Several effective methods of mining industry is the main noun keywords of the original article


original article has been one of the most troublesome problem, I believe that every webmaster have to do their own original article cheats, I have done many years of site, today and share some of my own to write original articles several ideas. The main keywords of an industry, generally is a noun, such as instant noodles, umbrellas, chairs. Here with the instant noodles industry as an example. Below I dig the product attributes of instant noodles.

is the three major factors of instant noodles production, is necessary for raw materials, equipment and production workers (production technology).

has many divergent thinking on the inside, such as eating instant noodles (who) who can continue to transform, of course, location (where) time (when) and reason (why) and eat (how), can be changed.


is third, the sales of this product attributes, this is the most important, because this is what we do to.




we are here to provide such a formula, 5W1H, also known as who, when, where, what, why and how.


first, any one product is able to be produced, which is an attribute of the most obvious.

this noun is the most easy mining industry is the main key words of the original article, segments of the industry may be difficult, welcome webmaster and I discuss my blog: lincun, Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝, lincunshuihu贵族宝贝>


second, the use of instant noodles


(1) materials into flour, palm oil, additive and material needs of the various package materials;

(2) equipment, playing machine, frying machine, packing machine and so on, of course, the machine is not enough, and part of the production process, such as temperature, pressure. The cutter speed settings and so on;

(3) human factors is indispensable, production workers is the most important part, but before production engineer formula and after production QC inspection is very important.

sales, not necessarily from the sales staff and distributors, in the middle of the wits and transportation inventory and so on related issues, and finally to reach the hands of customers. My every box inside the text is an attribute, there are a lot of the original theme of the article can write, but can guarantee there will be people in the search.

How one by one investigation website keywords ranking suddenly drop

exclusion reasons: Although there are some articles using Edit >

was the first to introduce me to the operation station in

December 2nd morning check, in addition to popular word in the home, other long tail words and popular words are ranked out, really need to carefully check the reasons! Find the cause, because there is a rising trend and has been ranked the stable for more than a week yesterday, so get rid of optimizing actions a week ago may be adverse the effects of the problem should appear in this week, I mainly to the investigation from the following aspects:



content: we stand has been updated daily in five or six or more, and often I will send some pure original article, through the investigation of the effect of the original articles do not cover, can improve the quality of website does not say, even the whole station included the amount increases.

eliminate the cause: last week downtime did not happen again during this week, and 11.24 days in the week has eliminated, and ranking reached a stable state, so the server factors removed.

Shenyang move network this year 7 at the end of the line, after two months of hard work, the popular word "Shenyang move" and common word "Shenyang moving company" was ranked in the Shanghai home of love. In October 24th, according to the instructions to modify a title, the ranking out to ten pages away. 11 at the end of the main site keywords ranking rose again to the home page. (the October 24 revision of screenshots title before the site in CNZZ tool to check on the

server: I get a monitoring treasure, monitoring server, in addition to 11.24 am two times the crash occurred, has been very stable.

1. server


a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers may do cases, will encounter this kind of situation, are not easy to do up the rankings once fell, a time puzzled, don’t know which one is part of the problem, where to start to do. Encountered this situation do not panic, the site was K or plummet in the rankings for a particular reason for it, a case by the author to analyze in detail the author, how one investigation analysis of the causes of the decline in ranking websites.

eliminate the cause: this situation lasted a month, ranking back to the first page and the second page, no new friends of the chain increased in the near future, rise, the ranking is also very stable. Therefore, the exclusion is due to involvement of friends of the chain of causes.

2. Links

chain: last month in 10.24 days due to the change of the title, ranking drastically, love Shanghai weight from 2 down to 0, removed a few think server access very slow chain, basically did not add, also do not have a few people and I am willing to add.

