Now the Shanghai dragon and the Shanghai dragon

marketing has its own attributes, the concept of today’s Shanghai dragon from before we all know the slowly changing, properties of the product itself is also undergoing a subtle change. We look at the comparison:


4. in Shanghai and Phoenix are the experience in power, you just for a regular algorithm in operation rather than a public rule. Now the law has been changed to a more simple and crude, a fresh approach has.

3. it is known for many years in a concept that Shanghai dragon is free flow. In fact, the so-called free flow is not only based on the entrance paid for the tickets, but don’t forget to go to the attractions you put in the way of travel and accommodation. So today, we recommended to become more return flow, as long as put more time and money to get back, and not the real meaning of free traffic.

2. former Shanghai dragon are basically respected concept of long-term effective, so the investment return rate is relatively high. The Shanghai dragon can’t simply say is a long-term effect, because we pay more attention to how long can the effect, and not long long is not a core role. So a mid Shanghai dragon marketing effect, if your project for short-term effect of words, Shanghai dragon is not appropriate.

Shanghai Longfeng entry and the implementation cost of

1. Shanghai dragon explained in terms of

1. in the past is relatively low, as long as there is awareness of the company can do Shanghai dragon on the Internet, the relative effect also appears relatively fast, so become a foundation with marketing. The Shanghai dragon optimization is a luxurious facilities, its effect is not used well, but companies need to invest more resources and time, with more technical personnel, personnel, marketing and PR content marketing personnel, and most small companies can not do the integrity of the team.

is optimized for the mainstream of Shanghai dragon a search engine friendly website of inside and outside of the station technology and content are between 2000-2011 years. By means of a close to the search engine algorithm, so called Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization).

2. Shanghai dragon optimization property


from the beginning of 2011 to 2014, the search engine optimization is not restricted to the code, the content and links, because the optimization importance decreased year by year, more basic Shanghai Longfeng improved site increased year by year. So the algorithm tends to search experience and user reputation in the direction to go, so now Shanghai dragon should be understood as Search Experience Optimization (search experience Optimization)

How one by one investigation website keywords ranking suddenly drop

exclusion reasons: Although there are some articles using Edit >

was the first to introduce me to the operation station in

December 2nd morning check, in addition to popular word in the home, other long tail words and popular words are ranked out, really need to carefully check the reasons! Find the cause, because there is a rising trend and has been ranked the stable for more than a week yesterday, so get rid of optimizing actions a week ago may be adverse the effects of the problem should appear in this week, I mainly to the investigation from the following aspects:



content: we stand has been updated daily in five or six or more, and often I will send some pure original article, through the investigation of the effect of the original articles do not cover, can improve the quality of website does not say, even the whole station included the amount increases.

eliminate the cause: last week downtime did not happen again during this week, and 11.24 days in the week has eliminated, and ranking reached a stable state, so the server factors removed.

Shenyang move network this year 7 at the end of the line, after two months of hard work, the popular word "Shenyang move" and common word "Shenyang moving company" was ranked in the Shanghai home of love. In October 24th, according to the instructions to modify a title, the ranking out to ten pages away. 11 at the end of the main site keywords ranking rose again to the home page. (the October 24 revision of screenshots title before the site in CNZZ tool to check on the

server: I get a monitoring treasure, monitoring server, in addition to 11.24 am two times the crash occurred, has been very stable.

1. server


a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers may do cases, will encounter this kind of situation, are not easy to do up the rankings once fell, a time puzzled, don’t know which one is part of the problem, where to start to do. Encountered this situation do not panic, the site was K or plummet in the rankings for a particular reason for it, a case by the author to analyze in detail the author, how one investigation analysis of the causes of the decline in ranking websites.

eliminate the cause: this situation lasted a month, ranking back to the first page and the second page, no new friends of the chain increased in the near future, rise, the ranking is also very stable. Therefore, the exclusion is due to involvement of friends of the chain of causes.

