Several companies talk about my station was K how to restore ranking

the above three problems is the author of several sites were initially diagnosed K, a general station caused by many K factors, such as host, content collection, web copy etc.. As in the end is not because these factors caused by power is not very clear, after all, site optimization techniques have many kinds, black and white are, as long as can be ranked, any means cannot be excluded. To solve these problems, the author also started to optimize.

first, to be K site, whether it is business or station to various sites (such as Taobao, the first railway station) appear similar to the above problems, the author think, largely because of too much junk content, lead spider crawl, then fell in love with the sea was judged as spam sites, natural snapshot it is not updated. In the case of increasing the chain, that spider patronage site frequency is very high, which you can download web log to see. Since there is so much junk content, and these content and not spiders love something, of course, need to delete. However, there is a problem.

website optimization the most taboo is the search engine K site, here is the search engine of K station is mainly in sea K station, because only love will make Shanghai K station, others like Google, Sogou, 360 search and few K stations may, at least the optimized number of enterprises since the station, only to be in love with sea K site. As for the love Shanghai why so arrogant, I believe we all know.

first day of work, I began to seriously compared to those of the site by K and in the stability of the site, after all, before is the same person in the site management, the optimization technique almost certainly. So, after comparison, the author also found that the problem.

problem, by the enterprise K station has a certain weight, but is not updated snapshot, the chain number has a certain number, but also an upward trend (Figure 1)

three page keywords push cut is very serious, generally speaking, the enterprise station keywords push cut is a common situation (said to have certain commercial meaning), but this will undoubtedly give the enterprise stand ranking was left.

first shows that the optimization of the site, from the beginning of September 7th, the first company to work directly facing the management of 7 enterprises to optimize the management station, because it is a network company, this is not surprising. But the problem came out, there are 4 stations were in love with the sea K, only 3 of a certain rank, I think, why most people mess? No way, in order to improve yourself, but also to make a living, I was willing to take over the enterprise station.

two, link power the friendship of the site a lot, because it is the site of many outsourcing network company, this is normal, and some Links also have problems, such as some sites have been K, but still Links.

Shanghai dragon three big misunderstanding of a detailed novice

1, many novice learning Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng once dragon, think you know a lot, don’t think Shanghai dragon have any difficulties, keyword optimization index from the beginning, even the optimization index thousands of words, this is actually very unrealistic. Everything should start small. Not to mention the index words even Shanghai dragon Er master are very difficult to do.

4, is unable to adhere to the Shanghai dragon Er workers the biggest drawbacks, the website ranking drop, drop right, included reducing, writing outside the chain too tired and so on are likely to be the reason to give up. Here to give you a friendly advice: if you really think Shanghai Longfeng own inappropriate, or can not stand the loneliness in early industry maybe for you is a good.

, on a misunderstanding of Shanghai Longfeng know

has just finished studying in Shanghai Longfeng, began to practice when there will always be some misunderstanding, once errors immediately change it is likely to cause website ranking drop, drop right even K station, and then he discouraged permanently leave Shanghai dragon industry. The author thinks that although Shanghai Longfeng success there are many factors, but the reasons for the failure have some similarities. In doing so, before others to see more mistakes. Some of today’s Chengdu Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng misunderstanding in this article in detail under the most common.

2, the chain link full page. All the chain link to the home page harm is very large, this is a kind of typical.

1, the chain that is everything. Shanghai Longfeng novice think the chain now still with the previous use of the same, only need to rely on the chain can do rankings, is not the case. But we have to do the chain quality beyond number, it is the best in the chain also want to use the combination of content.

3, many people think that the chain can transfer the weight, so the chain as the Shanghai dragon, even more than 80% of the time in the chain, in fact, a real Shanghai dragon Er every day needs to be done very much, including research competitors, content creation, chain, structure optimization analysis of website data and so on.

2, each site has a different market, each industry website source code is not the same. Some people see what others do, do what, blindly follow others to optimize up, standing still. Everyone’s situation is not the same, so the work intensity is different, choose the most suitable method to optimize the website is the best.