Several companies talk about my station was K how to restore ranking

the above three problems is the author of several sites were initially diagnosed K, a general station caused by many K factors, such as host, content collection, web copy etc.. As in the end is not because these factors caused by power is not very clear, after all, site optimization techniques have many kinds, black and white are, as long as can be ranked, any means cannot be excluded. To solve these problems, the author also started to optimize.

first, to be K site, whether it is business or station to various sites (such as Taobao, the first railway station) appear similar to the above problems, the author think, largely because of too much junk content, lead spider crawl, then fell in love with the sea was judged as spam sites, natural snapshot it is not updated. In the case of increasing the chain, that spider patronage site frequency is very high, which you can download web log to see. Since there is so much junk content, and these content and not spiders love something, of course, need to delete. However, there is a problem.

website optimization the most taboo is the search engine K site, here is the search engine of K station is mainly in sea K station, because only love will make Shanghai K station, others like Google, Sogou, 360 search and few K stations may, at least the optimized number of enterprises since the station, only to be in love with sea K site. As for the love Shanghai why so arrogant, I believe we all know.

first day of work, I began to seriously compared to those of the site by K and in the stability of the site, after all, before is the same person in the site management, the optimization technique almost certainly. So, after comparison, the author also found that the problem.

problem, by the enterprise K station has a certain weight, but is not updated snapshot, the chain number has a certain number, but also an upward trend (Figure 1)

three page keywords push cut is very serious, generally speaking, the enterprise station keywords push cut is a common situation (said to have certain commercial meaning), but this will undoubtedly give the enterprise stand ranking was left.

first shows that the optimization of the site, from the beginning of September 7th, the first company to work directly facing the management of 7 enterprises to optimize the management station, because it is a network company, this is not surprising. But the problem came out, there are 4 stations were in love with the sea K, only 3 of a certain rank, I think, why most people mess? No way, in order to improve yourself, but also to make a living, I was willing to take over the enterprise station.

two, link power the friendship of the site a lot, because it is the site of many outsourcing network company, this is normal, and some Links also have problems, such as some sites have been K, but still Links.

The founder of vision enterprise website construction of Shanghai dragon three golden laws and preci


              before writing a "founder Visual Web: how to communicate effectively" to tell you the time to talk about the website what should be done. The site down, to make the work, then Shanghai dragon enterprise website construction to planning ahead, otherwise once found change when the problem again, the cost will not increase. Once a friend made a website, the website has been done for half a year, keywords are beginning to have found that ranking, website page title is too long, Shanghai is the best search results display title is not complete, there is no way, he changed the title, the result is the page snapshot backwards, keywords ranking drop. Another example is that a friend is doing health care, and found that his site in a stable, long tail keywords website is not stable, because page similarity is too high, the list of data, too much boilerplate text, no matter if the long-term, will soon be competitors catch up, be eliminated. If the process of enterprise website construction found in the path of the problem is even more trouble, so the site keywords life cycle will become shorter. So, how to avoid the rework site later? We need to make a plan before pre production sites, three of the following criteria are to talk about visual programming, for discussion!

Detection results analysis of the example of Shanghai lovelessness snapshot

site query is normal, but the webmaster tools query really is not love Shanghai snapshot, which makes us very depressed, but through the analysis of ranking of our website does fall, you may fall in love with the sea is really on the site down the right, from which I summed up several reasons, may lead to the following points reason:



2, website content is involved in

we can see, the query results show loveless Shanghai snapshot, but others included and love Shanghai weight, have not changed, below we look at the results of the query by love to take a look, as shown below:

1, the website keyword modify

we can see love for the results of the query are displayed is love Shanghai snapshot is normal, and the next day, the two tools check out different, what one can believe, love Shanghai did not give specific comments, but we’ll see through the site website snapshot.


here reminds me of is probably recently on the website of the title, description, keywords changes caused by reasons, because the update this Thursday love Shanghai, may be affected by a little.

if you have Links be K or drop right site must be cleaned up, otherwise punished too late to cry, at least should be tested every day, this is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er to develop good habits.

