The founder of vision enterprise website construction of Shanghai dragon three golden laws and preci


              before writing a "founder Visual Web: how to communicate effectively" to tell you the time to talk about the website what should be done. The site down, to make the work, then Shanghai dragon enterprise website construction to planning ahead, otherwise once found change when the problem again, the cost will not increase. Once a friend made a website, the website has been done for half a year, keywords are beginning to have found that ranking, website page title is too long, Shanghai is the best search results display title is not complete, there is no way, he changed the title, the result is the page snapshot backwards, keywords ranking drop. Another example is that a friend is doing health care, and found that his site in a stable, long tail keywords website is not stable, because page similarity is too high, the list of data, too much boilerplate text, no matter if the long-term, will soon be competitors catch up, be eliminated. If the process of enterprise website construction found in the path of the problem is even more trouble, so the site keywords life cycle will become shorter. So, how to avoid the rework site later? We need to make a plan before pre production sites, three of the following criteria are to talk about visual programming, for discussion!

Love will be accurate to search for the promotion of Shanghai City, and how to obtain the natural fl

Two, the natural ranking After

love Shanghai search promotion open to the city, from a certain point of view it can be for enterprises to save a part of the interest. Due to the optimization of city + keywords ", itself is not difficult, here can still continue to adhere to the optimization, so the two search results show a page in the double, double insurance, is also a good choice.

in this era bidding flood, want the website to get more natural ranking, not only the single from the web page of several key words. More attention needs to be paid to the page, and some long tail keywords website page. This requires Shanghai Dragon Mining Depth need to learn from the user’s point of view. For example, when the optimization of an excavator training site, found that when entering the website users in chat and customer service, are concerned about some of the problems of salary and novice can learn excavator etc.. And then the author according to the actual situation of this industry wrote an article titled "the wages below excavator.". Is such a title. Each month can get 10-50 natural IP range, but also without any bid at the top of the page ranking, some incomplete statistics and customer service, by browsing this page and know the school and as a student, in the article on the line within three months, there have been 2 students.


, the inside pages can not be ignored


2, from customer service chat users can access the data in question, so as to extract part of the long tail keywords. I work every day before there is a habit, that is to see the day the customer service chats, from these chats, you will find many intentions.

you might think the nature of the IP data flow is too small, but if you Many a little make a mickle., each of the many littles make a mickle., an article every month can be about 10-50 flow, then the flow is added, is very objective flow. And there is no conflict and bidding. How to tap this keyword

1, from Shanghai to get in love know, love Shanghai know search excavator training, we can find a large number of users for a variety of issues this keyword proposed, so as to screen for the problem of integration, finally obtains the key words.

as everyone knows, for some industries and optimize the "City + keyword" such words, can easily be a website do love Shanghai home, and from time to time can also get good natural flow, and often such words, the conversion rate is very high. Because the search for "City + keywords" users, often need more targeted and urgent. So if you love Shanghai city to accurately search promotion, is another blow to the natural website ranking optimization. So in this case, as the Shanghai dragon, and get more natural flow to

, insist on optimization, double, escort

Du Zhenjiao’s small and medium web site is chosen to help users experience the space of the website

in recent years, although the world economy has been seriously damaged, but the domestic Internet start-ups boom has entered another upsurge, more and more enterprises and individuals to enter the gold industry. However, as the website is going to be on the line, there is a problem that appears in front of us. That is the problem of the stability of the website space. I believe we all know, a site is stable, directly affect your customer experience and search engine to your weight, so if you choose a suitable space to get more user experience is imminent. The following I will introduce to you how to find a conducive to user experience in the website space.

1: the choice of the nationality of the space server.

generally, if your customers are to domestic users, then the site of course on the internal server, and if your customers to foreign users, it is best to arrange space in foreign server. But, actually, we have to do something against most probably it did not actually happen, for example, for domestic customers to stand on foreign space, and some do not understand the foreign trade enterprises, even the website space at home, so we must be based on their own user groups make space server choice of nationality.

two: how to choose domestic space?.

