Several effective methods of mining industry is the main noun keywords of the original article


original article has been one of the most troublesome problem, I believe that every webmaster have to do their own original article cheats, I have done many years of site, today and share some of my own to write original articles several ideas. The main keywords of an industry, generally is a noun, such as instant noodles, umbrellas, chairs. Here with the instant noodles industry as an example. Below I dig the product attributes of instant noodles.

is the three major factors of instant noodles production, is necessary for raw materials, equipment and production workers (production technology).

has many divergent thinking on the inside, such as eating instant noodles (who) who can continue to transform, of course, location (where) time (when) and reason (why) and eat (how), can be changed.


is third, the sales of this product attributes, this is the most important, because this is what we do to.




we are here to provide such a formula, 5W1H, also known as who, when, where, what, why and how.


first, any one product is able to be produced, which is an attribute of the most obvious.

this noun is the most easy mining industry is the main key words of the original article, segments of the industry may be difficult, welcome webmaster and I discuss my blog: lincun, Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝, lincunshuihu贵族宝贝>


second, the use of instant noodles


(1) materials into flour, palm oil, additive and material needs of the various package materials;

(2) equipment, playing machine, frying machine, packing machine and so on, of course, the machine is not enough, and part of the production process, such as temperature, pressure. The cutter speed settings and so on;

(3) human factors is indispensable, production workers is the most important part, but before production engineer formula and after production QC inspection is very important.

sales, not necessarily from the sales staff and distributors, in the middle of the wits and transportation inventory and so on related issues, and finally to reach the hands of customers. My every box inside the text is an attribute, there are a lot of the original theme of the article can write, but can guarantee there will be people in the search.

Nature, pragmatic and responsibility. I understand Shanghai dragon on 2012

2012 will soon be over, facing the new year 2013, I think every webmaster friends are full of hope for the future, which is the ambition to flex its muscles, have suffered in the past year was the. Looking back over the past year, I think can be used to describe the turbulence, is not only the continuous ventilation love Shanghai resulting in tens of thousands of websites and on-line down, 360 comprehensive search, which makes the whole world "jittery", Shanghai dragon do we do not know the future work will focus on what? But all this in the past, 360 returned to normal, love Shanghai eventually give them a way out, no 6.18 to the crazy, but I think you, in 2012 slightly chaotic situation, I think the smart people will think about how to find a shortcut to future development from the past.

I want to experience the K station webmaster must have event memories, a regular warfare is good, why not will be abandoned, past by Shanghai dragon day can have thousands of traffic to the website was back to the moment before liberation, there is no flow no click rate, which makes the many rely on love Shanghai search traffic survival website instant panic, so each big forum is full of the sound of a time for help, Shanghai dragon is no longer trust you, stand has grown into a sad industry. But a lot of the true meaning of the regular warfare eventually through appeal, adhere to optimize the work and get the chance to prove his innocence ", until now, some sites in the end or forward, but I think any a webmaster not good pain is forgotten, compared to 6.18 in the days after the development of distress. In I think everyone is more for 1, combined with other search engines, such as 360 complete source of traffic; 2, how to use the popular media, will flow into the vertical search; 3, the website also has a brand, relying on the psychological luck will do not last long.


also said the key Shanghai dragon, everyone will say that the chain and content, and this comparison, more webmaster love is outside the chain, yes, me too many friends on the high quality of the chain website rankings do the extremely ideal position, even if he’s worth reading and website not the highest. But later want to rely on the means of subsistence owners could be difficult, since late October 2012, Shanghai super love chain cheating algorithm upgrade, main object to combat the intention of manipulating site in Shanghai in search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks to cheat in the exams. Combat spam links include: link, cross chain wheel, sending program links, excessive exchange links, hidden links and the black chain, at the same time love Shanghai for your products to link the degree of attention is also gradually reduced. These methods are commonly used in many webmaster, also love Shanghai to inspect the site links to give more, then cut a road of the development of Shanghai dragon still useful? I think Shanghai is to repeatedly rectification in.