this morning we found the site of a two level domain name didn’t love Shanghai rum page snapshot, and then I query the next rank, was ranked in the second page, now ranking has a lot of back, the domain name has been in accordance with the formal methods of promotion, the chain is also follow through gradually, but why there will be no love Shanghai snapshot, we all know that the snapshot is every day we care about, it can reflect you this site has not been free from the spider, spider welcome, once did not love Shanghai snapshots, so our website has not entered a dangerous period, the following we give test results analysis of the example love Shanghai snapshot, the first is the use of love Shanghai webmaster tools, the site was detected, as shown below:

3, Links involved


because the rum information is compared with the news, then the editor when possible to add article content is original do not so extreme, and love Shanghai recently and just update the original algorithm, and users pay more attention to the experience of the website, so if you do not good enough, then love Shanghai must be ruthless.

When the detection chain

Search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) and micro-blog (SNS) common marketing

Since micro-blog since the birth of

1, now Chinese are Sina and micro-blog QQ, Chinese is the largest user of micro-blog platform, but the difference of the user population is relatively large, Sina micro-blog to white-collar workers and celebrities, QQ and micro-blog are mainly young people and students, but if you do need to know what is the mainstream micro-blog micro platform, now generally Sina, micro-blog, QQ, micro-blog, micro-blog, so do the general marketing people is to use these platforms, but the other big door platform of micro-blog can also register for an account, such as NetEase, search etc..

4, says title, but Shanghai dragon Er also understand that the description of the website (description) is also very important, played micro-blog knows that the micro-blog name has a personal introduction, the introduction is the description of micro-blog (description), so when micro-blog plans and written personal registration this must also affect micro-blog’s ranking factors, such as my micro-blog is overseas business, overseas B2C, English Shanghai Longfeng, Shanghai.

, Sina micro-blog, there are a lot of templates, but some are entertainment, literature, journalism, mainly to professional, such as network marketing of micro-blog, in the template is little, so it is best to design a template, especially the background and icon, and the micro-blog structure the layout, these Sina micro-blog can set. Common: need to do website layout, internal optimization.

, more and more users are welcome, micro-blog is derived from the blog, but was said to be a copy of American twiiter, slowly micro-blog has also been a lot of people used to promote way, do Shanghai Longfeng people should rarely go, since I understand micro-blog marketing, micro-blog more than five thousand, I slowly began to learn from micro-blog marketing, is also found in common with Shanghai Longfeng, following laocai will discuss Shanghai dragon and micro-blog common:

The template design 2, micro-blog

3, we do in Shanghai Longfeng, basically will be set up on the site title keywords (i.e., the title keyword) on the website of Shanghai dragon is a very important work, but also found that laocai is the same as in micro-blog, including micro-blog’s name, the title is actually micro-blog’s name, so the name to have relevant keywords, allows users to see what is your micro-blog theme, is the main content of what. I like the micro-blog, I was doing the electronic commerce and the Shanghai dragon, so my name is the name of the electronic commerce of Shanghai Dragon – laocai. Because a lot of peers or customers will use micro-blog search, search with two options, one is the name of micro-blog and micro-blog content. Powder, the content of symmetry, the basic will be the first in line.

there are many people who want to grab a lot of sina micro-blog account, such as the "classic" and "network marketing", "Shanghai dragon training" and other words, the people feel like cybersquatting, because Sina micro-blog name is only temporary.

Share the most popular website in Shanghai dragon manipulation

two, Sohu. Sohu micro-blog do long term effect is really very powerful, fast to 10 minutes, the long tail word can love on the first page of Shanghai. One minute registered micro-blog account, two minutes of content simply fill in one minute, do the chain, leaving 6 minutes for the collection. Oh, isn’t it amazing, after 10 minutes, see the long tail word ranking. This is the most awesome way, but not in the long run, Shanghai has estimated love found this phenomenon, may be developed filtering program. Maybe the next update time, see these disappeared.