, the two misunderstanding of the chain of Shanghai DragonThe

chain is misunderstanding many webmaster met and released every day lots of garbage outside the chain, the chain link is the home page, the use of tools to release the chain group, no rules, which can be regarded as the chain of errors, all does not mean that the site, just rely on the chain to do list is now almost is an impossible thing.

Dead link pace website webmaster how to deal with the dead link


?We stand up

development prospect analysis of this site in the search engine’s point of view, when the search engine when you first came to the site of your site is 1 dead links, search engine spiders crawling here when already climb, so the spider back, after a period of time, the search engine spiders and here, this time your site is 2 dead links, search engines only crawl away the last 1/2 line is broken, it back, until the tenth time he came to the site, dead link has not been reduced, but showed an increasing trend, in the face of this situation, the search engine spiders retreat. Your site is not high, not included in the face of flow, the weight is not high, the decline in the ranking.

in the face of the serious influence the website link to die here, I put forward some suggestions to solve the website links to death, if you find it useful to support me to solve the site links to death, the most important thing is to find out where the link, and through the ctrl+f check the dead links to find your website folder, then find there are two solutions, one is the standard two site link, this link is shielded. Here I put forward some specific solutions, can directly find dead links then delete this link, the simplest and most efficient method; another method is to establish the robots.txt document drop dead links, this method a little trouble, but for the veteran is also very simple, if you can not use the search robots.txt directly in the search engine, search on it. The third is the point I want to say, it is the use of 404 pages, which is to guide the dead link effective party >

sees more and more new webmaster into the Internet industry, I am happy for them and for their deep concern about the prospect of access to the Internet, and I just do a half of the owners to know that his station has been half a year to enter the Internet chat, but there is no profit, I let him put the site to me finally, I took a tour of his landing site, found a very serious problem, there are some pages should not open, I finally use the chain of its Web site testing tool, the above figure is his site links, a total of 95 links have 10 open, is this the website can generate

We stand up

analysis on the development potential of the site in the perspective of the user experience, when the user when you first came to the site found that the site three or four links you will encounter not open the link, if it is not the key link also does not matter, but if it is a key link and left the user? Web site. When second users come to your website, also encountered this situation, long before it, your site may be put an end to the hands of customers, because they will not come to your website, can clearly tell you, a link will not solve the webmaster is not a qualified website webmaster.

Site traffic is not the only way to make money online

site traffic to earn money, it seems to have become a default rule for many webmasters. Many webmaster think, website to make money, to improve the flow from start; no traffic to the site can not earn money; to do is to do something a lot of traffic, no traffic site site seems to can’t do anything, actually this is a big mistake.

what I want to say is, do website to make money, do not begin from flow, but begin from setting up website brand image.

personal website is best at the way to pull traffic is nothing more than the following: BBS post, QQ mass, Baidu Post Bar posting, smashing money. Although these means a certain role in the short term, but it requires a lot of manpower and financial resources, and this kind of user traffic sources usually is short, can not stand the test of time, will not become a loyal user of the website, the more important point is that it is obviously in reducing website brand image.

before writing this article, I and a webmaster friend made communication, the king every day shuttle back and forth each big BBS community, by posting propaganda, traffic is pretty impressive. When asked about profits, the answer was "standing for nearly a year, earning less than $1000."". "An article I published before the local web site to make known to every family?" a place described in the web site:, the station is nearly a year, the main direction is an important promotion and portal site cooperation, business sponsorship activities, Internet cafes and other settings page. These methods have strengthened the brand image of the website to a certain extent, the public praise of the user is also good, rely on is the word of mouth marketing strategy of word of mouth. So far, the site’s monthly advertising revenue has reached 2K. But in comparison, the traffic is less than 5K.

wrote here, some people will ask why businesses will choose to advertise on your website? Before I was out of curiosity, this question asked a advertisers, get the answer only two words:


so, in the current many owners do not discount means, blindly pursue website traffic in the background, I would like to remind you that this article: the value of the site, the brand is always in the first place. Without a good brand, the life of a web site will not last long. Brand is the minimum requirement for an excellent website,


the author of this article is more cool 123 site navigation:, reprinted please indicate, thank you!


