The three stages of website optimization promotion

in addition to specific learning, should be attention to their time, energy and wisdom all gathered in Shanghai Longfeng above, to maximize the initiative and creativity. How do the focus of Shanghai dragon, mainly to do three things:

, to focus on the long tail keywords content. Long tail keywords can help improve the rankings, also can bring a steady flow. So, to focus on the long tail keywords, as is not to the original, but not too important, it is important content to do fine, the only way to gain the ideal results.

third, chain layout, to focus on the principle of reasonable guide. The conversion rate and the user from the user experience point of view, the site has the obligation to recommend knowledge of their information to the user, and try to improve their access to the site of pleasure. Users want to create value for us, we must open the speed from the web, to guide customers to buy the products of this series of process to pay attention to a reasonable guide.

is engaged in study of Shanghai dragon to do the following three points: (1) have a strong desire, (2) in order to enhance the technical thinking and willing to work, (3) the Shanghai dragon as a means of livelihood. In addition, learning in the process of execution, we have to do three things: (1) comprehensive combing all the theoretical knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng especially important technical knowledge; (2) to improve its technology in actual combat and find out their strengths and develop; (3) and continuously improve their accumulation in combination.

many beginner Shanghai Longfeng people often feel very difficult, do not know how to learn, so the first thing to do is for the novice or single-minded, single-minded in growing progress in the webmaster, to concentrate on Shanghai dragon every day, take the time to study Shanghai dragon, hold Shanghai dragon. On the one hand, continuous efforts, on the one hand is the temporary flow are relatively poor, in this process still specific learning, realize the accumulation, to achieve a qualitative breakthrough day.

second, outside the chain, to focus on the chain of high quality. The chain is only included in the chain to be effective, to pursue high quality, must have high correlation and extensive degree, display rate is high, but a lot of the chain can not do these things, so many people use the forum signature over the fire links, it can also achieve this purpose.

has long been committed to the research and practice of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, often feel boring and exhausting Shanghai dragon live, will consider what to do optimization work today every day in the mind? What method effect? How fast to do site optimization and soon reached the ideal ranking. We walked carefully back course, will find that Shanghai Dragon technology promotion and generally go through these three stages.

First, the content of

first stage: the specific study of Shanghai dragon

second stage: focus on Shanghai dragon

Through the analysis of core factors of Shanghai dragon bring traffic to the site

we look under the long tail keywords operation. Long term operation of some friends may say, a weight is not high site can make the inside pages will be ranked? It sounds unlikely, in fact, that we can do under specific segments, such as we in the choice of keywords, we should try to find those who upset some of the word. Here is not to say that a popular IP search is not possible, but even if there is a search index we are worth doing. Another is the precise positioning of the long tail word. Itself didn’t flow, we must consider if there is a IP we must fix him, let him have a conversion rate of more than 60%, so there is always something better than our multi flow posts.

and the flow of Shanghai Longfeng seems quite straightforward, but we will be in the process of real size problems in operation. Today I am in a Shanghai dragon group saw a friend made him website traffic statistics results, see more than 80% of the traffic from the search engine, there will certainly be a part by micro-blog, forum etc.. At least we can draw the conclusion that flow through the search engine is a very good way.

for the domestic market in terms of "do not know love Shanghai." this should be the slogan everyone knows, but basically most people have to perform, really can do not know love Shanghai. Love Shanghai search engine in the Chinese market share, so a lot of Shanghai Longfeng (especially domestic) have to rely on the love of Shanghai. Although we can often see some dirty things: manual, right down, such as malicious malicious click. But because of the presence of users, so there must be a market. Those are only for us to do more than one search engine, but the impact on the user itself is not so directly. The search engine market share, we should further consider how to introduce the search engine traffic. In fact it is two direction, one is the target keywords ranking, and another is the long tail word ranking optimization.

target keywords, in fact, I would like to say that according to the nature of your own ability and keywords to do the best. The so-called ability is very hot words we must consider detour and go, because of time and experience will not allow us to do more consideration; keywords nature, in fact the inside our priorities should be index and conversion of words. Often encounter a word do up but no traffic, or spend a lot of experience to do a word, the final conversion problems, these from the point of view is not.

