The website is three kinds of phenomena and measures K

this is the most serious, before they met friends said, the search engine of all K light hair, nothing left. It also often see online friends said that the solution is stable, update the high quality of the chain, actually do not what role, of course, if you persevere, persist in a year or so, may be moved by the love of Shanghai or Google. I sleep on the station before K method used directly for the new domain name, or can speak with WWW analysis to WWW domain name, also can rebind a domain name to the site, in fact, is to let the search engine included a new domain name, when search engines, we again in exchange for the original domain name was K. In a word, I have a new domain name, equivalent to reject all search engines crawl my site.

2, general


doing Shanghai dragon ranking in your hard every day like a day, like a bolt from the blue K station resounded in your ears, you can not eat dinner, night can not sleep, and don’t forget to scold with deep hatred and resentment few search engines. Shanghai dragon journey, will encounter K station, in fact, this is a good thing, so difficult to let the webmaster have grown up, mature.

K, stayed home.

injured all over the body.

1, the total was K

3, general small K, the home page is K.

and second kinds of circumstances, this is the home page is K, pages and keywords ranking are in general, this situation is caused by excessive site optimization, which belongs to the lower right, there may be a website stack keywords, keyword density is too high, a single chain of other reasons. Overall, is the site of the frequency is not well controlled, such as the update, the chain channel construction, exchange Links etc.. If the home page is k, you can check the main keyword density and >

this phenomenon more, all the inside pages are K off, only the home page, this time should be timely processing sites, or sites will be always K may have injured all over the body. Cause this to happen is the readability of web content is not high, not high correlation, and so on, the procedure may be the site framework is not reasonable, no site map, this results in a spider climb to the site co.. When this phenomenon, we try to write a readable article on the front page, the best, so the plant easy to climb to your site. There is a page can leave their URL page on the site, in some work that is outside the chain.

K but the station is always not good, hard in vain it will take more time to recover, as both sides, since station has been K, don’t be sad, do K station after recovery is a priority, the author people for the analysis of several K station phenomenon.

The opposite of


Case analysis find out the worst landing page

1, and no business related to the same source


because these items are some maintenance projects a long time ago, so far, there are a lot of problems in the site of the landing page, resulting in the visitor can not meet the needs of.

technical and usability problems users?

you to clear a little content, no matter what you are engaged in what industry site optimization, the final customer you have to face the user, so from the user’s perspective, what is the first landing page they want? Price? Focus on priority? Or focus on products to find potential language user display?:

3, did not follow the landing page

language ?


The basic principle of

4, did not find potential customers

a landing page should need to follow the principle of what? An effective landing pages, it can change according to the related market changes or you can predict the market, do you have a good title to check the site landing page, have some high quality multimedia products, such as pictures, whether you the page can interact effectively with

don’t think, users to search related sites keywords or site access to the site in order to get the relevant information from the web site, but you have users want to find content? In the optimization process to understand the site content is set to some users concerned about the information content.

this is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work often overlooked some content, such as technical problems need to consider here is that the browser compatibility issues site, IE, in the domestic commonly used 360 browser, Sogou and travel, if you want to site for more visitors, so the traffic is compatible technically the treatment should first consider these aspects, you can use the webmaster tools data.cnzz贵族宝贝 here have a lot of data within the industry, through the analysis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to consider what content.

this is the preliminary work left some optimization problems in the process of the operation, in order to attract traffic, when the release of the chain, such as hair products in the forum site in the price and price of the product does not comply with the relevant theme, or released the chain and site content is not only related. In the chain of clever add anchor text links related to the final result of this is to bring the user down off the page, the conversion rate is reduced, and the page out rate increase, also want to have a good impression in the search engine

has recently been combing his hand on optimization project, unfortunately, most of the projects are fluctuations, in order to find the root cause of things, I spent time to sort out and analyze project fluctuations of the day finally, hard work pays off I finally found a reason of fluctuations in the project.

2, stop the

The launch of Alipay medical service platform Hospital of the future into the 3 phaseIPlus 360 laps,


League address:

ant gold service innovation and Smart Services Department General Manager Wang Bo said: "different from other mobile medical service providers, Alipay focused platform, medical and health services and content of all from partners and medical institutions, medical service platform of Alipay is open, as long as meet the entry conditions, welcome to have a good reputation and brand awareness in the industry partners can be settled in the platform to provide services for users."

360 circle is China’s fastest growing fashion young community, providing video, music, books and other services. At the
. The settlement data broadcast payment:

second is to activate the whole ecology of medical services, with the advance of medical reform, through the Internet to complete the electronic prescription, the nearest drug distribution, referral Medicare reimbursement in real time, real-time application of commercial insurance to pay all the links, activate the entire medical community ecology.