, a sprocket. The main purpose is through the chain sprocket reasonable layout, weight transfer. The chain effect is much better than single, when you operate the sprocket, attention must be moderate, excessive chain will cause the search engine punishment. The specific operation is A chain station to B station, B station chain to C station, C station and D station D station to the chain, then the chain to E station, E station and A station chain. Here is the links between the five sites, of course, some master do more, hundreds of websites do sprocket. It is very powerful, but there must be a lot of time and resources to maintain.

before sharing, please clarify, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in many ways, but the most fundamental is " the content is king, the chain for emperor ". As long as we understand this truth, there is a main idea of the Shanghai dragon will do. The change from the Pope, all the way around this is the main idea of the expansion, but in different time, some methods to achieve the effect is the best, not to say the words, here are some of the most popular Shanghai dragon manipulation.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization method is numerous, some say only a few, some say there are dozens, even some say thousands, ha ha, is not an exaggeration yo, can list the specific methods. The Shanghai dragon book method are many, but not all is the most effective method. With the continuous development and adjustment of the search engine, it will cause a lot of Shanghai Longfeng method play great effect. For we are still a novice, if a method to learn the words, what time can be made. Therefore, learning Shanghai dragon and not have to learn all the way. The key is to comprehend the essence of Shanghai dragon master, Shanghai dragon is the most popular method, you can have the harvest. Yesterday wrote a " " method; share several true original articles; and were very popular, because I know, will share good things to everyone, everyone will support. Today is to share the most popular Shanghai Longfeng operating practices, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

three, the original article. False original is adopted in most of the webmaster, first through the bulk collection, then use the software processing, or through artificial processing, and then released. This is the fastest and most direct way. To enrich website content, this is indeed a very good method, but for high weight website can taste.

The secret of micro-blog

Search engine how to judge the relevance of the links and connecting the site

what is the relevance of the website? A simple correlation is refers to the title and content, and the degree of correlation. If the title inside some key words, and there is no page content, this is not relevant. Just request Title keywords page contains content is not enough, this does not mean that is related to the need to contain the keyword Title occupies the main position in the content inside.

For example

civilization blog in the optimization of the chain, wrote an article about the "Overview" network marketing problems of the bathroom industry, the suddenly mentioned the word "network marketing", and the civilization of the theme of the blog page contains a network marketing problems, and I naturally made a hyperlink to the blog page, this is a correlation, only that the correlation is not very high; if I say the "bathroom" link to the blog, it is tantamount to cheating, cry up wine and sell vinegar, self-evident consequences.

no matter what the industry website, have similar or related websites champion. For example, owners of similar sites, we all trust the authoritative sites, such as A5, Chinaz the laggards, etc.; Shanghai dragon blog site represents: Shanghai dragon day stickers, Lu Songsong blog, blog, blog and other Hong Tao moon; Shanghai dragon class website and Forum Search forum, push a forum, A5 Forum, laggards forum and the 28 forum to push the most authoritative; and the webmaster website, Shanghai dragon blog and Shanghai dragon forum to optimize promotion, should be attached to the relevant authority website.

also known as the anchor text link anchor text, is a form of link. And similar hyperlink hyperlink, the code is the anchor text, the words do a link to other web pages; anchor text can accurately describe the page content, the search engine can be judged through the anchor text links to web pages of the theme is related to the anchor text, this is tantamount to links page to the search engine friendly, beneficial to the spider crawling index. On the contrary, if not related to the anchor text and link web page theme, so that a search engine will arrive very difficult to determine the theme of the web page by page link anchor text, so it is not friendly to the search engine, search engine think this is cheating is the result of the website may be K drop right, serious weight site will never recover. This cheating behavior is completely challenge the search engine authority, will always be the search engine hit the object.

is popular in terms of seeking truth from facts, the title is the theme of the page, the page content is around the title. However, here there is a premise that meet the needs of users. This relationship is what we say.

, anchor text and link page theme is

so how search engines through the correlation link website and link site? From which to judge? Will you answer blog analysis of civilization.

