Different keywords undertake different mission for the enterprise

has the advantages of high user loyalty, may become a lifelong fan. Disadvantages: the need to accumulate for a long time, Dripping water wears through a stone. in a day.

also stand sales perspective is extremely valuable, perhaps this kind of users will not buy immediately, but as long as your site around long enough, it is found that the purchase of products of love, but sooner or later, for example a website brand word is the most valuable words, but it is only for the promotion of ranking in the last row, the energy is limited, if your company team personnel, funds enough, it can be done at the same time. But if a single from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, it should be the last weapon we continue to enhance the website weight, because early to do keyword ranking, then study the data, finally taking the time to promote our company on other platforms.

is one of the most important products: product optimization and promotion staff word word, its attribute is the precise needs of mission, in the short term can help us to increase sales. This kind of word is usually more popular, but the competition is fierce. I can see in our industry, although no one home to compete for these products, but a lot of people are using the B2B platform to promote, in the search engine also has a lot of ranking. Nature of these keywords is large, but unpopular. Need to continue mining spread, a long time. The site should be second steps, the first step is to capture the first target keywords, next is the long tail keywords.

brand word: brand word is a company’s most important keywords, it represents your core audience, for example when we search the car home, they obviously is to find the car home on the official website. They obviously is the website of the audience, now the search engine is more and more attached to this point, the website weight is certainly larger high audience. And it will look at your website there is no quality content to allow users to stay for a long time, so you should be more user precipitation station. Someone asked me what it says is the best method to improve website weight? I said the word card export promotion company.

keyword selection is crucial to success for an enterprise to do marketing and promotion, more research keywords is the first step in planning. This step is wrong, no matter how hard behind you will fail. So today we would like to tell you a different keywords for enterprises to bear different missions, and in the process of optimization order also is very exquisite, in shaping the brand, short-term interests are of great influence. Understand the keywords POS and planning, so that our enterprises have the opportunity to use the least time to maximize profits, we now see that different keywords what properties, how we should make good use of it.

And use the

advantages: short term profit. Disadvantages: less popular user retrieval

words: nature of these keywords is to help us to occupy the market, Shanghai dragon world >

A new station on the line not too frequently change the title

new snapshot As long as the

is a web site update frequency high a lot of people think that is the key to weight a, many owners think so, but for two years in Shanghai Longfeng, in fact this snapshot and weight does not matter much, but can keep the website updated snapshot, a new snapshot, the search engine will visit you grab your high frequency then, a thing to see website search engine, search engine every day to visit the site, we first by default, at least love website search engine.

into the webmaster circle all know a word, content is king, so a good website, content is the priority among priorities, a regular update of high quality original content website, no matter at which position the user experience, users have to be seen as a search engine, more. Needless to say, love the original content of the habit has not changed, the user experience high >

popular keywords, I believe that many webmaster keywords medium may be collected from from the station on the line, perhaps a few days can love Shanghai home, but the popular keyword as a new station, I think it is still difficult for most of the webmaster, unless you extraordinary Shanghai Longfeng optimization experience, or you can use the heimao method here we have to say, but as a long-term business website, this means the firm does not, because the knowledge of some time ago as trassient as a fleeting cloud, flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, there has been a good example, isn’t it, so do a webmaster, we should put the site as their own children, need to have patience. Have the responsibility to pay attention to it every day, take care of it, honestly do stand is every webmaster should do. Here I share, from the line on the website for 2 months now, my website popular keywords do love Shanghai home third place. The method is that simple things repeat, but who do care enough, enough extreme.

two: the internal link is smooth spider value

: a website continued update is to maintain the fundamental

network is a big universe, each page of a website is independent of the individual, we need to set up a bridge link, let all the pages linked together, the next Xiaobian I want to say is the structure of the station, the station you might be a little strange structure, the structure of the station is the only way to crawl the spider crawling station, only to find the code information included crawling, so when the crawling spider will not just crawl the web, in order to safety first to judge your site is safe, if your site safety, so the spider will not hesitate to crawl to retrieve your website, if you the site is not safe and messy, so the spider can feel your site will be very dangerous to take a detour, so in order to have a good ranking well in the station The structure, personal suggest that you can use pure static code website, at least at present a large number of practice has proved that this is the best.

three: website content is the core of

What should a failed webmaster do

webmaster about Baidu is love and hate, love is with Baidu you make a lot of money, even crazy money, hate is this crazy Baidu is to let you short, climax is often short-lived. Good things such as love too,

you www.admin5.com fans have time Baidu " Shenzhen detective " you will see the first page is how crazy, detective " " Roewe; the station with his strength and skill to let Baidu impressed. Baidu had to do not let him sit in the first.


