Three ways to solve the soft reprint link has been tampered with

others of the article itself is immoral, but also a kind of illegal behavior, hope the webmaster friends do not for their own selfish unscrupulous stealing someone else’s original article, that the acts of theft not only damage to the original author, but also with the search engine algorithm upgrade, will cause the thief of course, as a moral damage, "

The role of the soft

with love Shanghai library for copyright attention, I believe more and more owners have begun to pay attention to their own copyright, if you find yourself site article most are stolen, under normal circumstances, as long as you communicate with them, they will immediately delete these infringing articles, and through these to the forum moderators report also, to let them pay attention to the theft of the published account, in the future they will steal more and more difficult, the effect will be more obvious

three: the search engine will also let the mature theft can reduce

has been more and more valued webmaster, soft can not only promote their own websites can also give your website to bring a lot of the chain, so as to help improve the weight of their own website, but really to write an original article itself is very difficult, it takes a lot of effort. But you spend a lot of writing articles, but others in the reprint your article to you the link inside his own, this is not a kind of respect for others of creation, is also a kind of obvious infringement, and believe in the love of Shanghai in the future for such violations will certainly increase the punishment, you know they are now other love Shanghai library have the infringement of article deleted, this is the culture of respect and respect for copyright, the sooner or later be reflected by love Shanghai algorithm! Of course at the present stage, the relevant algorithm of love Shanghai is not very mature, for this kind of behavior we want to steal active attack, here we have to introduce several thefts from this method

: a relevant forum to report

search engine is mature, the original article is more and more attention, those who steal to reprint articles will be more and more do not have the market, and the original first will usually occupy the top spot, and with the love of Shanghai and Google for the same article take only a policy for those who reprint this will be a very detailed review, those eliminating inconsistent links will soon fall, so before that want the way to steal brush an original way now basically are outdated,

With the address! !

this is actually a kind of passive solution, we write the article published in the A5, once found someone to reprint your article without leaving a link or one link, we will report in the relevant forums, such as the A5 forum, stationmaster net forum and so on, fill in the report of the content to write their own the reason, we need to fill in the relevant original


two: linked to the relevant forum moderators, allow them to remove the infringing articles


Search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) and micro-blog (SNS) common marketing

Since micro-blog since the birth of

1, now Chinese are Sina and micro-blog QQ, Chinese is the largest user of micro-blog platform, but the difference of the user population is relatively large, Sina micro-blog to white-collar workers and celebrities, QQ and micro-blog are mainly young people and students, but if you do need to know what is the mainstream micro-blog micro platform, now generally Sina, micro-blog, QQ, micro-blog, micro-blog, so do the general marketing people is to use these platforms, but the other big door platform of micro-blog can also register for an account, such as NetEase, search etc..

4, says title, but Shanghai dragon Er also understand that the description of the website (description) is also very important, played micro-blog knows that the micro-blog name has a personal introduction, the introduction is the description of micro-blog (description), so when micro-blog plans and written personal registration this must also affect micro-blog’s ranking factors, such as my micro-blog is overseas business, overseas B2C, English Shanghai Longfeng, Shanghai.

, Sina micro-blog, there are a lot of templates, but some are entertainment, literature, journalism, mainly to professional, such as network marketing of micro-blog, in the template is little, so it is best to design a template, especially the background and icon, and the micro-blog structure the layout, these Sina micro-blog can set. Common: need to do website layout, internal optimization.

, more and more users are welcome, micro-blog is derived from the blog, but was said to be a copy of American twiiter, slowly micro-blog has also been a lot of people used to promote way, do Shanghai Longfeng people should rarely go, since I understand micro-blog marketing, micro-blog more than five thousand, I slowly began to learn from micro-blog marketing, is also found in common with Shanghai Longfeng, following laocai will discuss Shanghai dragon and micro-blog common:

The template design 2, micro-blog

3, we do in Shanghai Longfeng, basically will be set up on the site title keywords (i.e., the title keyword) on the website of Shanghai dragon is a very important work, but also found that laocai is the same as in micro-blog, including micro-blog’s name, the title is actually micro-blog’s name, so the name to have relevant keywords, allows users to see what is your micro-blog theme, is the main content of what. I like the micro-blog, I was doing the electronic commerce and the Shanghai dragon, so my name is the name of the electronic commerce of Shanghai Dragon – laocai. Because a lot of peers or customers will use micro-blog search, search with two options, one is the name of micro-blog and micro-blog content. Powder, the content of symmetry, the basic will be the first in line.

there are many people who want to grab a lot of sina micro-blog account, such as the "classic" and "network marketing", "Shanghai dragon training" and other words, the people feel like cybersquatting, because Sina micro-blog name is only temporary.

