The analysis without hyperlink. Whether the chain effect of optimization from two aspects

from the two aspects of the analysis without hyperlink. Whether the chain effect of

last year in a network company by using the classification information of mass in a short period of time will be a lot of high index keywords "Huayu logistics" and "logistics" Debon logistics optimization to the top 3, because there are logistics station on my hand, I analyze these messages with the website group the URL is not with hyperlink URL. And the network’s website are used in almost a template, but the color is a little change, the network companies even within 2 months of these words all home occupied, at that time the network company is very rampant, the do the site title behind all bring their own company name. Because the action is too large to be in love with the sea on, many sites are K. Up to now there are still few stand ranking is very good. The website which is not specific Published. Do not believe you search the top site outside the chain of.

: first you from those soft A5 and home owners in the.A5 and can contribute to see the home station article can take a URL, and these URLs are not with hyperlinks, you imagine if this is not a hyperlinked web site outside the chain of no effect so, why everybody everyday so spending time writing articles for publication? Even write some soft Wen people write a soft price up to 50 yuan. There is only one reason: for the chain. Although the article through the audit by a large number of high weight website, then these websites reproduced in the article is the same pure chain website, I looked at about 10 websites with 8 pure URLs. So from this aspect is the most convincing.

?The first The above is my

is from second aspects: the classified information website can be seen. Speaking of the classified information weights are very high, included up to hundreds of thousands of words, the general manual release procedures very much there is no way to release success. And even if the successful also need to review /p>.

to introduce the article, and now there are a lot of people are stressed. The pure chain has a great effect on the optimization, but there is still a lot of people think there is no big effect, pure website construction of the chain is relatively easy. So I hope you make good use of resources and pure. The chain. Maybe one day the optimization effect is obvious. The pure chain, that time may do more than

a Shanghai Longfeng personnel should know the description text keywords and hyperlink URL chain can enhance the site weight and ranking, so often we will ignore this without a hyperlink. The pure form is also belong to the chain. So this is not a hyperlinked web site outside the chain have no effect the optimization has also been questioned by many Shanghai Longfeng personnel, and even most people don’t think what effect and not to do the chain, here I will take you from the perspective of the three is not a hyperlinked web site outside the chain of optimization in the end there is no effect


2012 bugs software forum signature still use it

2, BBS signature of the chain what harm

there are two sides, may not be perfect, whether you are a group blog, forum message, classification of information group or forum signature to do or have a good or bad coexist, cannot eat fish and bear paw, so as to BBS signature of the chain and what harm? Below Shanghai and Chong dragon with you briefly explain the point defects of the chain BBS signature.

1, BBS signature chain stability is poor, I believe we all know the search engine website has a regularly updated rules and common small updates every Monday times a month, a big update, so the update in the search engine website will put the implementation of the updated snapshot forum posts again, with the new grab the implementation of the page included into the search engine library website. But as the search.

for the better and can take some of the weight of the signature of the forum, is certainly the most welcome by all Shanghai dragon er. Because the chain chain in forums like the other types of labor, save time, moreover, the effect is also very good, love Shanghai included strong, and use software to set up a is more effective, the truth is so, I believe that many high weight forum like or portal the forum website forum, webmaster can all see a little bit of Shanghai dragon Er "shape", BBS signature chain has reached a peak, and many forums have restricted just registered do not have to sign the signature, or upload picture of it, or have a certain integral, which is Chong in Shanghai dragon why do you speak the video after registration to reply, send a few days, and then set the signature to do the chain, now already can automatically sign with soft insects from Dynamic upload picture more convenient forum signature. So the insect friends want to do is to grab a lot of resources, organize resources, and can not understand in the www.chong segment, Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/down.html download video tutorials see.

Before the

Chong in the Shanghai dragon "new friends how to send the chain of software bugs" mentioned by a marketing software can do many kinds of platform to do outside the chain, such as soft Wen, inquiry platform, blog, forum, forum signature, Chong today to share with you is Shanghai dragon BBS signature chain, because of this the chain is the most common, the effect is relatively good, especially in some high weight site, the effect is more obvious. Insect friends just right – extended function – set signature, keynote in high weight forum signature with webmaster of the site, or anchor text, then post replies can obtain high-quality links. And then in 2012 this awesome chain can share a bit? Below the point of view of the 2012 Chong Shanghai dragon BBS signature chain with you.

