Not the user experience first Shanghai dragon is bullying

believes that many webmaster in the Shanghai dragon on the site, often ignore the user experience, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng effect came out, flow increased but PV decreased the bounce rate rise. Careful Shanghai dragon ER in late do in-depth analysis and self review, will find that there are many places need to be corrected, the most important to improve the user experience, only good user experience unlimited extension of the life cycle of the website will.

Shanghai dragon, not only pay attention to the function of website design, website structure, page layout, web content comprehensive. Comprehensive factors more attention from the website, website, website impression function practical, website content to improve the website environment. Shanghai dragon through improving the user experience, is also an important factor to improve the conversion rate of the electricity supplier websites.

website user experience Optimization for future website promotion, marketing plays a decisive role, a good user experience in order to better grasp the degree of your browsing user groups, will have more visitors to remember your site, also because of the establishment of the user experience from the birth of user trust feeling.

do the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is? Flow? Sales? At different stages in different periods of Shanghai dragon Er asked this, certainly the answers are different. Just as in the early contact Shanghai dragon, the simple understanding is through technical means to improve the site in the search engine’s natural ranking, so as to obtain considerable traffic sources.

Shanghai dragon play a guiding role in a bridge, so that users can get the information in a timely manner, at the same time as the leading web site can meet the other requirements of the user, and the website during the browsing the whole is full of clear structure and browse the directory, let users away from more love your website.

Shanghai dragon is a kind of network marketing at present all Internet companies will be used, by special skills will be one or more target keywords and potential keywords in the search engine in the front row, and then increase your exposure rate so as to enhance the brand influence.

so early, our webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er is a simple considering how to quickly improve website ranking, but after the website rankings do go up, it is necessary from the perspective of the user experience. Otherwise the website ranking is up, but the visitors stay time is short, the website PV is lower, then the result ranking will not be too high, the search rankings are generally difficult to lasting, reflect the website is not ideal in the hearts of users in a certain extent, the search engine would not be too much green >

here, we all to see light suddenly, traffic oriented Shanghai dragon is bullying". Tai Chi circle advertising alliance that is actually Shanghai dragon or go back to the original starting point, the user is not purely mechanical! Shanghai dragon from the search engine into cheap traffic, but the user through the search engine index between keywords and web sites establish a bridge of communication.


Small Shanghai Longfeng optimize Shenzhen space design mobile phone website

more accessible: Shenzhen space design: 贵族宝贝 reprint please, thank you.



Once the network

space design mobile phone website also and PC terminal sites like keywords, deion is not a lack of. We in the space of Shenzhen mobile phone design website home page or channel home page is optimized, the best in the web page code in keywords, deion and meta have different keywords and labels, and fill in the key of doing fine. Also worth mentioning is a dead link to the Shenzhen site in the space design of mobile phone, in general we hope that these dead links can directly jump back to the home page, such as 302 jump.

Oh! Second, do between mobile website and PC website

, the first page details of the optimization

of course, in the space of Shenzhen mobile phone website of Shanghai dragon design optimization at the same time also do not forget the important status of search engine. A good website, search engine is always the most core part, all the space design optimization of Shenzhen mobile phone website but also are in the search engine service only, can not pick a watermelon seed lost, only optimize the website while ignoring the most important function of search engine promotion.


high know the world is no doubt the popularity of the mobile phone world, small mobile phone, largely by the fragmentation of the time of every user, so the optimization of Shenzhen space design mobile phone website has been put on the agenda. Then the Shenzhen space design in the mobile phone website optimization Shanghai Longfeng what are good for small

in the space of Shenzhen mobile phone website of Shanghai dragon design optimization, should pay attention to is at the bottom of the page allows users to freely convert jump in the web version and the mobile phone version of the button, this is a small detail of the deal, even in Shenzhen mobile phone website design space design is perfect today, there are still many users more like the web version of the website, this may be a small detail for the Shenzhen mobile phone website design space to win a good user experience

third, a flat tree structure of


for a good Shenzhen space design mobile phone website, the structure is best not more than three layers of the general site. Because the Shenzhen space design mobile phone website itself needs to have more convenient than the PC end mobile phone, its screen is small, if you need multiple clicks would be very inconvenient, so when users in the use of mobile phone is not willing to do too much so that the user may click, reduce the number of clicks, allowing users to quickly to search for information needed.