The analysis of Shanghai Longfeng case green health Shanghai Longfeng mall project

title search


target site: love Shanghai green health mall

Chart 1

2. search Ejiao don’t know why forced to jump to the ginseng, and the station, search the product page without any keywords, many portal site search box is according to the relevant call form a user spontaneously formed keyword column.

is the first time to the interview in March: at that time it was 1 men, no man at my evaluation of their company behind the red, gray, next to HR no comments and suggestions, and then I told a beauty HR shook hands, the story ends.



actually it is a case analysis, so the story I have said this, I admit that I said the story is always so fascinating, every night I say to my wife to hear, she quietly went into the dream. Such a big company is our ideal platform for Internet practitioners, but such a place there is always cheating in dawdle, so it doesn’t mix it in a company, there is a heaven anyway, blowing mouth, and went whistling where good here from the 2 aspects (is actually 1.5)

second is a HR interview to recommend me to go after this, I wrote a program, you can see that this is now a little proposal, a beard to work this time to do not have a good scratch, that is to engage in so-called barber manager interviewed me, take a computer let me see the green mall website have what problem, I take the initiative to plan my books for him to see, he is in the heart of silent tears, saying our website itself has a lot of problems, many problems, but we do not do, not engage in the whole thing ah with the development of our blind programmers, not our thing, you my heart suddenly want to say what he will want you to optimize a hair, he said because the programmer did not understand what they mean, you can’t understand, you are 404, robot, 301 He can’t understand the meaning of

1. non essential pages such as: login, registration and so avoid using too much nofollow, use nofollow to control it, then the entire page is still there is a link, the dispersed link even using nofollow will affect the weight, and direct JS, you can avoid the non correlation link appears to cause the weight of the unnecessary loss of.

first look at a small company profile: the company is a listed company, green mall relying on China health service flagship enterprises, Nanjing pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Code: 600713), is by the Jiangsu green space green health investment co founded the health class B2C e-commerce platform. Is such a company makes me sad 2:


Shanghai dragon three big misunderstanding of a detailed novice

1, many novice learning Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng once dragon, think you know a lot, don’t think Shanghai dragon have any difficulties, keyword optimization index from the beginning, even the optimization index thousands of words, this is actually very unrealistic. Everything should start small. Not to mention the index words even Shanghai dragon Er master are very difficult to do.

4, is unable to adhere to the Shanghai dragon Er workers the biggest drawbacks, the website ranking drop, drop right, included reducing, writing outside the chain too tired and so on are likely to be the reason to give up. Here to give you a friendly advice: if you really think Shanghai Longfeng own inappropriate, or can not stand the loneliness in early industry maybe for you is a good.

, on a misunderstanding of Shanghai Longfeng know

has just finished studying in Shanghai Longfeng, began to practice when there will always be some misunderstanding, once errors immediately change it is likely to cause website ranking drop, drop right even K station, and then he discouraged permanently leave Shanghai dragon industry. The author thinks that although Shanghai Longfeng success there are many factors, but the reasons for the failure have some similarities. In doing so, before others to see more mistakes. Some of today’s Chengdu Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng misunderstanding in this article in detail under the most common.

2, the chain link full page. All the chain link to the home page harm is very large, this is a kind of typical.

1, the chain that is everything. Shanghai Longfeng novice think the chain now still with the previous use of the same, only need to rely on the chain can do rankings, is not the case. But we have to do the chain quality beyond number, it is the best in the chain also want to use the combination of content.

3, many people think that the chain can transfer the weight, so the chain as the Shanghai dragon, even more than 80% of the time in the chain, in fact, a real Shanghai dragon Er every day needs to be done very much, including research competitors, content creation, chain, structure optimization analysis of website data and so on.

2, each site has a different market, each industry website source code is not the same. Some people see what others do, do what, blindly follow others to optimize up, standing still. Everyone’s situation is not the same, so the work intensity is different, choose the most suitable method to optimize the website is the best.

, the two misunderstanding of the chain of Shanghai DragonThe

chain is misunderstanding many webmaster met and released every day lots of garbage outside the chain, the chain link is the home page, the use of tools to release the chain group, no rules, which can be regarded as the chain of errors, all does not mean that the site, just rely on the chain to do list is now almost is an impossible thing.