Entrepreneurship guide Cao Cao fortune history, understand these three points, you earnedPost Crisis


in the $4 million financing for start-up seed and angel >

he won the first batch of angel investment from his capital: Xunyu, Xunyou, Guo Jia led Yingchuan Xuchang advisers group for his economic revitalization efforts, to develop business development plans for him.

If the

finally, we divide this dataset into two distinct time periods:

‘s final analysis tells us:

in order to answer this question, we used data from more than 4400 US companies that conducted angel or seed round financing between 2004 and the end of 2014. We have filtered out capital intensive industries such as life sciences, petrochemicals, exploration and hardware, and we haven’t calculated companies with less than $25000 in funding before the A round.

20 years ago, people believe that the establishment of a start-up is low cost. Infrastructure and other factors of the open source framework, on-demand cloud computing the prototype of the rapid development of technology, 3D printing, manufacturing progress, material science more popular into the field of hardware etc. greatly reduces the establishment of a startup software company cost.

entrepreneurial inspiration Tips:

"rule the world" is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship, Cao Cao here, Cao Cao’s entrepreneurial team the first team he is in Liu revolted. The core members of these teams is caoxing and Xiahou surname cousins, the famous Cao Hong, Cao Ren, Xiahou Yuan, Xiahou Dun, Li Dian, Yue Jin et al.

The three

we excluded 2015 and 2016 because the company at this stage is too short to be a mature sample.

these two days, the circle of friends is just a theme costume drama "the alliance" military adviser Sima Yi scraper. Quite a few netizens lamented that "it’s rare to have a costume drama that’s not so dilatory, it’s very burning brain"; and some netizens call it "the first emperor did poineering work, not half, and the middle way to do Cao Cao", which is very hilarious.

if the four famous books, which is closer to the business relationship, not the three kingdoms. All kinds of Three Kingdoms strategy, games, film and television drama too numerous to mention. From the historical point of view, to the Eastern Han Dynasty culture of Wei Shu Wu, Liu Bei, Sun Quan and Cao Cao kingdoms, which one is not a business expert

today, infrastructure technology may be cheaper and more convenient. But how do startups build a holistic business? There may be a lot of ways to answer this question, but we’ll focus on start-ups with seeds and angel wheels that could get A rounds of financing. In the past ten years, most startups will seed and angel round of financing for the construction of the first iteration, the first employment technology and business core team members, some marketing experiments, and finally get the enough attraction to the A round of financing to promote sustained growth.

startups’ survival rate over a period of time,


1, the cost of starting a startup is now higher,

, and these earliest teams are Cao Cao in their vision of judgment, make use of the relationship after the accumulation of social resources.

is now set up a startup than ever lower cost, then the contrast in the past few years the amount of financing about the company, we will find that the seed round of financing amount smaller startups are more likely to get A round of financing.

Cao Cao: a successful key male mouyuan slightly, the use of the relationship.


in the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao is more like that of a legend after different appraise hit off, the ultimate success of Cao Cao Wei Wu Daye, looking up, have the following core ability, can give us a present normalizing public business, innovation "to bring a lot of inspiration, can be written into you the business guide

, the soldier who does not want to be a general, is not a good soldier. He is talking about ambition and ambition. A generation of American Cao Cao apparently lack the courage, but the business can first cause of the success of the vision, the male mouyuan slightly, use, can make use of social resources.


" Cao Cao first set military alliance with the help of the lens, the headache has entered the world of Cao Cao Yu Hewei, a Hua Tuo treatment, I will rule the world "Cao Cao emperor domineering and accentuates the spirit of courage.

especially corner of Yu Hewei’s Cao Cao, the only, and strategizing in control, one spirit of deep acting skills, people touched Cao Cao’s habits.

Before I

next, let’s take a look at it.

Abstract: many netizens lamented that "there is no such thing as a" no drama "," very burning brain "; there are also friends jokingly called the" first emperor entrepreneurship, not half, and the middle way to do the Cao Cao ", it can be said to be very hilarious.