2. Links

chain: last month in 10.24 days due to the change of the title, ranking drastically, love Shanghai weight from 2 down to 0, removed a few think server access very slow chain, basically did not add, also do not have a few people and I am willing to add.

The analysis of Shanghai Longfeng case green health Shanghai Longfeng mall project

title search


target site: love Shanghai green health mall

Chart 1

2. search Ejiao don’t know why forced to jump to the ginseng, and the station, search the product page without any keywords, many portal site search box is according to the relevant call form a user spontaneously formed keyword column.

is the first time to the interview in March: at that time it was 1 men, no man at my evaluation of their company behind the red, gray, next to HR no comments and suggestions, and then I told a beauty HR shook hands, the story ends.



actually it is a case analysis, so the story I have said this, I admit that I said the story is always so fascinating, every night I say to my wife to hear, she quietly went into the dream. Such a big company is our ideal platform for Internet practitioners, but such a place there is always cheating in dawdle, so it doesn’t mix it in a company, there is a heaven anyway, blowing mouth, and went whistling where good here from the 2 aspects (is actually 1.5)

second is a HR interview to recommend me to go after this, I wrote a program, you can see that this is now a little proposal, a beard to work this time to do not have a good scratch, that is to engage in so-called barber manager interviewed me, take a computer let me see the green mall website have what problem, I take the initiative to plan my books for him to see, he is in the heart of silent tears, saying our website itself has a lot of problems, many problems, but we do not do, not engage in the whole thing ah with the development of our blind programmers, not our thing, you my heart suddenly want to say what he will want you to optimize a hair, he said because the programmer did not understand what they mean, you can’t understand, you are 404, robot, 301 He can’t understand the meaning of

1. non essential pages such as: login, registration and so avoid using too much nofollow, use nofollow to control it, then the entire page is still there is a link, the dispersed link even using nofollow will affect the weight, and direct JS, you can avoid the non correlation link appears to cause the weight of the unnecessary loss of.

first look at a small company profile: the company is a listed company, green mall relying on China health service flagship enterprises, Nanjing pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Code: 600713), is by the Jiangsu green space green health investment co founded the health class B2C e-commerce platform. Is such a company makes me sad 2:


The lawyer website mining method source keywords do not split the storm

Internet has developed more than 20 years in China, many lawyers have their own website on the Internet the way to enhance the source, enhance personal brand. But most of the lawyers website there, but there is no access, no source and personal brand promotion. Where is the problem? As is known to all, a site traffic is the main source of long tail keywords, combined with the lawyer industry authority in law pinpaijianzhan and we explore the key sequence of events

in the previous love Shanghai bidding account not just registered, is now open, we can use the inside of the keyword recommended tools fully (now free use), the keyword recommended tools inside, want to expand the input keywords, and then get the keyword recommendation, there are generally 300 or so, in which analysis keywords out for their relatively high value for maintenance.

two, related search terms


a lot of lawyers for some key management is not a good idea, then we can go to study the competitor’s site, the premise is the competitor’s website can also maintain. Analysis of the long tail word to them, and then combine with their own website to expand. Keywords modified so that they can put others site look into their own words, and clear objectives.

for the background

five statistical background

Author: IT Dapeng source: Legal News Network ( reproduced indicate the source howstuffworks贵族宝贝



in the legal profession, lawyers for individual stations, to expand the long tail word isn’t much, using the above method is extended, the establishment of key personal thesaurus. With these words, for that lawyer personal brand, enhance the case already.

, a search drop-down box

four, rival

into the index, search for a keyword, in 10 there will be a demand of related search terms. Although the number is limited, but are highly correlated to bring the flow of words, has the very high value.

search drop-down box is one of the most commonly used method, when you access a legal term, the following will automatically appear several search hot words, the so-called long tail keywords. According to these 10 words, in the depth of mining may continue, there will be repeated, but for a lawyer personal brand stood for, these words have been enough.

new start is not included no flow, this method is the site has included a flow to statistics. With the flow after finishing a regular source keywords in development.

