How to find out the cause and solving method causes site


maybe you spend a lot of thought, maybe you used a lot of time, you may have good intentions, but you may inadvertently make a big mistake. It is in order to make our website and give them a better first impression, win customers favor, so too much load picture ah ah, animation and so on, yes, may look pretty cool. However, if so let your website becomes the snail, and even cause the browser crashes, it is recommended that you remove these fancy, just quickly modified it, don’t give your site so much load, let him move. Now this fancy speed era, not many people are willing to take the time to wait.

perhaps few people love the title of the party, because this is very easy to give a person a kind of feeling that I cheated and. Trust is the most difficult to establish a relationship is most likely to damage between people. Of course, now in the development of the search engine optimization personnel, shielding the title of the party may no longer be difficult, but there is.

three, full title party


, a loading efficiency is low

do a dish of delicious dishes need to put the seasoning the deployment of a just perfect, but bad food need only a seasoning not placed enough. For we all well prepared meal or gift — website, is the same reason, let others love and come to your website a lot to do, but let people hate your site may only need to have a trouble is enough. Below, the author will introduce the site to let the behavior make some people uncomfortable, if you find your site in return rate is not high, then look carefully, the following behavior in your site there is, if any, perhaps this is the crux of oh.

website is not impossible, but the website advertising, advertising only, please, that is also called the site? Yes, all the webmaster pointing to advertisement make money, but if your site is full of advertising, you can also earn money, because it is impossible to have hits. At the beginning of a substantial advertising, let the user depressed, what am I to come why? Before downloading, first click on the ads, always make people feel that you are in blackmail, do I have to download it again here; even worse, display advertising in an instant, I click on a link to money, you don’t want to have, this is OK, I come back, the next time, I can not come, I also can not afford Untouchables to hide me. The advertising website, my approach is to directly turn off, lest stay too long and rather baffling to trample what mines. So, you were, don’t fall into the eyes of the money, advertising is important, but more important to the user’s reputation. Remember, you provide to the user service, absolutely not advertising, otherwise, you can only contact with the user site. Give a little bit of interest in front of it, look a bit further, as long as your site has enough hits, advertising is not missing.

Methods of avoiding secret stations six misunderstandings in the optimization of Shanghai Dragon

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: prevent all the content of the website is the same, a lot of people do stand webmaster don’t have much time to do the original content, and even some of them are not willing to engage in false original, all the contents of the site are done through the same acquisition rules, structure and content of the website that the similarity of nearly ninety-nine percent. The natural site is easy to search engine recognition, so the content of construction, we must make false original, spend more time, let the website content difference to reach more than fifty percent to

station is currently a search engine optimization method is very effective, but the station group itself operation and optimization if he will be search engine grab away, so will your entire station group to K off, so loss but not a tiny bit, that is to optimize the station group injured in the sinews or bones, so is very important, but the optimization of station group how to effectively avoid being search engine seized the bag? It should try to avoid the following six common stand swarm optimization error

five: the construction of the chain can not all sites are the same, to change, to the hands of resources for each web site with the chain of different resources, so it can avoid the search engine to detect


two: Web host IP address is the same, a lot of people in order to save costs, choose the same to the content under the same IP server site, this form of natural site is easy to identify, generally not more than 200 websites, IP address or a sample, unless more than more than 200 sites, with a IP only up to four sites, and can not link between the four

is the first to talk about the search engine is how to catch the station group of the bag? Is the regularity of the general search engine judgment method mainly through the general station group will have this or that law, especially some lazy station managers, standing group of regularity is very obvious, such stations easily search engines, so we want to avoid the search engine of the investigation, it should try to put their own stations do no rules! Below is the concrete methods of

three: Web site keywords are all the same, this is generally a lot of standing in common, at this time in order to keep the long tail word keyword will become various, so that search engines do not follow the law of

four: website template avoid by all means the same many owners in order to save the construction site of the time, all the love with the use of a CMS station program, now on the Internet there are many, you can choose several to do! At the same time to make some more free template to do different

: six stations between the sites do not every website station connected, this is not practical, it is easy to be identified by the search engine, because a website can not get so much of the total connection, but we can link the content of the web page, so it is not.

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Share my site, optimize the whole process, 11 stations experience summary

said that under the first grade: domain name before the search engine K, I spent a lot of time in the collection of Yangzhou website, now, Yangzhou network company, Yangzhou website design, Yangzhou website design are Baidu top 5, Yangzhou website Baidu natural top 10 (the title does not contain the keyword). The word "website construction" is now being optimized and is currently ranked more than 80. Some people say that with regional words to optimize, do this line of people should be clear.

now start from the site, the first to determine the style of the site, and then design a good map of the site, before making the site to determine the target keyword. I mainly optimize Baidu, in the Baidu index check the key word, Yangzhou website construction, Yangzhou network company (convenient after optimization, without regional words). Then, in the process of making web sites, key words are nested in a reasonable location. I have been working in the Internet company for 2 years, and I have my own set of procedures, so it is faster to build a website. For better optimization, home page with DIV+CSS do, afraid of trouble inside pages with Table do. The advantage of using DIV+CSS is that the website opens faster, has less nested, and has less code redundancy, which is beneficial to spider crawling. (PS: if you don’t know how to use DIV+CSS, you can contact me and provide a simple program for you. As long as you understand HTML language, you will see it.).