1, BBS signature chain which benefits

I feel the Tao do keep on keeping on

through the network, newspapers and so I contacted Amoy off this industry, actually this is not an industry, a network advertising model just by Ali Mama launched


has been operating for a month now, and it’s hard to find it. The first time I heard "guest" the strange words, my heart is full of curiosity, have grown to love, did not expect to make money, just a long-term interests and the construction of this website. Start station when check data, do the planning, at the same time this domain has also been thinking things over to the application, start would have named "Amoy I love you, then think the site should have more development, should have a decent name, which is named" Tao China".

in order to save costs, I just bought a 100M hosting space, this space is actually linked to the 3 station in there, has been a serious overload was going to collapse, hehe! Website building up, mainly display and promotion of goods, to put on the website advertising, through the Ali Mama advertising, soon advertisers to advertise on the site, check the income of their own, although only a few cents, but my heart is still very happy, because I see the website does not appear everywhere "advertising investment", at least there are still a lot of people concerned about the web site. After the majority of users through the website statistics to see is not a commodity search to access the site, but often from the skills of a series of articles to Amoy website, so I think the website has become inevitable, after it launched half a month on the site, the modified version of the site, and buy a space independent operation of the website, add Amoy related skills and other articles, the main page layout or Amoy commodity display, also insisted on a daily updated website.

every day I watched my website traffic trends and guest promotion income, see income is still 0 yuan, disappointed but did not give up this morning as usual to see my income, yesterday (September 1st) the success of the first commercial website promotion commission records, the heart happy strength not to mention! I now had in mind, or to adhere to the site carefully run, no matter how hard.

traffic is not high at the moment, but my confidence is doubled,

( Chinese Amoy welcome, welcome guest

communication skills!

Know about CEO week source never stand in God’s perspective

no one can say that’s the only way to do it right.

because in the real world there is no way to evaluate the other in an equivalent way.

six years ago, Zhou Yuan as a journalist, full of excitement. across the ocean, first came to Silicon Valley. Today, Zhou source to serial entrepreneur identity, full of excitement. came here again. People mention him and usually mention an identity, almost CEO.

is almost an intellectual question and answer community, which is a defining statement. The obvious difference from other communities is that the social relationship between users is based on a question and answer discussion. In particular, a high quality of the respondents, more easily through the characters, the distinction of personal independence of conduct or flashes, harvest identity and satisfaction.

‘s sense of identity and satisfaction add equally to knowing, or even exceeding, self imagining.

, for example, this week, the source led to the United States to do propaganda, a station will be located in the Stanford University in Silicon Valley, a station at Columbia University in New York. Before setting out, I knew the team was relatively upset about the activity in Silicon Valley, but the situation was unexpected. The Stanford University, which organized the event in the Yellow Sea, said it was initially expected to register only 50 people, up to four times the figure.

in fact, over the past year, is known to almost four years since its inception, the fastest growing period of time: knows the community more than 10 million registered users, an increase of ten times, more than one million daily active users, the mobile terminal launched a new mobile phone App to know almost daily from 0 to more than 15 million downloads, know almost daily single the amount of reading can reach 50-60 million……

knows that the original two years strictly enforced not open registration, only accumulated 400 thousand registered users. Phase contrast shows the difference. "Even so, that’s the result of restraint," says Bai Jie, vice president of consumer growth, who knows that he doesn’t pursue high inflation. So, in a sense, it is also a "slow" company.

, this has something to do with Zhou’s character. Li Zhuoer witnessed the source of the week from the programmer switched to reporters, followed by the two entrepreneurial process. In his words, the current source of the week compared with the original just graduated, more low-key, calm. Li Zhuoer, who lives in the United States, uses the word "Extremely" to describe it.


users still worried, afraid to know the community, because of the huge influx of new residents and taste. This is well understood, there is a week source and know almost another co-founder Zhang Liang Jobs went to the house but was recalled, Jobs neighbors too many outsiders to drive a gun, causing interference to the residents in the same community with Jobs.

but restraint does not mean that you know you are willing to be a small and beautiful community. Zhou said his next goal was to serve one hundred million users. In his future description of sina technology,

Local portal to renew the accumulation of customers

runs a portal, insisting that it is a necessary condition. Because persistence will bring about the accumulation of content, the accumulation of website weight, the accumulation of users and the accumulation of customers. These accumulation, "time" is a necessary condition.

below we will explain the method of customer accumulation, other accumulation is easier to understand.

customer accumulation, a most important manifestation is the "renewal", if the customer base will renew, site a year more than a year, with the advance of time, increase website traffic and users, our profit will increase the rate of conversion of year by year, to achieve a stable income.