I was in Jiangsu, if my client is based in Jiangsu, you can put the server in Jiangsu of Nanjing, of course, can also be placed in Beijing and Shanghai, where are the main node of the network, the node selection can make our customer site, in a relatively short period of time to open so, retain customers, is so simple.

three: server line selection.

because of a problem situation, has formed the North South China Netcom Telecom pattern, so your site where, we must first look at your local area, but sometimes the choice is not absolute, such as in the junction area of Telecom and Netcom, like the northern region of Jiangsu, although the telecommunications area, but Netcom users is quite much, so we should choose a double space, this is more advantageous to our website speed.

four: the use of space options to capture potential customers.

website now, almost any industry, any one of the domain area, there will be competition, some local competitors even very strong, so we should choose in the space for avoiding them. For example, you do a few good website industry rankings, is the site on the local, and are single words, then we can put our choice of space for the two or even choose to have railway lines of space radio, so that we can capture this part of different priority line network users, and these users will be your site of profit.

in general, the location of the space is very important in the user experience, and if there is no good user experience, the search engine will also reduce your weight

Website builder’s way out

website construction is a bad road. Now many enterprise executives received a website, website promotion phone, do not hesitate to refuse, or directly hang up. After all, it’s really annoying to pick up a dozen of these calls every day. Although the price is not the first, but customers often value this. Whoever opens the lower price calls for whom. The design is less and less. The model of a website can cover thousands of stations. The station is rough. The industry’s reputation has declined dramatically. This industry linger in a vicious competition. Believe it or not, that’s the way it is. In Baidu "website construction" "website" such a large number of companies on the Post Bar inside this little besieged several customers. Make a stand of a price. Even down to staggering proportions. No competition in an industry, such as the website construction industry, is so cruel.

on the other side, the real designers disdain in the forum or Post Bar shuabing. So they don’t have any customers, designers are paranoid or lovers, they don’t worry about customers, or they only take big lists.

website construction is a never before industry, less than ten years of development process. There are no examples available for our reference. The situation is really worrying. Placed in the network before the builders have two paths, one to take exercise skills, for some day in the future. Develop and sell a team that is based on industry. Either way around to grab customers on the internet. What kind of person are you? Or are you wandering around? No matter which one, the spirit is always on the edge of collapse.

these two days, Microsoft’s IE8 has been released. The legend’s support for web standardization has led to some hope. Every technical update brings you opportunities and challenges. The upsurge of Web site reconstruction, which is standardized by web pages, is really coming. Whether you love this business or not. He is developing at full speed. Learning, not only backward, don’t complain every day. Opportunities are for those who are prepared. Hopefully people who really love web design can seize this opportunity. If you can’t stand it, you should do other trades. Anyway, live happily ever after.

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A5 marketing how accurate positioning of enterprise websites

positioning is the starting point of all product marketing. It is the root of whether the product can be accepted by the market. It has been mentioned in numerous books and cases and has been talked about by numerous experts and experts. However, the traditional enterprises can really put themselves into consideration, and the positioning of enterprise websites is very few. Enterprises in the online site, do marketing promotion, the ultimate goal is to achieve product sales, and the positioning of the site is the most critical. Error and bias website positioning, in an ambiguous state, will bring the entire marketing team to the wrong road, not only to confuse users, and even the marketing team will be confused, know that the funds and resources exhausted. To achieve precise positioning of city website, must analyze the industry, the target population, geographical coverage, such as the four major property management direction.

1: attributes of the product

enterprises, if they have the advantages of production and processing of some products, low-cost purchasing advantages and cooperative sales, can be listed as the focus of sales of these products. Analysis of the product’s style, appearance, the initial price can be accepted by customers, as well as similar products on the market price, function, quality, sales, to determine the product’s network sales price. Analysis of the profitability of a single product, the site’s monthly sales.

enterprise management and processing before any product, just want to build shopping mall to expand income on the market is selling products or hot industry analysis, do not choose popular industry, because nobody sold does not mean that no one saw this market. If the product determines the scope, the following is considered purchasing or agency, or cooperative sales.

two: crowd properties

determine product sales scope, target audience according to product function and purpose. According to men, women, students and other attributes division, in order to find the corresponding publicity media. Determine the property of the crowd, then come back to the market reference, determine the price range of the site sales products. However, the target population is not more widely as possible, to ensure that people continue to buy power, can support the development of website purchases on the basis of the detailed analysis to the crowd, in order to ensure the future promotion of a precise direction.

three: geographical attributes

e-commerce platform usually to achieve "monopoly" operation will be profitable, "here" "monopoly" refers to the brand influence monopoly. Relying on powerful web sites, the country has a shopping demand for Internet users to attract shopping mall, this process is undoubtedly relatively long. Enterprises should be based on marketing funds, logistics and distribution, to determine whether the site for the development of the country’s business, or for a regional operation. If the provinces or cities have strong purchasing power and consumption potential, city business to the regional mall proposal is based. Gradually expanding the scope of business sales. Narrow sales range, it is equivalent to publicity and reduce the difficulty of publicity.

four: business attributes

identifies the first three attributes and then makes sure they are bigger and larger

Set off discussion opportunities and challenges for IT crowdsourcing

share Zhang Haibo 27773it crowdsourcing WeChat public account: zhongbao27773 (welcome, attention, communication, discussion, online, small secretary, daily check messages)

27773it crowdsourcing service platform was established in 2014, the predecessor of the Internet store website was established in 2005. Founder Zhang Haibo is the person who dares to eat the first crab, and has 10 years’ experience in Internet service. There are currently two partners, a Ph. D. of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a former New Oriental Information Systems scientist. The other is a partner in the fund company.

service content: website construction, APP development, WeChat two development, network marketing services.

is dedicated to the construction of IT service platform with industry service standards.

below is the sharing of Mr. Zhang Haibo and cross-border @ he Chong friends.