site produced, began to choose domain name, election space. The domain name easy to remember as long as you can, of course, to check whether the K domain name predecessor, or included when a little trouble. Space is very important. It must be safe, stable and fast. Otherwise, you will not get a good ranking, serious will be down right, K station. (PS: you can consult me about the space problem, and you can provide several service providers for your reference.).

domain name, space got, upload the website program up, at this time do not submit the site to the search engine, because the station is not a complete station. I spent 3 days to fill up the content of the website, and then check whether there is death, the most taboo death chain optimization, the website must check before submission. Then submit to the search engine. If you want to search engine quickly included your station, I offer a method: in search engine search a keyword, must search not many results, best is to search the result. As far as my station is concerned, I wrote an article "one thousand, 30 nights", focusing on the theme of my website. When you have done it, publish some links to the spider’s usual spot. Then use the flow tool brush. Brush what? Brush search engine search, "one thousand, 30 night" url. I brush the day, about more than 300 IP, second days, Baidu included my station. (this method not overdo sth.).

included regularly updated web site article, the article content around your keyword write, keyword with links to your home page or inside page, your web site with links constitute a big net. Spiders use links to crawl, so the advantage is that spiders come in and crawl in your station

Do standing, psychological choice and persistence

saw a webmaster’s article yesterday, talking about the motivation of doing the station. For money or what?

, I wonder why I’m here. Stand here,


thought for a long time. I guess I came for the money. It’s true. I don’t think you can help other people in vain. It’s a job, and it’s part of life,

no matter what our motives are. Now that we’ve chosen to do it, we’ve been thinking about it for a long time before we make a decision. Since we have chosen, we must have the perseverance and perseverance to go on. No matter whether it is bitter or not, we will all reap the rewards. Focus on adhering to the

even though there are more difficulties on the way, it is temporary. With the support of our friends and family, they stand with us,

I think now I have met a lot of unhappy things, a lot of 18 will have to test, the funds also encountered red ““““

doesn’t matter. It’s temporary. Look ahead. The road is long. Don’t just stumbled at the starting point, it is too much for.

remember, success is with choosing and holding on to

Part of the region’s entrepreneurial costs lower than 30% of Beijing venture to small cities more li

for many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs want success, then the cost of starting is to take control of a good, especially now in some big city, entrepreneurs in the entire business cost is still high, some small city in start-up costs but not high.

in the Binhai New Area public business   highly innovative tide of many young people on the scene, they had just graduated from college, also after a few years of work "the sea" in the workplace. For them, the entrepreneurial cost is that they face the first stumbling block". Bohai Morning Post reporter found that with a large number of incubators, the public record space emerged, entrepreneurs can enjoy more preferential policies in the Binhai New Area of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is quite "cost account" can be considered.

start-up costs

less than Beijing

"for start-ups, start-up costs still need very careful in reckoning." Mr. Zhu gave reporters calculations: if you need to rent office space, 100 square meters of office in accordance with the basic standards of field calculation, site fees + property fee + + utilities office supplies about 15 thousand yuan per month; office facilities, meter, computer printer + + Basic + + appliances office furniture office one-time investment of about 30 thousand in addition, there are yuan; personnel costs, including pension insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance + business + insurance maternity insurance + housing fund, as well as the holidays of the various benefits etc..

"actually the most difficult to control the cost of operating costs, the cost is all made around the business model. Including product development + management expenses + marketing + entertainment, etc.. In this way, all kinds of costs can not afford young entrepreneurs." In Mr. Zhu’s view, entrepreneurship can not rely solely on enthusiasm, but also through a variety of ways to estimate their entrepreneurial costs. And in the face of the pressure of these real money, the government should also build a variety of more passenger space, hatching recommendation

How high the threshold of Chinese college students venture capital

environmental entrepreneurship projects in the moment is to be promoted, has a very good prospects for development in China is also a new concept of entrepreneurship in emerging industries, then, the threshold of Chinese college students venture capital is how high?

Behind the

"technology of environmental protection business, often the technical threshold is high, the college student entrepreneurs, technical barriers are difficult to overcome, because they are very difficult to have independent ability to master the core technology." Tianjin environmental charity organization "green collar" founder Dong Jian said, at present China’s energy saving and environmental protection in the core technology breakthrough, for college students, more is the core technology relies on expert team of universities and research institutes to grasp, it is recommended

Shop novice online shop notes

now open shop has become very common, at the same time, more and more people began to join the network business, at the same time, for some beginners start shop who, for the need to pay attention to many things in the online shop, what are the specific, let’s look at.

select OK to join the project online shop? Today, the online shop has become a very important trend of entrepreneurial projects, if you want to take part in the Taobao venture but not enough money, you may wish to try online shop. Open shop online venture capital is small, but the venture is small, the details please see the following details.

from the start of funds, such as opening a store, facade rent and decoration costs, as well as the first batch of stock funds, at least a few million; and the online shop needed to start a fund is much less, as long as there is a computer with internet access can be set up shop, but not to increase the quantity of the goods to expand the business area, have to extend Business Hours and additional cost.

from the flow of funds, the store to purchase funds less thousands of yuan, more than a few million; and the online shop is not need Yahuo pressure of funds, can have orders to purchase.