We need to know about

for renewal 4 links:

1, confirm the basic attributes and selling points of the product, and achieve reasonable value matching

2, the uncertainty and randomness of the feedback effect, so that visual effects show

3, service is the key to renew, do the necessary

support service

4, cost accounting, appropriate feedback, let the customer wishes to renew the


the first point: to confirm the basic attributes and selling points of products, and to achieve reasonable value matching.

usually, when we renew for the customer, customer feedback is the most "no effect", "no", this time as a marketing staff, the first step is to establish the basic attributes and selling products. Let customers return to reasonable expectations.

for 2 examples:

such as yellow pages products, when we sold in the yellow pages, yellow pages is more a description of "release keywords", "network name card", "make it easier for customers to find you and understand you," the basic selling point of this product, the selling point, the price is 100~200 yuan per year. From this point of view alone, it can be fair and reasonable.

then the customer at renewal time, the first feedback is "no effect" and "no", is actually a natural effect of customer feedback based on the understanding of the customer is not wrong, everyone is like this, we include.

this time we need to let customers know is: 100~200 yuan of products, is unlikely to be enough, so that customers really feel useful (e.g., so that customers can directly feel the advertising effect, requires a lot of feedback, can ask customers what ads you have such an effect, as well as your investment cost).

At the same time to the customer to show the characteristics of

product: (do not think customers understand the product, the customer may have forgotten, or have forgotten why sell this product, because the price is too low, can not cause the customer real attention)

, A, yellow pages are mainly service level. Releasing keywords and making web cards is a powerful complement to other ads you are doing now. It’s very practical and very convenient

Write soft Wen also want to write well, can’t rely on sympathy to effect

due to the news event missing and release cycle is relatively long, cumbersome, the news has gradually can not meet the needs of some enterprises, now many enterprises have soft as a main means of publicity. But it is easy for companies to confuse the concept of news soft text or simply to spend money without spending money. The difference between the news soft text, there is such an image for example: the news is Valentine, and soft Wen is a prostitute, the news is based on your love, I would like to, on the basis of the need for long-term emotional pay. And soft Wen is clearly marked price, as long as willing to pay money, any place, optional time can. Soft Wen said, is still a soft advertising, the main purpose is: publishing activities and promotional information, enhance enterprise visibility and reputation. Soft news elements less news, so the breadth and depth of communication is better than the news.

since there is such a metaphor for soft Wen, soft Wen elements will be: taste, face, plan, place…… In this paper, it is through these elements to explain the soft text.

one, don’t really soft writing soft,

readers to buy a newspaper to read the news, few see the patient, some soft, full of running account, the price is cheap, from A to Z is our product or service, or, anyway, what good, soft Wen should not boast, should be rooted in the whole industry and the sellers concern. The author of the soft Wen requirements are: must be based on industry trends, competitive environment, the demands must not be too much, there is only one point of view, as far as possible to the news tone to write.

two, title shock

title is a soft face, the consumer decided to read an article, depending on the title, to the article with news, first of all, the title of the news value.

soft text title settings are the following several commonly used types, the author on the home appliance market example.

1, the smell of gunpowder type: × × ×, × TunJi heavily; household appliances known to "by hand";

× × electric explosive industry insider;

2, problem type: home appliance market face reshuffle,

3, curious: buy appliance industry also need to make an appointment,


4, eyeball type: carrying coins to buy air-conditioning

three, soft text plan and continuity

write soft and write the article is two concepts, excellent soft Wen must have skeleton, skeleton must be rigid. Some enterprise soft hammer East, West a mallet, sometimes also like his own petard, contradictory, I wish to write text, to write the program planning form background analysis, objective, by which point the paper, wenyiding is a system of things, a point often on appeal an article to spread is completely insufficient, must be repeated. A soft text said that the price is low may >

Thunder boss killed in a car crash NBA thunder boss killed in a car accident

, according to U.S. media reports, the thunder boss of · Alberi aged 56; McClendon died in a car accident. McClendon had personally directed the thunder (formerly supersonic) moved out of Seattle, moved to oklahoma. In the day before the crash, McClendon was also indicted by the federal court. Justice Department spokesman Arberg (Mark  Abueg) refused to respond to the impact of the death of Mr. McClendon on the case.