In fact,

summary, want to do the weight and the content of the final ranking is what is the website included problem. The weight of the website we will have a certain period to accumulate, but we must have an adjustment in the whole operation strategy. To do simple hard. If your site is actually the same target keywords operation concept. Some people will say that often change the title of the site will be right down.

The relationship between

The new site can’t find home solutions

three. To write high quality articles, the author believe this is the weight > can write out

if a home site site in the search engine to the first page you can’t find it, it is very likely that the site is down right now but a lot of new sites often appear in this situation. The new station is not the same with the old railway station, this is not because the site is down right, but the weight of home page this is usually not enough. The emergence of new sites in Google.

two. The increase of the chain resources: new sites included in the can after is Links exchange with other sites, if you already have some websites that can be linked to each other. Have no resources, can also be used with the usual meeting site to exchange, which requires more friends is that friends this is the way the truth about every day. Also need new exchange, everyone is a new exchange difficulty also is not so big. It is not out of Nirvana, their own money to buy a few high quality of the chain. The chain has been an important means to increase the weights of the website. It must be in this effort.

I recently made a new station, Google two days included more than 600 pages, but could not find a home, love Shanghai included a front page, other pages are not included. From this phenomenon we can see that Google is included from the content page to the home page for the new station, first you have to study the contents of a lot of use to the user, before deciding whether to release the home page, in the sea is the first page you put out, and then slowly examine your content page, the page data before deciding whether to release your content page. But in general, whether in Shanghai or Google are love as a result of this phenomenon is not only the website weight, find the problem, here we share method to solve the problem.

. Change the chain link address: new sites just do it, when to attract spiders, in order to achieve the purpose of quick attract spider in the forum post, when blogs are often reproduced. Take the form of the website is some articles reproduced to other website. As we all know, if a post or a blog on the content can attract the attention of the spider, maximize your website speed. To do so, the search engine know your website is from your content page, because the hair of the chain of the net station is some high weight website. So in a short time content even if your home page will be included, may also be ranked in those websites below. Once the website included, then send in the chain, can’t write the address, even if is reproduced in the article The source also, to fill in your website address, can not fill in the content page address. The aim is to put the weight of the website from the content page transfer to the home page. This step is the earlier operation better, new station can achieve the purpose of not included a few chain, usually as long as we go to the website that sent the article link address to send a few articles to address into the home page link address.

sh419 union or relax the conditions of registration is a pie or a trapAn online payment system desig

has the same type of station, you can change links with me

and Internet Co’s product line of activity for a company is very important, this product is more active, more money, or a product launch partner is quite rare, quite active, eventually it must is a profitable product, the product is eliminated. I believe that the promotion of the network alliance such as sh419, shlf1314 and Adsense will take in the proportion of the total revenue of reference.

is now sh419 Union partners are not many, if you apply for a period of time maybe it is necessary to improve the standard, if necessary, pay close attention to it, now do is to keep pace with the times, to catch this wave, it is difficult to apply for a network.

outside this kind of publicity, undoubtedly proved my a sh419 alliance friend, formerly known as sh419 theme, later the league’s CFO sh419 theme changed to sh419 Wangmeng, and said to the 300 thousand owners of the fabric strength, beginning perhaps the action is the action bar net poly. Certainly, sh419’s revenue, only 10% of the revenue from sh419 Wangmeng, must strengthen a cooperation, to ensure a greater share of the market share in the Chinese Internet advertising pattern, enrich its product line.


and Paymill, modeled by Stripe, offer payment processing services only in North america. For enterprises, the two companies provide services almost exactly the same, there is not a fraction of difference, they all provide API application program interface, developers only need to add a few lines of code in a web page can add online payment button to achieve the function of charging consumers. Developers can view all online transaction information, including consumer credit card information, payment information, subscription information, developer bank account information, and so on.

