to spend far more easily than the new experience, at least in the content and frequency of updates can spend a lot less thought. The new station is not the same, a little "care" is not good, probably won’t give you a snapshot update. So in the update, the webmaster friends have to persevere, to spend a few hours a day in the fixed time point of the article, do not depending on their mood, adhere to the update will let website weight have a quick upgrade every day.

website weight is very low, or even three months ago many sites are the investigation into the stage of love in Shanghai, the site of ups and downs, and update the snapshot and stagnation. For many new owners, these three months is a long wait; because the site did not rank, no traffic, perhaps many webmaster at this stage have not get on the site is three days fishing nets two days of drying, update the site to look at their own mood, good mood to spend two or three hours to get the hair of the chain, the mood is not good, a week and a half months do not want to touch. This is the biggest drawbacks of novice.

The new


is essential

for a new station, you want to quickly improve the weight of the website, I think we should start from the content of the web site. Only let your website more articles, in order to enhance the ZhengZhan weight. At this time many owners may be questioned: their new sites included not many, but very good keywords ranking. In fact, keyword ranking is good, does not mean that the site has much weight, look at those keywords the degree of competition, some popular keywords, the competition is very small, as long as there are a few outside the chain of high quality can make up the rankings, when you are in love Shanghai search site name to know oneself in less than 100, can not find another new station; keywords ranking is good, perhaps love Shanghai for a new long-term care, have a good ranking is the hard truth. The railway station on the chain and can not take much effect, only the site has more articles, more included, can quickly let the website weight have a big promotion. In terms of the renewal of the content, I think the new station should hold the following points:

must adhere to update every day


three, the spider

Five keywords Shanghai dragon to test your ability

Four, If the

I started Shanghai dragon saw the first word is initially saw Shanghai dragon why Cardiff only a word about the meaning of this sentence is Shanghai dragon execution. The first half of Shanghai dragon execution that I have experience greatly. Whether do optimization or do anything, action is the most basic, no execution almost no everything. Whether it is Shanghai dragon today’s rookie Shanghai Longfeng Daniel, they could not every day boasted of his optimization technique, I believe each Shanghai dragon Er personnel to succeed, then the Shanghai dragon is the first element of execution. A: do you have? The score of 30, you can have your grades.

, a Shanghai dragon execution

two, Shanghai dragon insight


Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon has been almost half a year, until the Spring Festival also didn’t have much mood research Shanghai Dragon technology, will dive down and think about their own in the first half of this year have much progress in Shanghai dragon, to learn what knowledge, which made achievements, what are the prospects for the future. In my careful analysis after, I think if we want to make Shanghai as a lifelong occupation to become a dragon, Shanghai dragon Daniel, ability below five keywords mapping is what we must do. The view of the article or have not rigorous logic, when the right to initiate, we welcome the exchange.

is natural science, will be refurbished with knowledge, not to mention the knowledge update of the most frequent Internet, and the Internet, Shanghai dragon industry is more special, because the search engine is changing, to become Shanghai dragon master, you must have the ability to learn at any time. Adjust the search engine algorithm once, you can Shanghai Longfeng strategy should be targeted adjustment. Some Shanghai dragon techniques up to now have not yet surfaced on to become the Shanghai Dragon Master us, if you want to use it as a lifelong occupation, Shanghai dragon learning ability cannot do not have. Give yourself the learning ability evaluation, 20 points.

most of the Internet is changing the old, since the Internet, everything changes all came so fast so outright. Dealing with search engine of Shanghai dragon industry is changing and the unknown, there are many websites fall around us every day, there are many Internet Co bankruptcy. Do Shanghai dragon people, with every piece of information, every possible hot spots, each silk industry to change should be sensitive. In Shanghai dragon industry, if you have advanced insight, perhaps within a month, you will be brilliant Tengda. This is really not scoring 20 points.

communication is also important in Shanghai Longfeng industry. Compared with the traditional marketing, communication, public relations industry, technical staff and computer Shanghai Longfeng deal more time, we are more in the network and for communication. Even so, the network is also a need to communicate the arena. Most of the time is not a "Shanghai Dragon

three, Shanghai dragon learning ability

The development prospect of SMS joke network

1, website name:

SMS jokes network (SMS jokes network, happy sharing)

2, site location:

since 1990s, modern communication technology and Internet technology have developed rapidly all over the world, and have profoundly influenced and changed people’s life. A variety of ways of communication, anytime and anywhere exchange, arbitrary selection of information, personalized custom service…… This is the new life brought about by the information age. At the same time, the process of network digitization is also changing the traditional mode of operation of the industry, the media industry bear the brunt.

in this context, the text joke network was established in October 2008. SMS jokes are in-depth discussion and Research on mobile network communication technology, the fixed network of information technology and Internet technology, will be fully committed to the wireless value-added services and networks, such as TV and radio communication technology and industry technology of combining the product development, technology consulting and information consulting service etc.. At the same time, the purpose is happy net SMS jokes share, advocating "entertainment technology into" wireless data applications and wireless value-added service provider, is committed to the integration of wireless technology, wireless content service, wireless technology based value-added service to business users and individual users.

market analysis

1, market overview:

According to

statistics, last year a total of nearly 80 billion China Mobile users to send text messages, the research also shows that the Pyramid research company, to 2007 China SMS revenue will exceed $17 billion, Chinese SMS market showed enormous profit potential and development. All of this with the domestic network operators to fully support the separation of short message service is not open, hundreds of message platform for content providers, Everfount provides news, finance, securities, entertainment and other fresh information for mobile phone users, offers a variety of customized services, so that each level people can find their own information. At present, in addition to text messages, multimedia messages have entered the line of sight of people, high quality multimedia information including pictures, sounds, video clips, mobile phone through a simple operation easily realize the sharing and communication.

2, competitor analysis:

domestic SP currently falls into two main categories. One is the website ICP, which provides SMS value-added services based on the information superiority of the website itself. The more famous are mobile QQ, TOM and sina. The other is to do the wireless application service based SP, such as Linktone, PR network etc..

SP provides all kinds of content is similar, mainly including: news, life, tourism, financial services and other information; email, calendar, phone book and other personal information management services; stock trading, mobile phone banking, lottery, payment, ticketing and other mobile e-commerce; games, ringtones download, Download Image, jokes, chat and other entertainment services.

The devil is hidden in the details Web interaction, buttons, size, things



when a product completes the core part of the requirements, we can slowly prepare to begin to study the details of the problem.


a product can talk about details on almost every level: it also includes what is visible and what is not visible. The details on the surface are simple. Take the time to do, to try, to make mistakes, to correct. But can not see the details such as product positioning, user experience and so on, often rely on long-term accumulation, empirical research and get user feedback, it is difficult to clearly understand exactly which side how to manufacture and modification.

I have done some graphic design, I deeply understand that "if things will be held by others, put the details, then each part of the details must be carefully pursued.". When a poster leaflet was printed and easily copied hundreds, thousands of copies, and then thousands of people, tens of thousands of people saw it and had to deal with every detail of the picture with care. Therefore designers often spend a whole afternoon, for no reason, it is just staring at the screen of the manuscript, slowly to fine tune the picture of each title, each font and color, size and spacing, spacing and kerning…… Wait。


also has been involved in some of the animation creation, deeply appreciate the "things if you want to move, need to take care of the details will be more": Ten deformation rule, objects such as animation landing (the objects of different materials, different animation styles also affect the performance of deformation degrees), character animation when performing the preparatory action…… And so on, although do not do not affect the overall performance, but the lack of just let the viewer feel less flavor.



, while participating in the production of user interfaces. Once again, a deep understanding of "if something can interact with the user, then need to worry about the details of the more redoubled.". Because we can never expect what time the user will do something beyond what you expect.

pursuit of detail is time consuming work, but we must have the attitude of pursuing details,

Interactive details of the


uses the most common interactive element on the page: the button, the buttons on the page generally contain three interactive effects, namely: Normal, Hover, and Active (Pressed). In general, a web designer uses three images to make the difference (whether using three separate pictures or using CSS Sprite).