Why was Ali mum so upset about the website owner that he was so irresponsibleSina blog can also add

has not put advertising, I contacted Ali mother’s customer service audit and later explain each other to replace the image obviously deceive me, requires it to be revoked, or to replace the previous image, but the customer service that give me a reply, let me contact the advertiser, I later in the forum sent a message to advertisers a few days, did not reply.. Direct contact with Ali Wangwang customer service, and indeed not even a reply, no one in there to get a direct contact with Ali Wangwang customer service!!!

2, a simple web page, which only put Adsense code on it, and then saved as shlf1314.htm, if you do not do a simple web page, you can copy the code into Notepad inside, the file type can be saved as shlf1314.htm. the name shlf1314.htm is taken at random, you can save as any ***.htm


1, landing shlf1314 Adsense web page, apply for Adsense code.

A name for the iboxsoft

Sina blog is not adding JS code, but we can achieve by indirect way, you can go online to find a virtual hosting space online, free space is more than static web pages can support.

this article originated in Guangzhou SEO optimized www.zouzheng contact 86451941

detailed steps:


3, upload the file to your space by shlf1314.htm, and jot down his link.

6, click Save settings, and shlf1314 Adsense ads are already displayed on the home page.

< DIV> < IFRAME align=center marginWidth=0 marginHeight=0 src=" http:// /shlf1314.htm" frameBorder=0 width=200. Free space; scrolling=no height=200> < /IFRAME> < /DIV>

Ali mother from the opening I started, although his income is less than the shlf1314 more than three times, in addition to the most important position to the outside of the GG, other locations can still put Ali mother do monthly or click, has been on its influence is also good, but yesterday was a thing for me to Ali mother customer service attitude, and to protect the interests of their main site is to the point, now I say me what happened.

4, landing Sina blog background, click on the home page content maintenance "into the" custom blank panel ", click" add ", a title for the panel, such as" shlf1314 Adsense ", select" display source code ", and then in the content box, enter the following code:" /p>

ah, this obvious deception, Ali mother does not help us the interests of the site, such obvious deception regardless of it, it seems that we are very small bully ah… If it hadn’t been for one month, I’d really like to get rid of all of my mother’s ads.. I trust the Ali mother degree is very high, although taxes and maintenance fees, what is the highest I’ve ever seen, but I did not give up because of the ah, but not this time, the advertisers cheat everything, such as advertising subscription has expired, I will completely abandon the mom…

5, in the control panel left menu, click "customize my home page", in the pop-up page click "add module", check the last step of the new "shlf1314 Adsense" panel, click "select"".

ad in three weeks before the scheduled September 30th to October 6th with the position, the audit is a very normal advertising pictures, of course I did not think I know the audit, with just a few days ago suddenly changed the advertising picture, in the picture with a download that is, I download station, the site should know how to download pictures and immediately download without induction is obviously different, and the advertisement pictures in my next two download address, change the image of Ali’s mother even a review is not passed directly…

note: inside the width=200, the value is your own random, but pay attention to width should not exceed the width of the sidebar.

There will be spring Shanghai dragon Er to do long tail keywords

we all know that the long tail keywords competitiveness of small, because the user to search engine to search what are, the network provides a wide channel to the user. We through the statistics from the traffic analysis tool can see the long tail phenomenon is obvious. Take mogujie贵族宝贝 for example (see below), its main keywords ranking are good, but the long tail keywords is still the main source of traffic, many large site traffic is on the move to long tail keywords. Long tail keywords flow up to 50%~80% are not unusual. So for large sites, there will be spring Shanghai dragon Er to do long tail keywords.

so, what should we do the long tail keyword ranking? I believe that as long as we do the optimization of page, long tail keywords ranking will naturally improve. The most important site optimization is to ensure that the pages included.