The sh419

‘s stock index also rose to $500 million because of the Paymill expansion. Paymill has no monthly fee and registration fee. It charges only 2.95% of the amount of each transaction plus 0.28 euros, and ensures the safety of financial information for developers and consumers.

Paymill, a Stripe based online payment processing service provider, recently announced a comprehensive entry into the European payment market, covering 29 European countries and receiving Rocket Internet funding.

whether it’s pie or a trap, I think it’s good to be open to the station owner. Moreover, sh419’s domestic market occupancy rate is very impressive.


now is one of Europe, one of North america.

today, I opened the sh419 Union, a look, oh, it is a day of good news to the webmaster, our registration appeared, request the webmaster recommend friends to join the link register network gave iPad, perhaps you brothers is really blessed, is a blessing not evil evil is hiding, here is the sh419 technician to Tutu, if you are interested, may wish to take a station to apply for, I believe that opportunities and challenges coexist.


The main difference between the

B2B vertical industry portal content strategy

article on the B2B industry in Jining vertical website business strategy should adhere to the "content is king" principle, and explains the B2B vertical industry website content strategy 6 aspects.

said, "content is king", perhaps we think more of television, news portal operations, in fact, the vertical industry B2B portal operating also can not escape the "content is king" principle. Whether it is the opening of the new industry website, or business old industry website; whether it is from the search engine optimization, user stickiness, marketing knowledge, or to meet the demand from the user, business model and other aspects, the content is always the foundation of all, this article from various aspects to explain in detail.

1, content total import — the first step of opening new industry website operation

I in "analysis" 6 main modes of industry B2B website in an article about the industry, the website of B2B is the main mode of product supply, join, project outsourcing, online trading, market information, industry community and other 6 kinds of mode, and in these models, both the construction industry network and how good how advanced is the main mode, users see the content, whether it is business information, industry knowledge, industry dynamics, belong to the content, not the content, it is like a shopping mall construction is very beautiful, but no goods, there is no meaning, no one to visit.

launched a new website, like new building shopping malls, we need to put the information into the website as far as possible, business information, business yellow pages, industry knowledge, industry dynamics of each section of the information, at least into more than 10 pages, allowing users to see the website as long as open, let the user first just trust the site, so as to further attract users to browse, registration, release information, finally become part of the user fee.

2, step by step, increase content — key point of website operation

, regardless of the visitors, search engines, are hoping that the site will continue to have new content, selling products, services, are relying on repeat customers. The same goes for websites, which rely on constant increases in the content of the site, and writing the day’s time to attract users to continue to visit the site, allowing users to access your site as a habit.


search engine, a bit of a website’s rating is the most important site is the gradual increase of new content, search engines crawl a site frequency, with frequency to increase the content of the new website, and the user search, the search results to a sort of rules the information is the time. A daily update (except holidays) website (original content to account for a certain proportion), will certainly get a lot of new users search engines. Site traffic will naturally rise day by day, and brand influence will be stronger day by day.

3, increase the content of non business opportunities >

Stone paper production can really make money

many investors are looking for venture capital projects should be aware of such a thing, this is the stone paper such projects are investment, and publicity is extremely attractive. So, stone paper production can really make money?

Stone paper is a kind of stone powder as the main raw material to make a new type of environmentally friendly paper, breaking through the use of wood pulp, straw pulp as raw material for two thousand years, the investment prospects. It is said to be the invention patent of an enterprise in Liaoning.

beauty Description: epoch-making new production of paper

biodegradable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic: Stone paper is used calcite, marble, limestone and other stone powder and polymer as raw materials. Easy to get raw materials, but also environmentally friendly, with excellent degradation ability, after the degradation of stone powder, absolutely no pollution to the environment.

low cost, large market: the cost of stone paper is lower than similar traditional paper products to 20%, the market is self-evident. Notebook, shopping bags, tablecloths, newsprint, special paper, etc. can be used, a huge market space.

truth restore: doubt

can not prove the degradation: the Chinese Academy of Engineering Plastics National Engineering Research Center, said that at present has not been able to find evidence to prove the degradation of stone paper. The statutory inspection agencies authorized by the State Quality Inspection Administration, deputy director of the national plastic products quality supervision and Inspection Center Senior Engineer Weng Yunxuan even believe that "if said Stone paper is biodegradable, less likely, is simply a bluff."