The four major factors influencing enterprise station is right down


website is the high repetition rate

Links over

often modify the Head tag

idea is changing every day, natural enterprise will often add new business or reduce a business, this is very normal, but if the enterprise increased because of the new one is to reduce the business or a business will often change the site Head tag, it will have a search the attention of the engine, though, you do not want to pay attention to, but no way, you made a big adjustment to the website, do not want to cause the attention of the search engine will not work, therefore, the webmaster often after modified Head label website will appear soon in this way, the kind of problems, resulting in their own businesses search engine drop right, ranking drop problem.

website content repeat this is not what new things, for enterprise stand for more content but the enterprise It is quite common for the station, the repetition rate is unacceptably high, some sites with an article can actually in different time in five or six, some even only one day apart, this is a lot of mistakes the editor often made. As for why this is the case, I believe the Shanghai Dragon Enterprise Station are all have deep feeling, enterprise content sources is very limited, if the site is updated every day, really can not find suitable content, therefore, which caused a lot of editors sometimes though they feel this the article is very familiar with, but in order to complete the work, still put it again to upload a.

general small business website owners began to have not paid much attention, just to show their business more formal, so to find a website that allows users to put, can be found through the search engine, but this is just in the beginning, now with the network marketing is becoming more and more important, business owners also pay attention to their respective the enterprise station, on the network to share, but things in life, you do not pay attention to it, nine in ten, it spends time and effort, the website will follow your ideas of development, enterprise stand down the right still more and more, especially after the June Shanghai love big update enterprises have more, be right down, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) through to the customer at the time of diagnosis, the enterprise stand down found Right is mainly due to the following four factors:

until now, A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis teams have a doubt, why the Links can have so many problems, although the name is Links, but a lot of times when you check with the webmaster tools of enterprises will stand Links for outbound links, the other party didn’t back chain and although there are coming back, but with the NOFOLLOW attribute, what is more, the other site would not open, snapshots have not been updated for one or two months, for the Links Enterprise Station of Shanghai dragon.

4.25 love Shanghai earthquake chain

in my opinion, the two is particularly important, we must pay attention to, so rational, love Shanghai each push Xindu is to progress, we must from the perspective of the Internet to analyze.

, the introduction of the new Shanghai love judgment chain is normal only principle: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations. Saying this sentence I read a dozen times and I still didn’t know the meaning of love in Shanghai, this statement is ready to accept either course, leaving the bottom or directly into the bottom part of the means. Shanghai love you this "veiled" attitude is really funny.

4.25 when I was in Sichuan for the Ya’an compatriots have a heavy tribute, love Shanghai launched the "chain earthquake" is coming, felt violent strength, spread to the entire Internet source. People in grief, love Shanghai still no reason to stop because the atmosphere is changing the behavior of the algorithm. I want to laugh, a few days ago is still finishing the chain platform summary table, but in the 4.25 "love Shanghai earthquake" on fire, useless. I think that is a webmaster, no one will be able to survive, the day just before the station leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 is down right, what those 6.22 events, 6.28 events were all sidelined, because this change is not only the love Shanghai love Shanghai website, is to change the entire internet.

We first look at the ! low IQ?

looking back, also love Shanghai once lovely, but it’s 4.25 introduction of this chain of judgment is to delete the article, the webmaster of Shanghai love all the memories, I carefully read every word, can only say a word more than one word can hurt my heart. I suddenly began to appear on the website a remote future state, I ask myself the website not cheating way to do outside the chain, but those who have not the technique of cheating, but now can not be reused, the chain is self-evident for the importance of a website, and now the chain looks like Shanghai with a gun pointed at you the head, let you step to the passover, love Shanghai love Shanghai, you are not cheating, this is your father ah BEng


is the most important in see a signature: BBS. Fortunately I have been hate this way, I believe we all know Shanghai dragon I have it, a platform is very good, but the forum outside the chain but it will play, no matter what the landlord written reply, he will bring a "good learning", and finally their own a look at the link, is selling furniture etc.. Learning, learning your sister ah, this left the way of the chain is low quality is too bad, you love Shanghai do a really cheerful. Then love Shanghai this one given that what is love? The meaning of Shanghai is nothing more than that: you want to go to the forum outside the chain, please go to the site with their high degree of platform to sell you a furniture to Shanghai dragon forum, when I