is the first link in the chain of internal adjustment, is entirely by our webmaster controls, the website structure is very important, good website structure directly to solve the weight problem and included page. Seize the key issues, that deal with important page, to adjust the structure of non essential pages, improve the weight of secondary page classification, which contains a large number of long tail keywords page to be included.

finally, I want to say is the concept of long tail keywords said that we should not focusing on the keyword, but from the structure of the website, the original content of domain name, age, the size of the site, and the chain of quality. Phase.

again, is the domain name weight, a good domain name has a great impact on the website, domain name registration is early, the more favorable for the website ranking, it is one of the most important intangible assets of our webmaster. The best is the domain name contains keywords, there are two reasons, one is the keyword domain name itself is given a ranking weight, another is by others reproduced left links is the original URL, is equal to the link anchor text contains keywords in our website.

is the number of long tail keywords more, less number of keyword search keywords, so unpopular, it is necessary for us to do? For a large website, it is necessary to do long tail keywords, the new owners will have in the forum asked how to do long tail keywords ranking

second, there must be a lot of website content, it is difficult for a small enterprise stand for, because the webmaster only through software transfer and collection, or pseudo original, very few small business station or direct their original production site content to the user. Because there’s really a long tail effect site must have at least tens of thousands of pages, those hundreds of thousands or even millions of only ordinary, so small business station do not do long tail keywords good. The original and user large website also want to pay attention to the experience of the website content, update the content is also very important.

After the relocation work site optimization

above is not understand some views about the site after the move, also will go to do this, of course, in addition to these, the most important fact or a stick, if only three days fishing nets two days of drying attitude to perform, so let the site closed, this is easy, success is derived from the network your persistence! Finally.

The construction of the chain of

when some friends may move will associate the revision of the idea, anyway, have effect of moving, or simply a revision, so that the next time will not need to change; in fact this idea is wrong, the site moved to a certain extent, will affect the site itself in the search engine in the state, this time is to as far as possible to recoup their losses, and cannot be added to the revision of the impact, it will only make the web site in the search engine to a worse state, so, move the first point to note is that the data structure, the overall site don’t change, to avoid too many dead links.

frequency, the quality of the content is still to be mentioned, the quality of any time are the most important, and the moment of turmoil after the content of the website, the quality is especially important, do not copy and paste directly, although not each of the original, at least to achieve high quality pseudo original

2, after the removal of the engine speed

3, after the removal of content

! The quality of the content

5, after the removal of the link building

site after the removal of the engine speed must not be too slow, although not necessarily more than before the relocation of the host, at least not before the host has too many gaps, otherwise the site speed from a fast to slow the process, not only is the search engine, with visitors is also an unfriendly behavior


, the site was forced to close in a few days, forced to move abroad, this ranking for a temporarily stable site is undoubtedly a small blow, so was this so, no way, we have these grassroots adhering to the "policy / xiayouduice" the principle of work, the site will move to move, to minimize the impact of these, how to deal with the aftermath work site optimization after moving? Here are some of my views do not understand.


1, after the relocation of the

Site structure of

update frequency is very important, because the site after the move should be used to update strategy is stable, do not be what you want is what time to update it, try to be fixed update daily, as before the update and are not too big to move.

4, after the relocation of theIn addition to

!Update frequency of

website before moving there is definitely a rough outline, can not change it, when updating the content in the construction of perfect chain, at the same time to the outside of the chain, mainly in order to attract the spider crawling our website, so that we can better restore our health website ""

Prior to

Since the media talent necessary 10 skills, positioning pain point, build your product

we all know that two years of hot "from the media", there have been like: Luo thinking, Wu Xiaobo channel, so that the marketing circle boiling case, the valuation of some reached $100 million. In the concept of many people, from the media is the WeChat public number, WeChat public number is from the media.

in 2015 from the media is still hot, and show the form is more diverse, now most people are using the WeChat platform for public subscription number, as well as the video from the media, since the channel plan Youku 10 billion promotion; audio media such as Himalaya, Lai, dragonflies FM All flowers bloom together.