Thinking about the promotion of peer products


a few days ago, the author received a parking facility from Shenzhen to Changsha and parking locks manufacturers boss. Conversation that, there are a number of electricity supplier companies from the manufacturers to take goods, and then OEM sales, its operating status is diametrically opposed. I read the company’s last year’s bill, analysis of the company only slightly profitable. Why the same product, its operating situation will be a great difference, please allow me one by one anatomy.

1, parking locks A manufacturers current situation

the manufacturer mainly produces parking spaces, locks, road locks and other parking facilities. Its main sales channels for online search engines, offline dealers. The author sees its website, it is a very simple and crude site, even open with Google browser, all be dislocated. This site’s SEO is also done so carelessly, Baidu traffic is 13. But the company put a lot of Baidu bidding ads, put the region for the country.

conversation during the meal, the company’s parking facilities products mainly in parking locks and deceleration belt is the best seller. The biggest source of customers is the following distributors and OEM brands; the second largest source is the engineering bill brought by Baidu, and SEO’s customers are almost negligible.

analysis: the company is a manufacturer and has a cost advantage of the product. Secondly, the product line is relatively wide, such as parking facilities can be crossed with traffic facilities. Finally, the manufacturer sells a large quantity of products, so its profitability is good.

two, OEM brand B

B brand for OEM products, but also from the A manufacturers to take goods, and then packaged for sale. From the B website filing information, I see that a brand operating company in Shenzhen. Its products are mainly sales channels search engines, almost wireless, salesman and other teams.

brand operating companies on the Internet to shape brands, really have a set. B’s website is very atmospheric, and its brand, logo, product promotion page, video and customer case are first-class in the entire parking facility site.

B brand in the Internet promotion, mainly rely on SEO, PPC, Baidu know platform and soft Wen promotion. The brand operating company’s SEO level is good, there should be a team in operation. And its PPC and soft Wen and so on, always in constant publicity B operation of this brand, let the brand word in the Internet related places everywhere.

analysis: OEM B brand success is not accidental; first, the high-end product positioning in substantial profits; second, precision bombing as brand marketing, advertising network alliance is highlighted in the "B" brand word; third, B and A are the same as Shenzhen, single and wholesale products directly from A manufacturersnahuo, omitted Logistics costs, inventory risk, make the cost lower.

three, personal operation C

C is the city boy, I search the information on the Internet, found that C from the 80 building forum. >

Local standing outside the network promotion book

1. where the essential one, and I think one of the essential. There must be beautiful women standing around the station. Activities can be held a lot, wear a web address T-shirt, find a beauty, sexy beauty, to flow places. There are local super girls, friends, and so on.

2. alliance with businesses, you can allow businesses to provide some small gifts, as a website activity prizes, both publicity businesses, but also publicity of the website, to achieve mutual win. Open columns and interact with customers and online marketing, the website is afraid no one to use, as long as someone uses it, there is vitality. Your website soon got around. For example, with the florist to provide online ordering one-stop service, and concessions, features, not other flower stores.


cooperation with traditional media and traditional media in the local has large number of users, and their cooperation, such as the establishment of a forum on BBS, providing news source for them, and to spread out the sound of the door. In addition, you can also work with local information newspapers to increase exposure through resource swaps. If you have the chance, meet a few local media reporters, and with their help, your website will be more active.

4. works with the government. At this point, the site users greater brand influence, publicity, government image, publicity City, so that more public recognition of the site.

5. contacts with the local computer company, you help them advertise on the website, or send them GHOST disk, mouse pad and so on. They put the icon on the desktop while installing the machine, or add favorites to the home page, but it’s better to have navigation content.

6. website is a mass of information carriers, to achieve localization, we must strengthen local originality. Restricted by resources, local news websites have limited original news, and more content comes from reprinting. Therefore, on the one hand, local news websites can make a contribution to the production of original news, and directly participate in the publicity of local construction results on the basis of their own resources. For example, the Taiyuan news network reporter is often sending text and video their coverage of local events, so that users can timely and accurately understand the occurrence of the local news website to expand the visibility and influence.

7. resource utilization. Use local matchmaking agencies, clubs, and agencies to enrich your website. The dating agency to provide real-time matchmaking information published in my website, contact is of course the dating agency contact telephone number, are conspicuous in their dating place, and the data card do my website advertising, practice, dating website and get the win.

8. will set up a local volunteer team.