SEO, network marketing, Internet marketer, the name is used to describe a webmaster action. But what is the real master? Is the webmaster network graph king, or that Wang Tong, or now " rape " Baidu " Roewe detective ", really make money is not the master at the height of their cry, they do is good at home and watch that amount of money money package,

, we don’t have money makers. What can we do,


personally feel that the following are;

a lot, try not to be afraid of wrong

two, stick to it, that’s not to say,.

three, learn to copy, of course not just ctrl+c, innovation in replication is the most important.

four combines the world in the network with the world in reality..

five, be confident! This is the first thing. I believe it will be successful!


of course, there are many, there are time to communicate with each other.

Online education case study NetEase cloud classroom – crowdsourcing trial of Education

[core tips] foreign online education blossom everywhere, there are many domestic products are doing different attempts, Wang Yiyun classroom with NetEase open class content precipitation, what will change?

NetEase cloud classroom is NetEase’s new concept of Internet education classroom, to provide users with the teaching content generation, dissemination and consumer services.



class provides cloud NetEase covering multiple categories of quality courses, continuously updated integration of open class learning content, unified management; in the interaction through video, graphics, test and practice to bring about a better learning experience.


the power of crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is not a new concept, the park geeks have written Sogou numbers through the data collection model is the use of Crowdsourcing, through the user marks to identify telephone harassment, then mark the user’s data sharing to the server, use wisdom to build the database of the public, share.


The Internet Education NetEase

cloud classroom is not like the traditional education platform by making curriculum participants only need to follow the prescribed order of learning, the NetEase Open Cloud classroom curriculum to establish common user permissions, by the user to create their own learning content, to establish the course through the Crowdsourcing mode, everyone can become the curriculum creator, collect the educational resources on the Internet share learning.


at the product level, the NetEase for the course provider cloud classroom provides a rich curriculum display tool to help teachers to build a professional and efficient Internet teaching environment, the different disciplines and different forms of curriculum can fully teach. The platform also provides a free environment for communication and interaction between teachers and learners.


‘s attempt at open class

NetEase cloud class is not NetEase’s first attempt at education, NetEase’s NetEase open class has achieved good results.


November 2010, the NetEase launched the "global elite open class video project, launched the first batch of 1200 sets of courses, including more than 200 sets with Chinese subtitles, users can watch free online from the Harvard University and other world-class and domestic schools of public courses.

network open course includes many foreign schools, covering the arts, humanities and social, financial and other fields, Netease Open Class voted to take what is the progress of translation strategy, let the user decide the first translation, the content of heat.

Young people generally optimistic about the next 5 years entrepreneurial environment

now a lot of people in order to improve the quality of life or to achieve self-worth, have embarked on the entrepreneurial road. So what do young people think about the entrepreneurial environment in recent years? For the future of entrepreneurship, whether there are expectations?


letter (36%), the social security system is not perfect (21.4%), has become the main factors hindering youth entrepreneurship.

in the choice of the best business locations, most people will not vote for " the big city (18.1%), but the choice of " " " medium city (50.5%) or " (21.8%) " small city; 9.6%, more people are turning to the township.

A selection of

boutique project recommended: Aupu integrated ceiling kitchen ceiling leading brand

Leclaire good brand women’s quality of life in the investment good choice

comes good nick brand good? In our life, has always been a very advantageous choice. Good brand comes to join in the project, an open their own good brand stores in Leclaire, is a very wise choice!

company "LARCHY" brand, adhere to the combination of self, to join the market strategy, has been in the China, establish self owned stores, nearly 200 stores scale, brand influence further personalized fashion consumption territory, the achievements of the" LARCHY" industry; extraordinary influence, by fashionable women, have very high visibility and reputation.

"LARCHY" market performance excellence, the company benefited from strong company and the United Kingdom, France and Italy and Hongkong, a number of professional design consulting company long-term cooperation, adhering to the" LARCHY" European design style and the idea of the original, and together with the professional design team to Japan, South Korea, clever fusion of Oriental traditional the clothing culture, the protection of the "LARCHY" brand to consumer driven design; from first to last mission.

company has a production base is located in Guangzhou Panyu District Shiji Town, covers an area of 10000 square meters, with the world’s leading TPS mode of production, the annual output of 1 million pieces.


comes good nick brand? High quality women’s choice of joining the project, shop is earned! If you comes to join Nick brand women’s good project, is also very interested, right up to my advice!

How to create a super popular dessert shop

over the past few years, the dessert business has been very hot, the store followed by a non-stop, dessert shop entrepreneurs are facing opportunities and challenges. For them, how to create a super popular dessert shop is really concerned about the problem. On this issue, the whole network share a coup.

The first step for


location for shops will play a major role. As the saying goes, store an inch, a business zhang. Good shop is the stream of people, the flow of money, the exchange of information flow is the fastest and most active place. According to the traditional experience, a north-south on Commercial Street, South to Mong north; to open, east to West Mong surface; and a traditional commercial street, the most popular is not two, nor in the middle, and half of the place but close to half of the difference is not consistent with the golden ratio (1:0.618). Of course, this is not absolute, in the modern business environment under the guidance of the advanced concept of design, from the human nature, psychology, habits and other elements of the comprehensive consideration, often can create a home shop is a miracle shop.