Depth analysis of chain operator mistakes

3, do , please indicate the source!



, the chain number the better

keywords description text links, less URL, less of 2 the same URL links or description text links on the same page, from right down punishment.

search engine to force the chain operation becomes more and more refined, the webmaster want to survive in the industry must continue to do a word "fine" in the first A5, from Hubei Cheng Li group released the original 贵族宝贝clczzc贵族宝贝

I think this is 80% of all think so, according to the adjustment of the search engine has given the weight of high quality, multi link. Here to remind a one-time new sites don’t add too much station links, so easy to be considered cheating. The webmaster should get rid of the traditional single chain, such as the number of ideas, focus on the site of scarce resources (A5 publication) outside the chain to avoid the search engine chain algorithm caused by change of right down.

2, for the chain issued by all promotional channels such as QQ space, QQ group to enhance the click rate, prolong the life of the outer chain, weight transfer through the link.

two, timely inspection and maintenance to avoid excessive loss of

1, and correlation to ensure the high quality of the chain, the chain hair should always go to click and maintenance. For example, to build a special Shanghai dragon why solutions and consulting often interact.

Adjust the

into the end of December most of the domestic stations are subject to varying degrees of impact on the search engine algorithm update unbridled adjustment suggests the chain operation mode for the coming year will be more and more important, but many Shanghai dragon R are still committed a series of common mistakes, if not pay attention to the operation of the will to the abyss. From the updated data show weight and the chain of keywords ranking has more low, but we cannot give up to do have the right to do. Out of the traditional misunderstanding, what are the specific errors in

Speaking from the Alipay fault our Internet why so fragile

recently, the Internet is also very interesting, one after another failure, let us first review.


May 11, 2015 evening around 21, NetEase news NetEase, cloud music, easy letter, Youdao, cloud notes and other mobile applications are not normal refresh, NetEase name game is also paralyzed. Cause of the failure: the backbone network was attacked.

the afternoon of May 27, 2015, some users reflect the Alipay network fault, account can not log in or pay. Fault: Waduan fiber. Duration: 4 hours,

at 11:09 on May 28, 2015, Ctrip official website and APP failure can not be opened, to 28 23:29 full recovery, the whole process takes more than 12 hours. Malfunction reason: misoperation. Duration: 12 hours or so,

June 5, 2015 headlines today, home page and APP are inaccessible, directly prompted 500 errors. Failure reason: unknown influence time: 30 minutes or so.

at 12:30 on June 15, 2015, knowing that the network can not be opened, a direct prompt [server raised a problem] wrong, at around 13:45, know that the page returned to normal. Cause of failure: engine room failure time: 60 minutes or so,


what is wrong, what makes us Internet business is really so fragile? Operators always do bad things behind? Or our system architecture suck? Or are we really weak operation ability? If generalized to see this, I will take it to a maintenance problem. But for the above failures, from the point of view of operation and maintenance, I will still say that the official conclusion is not professional enough, I hope this is not the internal kazakhstan.

1, NetEase said that the backbone received network attacks affecting business, seemingly the day seems to be affected NetEase business


2, four hours of fiber Waduan, so from the core business, the first principle is to restore business, I think Alipay did not even double live, will certainly have a backup center, why not all the past? Must be inside out of trouble. But Ali abuses, the negative things he can become positive, they put " 5.27" into technical support, a whoop and a holler.

3, Ctrip event, I wrote an article before [Ctrip event: depth analysis of operation and maintenance debt and solutions], do not go into details.