so, how do you choose so many platforms,


this needs to be based on your own situation and expertise to choose a location, the media platform is just a content dissemination channels, the most important thing is that your content can bring value to others.

many users often ask me how to start from the media, I summarized here 10 kinds of necessary skills from the media, to share with you.

one, positioning: we need more aspects, different angles to locate customers, so my understanding is mainly the following 5 kinds of positioning:

1, positioning yourself: find your own field, and be proficient in this field. Mainly three points:

1.1, who am I,


1.2, what advantages do I have,


1.3, what value can I provide to others?

must first understand his strengths, delve into a field, become a model in the field, and become an expert figure. Do not think big and complete, proficient in what you have to do in the field, and whether you do that field, must be to do their own favorite, interested, because only you like you can do further.

remember to be an area where time becomes friends, that is to say, this thing will become more and more interesting as time goes on.

2, locate customers: select target customers

you need to know your customers is that kind of people, you ultimately want to service who are students, parents, workers, men and women, or service enterprises, or is the boss, you need to find out who your target audience is, once you have determined the customer groups, you can according to their life experience, personality and occupation screened the most refined for customers, you’d better get accurate customers as a characteristic.

3, locate the pain point: find the customer’s problem

know who your customer is, you have to find ways to find out what hurts them. You have to study your customers, find their needs, and provide them with solutions or products.

there are many ways to understand your customers’ pain, and here I share some of my equations for mining customer demand. This equation includes 4

Tianjin to build Chinese vitality of innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tianjin has always adhere to the development road of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovative achievements have emerged, on the occasion of double era, through the reform policy Dongfeng, let Tianjin innovation and entrepreneurship development stepped on a new stage.

"12th Five-Year" period, Tianjin accelerate the transformation of economic development, actively adapt to the new norm, economy and society to achieve sustainable and healthy development. 2015 Tianjin GDP reached 16538 billion yuan, an increase of 1.8 in 2010, an average annual growth of 12.4%, per capita GDP of more than $17 thousand.

significantly enhance the comprehensive strength in the background, Tianjin continue to promote technological innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, the economic structure optimization significantly: approved the construction of the Tianjin National Innovation Demonstration Zone, an area of twenty-one yuan of pattern formation; launch intelligent robots, new energy vehicles and a number of major science and technology projects, the development of a milky way no, nebulae and a number of international leading technology products, build industrial technology research institute of biology and a number of innovative platform; small and medium-sized enterprise vigorous development, the total reached 7.2 million, nurturing small giant enterprises 3400; a number of large projects, large spacecraft mass transmission project be completed and put into operation; escalation effective Wanqi 1.2 enterprises successful transition…… Independent innovation bears fruit and has achieved good social and economic benefits.

to enhance the innovation ability as the motive force of the development of Tianjin city base, gathering resources for innovation, improve the innovation system, accelerate energy conversion, and resolutely to innovation development, to power, to benefit, to build a vibrant and strong competitiveness of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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How the shop should be placed flowers

is to purify the air, or in order to appreciate, in short, many shops now have a lot of flowers and plants, however, how to put it has become a problem plagued the owner. If placed incorrectly, not only can not play a positive role, but also may affect the development of store business. So, the shop should be how to put flowers?

is a women’s clothing store opened new decoration, store bought a lot of green plants, and have green dripping Guanyin and other large plants, there are many glass bottles of flowers, to purify the air, beautify the environment and.


manager will Scindapsus aureus and other large DSGY pot placed at the door of the left and right sides and each corner, the glass flowers display upper, hanging plate, cashier’s booth, etc. on the side, placing the plant very much, the shop looks Spring is in the air.