1. describes what crowdsourcing is

crowdsourcing refers to the practice of a company or organization in which outsourcing of work performed by employees in the past has been outsourced to non specific (and usually large) mass networks in a free and voluntary manner.

(through the network to do product development needs research, the user’s real use of feelings as the starting point). Crowdsourcing is usually done by individuals, but if it involves tasks that require collaboration, it can also appear in the form of open source individual production. In the 6 issue of Wired magazine in 2006, Jeff Howe, the journalist of the magazine, introduced the concept of crowdsourcing for the first time in

2. introduces 27773it crowdsourcing mode

will enterprise website, app, WeChat, network marketing crowdsourcing to tens of thousands of IT talents, platform strict assessment technical ability, collaboration ability, choose the suitable object, let it talents effective ability

3. enterprise informatization obstacles and problems

enterprise informatization passive acceptance, information understanding is not comprehensive, opaque;

enterprise information literacy is weak, their own demand is uncertain, I do not know how to force.

4.IT core capabilities of crowdsourcing

develop requirements identification technology, grasp the demand with the fastest speed; strictly IT technology access threshold, and quickly match the appropriate technical personnel

5. questions exchange section (initiated by Mr. Zhang Haibo).

5.1 at present, do you have the impression that you feel at ease, feeling reliable IT service class electricity supplier website


, such as: Food and beverage, law, intellectual property, laundry, it, etc.. Hostmonster, US orange Internet, Ali cloud network, the new network, in the power and so on. There are related stations and other technical services, we hope to do, select the most suitable enterprise program.


What do you see from these cows’ exploding dishes

we present life China Xiaobian is the best, this is only my personal opinion, but at least I thought is positive, such a China is innovative Avenue, then another wave of continuous wave like us coming, innovation in this era is not what is fresh the word. Innovation is everywhere, there is no need. Catering market competition so intense moment, food and beverage brands want to get customers favor, we must continue to give them a sense of freshness. One way to increase the freshness is to innovate the dishes, and create a burst. So apart from the taste of innovation, but also innovative in which force? For consumer goods of the old, has always been human characteristics. Even the delicious dishes, a person ate more than and 10 times, the tongue will be paralyzed.

what do you see from these cows’ explosive dishes?

1, innovation from traditional dishes

Lu Xun’s "new story" is a work of innovation from the traditional. On the basis of "Bo’s Literature", he makes art imagination and fiction, and melts into his own life experience and thoughts and feelings. The moon will bring the story to "deduction", open the brain hole to let the traditional story with new taste.

food and beverage industry is not the number of traditional dishes, if you can add new ideas in traditional dishes, will naturally surprise consumers. Beijing roast duck, for example, is very common in the north. Juqi in this traditional dish, made new: diners themselves to pick the duck, made a mark in the above to duck division, this is called "duck election group". In the roast, the duck will be written with a brush on the "blessing" word, baked word does not melt. The same is Roasted Duck, Juqi Roasted Duck from the traditional Roasted Duck have differences, successfully occupy the minds of consumers become explosive.

2, combined with the story of innovation

dishes will be given to the culture, just like an ordinary satchel affixed to the LV logo, do not want to be difficult to burst. Combined with the story of food innovation, it is a tool to increase the premium premium. Sichuan "boiled cabbage" has long been known, but most people remember this dish, not because the dish is very delicious. But because the dish is known as a counter example of Sichuan cuisine will be spicy. It is said that Sichuan chef Huang Jinglin when cooking, many people can only "spicy, derogatory Sichuan provincial". He set a license to break a rumor, "Chinese Cabbage in Soup dish, Sichuan this hundred years of injustice swept away. This is the story of the dishes, and let its enduring charm.

food and beverage boss in the innovation to create explosive dishes, sometimes need to tell a wonderful story.


Sichuan provides 3 to $100 thousand in interest free loans for young entrepreneurs

in order to encourage more young entrepreneurs, but also to let the local business enterprise to get better development, now all over the country for a variety of entrepreneurial support policies continue to support more youth, successfully embarked on the road of business. Sichuan nature is also the case, preferential lending policies, so that young entrepreneurs no longer worry about funding.