We love Shanghai

Thousands of webmaster lectures, thirty-first webmaster how to integrate their own resources

Thousands of stationmaster lecture hosted by

Anhui Internet Alliance has been to the thirty-first period, the period for everyone invited Liu Huafang Okur consulting founder, currently engaged in brand management, Web2.0 consulting, Social OS proposed the first domestic social model. Once engaged in integrated marketing training, served as editor in chief of the Internet Laboratory, currently serves as a consultant to a number of well-known marketing organizations.

, the main group, broadcast group, broadcast group (1500 people) is full, the webmaster can add 500 new people, new four group: 27915544 free to attend but please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

below is the transcript of this lecture:

today, let’s talk about the experience of integrating resources. Let me briefly introduce myself. I was 06 years of DoNews moderator, 07 years to help Dabeni do pcpie video search promotion, and later in a marketing training institutions do marketing training, then went to the Internet Laboratory editor. Now doing Okur consulting. I was miserable before 2006. I went to college for 01 years, and then dropped out of college because I didn’t agree with the University teaching. When I left college, I had only 200 dollars. It was entirely personal. I began as a purely personal webmaster do World Cup live at that time a day from Baidu tens of thousands of pure IP but later feel depressed. I chose the direction of media and marketing career. It also met a lot of friends I met Liu Ren, Hong Bo, BINGSHU from DoNews, a group of Internet circles and marine IDC Kingdom yang. From that time, I began to struggle with Baidu PR, and Baidu PR pulled a lot of Baidu fans to deal with me. In the 06 year, the DoNews community retained some of the original atmosphere of the community, and Liu Ren was also very willing to help new people. I met a lot of friends in it circles there. Many of them are CEOs and entrepreneurs now. I’d like to thank Liu Ren.

I learned a lot of media knowledge from Liu Ren, and laid the foundation for my rapid growth in the marketing and public relations industry. 07 years after I left Dabeni’s organization, I did YAHOO’s blog marketing, and met a lot of friends from the traditional media. I walk on the edge of the public relations industry, I am familiar with many companies CEOs, so also quickly established a public relations industry, the media industry, blog, Adsense this series of links a chain. I became a bond. Including the top ten domestic PR companies they often ask me to of course resources are resources is relatively young people, I usually do not keep them, unless some special requirements of confidential contact some of the chiefs. In the Internet circle is the same, because with sina, NetEase and other portal site editors, reporters are familiar with, so access to the news is also very fast, and their own to maintain a link role. For PR industry, help media friends

The real experiences and causes of Baidu K station

first is to say my website, Shenyang tourism network,, Shenyang tourism consulting website, has now been ruthless Baidu all K off!

!That is why

is K off, before a station is regular (or day) to received some news or information, because this update, before each update N message! The station was drop right, the station did not say, do not care no, that is to find their own information affected Baidu’s information! That is station with others own station of the same name, his early and are out of the K


No. 4.11, it is found that the flow down a lot, I would not be so, less than half, in the Baidu to see the result did not leave, sure 100% is the reason, so please pay attention to other webmaster, do not copy the Baidu news, Post Bar, to know, to avoid conflict with Baidu when will you the station is K off, but K or Google, Yahoo are normally included, now Baidu acquisition information also bold


, it is important to make Baidu original content, such as if the station information copying is not going to go inside to find Baidu, such as: Google, Yahoo can also find a lesson! Understand a truth


How to get a good profit spicy hot shop

small set up near the residence opened a new hot shop, the decoration is very fashionable, the environment is good, the product taste is also very good, very popular with fashion consumers, store business is very good. How to open a spicy hot shop? What skills do you need to be able to get a good business? Beginners do need to learn something.