Webmaster, why didn’t you accomplish anything (Continued)

yesterday wrote a little of his own feelings (see the webmaster do stand why you accomplish nothing,) mixed, but everyone is discussed in my article that should do less let users uncomfortable advertising, and their own movie website in the add advertising almost to the extent of the rogue


let me clarify today. The movie station, in fact, with the emergence of MAX and other procedures, has fallen to the bottom of the garbage station, but also directly become poison webmaster and spend the webmaster struggle will thing,


absolutely not alarmist talk, in Kunming I know a webmaster, almost only do movie station. I don’t list his station, but it’s always changing. Why? Because this movie station almost Baidu K is equal to 0 for IP! But I admire him, he always is a new station in a certain period of time to a long tail Baidu keyword do the first page, to get the 1000-2000 IP daily. Then, crazy advertising, pop, point bombs, rebound, floating, induced…… Anyway, than my 7kan got more professional. It is conceivable that every IP has substantial income.

for a period of time, such as being demoted by K. Does not matter, the money has arrived, re – domain name re – do. So repeatedly.

sounds like a lot of fun, but in retrospect, he’s actually started on the regular track. He recalls, "at that time, one by one, plus information, and most of them are original, the community is also very hot, moderators are very responsible and enthusiastic.". Now, no longer have this enthusiasm to do regular station.

because now by the movie station, he has satisfied his life, every day as long as a little automatic collection, you can play, comfort. But, is this really the point of making a station? Collecting is a very harmful thing. In essence, he did not create anything new, and killed your will to stand, become a website to do you!


movie station can play, but not long time to do. But it’s good if it’s a movie station, like subtitles, reviews, or even BT downloads, but it’s also dangerous. An article in Kunming some webmaster let me leave a contact, do not know the rules to let stay for a QQ (79980626).

in Kunming do very comfortable Oh, the rent is not expensive in quite a pleasant climate, the feeds the bar.

What are the key factors to open clothing store location

open clothing store generally choose those positions? In addition to the super business, many operators like to talk about their own shops arranged in the roadside. Clothing store location should be taken seriously, if you want to make a profit, then you should do more homework, Xiaobian share a few suggestions, I hope to help you.

location to note, in fact many friends all know, is that there must be considerable traffic, such as the Beijing Xidan North Street, passenger Wang, good enough, businesses became a hotly contested spot. That is not enough passenger flow on the line, nor is it. In some regions, such as Beijing’s CBD, a lot of people, but on the scarcity of resources, high rents, and through the local passenger for employees and as a courier company salesman, to provide services for commuters restaurant takeout etc., or they have no time to go around, or do not have enough capacity to pay, resulting in operating in this kind of area businesses operating difficulties.

1, select the floor to do the clothing business, the first step is to choose the most popular shopping district;

2, secondly, to make the correct positioning of their own brands and products;

3, third, to the value of the business sector to make a breakdown, to see if these potential consumers are the future buyers of their own products;

4, fourth, pay attention to rent.


two, recommended

Li Jiacheng’s withdrawal from China caused by the hangover

Vanity Fair struggle is fierce, there is no reliable evaluation standard of right and wrong, take this from Li Jiacheng Chinese divestment, people mixed, the truth Public opinions are divergent., in the end how?

Many years later,

most traders, listening to me this anecdote, Mr. Li will understand the difficulties in heart.


recalls a detail yuan Geng reclamation Shekou Industrial Zone at. By the invitation of Deng Xiaoping, a group of Hongkong chiefs collective inspection Shekou, walking in the middle of the road, such as Henry Fok, who is the youngest, is also the most active one of the people in the world, such as the group of people in the world, such as, China and the United states. He boldly proposed to Yuan Geng, can let the shares of the Hong Kong businessmen to participate in the construction of Shekou, the military staff of the origin of the ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

the details leaked in the early stage of reform and opening, opening the delicate mentality. In the subsequent years, Hong Kong businessmen who invest in the mainland are mostly carefully gathered in the public welfare, Huo Yingdongjian Hotel, the building of the teaching building of the Run Run Shaw, do the University of the University of science and technology, the repair of the swimming pool.