?The second step


ascription, the importance of store, in relation to their own corporate image, will also directly affect the product sales. In general, names to be auspicious, easy to pronounce, unique, easy to memorize. A tailor, like selling high-end jewelry, going into the ocean by " "; selling traditional crafts, souvenirs, is to rely on " " soil; soil, the more the more unique, more national, the more the world. Through the appropriate store name, so that customers know themselves, appreciate their own, trust themselves, to achieve long-term business cooperation. The name is well planned, can be handed down, free publicity.

The third step

?How to create a buzz


fourth step   use of advertising, steal the

eye?How to create a buzz

in the same market, striking degree and effect of various retail stores inside and outside advertising become the influence customers to buy.

Anne shoes stores hot shop

the best choice for women’s shoes, is the best choice for our quality of life. What about Anne’s shoes? High quality shoes, worthy of trust. How about joining Anne? With the strength of the brand to join the project selection, it is worth joining!

Anne women’s tailoring process using painless high technology, three-dimensional cutting technology, tailored. Modern imported production lines, nearly 500 steps, with extraordinary as if done by the spirits. To make you feel comfortable, comfortable, comfortable, feel extraordinary life, from the beginning of wearing Anne shoes.


Anne’s establishment, has a new advanced e-commerce platform and efficient management system and the establishment of the ERP, and Baidu, Sina, Google and other Internet media friendly relations and cooperation; at the same time, a business with CCTV-7, Hunan TV, Anhui TV, friends, pay special attention to other countries, famous TV media magazine.

we all know, always can not meet the demand for beauty. What about Anne’s shoes? High quality women’s shoes to join the selection, the success of venture worthy of trust. Join Anne shoes? Good project, good choice. What are you hesitating about?

You can make money to join Beck Hamburg

Beck Hamburg to join the project choice for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. The quality of entrepreneurial projects, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. Beck burger, good project, good choice!

with the fast pace of life, Hamburg joined the fast-paced queue, not only convenient and delicious. We can all see that fast food has become an essential part of people’s lives. In addition, both adults and minors, are very fond of hamburg. Therefore, to join a hamburger shop is very promising. Today Xiaobian to introduce Beck Hamburg, then join Beck burger can make money?

can you make money by joining Beck burger?. Beck Burger’s official website is a website worth your trust, if you have any questions, you can log on. The whole store output, 3 days of training, the opening of the 7 day, just a day to generate income in 10 days. And provide equipment, no chef, save energy, save labor. Beck Hamburg is the source of power companies registered fast food brands, with a mature mode of operation and entrepreneurial support policies, so that you can trust when entrepreneurs!

Beck joined Hamburg? Beck hamburger stores have a core material formulation and characteristics of the hamburger and fried chicken chicken production technology, to become an independent school in appearance, taste, nutrition, as KFC and McDonald’s, makes others unable to follow the good quality. Hamburg, drinks, chicken rolls, pizza and other ten series, the more than and 100 single items, are very profitable.

how about joining Beck burger? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship. If you join the Beck Hamburg project, is also very exciting, then, do not hesitate, hurry up! Come and join us!

Datong County Organization of more than 1 migrant workers to pick up cotton in Xinjiang

Since this year, Xinjiang Datong County to pick up cotton seasonal labor export as an important means to remedy the loss of natural disasters and improve the labor transfer level, an important measure to increase the income of farmers to grasp, in summing up the previous labor export experience, give full play to the role of the organization of labor brokers have been driven to the Xinjiang guide organization pick the cotton industry nearly more than 1 people, the realization of labor income of 50 million yuan, on record

this year, Xinjiang Datong County to pick up cotton seasonal labor export as an important means to remedy the loss of natural disasters and improve the labor transfer level, an important measure to increase the income of farmers to grasp, in summing up the previous labor export experience, give full play to the role of the organization of labor brokers have been driven to the Xinjiang guide organization pick up cotton industry nearly 1 million people, the realization of labor income of 50 million yuan, on record.

this year spring drought, mountainous region of Datong County, mountain crops have been seriously affected. In order to increase the farmers’ income, to ensure that the drought year no reduction in production, labor and Employment Bureau leadership attaches great importance to the Xinjiang Construction Corps personnel arrangements and contact, understanding of the cotton crop, grasp the market, through the collection of information, in-depth Township village investigation thoroughly, extensive mobilization of labor brokers and held a forum, the establishment of reward and punishment mechanism. Guided by the government, brokers take the lead, the market operation mode, increase the intensity of Xinjiang cotton transport seasonal labor workers, so that Xinjiang picking cotton as an important way to protect the people’s income in the year of disaster.