, -2011, a start-up of seed / angel financing during the 1 and 2004

, -2014, a start-up of seed / angel financing during the 2 and 2012

! ?

Abstract: 08 years after the financial crisis, seed and angel round investors may eventually become victims of their own success, a lot of capital into the start-up company burn rate rise, the amount of comparable A round round seeds.

What is worth buying sprint IPO revenue 200 million last year, net profit of 35 million 160 thousand

prospectus materials show that the company’s operating income of 201 million yuan in 2016, operating costs 33 million 990 thousand yuan, net profit of 35 million 160 thousand yuan. 98.91% of the revenue comes from information promotion services.

according to Tencent business WeChat public number: chuangye to understand what is worth buying, it is worth buying the most important content of science and technology banner shopping guide website. What is worth buying, founded in 2011, and now has set shopping guide, media, tools, community attributes in one, through teletext content to introduce users cost-effective, good reputation of goods and services. At the same time, what is worth buying, but also as electricity providers and brands to obtain users, expand brand influence channels.

What is worth buying , I made a small forum in October 23, 2005, in my work in Chengdu before the resignation, has maintained 1000-2000 of the IP. After I quit my job, I concentrated on my own forum. In less than a week’s traffic, do 2WIP from 2000IP. I would like to share with you the experience of my website.

There are a lot of website promotion methods are told the Forum promotion

recommended under the Qihoo forum alliance, at the beginning I paid for the cost of friendship connection with the Qihoo, Qihoo joined the alliance forum. Submit around 20 posts to the Qihoo every day. Brought me considerable traffic. Of course you submit post to very attractive, Qihoo will be included in your. From the beginning I joined the forum of the association of Qihoo, Qihoo basically gave me a day with IP flow rate of about 2000, the biggest day of the Qihoo brought me 3WIP flow.

partners include Alibaba, Jingdong, suning, Amazon, Gome global micro-blog, eBay, 6PM, Ashford online and other well-known electricity providers, Linkshare, Viglink and CommissionJunction sales alliance platform, and Nike, VISA, HUAWEI, Dyson, China bank, China Merchants Bank, Mars, and iRobot Matsushita and other brands. Among them, the largest customer in 2016 is Ali mom and Tmall, contributed revenue of 55 million 300 thousand yuan, accounting for 27.49%.

intended to raise funds 300 million yuan will be launched around the company’s main business, the effective implementation of the transformation and upgrade of personalized technology platform for big data based on the project will enhance the company’s data acquisition and application level, to achieve a more accurate recommendation and advertising, enhance the user conversion rate and corporate income.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

Tencent recently, the content of what is worth buying before the shopping guide platform to submit IPO prospectus, materials, what is worth buying in 2016 operating income of 201 million yuan, operating costs 33 million 990 thousand yuan, net profit of 35 million 160 thousand yuan.

as of the date of signing the prospectus, the controlling shareholder of the company and the actual control of Sui Guodong per capita. Sui Guodong directly holds 57.78% of shares of the company, and through the gateway innovation indirectly controls 10% stake in the company, total control 67.78% shares of the company.

Webmaster using the technology and the monthly income of twenty thousand of the wise remark of an ex

Cao Guangyun (network people) to share profit model for everyone, also shared the promotion skills, many friends who support me to learn the true method used in practice, there are some friends watching forget, as long as you suggest to the useful try it. However, today is not to talk about promotion techniques, nor is it profitable model, but to everyone thoroughly talking about the experience of twenty thousand in June revenue.

in March this year, a friend put several domain names to my name, domain name registration has just asked me to help him work, because I am willing to help ^_^, easily promised. To be honest this several domain name real bad, only a name I can see, the other is a long domain, and there is no practical significance, if I could not select the domain name registration, also don’t know what he was thinking. After taking over the domain name, I would like to have these domain names pointing to a single page, placed on the Internet, waiting to change ‘old’. But a chance, even these domain names all put in use. One day I had a meal with a friend in the evening, and I mentioned something by accident. Let me help him with the online publicity. He may just say it casually, but I remember it in my mind. The second day, I searched his product keyword on the net, did a bit of analysis, found that the product is not many people who do network promotion at that time, vaguely found some business opportunities. The same day, a simple plan, the site will soon be done. When I once again to friends about this matter, may be due to busy reason, he forgot, ha ha, ‘Great wits have short memories. can forgive.’.