related recommendations

What are the methods of cigarette display

is a no matter what kind of shops, if the customer after the door to find what they need. Half are not found, the shop’s products is such a venture would reel right and left, sought after. Therefore, the opening of the smoke Hotel, on the display of tobacco and alcohol should be a bit of effort, neat arrangement and reasonable distribution are very important, good sales of things to be classified, take the time is also relatively easy. In this paper, the detailed description of the relevant methods and experience of smoke Hotel display, to help open the smoke of the hotel’s friends easily display tobacco, put a good effect, to achieve the purpose of increasing sales.


is busy making the cigarette price, how to arrange the retail customer counter and how to put the cigarette in the right way has become an important part of the daily maintenance work.

reasonable placement is an important part of cigarette cigarette sales, clean the counter striking cigarette, not only can attract more attention of consumers, but also to stimulate consumer desire to buy, promote sales, increase profits. In this regard, the author summed up the four aspects of cigarette display methods, in order to improve the effect of cigarette display:

cigarette smoke display method:

1, attention should be paid to distinguish the color of cigarettes.

many retail customers love to the same color on a cigarette, such as red together red, blue and blue together, so that more beautiful, in fact, this is wrong, because consumers see the same color of the cigarette, at the time of the purchase will not start, and the same color will make consumers mistakenly think that the price is the same, prone to misunderstanding. I think, in the arrangement of cigarette, the cigarette varies in different colors display way, consumers are relatively easy to distinguish, and secondly, can also choose their favorite brands of instant.

2, the implementation of the new central display law to attract consumers.

in the promotion of new cigarette, to guide the retailer to the new cigarette is placed in the central cabinet cigarettes in this way, the most eye-catching, first printed into the eye is the new cigarette, consumers are often out of curiosity, try this new. According to the author of the area of a lingshouhu on-the-spot investigation, when Guangdong got Double Happiness on the first day, the center of the smoke on the counter, highlighting the new atmosphere of the smoke, one day down, the smoke will hit a record 8 days sales package.

3, Chen Lieyi from high to low cigarette arrangement.

this is the most widely used most widely used method of cigarette display in general, retail customers are mostly set can be put into the counter two rows of cigarette width and length, they also love cigarette prices ranging from high to low order, such as the following:






Colin Scott,在芝华士托管的调酒大师,在视频中称为项目,是“一个独特的共混物的一些最古老和最稀有的威士忌是在1985或更早的蒸馏装瓶,并单独手选”。



印章,Phoca vitulina,在法尔恩群岛,Northumberland,英国,与帆船的背后。图片由Ashley Cooper /盖蒂图片社



海雀在法尔恩群岛。通过westend61 Images图像



Change yourself a little bit every day and you can change your life

you may think his age is still small, maybe you think you need to sharpen, but you know, change every step you do will have a huge change in your own life, want to change the world, change yourself first


1, remember, every day watching TV more than three hours, a monthly income of those who are not more than two thousand yuan, if you want a monthly income of more than two thousand, please don’t waste time on TV. In the same way, those who play online games or chat more than three hours a day, are also those who do not exceed the monthly income of two thousand.

3, in this world, there is a group of people, open the newspaper, is their message, turn on the TV, is their message, the streets and lanes, talk is their message, as if the world is ready for them, they can summon wind and call for rain, equal to anything. Your goal should be to become a handful of people.

4, if you really love your parents, love your girlfriend, you go to fight, to fight it, so you can have the ability, economic conditions, free time, to accompany them, to love them.

5, the society is a fast fish eat slow, rather than slow fish eat fast.

6, the society is the winner takes all, loser nothing, society, always only heros in.

7, if you ask your friends, if ten people, nine people do not know, so, this is an opportunity, if ten people, nine people all know, is an industry.

8, any one industry, a market, are the first to have meat to eat, then soup did not drink.

10, while young, go out for a walk to see. Read ten thousand books, it is better to do thousands of miles, miles, not as numerous as reading.


11, dealing with people, listen more and talk less. That’s why God gave us a mouth with two ears.

12, remember to do the final play, others think the brand sold by surprise, they think when you lost it, you can win the game.

13, don’t you, to pack, the best way is to pick up a piece of brick, follow up, suddenly from behind.