To determine the

Management skills of bedding store

bedding franchise season has arrived, many franchisees are trying to use a good period to improve store profitability. If you want to do a good job in investment business, you can learn the relevant skills. This problem is often discussed, Xiaobian also share a few points today, I hope to help you, and quickly learn it.

good shopping guide is the first factor in the operation of the store chain store guide. Establish a good incentive and security system, the biggest incentive to encourage the enthusiasm of the service staff and provide protection in order to have the best sales situation. Bedding shop assistants must be familiar with commodity knowledge. It is important to maintain patency of bedding stores, according to the customer’s line, to the layout of their stores. Main exhibition area, auxiliary exhibition area, promotion exhibition.

we will lower the price and the color is gorgeous products displayed in the shop outside, this can increase the customer’s attention. Such a product with a transition, so that customers have a deep understanding of the structure of our products, increase the probability of customer purchase. Also need to decorate the store according to the season, so that stores can attract customers, but also to retain customers. To be able to maintain the smooth store goods, that is, to have advanced purchase channels, so as to ensure the improvement of efficiency. Bedding stores need to ensure the stability of the shopping guide staff, which is a manifestation of the strength of a brand monopoly, but also to enhance the credibility of the consumer in the heart.

bedding stores operating guidelines also need to manage the inventory of bedding stores. To know how to use the advantages of each exhibition complementary. Entrepreneurs in the opening of bedding stores, we should pay attention to the management of inventory. This requires the owner of each bedding shop to understand the product itself, as well as consumer demand. Now consumers buy, in fact, not just bedding products.

bedding stores are increasing in number, number of operators, so for entrepreneurs, the competition is fierce, if you want to Study hard operating experience, need to learn a lot, a lot of practice, the above methods to help you? Practice it quickly, I wish you a successful investment business.

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New direction of entrepreneurship innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

now more and more college students will start to do business as a new platform for the realization of the dream, but also a lot of entrepreneurial students through this platform in the pursuit of their dreams.

summer high school, I have to choose the 3 part-time jobs, in order to pave the way for Entrepreneurship: shop workers, understand the state of the economy society the most basic; a restaurant waiter, with high-end crowd, broaden their horizons; court civil court clerk assistant, learn legal knowledge.

now in retrospect, the idea is not so easy to implement. The real fight in the market, think better than their peers mature a little. I still often louqie.

2014 in March, the little two formally launched, when the user growth rate can reach more than 240%. Just a month, online ordering business has covered the entire urban area. Just a few days of unpredictable situation, along with the hungry, and the United States take away one after another into the two or three line of the city, my project died again – only a month, the little two stop operations.

Entrepreneurs can not ignore the 8 types of legal risks

entrepreneurs who earned a hard career, but found that the enterprise into a legal dispute, for which the effort and even pay the price of money. This is because the initial venture did not attach importance to the relevant legal risks, hidden dangers for the future.

2014 years, Jingdong and Ali listed, China set off the climax of the mobile Internet business, all walks of life to O2O". The entrepreneurial team fought, entrepreneurial passion is wavewave, but the business is not a trifling matter, entrepreneurial projects can start, is the first step, but can go to the end, very rare. Entrepreneurial failure, many aspects of the project and the team is the reason, but the root cause is often legal risk.

in the developed countries, the law and finance is the enterprise survival and development of the left shoulder and right side. Enterprise legal risk prevention and management consciousness is generally high. In the entrepreneurial team members are generally young, relatively low social experience and legal knowledge of the case, from the beginning of the business, you must pay attention to the legal risk management.

Z. Now, according to their own legal service experience, summarizes some common legal risks for the entrepreneurial process, for your reference, welcome criticism and corrections.

1, the legitimacy of venture project.

Z lawyer notes that many projects are doomed from the start. For example, the use of APP to help users credit card cash, net loan platform to absorb deposits, etc.. I said so, we may understand, but in practice, the entrepreneurial team is often the first to consider financing, how to do bigger and stronger, but the project is not illegal or even criminal, can get legal protection.

2, entrepreneurial team members have labor rights restrictions.

3, the partnership agreement (the shareholders’ agreement, the articles of association) must be as detailed as possible.

Z lawyers have seen the entrepreneurial team think are friends, classmates, brothers, the first to do the project again, there is no concept of a partnership agreement, which is likely to be between days after lay hidden. Just imagine, in good condition, can not talk about the partnership agreement, in the event of conflict situations, how can talk about the partnership agreement? At the same time, the partnership agreement between the partners not only protect the rights and obligations, the more important is to protect the healthy and orderly project. The partnership agreement must be responsible for the project positioning, development planning, division of labor, equity arrangements, the rights and obligations of partners, the loss of commitment