built the site with strange pity, as their own use, so the station also made further in-depth analysis of website optimization and adjustment. The idea was simple, just to use it to validate an idea I had long ago.

a late May 2010 morning, someone called to say what to buy the product, let me give him an offer, I had to ask the ignorant, I don’t do that kind of product ah, I suddenly understand a thing, the original is throwing myself at that site on the left is my head contact. Then I told a friend to contact him, but not the single business transaction, then I asked a friend, just know that the phone is a peer, when I was clear, the original price is set in the peer. My friend asked where I get this information, for the ‘blind’ network, I first take security measures, after the introduction of customer will only promise to him, but he had already thought through the network, as for the details of his only guess.

the first single business no deal, if it can be sold, friends will get a customer, there may be a long-term customers, from my perspective, friends will not treat me, it will deepen our friendship. It doesn’t matter whether you open the door or not. As the saying goes, "everything is difficult at first, and everything is not going smoothly.". Since someone called, that’s what I thought.

Do stand, need to persist in making money, only hope

to join the webmaster industry has been a year, and in the past days and nights, there have been sad, there have been joy. Sorrow comes from poor web performance and traffic ups and downs. Joy comes from countless efforts, finally admitted to the network, and have made considerable profits. And now all this seems to be nothing more than two words —- persistence.

many webmaster like complain, complain about why the big engine is not included in their web site, the engine is not included, it seems that the station can do the power of the station. But look at the website that this kind of stationmaster has, I believe to almost have collection and update not seasonable problem. Three days fishing, two days to bask in the net seems to be normal. What is more, today think this type of website popular, popular and profitable, it will fall to drill into, but the previous site could not operate well, then put the construction of a new website, you have the energy and power of


in fact, in the early days of the station, most people are the same, including myself. Because of the one sidedness and lack of personal knowledge, a person may not have huge data, and looking for their own website content on the Internet has become a lot and I like the webmaster in often do part-time. And this kind of search really takes a lot of energy and time, often boring industry knowledge, people read a few, then no mood to see. As a result, the update speed of the website can not keep up with, and their own psychology seems to pay attention to this point, the collector will begin to play his effectiveness. At one station, a collection of rules mining! Many webmaster is holding this attitude to the website operation, strictly speaking, to establish a high quality web site to make money, only this is not enough.

I have more than once advised all the webmaster to put down the collector in hand, at least to do, even if the acquisition, but also to change the title and the front one hundred or two hundred words. But in the present situation, some sites are almost gone and the collector cannot survive. For this situation, I can only feel very helpless, at the same time believe that the content of the collection will eventually be eliminated by the engine.

collection is a point, the site is a more important point is that web content updates, flat rate unsatisfactory. Many websites, you see today is, tomorrow to see this content not only highly with other stations, repeat similar, even the most basic as the site of the blood – content do not timely supplement, I think, this station will also fall in the wave of the Internet in the.

then the face of such a predicament, as a webmaster of you, how to do the first mentioned "stick"? In fact is not difficult at all, please listen to my suggestions to everyone, I hope everyone can learn and understand the truth, thank you.

1, from the first day of the station, it is clear that I want to do this station, and to do all engines included, have a good weight. If >

Doing late work is also important

just read the article of the member of the forum behind the decline and wrote it very well…

website, post work is also very important, such as friends and exchange links, more to some good site publicity, find a little time enough network enthusiasts, site editing and moderators, and so on,

a little more technical content and original content, and more links to your web site search help. More publicity, allowing more visitors to know more about your site, a little more technical and original content, so that visitors like your site. In this way, the time will be many more fixed repeat customers, and at that time, basically do not have to go to SEO ah what. The content of the website went up, fixed visitor is much, so your website also is more successful. These are the more important things.

so, do website, equal to self-discipline, no practice home, do not go to rivers and lakes. How do you die, do not know how to die, and now the webmaster is equal to Chinese cabbage. I’m not, and I can only write a little something. Hope to you new Adsense have some small use,..

reprinted from:

Internet cafes need to pay attention to the details of what

although the network has been popular, but there are still Internet cafes operating space. Perhaps because of this, there will be so many people choose to open an Internet cafe. The Internet cafe industry belongs to the service industry, the service industry is the most important to facilitate customers, for customers to stop as much as possible service. Operating a good Internet cafes must pay attention to the details, and sometimes you can be a detail service to impress customers and make him a loyal customer. Otherwise, customers feel the same in other Internet cafes, why do you come to an Internet cafe consumption?