7 month 7 days, Sichuan province college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship policy seminar held at Tongji University in Shanghai, Sichuan Provincial Communist Youth League official said at the meeting, the wishes of Sichuan entrepreneurial projects included in the "Sichuan outstanding youth entrepreneurship promotion plan, provide 30 thousand to 100 thousand yuan interest free unsecured start-up fund loans, preferred in Sichuan province college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship Park, focusing on recommended participating province by letter, science and technology, human society and other support incentive funds.

2016 "a youth national college entrepreneurship competition will be held in November in the province, said the person in charge of Department of human resources and social security, excellent project planning in" creative youth "contest winners and landing in Sichuan to provide financial support to 200 thousand 50 thousand.

in order to allow such preferential entrepreneurship policy really implemented, so that more young entrepreneurs can really benefit. Promote the meeting, in addition to the Communist Youth League Committee and the Provincial Department of human resources and social security related person in charge of Sichuan innovation overall policy environment for the promotion, Chengdu, Mianyang, Deyang, Leshan municipal departments responsible person and outstanding students who were responsible for the innovation and entrepreneurship Park around the parks, the specific policy environment for innovation and entrepreneurship promotion.

related recommendations

What are the qualities needed to open an optical shop

entrepreneurship in a lot of time is not just enough money can do, but also need us to have more quality, so as to be able to face the problems of entrepreneurship. So, open glasses shop need to have the quality of what?

some people say that entrepreneurship is difficult, in the end how difficult? For example, to open an optical shop, glasses shop is really making money, but if you do not have the quality of the glasses shop, then you want to open a successful glasses shop, really difficult. So what kind of quality to open an optical shop?

1. physical fitness

almost all entrepreneurs believe that good physical fitness is the first prerequisite for successful entrepreneurship. Open the shop at the beginning, the capital, environment and various aspects condition, many things need entrepreneurs themselves, they are constantly thinking to improve the management, risk and pressure with long working hours, if not huge, energetic, energetic and agile. Thinking, inevitably powerless, unbearable entrepreneurial task.

3, psychological quality

entrepreneurial success depends largely on the psychological quality of entrepreneurs. In the course of business will inevitably encounter many setbacks, pressure or even failure, which requires the entrepreneur has a very strong ability of psychological regulation, can continue to maintain a positive, calm, confident, independent, strong, tough and resolute attitude, a healthy entrepreneurial psychological quality. The Song Dynasty writer Su Shi said: "the ancient into the event, not only but also have a firm and indomitable will ability above common people". Healthy psychological quality only with panic, to open a shop, reach the victory.

3. knowledge quality

The knowledge quality of

entrepreneurs plays an important role in entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur must carry out creative thinking, to make the right decision, must have extensive knowledge, knowledge structure has the speciality. Specifically, entrepreneurs should have the following knowledge: full use of live policy, in accordance with the law, using the law to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests; knowledge management knowledge and scientific methods, improve the management level; and the industry of the enterprise to master relevant knowledge of science and technology, relying on scientific and technological progress to enhance competition ability; have the market economy knowledge, such as accounting, marketing, international trade, international finance and so on. If you want to successfully open an optical shop, naturally also need to have the knowledge of culture.

despite all the competition now each big business facing the market is very fierce, the business is not very good, but as long as we can choose for business opportunities, possibilities of success will also be very large. So, if you want to start a business, you know you need to recommend

Shenzhen a number of benefits to boost their own business

2015 years, Shenzhen city will double this innovative construction as the focus of development, to increase welfare for many times in Shenzhen independent entrepreneurs, Shenzhen independent entrepreneurs add benefits at promoting innovation driven development.

2015, the state government work report proposed that the current vigorously promote public entrepreneurship, innovation is the power source, to promote the adjustment of economic structure, developing the new engine, and enhance the development of new power, innovation is important driving development path.

to implement the spirit of the State Council last year, the city issued the "opinions" of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government on the strengthening of entrepreneurship to employment, and boost employment to promote the city’s business, Shenzhen city human resources and Social Security Bureau issued "on further loans do pioneering work notice", "Shenzhen City entrepreneurship support subsidy measures", "on the strengthening of entrepreneurship service work notice", "on the strengthening of entrepreneurial projects for work notice" 4 supporting documents, to provide a strong support for the public business.

two personnel into self employment subsidies range

according to my city since last October on the implementation of incentive of entrepreneurship and innovation in the new series are self-employed qualified founded start-ups can apply for all kinds of new business support subsidies, loan guarantees and the business service business. Registered in the city within 3 years of small micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households and private non enterprise units, and in its normal business start-ups to pay social insurance premiums, according to the actual demand for business loans and business support subsidies.

The object