May 9th, Alipay announced its ant payment service for individual users launched a one-stop medical service platform. In addition to the integration of Alipay has been registered for treatment and other services, the user through the platform can also obtain health consultation, health services, maternal and child health information, financial and other 15 health management services. It is reported that these services are provided by more than 1500 public hospitals and 15 medical and health start-ups.

according to reports, Hang Seng Yun Tai as the "medical service platform" the only co – building side, itself is also one of the providers of services on the platform. The 15 partners on the platform for medical services come from various areas of medical segmentation services. More than 1500 public hospitals registered medical service from the previous Alipay access and the registration service platform; ask the doctor by Ali, micro medical health, good doctor online, mommy know other well-known platform; Intelligent Prognostics is a good life group based on the Mayo Clinic of the Mayo health medical knowledge development; organ donation by China organ transplantation development fund to provide services. In the future, there will be more institutions involved.

the third stage is to build a large data based health management platform, combined with cloud computing capabilities, cooperation and wearable device manufacturers, medical institutions, government health departments, jointly build a large data based health management platform, to achieve transition from treatment to prevention.


for the past 3 years, more than 1500 public hospitals joined Alipay "Hospital of the future", the cumulative service of more than 300 million people, "

in early 2014, Alipay released on the release of the future hospital plans to officially open the way to enter the field of medical and health. The plan includes three stages: the first stage to help the hospital establish mobile medical system, the scheme of ability and ability to solve the financial data and payment ability, Alipay mobile open platform, combined with various types of ISV, the cooperation of the hospital to build smart patient-centered medical platform, help hospital from registration, waiting, hospital navigation, payment, to check the report, the doctor-patient interaction of the whole process of mobile medical services, improve patient experience.

I’ve fought, and I don’t have to grow up in the mountains.

"I fought, and I didn’t have to."". I think the man should have this mentality, anxious is the site of the taboo. No one would have thought of using the free space established in September 2005 and the mountain forum. After three years of struggle and three years of storms, it has become the largest student community in Zhejiang University of Science and Technology.

was admitted to Zhejiang University of Science and Technology in from Hunan in 2003. He knew nothing about computers at that time. He had to use his spare time to soak himself up in the computer room of the school. Then find a lot of seniors in the school forum exchanges and learning, but good times don’t last long 04 years when, for some reason, the school closed forum. Since then, more than 10 thousand students in the school have lost their freedom of communication and communication platform. At that time, I was able to rebuild the forum of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology if I wanted to do it. So I took the opportunity of elective courses, chose the webpage design and production, and started the road of my network.

after more than a year of trial and error, and finally in the beginning of the 05 year of school, relying on their own meager strength, once again set up and hill forum. At that time, because there is no money to buy space and international domain name, have to go everywhere to apply for free space and can bound domain name free two domain name. Also because the use of mobile network forum procedures, encountered any problems, no one can consult. Have to learn the ASP program while managing the publicity forum. The use of spare time, friends and students around the development of the first batch of members of the forum. But since the forum has just been built, the content of all the plates is empty, even friends and classmates can not attract them, continue to stay in the forum. Have to change tactics, spend a few hours every day to enrich the content of the forum, day after day, adhere to the update, relying on the accumulation of slowly. More than a month later, the basic data of the forum began to guarantee, and slowly began to have a few friends fixed in the forum.

forum basically established after began to think of large-scale publicity, so their own money printing leaflets, to every corner of the school to paste "Xian leather". But the effect is not very obvious, later found because the application is free two level domain name, web site is too hard to remember, forget the students read, know the situation immediately after the first application for the domain name The international domain name did not think advertising effects were immediate, members began to increase slowly, but happy too early, overnight by the Propaganda Department of the school to call security cleared, in the coming days are brutally murderous end security. This matter began to try other ways, then met a friend to play the domain school, two people go around the business contact, found an Internet cafe, their computer home page set to and the mountain forum, we help them in the forum propaganda.

forum traffic began to soar, but free space began to bear the Internet to bring traffic, but out of living expenses to buy space charges, members of the forum and post data began to slowly increase, Dvbbs Database > Access

Wei Wei what kind of community is easy to fail

met with keso at a conference in Xiamen, and I asked a question whether the style of a community was determined by the operator or the user, and I had an answer: the operator. Keso, however, is biased towards being a user. Later, I issued this question on micro-blog, an answer has been recognized by keso: the style of operation determines the first batch of users, the first batch of users laid the community style.

there’s some truth to the answer, but I always feel the need to nag. A community style, the first group of users is very important, but it is entirely possible for the first batch of users, this community will no longer be able to get up.

One thing

should be wary of is that the community has become a "IT community."". Though I was removed from the IT ring, but I know that the topic of IT (in addition to Apple’s new mobile phone released such big events), most of the topic is very small, there are too many seemingly IT industry practitioners after work is not interested to discuss this matter. And usually do community of people from the Internet, some contacts in the circle (or know a so-called Montana circle), leading the group of friends into a community, it is perfectly possible to make a vertical field of IT community. Unless you start going to do this, otherwise this road is a crooked road.