9. local portals and Internet cafes cooperation is imperative, such as Internet cafes posters, computer wallpaper, mouse pads, advertising and other promotional methods are too numerous to mention, paving a web site and Internet cafes mutually beneficial

How much money does it cost to join AI

small series before listening to an economic talk show when there is a saying: what is the status quo of China’s entrepreneurship? That is, even the madman are thinking about the entrepreneurial age, which shows what, this is really a public business innovation era, as long as you have the idea as long as you dare to do nothing. Small series today for many food and beverage entrepreneurs to join the project is recommended for the taste of steak, beef products to join the need for how much money? AI steak franchisee who have to be prepared in advance of a good taste of steak steak. Roughly estimated, AI beef steak is 302 thousand yuan.

how much does it cost to join AI?

‘s steak can make a detailed analysis of the franchise fee franchisees have a more in-depth understanding of AI steak to join, the only way to make money before joining to avoid all sorts of problems caused by lack of funds.

after a series of investigation and study, we can learn that AI steak join fee in the first tier cities need to invest 520 thousand yuan; second tier cities need to invest $405 thousand; three line cities need to invest $302 thousand. Of course, the above cost is estimated, is not absolute, the specific costs also need according to actual circumstances, also need to consider their own economic situation, only choose the most suitable for their own is the best way to join.

about AI steak to join the small fee to say so much, if you want to join the idea, please leave a message below our website consulting!

Brand name should focus on the target market

now, although there are a lot of investors to know the brand from a proper name is a very important thing, however, a lot of people named is from our own perspective, without taking into account the real investors feel. In fact, the brand name, the target market is a key factor.

many companies, especially the boss, in the name of the brand, too much emphasis on their feelings, while ignoring the product is actually made to others, is to sell to others. Others want this product, he must have a good impression on the brand, the enterprise should consider the brand name to his feelings, rather than to consider the boss’s feelings.

, for example, give a name to a child’s product to consider whether a child will like it. Children can be "Mickey wonderful", can not be "crocodile". Consumers in the moment of consumption is emotional, so we must seize their hearts at this moment. Therefore, when the brand name, we have to consider other people’s identity, rather than self-identity.

Jin Yong novel in the name of a lot of martial arts characters, are in line with the plot of the book, you can not put the characters in his book and Qiong Yao novel characters. Also, we have seen the "Water Margin", Song Jiang, Lin Chong, and other characters of the figure and the name of the characters have a great relationship, and these characters in the hearts of every reader has a model of understanding.

but understanding of each person that is surprisingly consistent, illustrates the importance of relationship between the names of characters and connotation of the figure also shows that, the author of these names, not to their own preferences for the standard, but to the readers as the standard of social identity.

short, if we want to make the brand more good development long, can not just from our own perspective, also need to pay attention to the target market, consumers pay attention to feelings, so as to make the brand will be better tomorrow.

Baby supplies store how to display goods

infant supplies stores business if you do not know how to display the principle that will certainly have an impact on the store profitability has, many businesses have come to the consultation skills on display, if you want to know with small series with a look, grasp the opportunity to learn, to acquire more profitable skills.

1, vertical display method: will be placed vertically in the vertical row of goods on the surface.

such display advantages: A. allows customers to clearly see the goods, can be compared, two horizontal arrangement, to go back and forth a few times, there is no clear impression, because people’s eyes move up and down than the parallel move clear. B. is beneficial to the similar commodity price comparison C. can not let the similar goods can enjoy "the gold dan".

2, milk powder or other items of the theme of the display method: with the festival, the theme of the promotional activities of the display.

advantages: will be a lot of goods according to a clear theme of the display, in order to remind the customer Association, improve sales. Duitou equipment outstanding products, plus eye-catching, unique advertising to attract customers.

3 related, complementary goods are displayed together: the use of this method should pay attention to the display of goods must have a strong complementarity, relevance, relevance.

4. integrated display method: the combination of goods, designed to be displayed as a whole form.

5. comparison of the display: milk powder and other goods through a combination of different combinations, the overall sales to increase sales.

infant supplies stores operators need to display goods if you display skills is not very familiar with can contact us to tap more business skills, display of goods is a university asked not to ignore this important link.

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