4, today’s headlines, 500 internal errors, this news can make headlines on their own, but there is no formal explanation. From the 500 error recovery time, it’s a bit long, 500 error is very good location, and my suspicion is Database >

Ways to enhance the popularity of subject resource websites

many webmasters choose what they have learned or are interested in, and set up resources like websites. The website of subject resource is the most practical website for users, but because of the influence of some subjects, the website atmosphere is not ideal enough. How in the specialty, the knowledge strong situation, strives for more users, lets the website atmosphere enliven, I discuss some superficial understanding:

1, site resources to enrich

in many cases, for some subjects, the same website how to make your own website innumerable, rise above the common herd recognized by the users, enrich the resources is the first?. You have to make sure you have absolute advantages in the amount of resources that you can win;

2, site resources to fine, distinguish between hierarchical


website has enough resources and quality standards. It is very important to ensure the originality and authority of the website resources. Secondly, we should also pay attention to distinguish the level of the website resources, and recommend the resources for the comparison.

3, use website resource itself to popularize website

this point, presumably every webmaster should know. For example, a WORD document data, we can in its header and footer to make their own advertising language. Of course, the better the details, the better. After downloading the resources, users may propagate the website two times through the resource itself, which may affect more people;

4, pay attention to the unity of knowledge and interest

discipline resource website often pays attention to the construction of professional resources, but often ignores the interest of the website. This is not easy to form user interaction, users often take the information to leave, and rarely can stay to communicate seriously. Suggest stationmaster in doing sufficient resource at the same time, can highlight the interest of the website. For example, can be added on the subject of professional online video, appropriate to add some entertainment projects, but also not excessive focus on entertainment, so will only distract attention, distracting;

5, pay more attention to subject news

some owners may not be aware of discipline news, in fact it is a very big role: it can let the webmaster first time to grasp the pulse, the latest web content material for the website, website to increase the user’s interest in reading, you can look at the specific before Shao Gui Hu wrote "informed traders survival: webmaster from today’s news", here no longer;

6, timely enable closed invitation to register

invites registration to be appropriate after a certain period of time. When site users and resources reach a certain base, choose to invite registration. This will deepen the user’s impression of the site. Of course, inviting registration is just a strategy. It needs the webmaster to grasp the opportunity.

7, scientific and rational application of integral system

many subject resource sites

How to make the search engine have a good impression on your website


read Taobao store "search engine to develop better have good service users, not to write your own thoughts. In the continuous development of the Internet today, people are accustomed to search engine find the information they need, because it is convenient and fast, the amount of information obtained is very large, for their own choice is very large.

therefore, search engines have become more and more user-friendly, and constantly close to the user’s search habits, pay more attention to the user’s experience. For the webmaster, the user is not our goal, there is a saying that the customer is God, then the search engine users is our customers, which is whether it is for personal Adsense or enterprise owners I think is no doubt.

now the enterprise is in the pursuit of profit maximization, enterprise website is the pursuit of customer conversion rate, we do not pursue personal Adsense? As a SEOER is to show our website as much information as possible in the search engine above, try to make our website information in the front row, exhausted quickly to contain our website information as much as possible transfer to the needs of customers, to achieve maximum benefits with the minimum cost. Visible, whether individual or enterprise in the pursuit of the same goal. So we should pay more attention to the customer experience. Because our information is through the search engine to transfer to the customer, so we have to focus on the experience of the site to search engines, friendly degree is the site to search engines, or liking the search engine on the web. Only when a search engine is friendly or a web site is good for a search engine does the spider often come to collect more information on the website.

then, how do you determine if a search engine is good for a website? Because the search engine is considered from the user’s point of view, it is not wrong to consider our website from the user’s point of view. The title of the website, keywords, description is not very readable, simply can not let the search engine, let customers come to your website you will know that this station is what to do, can not be a key content to your website will be able to find your site, then your contact. Some webmaster may say, now keywords, describe these can ignore, do not remember, because Baidu is not very attached to two aspects. I don’t quite agree with this view. Because existence is reasonable, keyword is the concentration of the essence of the content involved in your website. It is an important way for users to collect information. The description is a center of the enterprise website or summary, the customer is not to see, but the spider can see, if your description is accurate, clear, so the spider to your site will be enhanced. The title certainly not miss, because the content of the customer and the spider to see, a good title can attract the attention of the user, retain customers stay in your website, but the title should not be too long, generally not more than 50 characters. Otherwise, >