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What are the new ways of car washing

said that with the increase in the number of cars, car wash shop investors are more and more. However, the cost of operating a shop involves a lot, in the role of science and technology, many new car wash began to be applied. So, what are the new car wash?

with the progress of science and technology, the car model is also quietly changing, used to see the most is the car wash cloth bucket with the rhythm, and now use the automatic washing machine computer to replace the manual washing, become the mainstream of the washing mode. Xiaobian for everyone to summarize the new car wash several ways:

1. car wash

the use of self-service car washing equipment, car owners to do their own body cleaning work, cleaning time, water consumption is relatively small, but the lack of effective maintenance work.

2. car wash

The use of

automatic computer washing machine for vehicle cleaning, can effectively put the car paint surface soil dust removal, after washing liquid, overall clean wax, make the vehicle bright and smooth. Deficiencies may be mixed with dust in the scrub, the use of a long time to paint the car easily wear.

3. contactless car wash

the whole cleaning process and vehicles without contact with high pressure water washing vehicle, with foam and wax, to achieve the maintenance of the car paint effect, finally dry the body. The whole process is fast, safe, not only to allow the car to wash as bright as new, but also to bring customers not the same car wash enjoy.

4. waterless car wash

first use duster to remove dust on the surface of the car, and then spray a small amount of water on the surface of the paint vehicle is dirty, wipe with a cloth. And then use a special cleaning agent to clean the body, to keep the car’s paint smooth. Wipe glass with a glass cleaner. And the car tires and other related cleaning work. Waterless cleaning effect is good, does not damage the car paint, but the site is not easy to clean the powerless.

so, if you are a car wash shop operator, if you want to make your own shop business has been booming, not affected by the development of the times, nature also need to carve out more new car, so as to meet the needs of more consumers, let the store business is more prosperous.

Ten thousand yuan can do what business to earn a snack business.

has only ten thousand yuan on hand to do business? Many friends think about this problem more than once. So, ten thousand yuan can do business? For friends with limited funds, how to choose entrepreneurship projects? Small series for you to analyze the suction gold project.

ten thousand yuan can do what business? Snack bar. If you are confident about your performance in the kitchen, you might as well start a special snack bar in downtown. Only hire a waiter, plus rent, buy Cookware, required liquidity and other costs, the investment can be controlled in the yuan. Your snack bar to operate the daily meal, you two hats is the boss and chef, small profits for business purposes, services to workers, students and migrant population, mode of operation for breakfast, snack food, operating varieties with local characteristics, focusing on coarse grain practice. So, your average daily operating income will be more than 150 yuan, remove all kinds of costs, daily net income is also in the range of 40 –   between $50.

ten thousand yuan can do what business? If you have only ten thousand yuan, may wish to open a snack bar, a $ten thousand fund enough. Of course, if you want to make your snack business more prosperous, it is necessary to cook a lot of effort.


How to improve sales of outdoor clothing

The appearance of

outdoor clothing is popular among young people. I believe that outdoor clothing agents should have a good development prospects. Today, outdoor clothing in the market continues to increase, only to change the sales method, strengthen operational skills, will get a chance to develop in the market, will get a lot of wealth.

on marketing but not to pay too much attention to the price, but to highlight the cultural connotation, to clearly tell consumers, it has special meaning, what. The concept of outdoor clothing design has been widely extended, can involve all areas, and it is more emphasis on symbolic significance, but also attach importance to the performance in practice.

so popular outdoor clothing tends to one or a few popular elements for design such as color, style, material, the characteristics of outdoor clothing is very outstanding, the general performance is common in popular outdoor clothing on personality. Due to the popularity of outdoor clothing life cycle is short, so most of the high-end in the following outdoor clothing, and its popular features more image is more important, so it is suitable for marketing in many combinations of operations.