Xiaobian below to talk about some of the details of the Internet cafe business process need to pay attention to:

Cafe inside the smell

Internet air quality directly affects the customer’s mood, especially some female customers love the clean, the air quality requirements are more demanding; in order to retain customers, Internet cafes must create a feel fresh business space, because no one likes to surf the Internet in a stinking cafe. Do not let the smell of Internet cafes to become the expulsion of the customer’s murderer, so the construction of Internet cafes ventilation system, it is very necessary.

Internet environment clean and comfortable

to keep the operating area and work area clean and tidy, but also the Internet cafes must pay attention to the daily operation, diligence, diligence, diligence, reward and punishment, so that all employees of Internet cafes to develop the Internet environment of automatic maintenance habits. Every employee should be done to the curtain, the ground, small to the ashtray and some health and other comprehensive health care system to create a clean Internet environment.

service is intimate

in the Internet cafes, Internet cafes operators to maximize the customer to meet the reasonable requirements, to provide users with some of the services needed. At the same time, according to the requirements of customers, the establishment of a number of unique business projects. Intimate at the same time, Internet cafes should take into account the humanization. Internet cafes to provide customers such as text printing, game card sales of such services, you can not for the purpose of profit, free to customers, the real experience of the Internet to the customer service. A more comprehensive service Internet cafes to provide more services will enable customers to have greater consumer desire and dependence. Customer is God has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people, Internet cafes are also so.

humanized Internet bar technology

from the surface, the technology is stiff, reflecting the human nature is nowhere to start. In fact, the Internet is precisely the best technology to integrate into the human nature of the carrier, because the technology will be displayed directly to the Internet cafes each customer. The specific embodiment of Internet cafes, Internet cafes is the system. Internet cafe system to be stable, safe, do not frequent crashes and blue screen failures. >

Teach you how to do a good job of clothing display

for clothing store investors, in order to break out of the market, we must pay attention to all aspects of the clothing store, including clothing display. There are a lot of people do not pay too much attention to the clothing display, in fact, ignore its invisible sales force. Do you want to know how to dress up? Xiaobian teach you.

1, contrast color matching. Is that cool color contrast to warm, like: Green wear red clothes, wear blue yellow clothes, placed in a pole, can not let the warm and cool colors each accounted for 50%, the best is the ratio of about 3:7 more appropriate, with pay attention to warm and cold colors.

2, uniform color collocation. Uniform color of the clothes together will give people a very comfortable feeling, pay attention to the unity of the color system with the same style, the same is not put together, so as not to feel like a warehouse.

3, rational use of living area. The so-called living area is facing the direction of the flow of people most likely to see the first area, otherwise the dead zone. To push their own style in the main living area, the other style on the dead zone, which can greatly promote sales.

4, the number of models to control. Some operators believe the model more easily showing effect on many models in their own shops, but will have the opposite effect, make people feel some of this brand of "water", the so-called "rare", the best wear styles in the model has the best effect.

5, the rational use of live models". Shopping guide is a live model of clothing, which style they wear will sell what style, which is a good way to reduce inventory.

6, time to be in place. To understand who is every day to buy clothes, to dress as an example, on Monday, two or three, four are full-time wife, so you can put some fashionable and unique style, the high price of clothes in the living area and put the model on. On Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday, most of the people who go to shops are women who work at ordinary times. It is best to hang the clothes in the living area and the model.

7, store display to have a sense of rhythm. Do not put the color system is too rigid, the left side of the store is the right side of the cool color is too uncoordinated, warm and warm with a sense of rhythm.


Want to improve the sales of home accessories jewelry how to operate

business shop, no matter what items are to be prepared to fight a protracted war, for the first venture, no entrepreneurial experience of young people, want to sustainable development in the Home Furnishing market, business skills and sales methods is the most important thing is to grasp the industry, so as to make you better, faster to the wealth of life. Even if there is no experience of home franchisee also does not matter ah, Xiaobian for you to collect information on how to improve the sales of home accessories jewelry! How many kinds of

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