opened more than a month later, two female customers with a small boy of five or six years old came to the store, the female customers in the trial of clothes, the two little boys in their own play in the game, the first time, the first time, the two young girls in the shop. When the customer to try when Huan, heard the sound of broken glass bottles and a little boy crying, customer hurried over to coax a child, one of the manager said: "how do you put the vase do not know? If you hurt the child to see how you can afford!" The manager had to apologize again and again, these two customers naturally what clothes did not buy away.

store manager knows, they questioned the location of the store manager put the vase is not.

but, how should we put it?

a lot of brand stores will buy some plants and flowers to decorate the shop, but in the shop can play what role? First, a large pot, some people think it is used to purify the air, it was also considered to fill some gaps in the area, and even people put them into the window, that can attract customers.

let’s think about the functions of green plants.

large pot can attract customers? To answer this question, first of all, to think about what kind of things to attract customers? Of course, some of the novel, beautiful, strong visual impact. The pot, it is very common, naturally nothing attractive, so do not expect the pot to attract customers.

green plants to some extent have the function of purifying the air, but not because it can purify the air filled with all kinds of plants, after all, can not be overwhelming.

landscaping is the primary role of the pot. Shop big, functional areas will be more, some of the functional areas can be potted to embellishment, such as the rest area and the area is slightly larger VIP rooms, etc..

< >

Henan Province, a total of 90 thousand and 700 people participated in entrepreneurship training

for many entrepreneurs, held in social entrepreneurship training for people’s entrepreneurial activity is very helpful, since this year, Henan province has organized nearly 100 thousand people participated in a series of entrepreneurship training.

to give relief, Small and micro businesses in March this year, Henan Province issued the "notice" issues related to the adjustment of the rate of unemployment insurance, the unemployment insurance rate from 3% to 2%, the year can be reduced Small and micro businesses pay unemployment insurance premium 243 million yuan. At the same time, human society, finance and other departments to increase efforts to support entrepreneurship loans, the first half of the province’s new issuing small loans 5 billion 460 million yuan, to help 76 thousand people to achieve business, of which 3600 college students venture issued loans to 310 million yuan. In strengthening the entrepreneurial support for college students, the provincial financial arrangements for 30 million yuan each year, special funds for the project through the review of each college students to give $20 thousand to $150 thousand free funding.


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Children’s clothing store boss turned out to be worth learning

along with our country a new round of fertility policy to relax, there are some more and more people begin to have a second child, at the same time, the children’s clothing market began with hot up, life will have a lot on children’s clothing store and build up the family fortunes example, let’s look at.

32 year old Miss hole cheerful, optimistic, very talkative, but to mention their own youth, Ms. Kong said that the most appropriate to describe their own self-confidence. After graduating from junior high school, poor words of Miss Kong to listen to mother’s words to apply for a clothing vocational school. In accordance with the planning of the hole mother, tailor this line is more suitable for the daughter of inarticulate. After the clothing school for a period of time, "itchy" Miss Kong secretly help a worker in a factory making dad pants, but when she according to their own ideas to the workers made a cuffed pants fashion, this is not required to do by the worker pants was eventually rejected.

"I wear pants flanging more good-looking, but he insisted on going straight." At this time, Miss Kong suddenly realized that such a life is not what he wants, he can not do a tailor. Three years later, from the clothing vocational school graduate hole into a shopping mall. Just entered the unit, she thought, "I must not stay here long", but did not expect this to be ten years time.

2001, grandfather suddenly fell ill, which makes Miss Kong’s life embarrassed. I add up to less than 1000 yuan with her husband’s wages, to the elderly to see a doctor, but also to raise a newborn son, this money is not enough." In order to support the family, Miss Kong to Yanshan morning set up a stall, selling stationery.


really set up stands, Miss Kong found himself selling stationery and did not imagine so popular, the best business when her stationery a day to sell 20 yuan, the less time a day can only sell 2 dollars. Adhere to a month later, a friend of the word so that the hole is determined to switch careers, the people around here are to buy food, who buy Stationery, ah, take a piece of clothes to go back line."