The news media doesn’t need a website That’s what the founder of Bloomberg said


by professional investors to provide financial information started in the past few years spent a lot of effort to enhance the public face of the media business, but it is the most directly facing the ordinary users of the products, news website recently rebuffed.

Politico reported that the company recently fired an official website planning chief digital editor Joshua Topolsky, it is · Bloomberg founder Michael Bloomberg (Michael Bloomberg) himself.

What did

Topolsky do at Bloomberg,


has been expanding its business since its inception in 1981. Now includes the analysis of financial data terminal business, from the media to the Internet news and publishing, radio and television business and investment business, etc..

, but the most profitable one is its terminal business, which accounts for only 85% of its revenue. Its media business has cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

in this context, Topolsky joined the Bloomberg News agency. Earlier this year, under his leadership, the new Bloomberg web site went online.

is a heavyweight in the tech media world of Topolsky. Not only did he work as editor in chief of Engadget, but he founded the core of technology media The Verge.


The launched in 2011 Verge in science and technology circle established a wide reputation, but in August of last year, Topolsky suddenly announced his resignation joined Bloomberg, the reform is to digital media, including the re design of the whole website.


‘s irregular layout and bright colors have become an important symbol of the site. Boldness and craziness are many people’s ratings of new websites.

when the title is rich in color, in fact, it is easier to attract people’s attention, coupled with the big picture, the effect is even more so. Bold column line with a wider space, also let each part more clearly separated.

five years ago, Bloomberg’s website also often revised, but can not change the dense pile up news headlines boring page:









Analysis of these years in the light blog around the head of the profit war

The decline of traditional

blog depends largely on the content of the carrier in the form of backward, long article reported lack of intuitive reading impact, plus it is a fast culture era, everyone pay attention to efficiency, hope can read the content they want, in the shortest possible time so that the traditional blog the decline is more deserved. However, in the traditional blog transformation, the emergence of light blog, or give everyone a bright spot of feeling. Although there is no WeChat, micro-blog and other media speed transmission, but light blog created by the circle or a lot of people resonate. In fact, in recent years, the domestic light blog really go out of their own way, and no development, completely imitate the foreign light blog only, whether domestic or foreign, we are facing the same problem, that is profitable, and like the bean, light blog to create a circle, and the circle to talk about money is bound to affect the feelings, so do stand in this tangle of mentality, light blog started blur their development prospects.

In fact, for the light

blog, the user group is after training up slowly, many people in the beginning don’t even know what light blog, and slow accumulation is to let the light blog not eager to take the road to profitability, after all the basic needs of users is the most need to pay attention to the problem, and if eager to profit, loss of user groups, but The loss outweighs the gain.

can be said that the current light blog group, which is essentially come out from a group of people in the first, this part of the user is not prepared to pay for, but if you can not find a new route from their own operations now light blog, so although this route is very beautiful however, it is difficult to go far, not to mention the profit point.

If the

light blog to get stable income, the inevitable need through advertising this part of a stable income, but the light blog as a new blog group, certainly not with the previous blog advertising model, light blog can not be in a crude form of advertising advertising, and the first light blog theme do not meet, reflect the extreme resentment next this for users, is very unfavorable for the light blog this fragile population development in the future.

so if you want to get a stable future light blog advertising revenue, then it may be through a new mode to start with the related advertising operator services, to develop their own advertising profit model, through innovative advertising model, in order to let consumers get better recognition, so as to bring fresh from the long term for consumers to bring more profits to the operators.

take their own way, and not

for today’s light blog, the most important is to go its own way, know what to do, what to do, how to promote the development of its own platform, this is the need to grasp the development direction of light blog, in some forums now. "