"see" products: it broke the news, some investors said the stone paper is interested to buy in bulk, the answer is the stone paper demand exceeds supply, only to local enterprises, not foreign sales. And when the investor orders to local enterprises, the answer is not to accept new orders, because the order has been set to at least a year later. Require on-site visits to the stone paper production workshop, on the grounds of patent protection.

did not pass the patent: according to the survey, the mainland investment company called the State Intellectual Property Office certificate, just accept the notice, which does not mean that it owns intellectual property rights stone paper.

fundraising door looming: according to the survey, the presence of funds raised in the presence of stone paper investment, invested tens of thousands of dollars to get interest returns. To be on the project after the horse, can be sustained return. However, the project has not yet announced the launch of a variety of investment projects.

How is

paper production, although a lot of people do not know the specific process, but also know about a raw material, stone production, no smell. So, whether such a project of stone paper

Tianjin set up 200 million special annual venture capital to support entrepreneurship

for many contemporary entrepreneurs, during the whole venture, the initial venture capital is very important, Tianjin high tech Zone recently in order to help entrepreneurs solve problems early venture capital, took out 200 million yuan of special fund.

to encourage local enterprises and universities, research institutes and construction of public record space for each standard space to the public record year maximum subsidy of 100 thousand yuan.

of the venture capital fund was registered in the high-tech zone, the government can be the highest proportion of 20% shares, the highest investment amount of not more than 40 million yuan of the invested enterprise take equity investment, equity exit "to support.

In fact, some of the


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The old man escaped from prison for 25 years, gambling change life

Shaanxi, an old man escaped from prison for 25 years, he was also a profitable young man, but since the gambling, his life began a dark journey. At the age of 75, he will go to prison again, and will be in prison for his crimes.

75 year old Ma Zhenchang was brought to the China Daily reporter in front of the guards, red face, full of energy.

When it comes to

18 years old to go dry Mason

1940 in June 14th, Ma Zhenchang was born in Mizhi County of Shaanxi Province Sha Jia Cun town of wood. Ma Zhenchang has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. He has never been to school. But Ma Zhenchang is clever. He said he was a descendant of the landlord, before the founding of new China, the family is very rich.

1958, due to the harsh nature of the home and living conditions, a year of crop harvest even corn noodles are not enough, 18 year old Ma Zhenchang went to Yanan to make a living. Yulin Mizhi Jiaxian and many local farmers to Yanan or Guanzhong area, the local people called "run road", is that the meaning of northeast.

"at that time, hundreds of pieces of money is" in the prison, Ma Zhenchang to the China Daily reporter about the glory of the year. At this time, he met a man now Baota District of Yanan City Li Qu Zhen, this is called "Qu Wan work" the man let Ma Zhenchang then lost myself.

because gambling was tied paraded through the streets of

When there is a

Reverse innovation is the positive thinking of innovation

grasp the latest industry information, in order to gain wealth in the first time. Reverse innovation is not a new concept, from 2009 GE will be for the development of new market electrocardiogram and ultrasonic instrument market in the United States, "reverse innovation" has become a new global development strategy of multinational enterprises. It has changed the thinking of innovation from the developed countries to the emerging economies, but will be the first in the developing countries to produce innovative products to the market.

2013  year, "reverse innovation" selected "World Manager" ten best management practice list. Apart from emerging economies to China, India as the representative of the outbreak of a huge market potential, become a global corporate profit growth "battle field" such a big economic background, we are more concerned about the Chinese, enterprises in the "reverse innovation" trend, how to seize the opportunity to participate in innovation, and even lead the tide of globalization of production. Advantech company vice president He Chunsheng said: "reverse innovation is a shortcut to China enterprise beyond advanced industrialization!"