‘s first batch of users is also very picky users, will make a lot of suggestions. As operators, it is worth noting that they ignore their suggestions. More importantly, how to ignore them without hurting their feelings. Although the online community usually means free services, it is ultimately a commercial product. And no product can "endlessly" meet user needs.

this has touched on the light and the details. I’ve always been rather vague about the phrase "the devil in the details.". The devil is actually heavy. The first user’s attention to detail sometimes misleads the operator and achieves perfection and perfection in a matter that doesn’t matter much. It only consumes a small amount of resources from a small start-up team.


successfully crossed the initial stage, after the community of users to the second and third batch, how to maintain and strengthen their own style? Keso has a good view: the bean products as operators to do the operation, while Sina micro-blog as a product to do. This means that watercress by pushing different products to defend and develop their own style. Watercress north, the so-called "watercress does not operate" behind, in fact, this means. But Sina micro-blog does not push more heavyweight products, but through operations (such as topic discussion, important user recommendations, delete posts, etc.) to strengthen their style. As can be seen, watercress is a technical thinking, sina is prone to human control – although the UGC community, but the two companies a big, small, decided what path they should adopt.


Google Adwords skills Landing Page dynamic keyword insertion

you might be surprised that a lot of Affiliate can actually insert search keywords into his Landing Pages. I remember very early on when I knew little about programming and felt it was very technical. Once I’ve solved the puzzle for you, you’ll find it easy to just add a few lines of code to your page. There are many ways to automatically insert keywords into Landing Pages, and now I’ll teach you one of the easiest ways:

step 1

this step simply modifies the target address of your Google Adwords ad. At the end of your Adwords ad’s destination address, add keyword={keyword}.. For example, your advertising address is, and turn it into Kw={keywords}.

step 2

next, copy and paste the following code onto your Landing Page.

              < PHP?

this code will get access to the user search keywords, if there is no key words, will use the default keywords instead of "Main Keywords".

step 3

now puts the code in the place where you want to appear in the Landing Page keyword. Is it very simple? Focus on my blog and continue to share some good Affiliate skills.

Here are 3 examples:



Jewelry industry to join the professional knowledge sharing

with the improvement of living standards, not a girl for high-end jewelry purchasing ability greatly improved, and join the jewelry industry to join the industry is also more and more, jewelry industry development situation is excellent.


counter layout or follow the general principle that the first decoration line rich, elegant and beautiful. Jewelry companies because the sale of high-end jewelry products, counters should be so fitting. In addition, in order to highlight the difference should be more personalized efforts, and through the layout and decoration of the counter to express the company’s business philosophy. The best layout should be let customers look hard to forget, but to give them to ruminate people to give people confidence to desire.

If you want to display


related recommendations

Go with the business will encounter capital cold

China’s entrepreneurial flow so that a lot of entrepreneurs have lost their way, choose the business needs to be calm and cautious, especially in this entrepreneurial tide, encountered capital Hallyu is an absolute crisis.

"public entrepreneurship, innovation" has been the social hot words. But since last year, many entrepreneurs feel the cold snap in the capital market, that entrepreneurial innovation does not seem to be welcomed by the capital market.

soup of new full lake person "Hotel, brother", is the founder of professional event search and booking platform "Brother Hotel". At the beginning of March, he announced in the "Hotel brother", and then launched a new brand called "MeetingBest", deep market conference activities.

in order to reserve a hotel as the main content of the conference market, early Ctrip, where industry heavyweights involved, why choose this soup of new full market? In his words, is "market segments can be more of a fine".

"segments" not only allows entrepreneurs to find opportunities in the big side, investors are optimistic about the direction of innovation and. Pegasus brigade founder Yuan Yue believes that in order to innovate in the field of service, only in the medical, health, finance and other segments of the vertical depth do fine. He believes that before the combination of services and the Internet can only be said to be one meter deep sea level and active Internet venture, and now need to be more than ten meters and the depth of the water to go". In his view, from the comprehensive reform of the product, the service of a comprehensive vertical deepening, resource allocation and other aspects of the re architecture perspective, the Internet era of service innovation has just begun.

quality into consideration

capital leaders

"digital" is one of the many entrepreneurs take the most love to investors to see the content: APP download quantity, number, the number of new users browse, transaction data, all digital. These seem to be able to intuitively and accurately show the momentum of a project, a team. But the real capital partner Ren Jianqiong pointed out

Liao ribs catering entrepreneurs to join the required

do not eat a meal hungry, this is before it passed down the classics. We always care about eating. Want to eat good, eat healthy, to choose the choice of Liao ribs food? Very hot food, very choice of business opportunities. Open a restaurant belonging to their own food and beverage Liao Liao, do not worry about no source!

in the form of very diversified food, no matter what kind of industry to good business must have a certain vision, good cards will naturally make the entrepreneurial path more smooth, halogen is currently relatively hot sales of food products, food franchise brand halogen Liao ribs catering to join is definitely the comparison with popular in the industry, after many years of operation has extensive mass basis.

Liao ribs is a restaurant set up nearly 30 years of senior catering brand, so it has a very rich experience in brand management, who chose Liao ribs catering to join investors can replicate the success of business, from management to technology integration, simple operation, technology is in place, you can easily achieve profitability, is currently catering to join is widely optimistic about the project.

Liao ribs have a very strong strength of catering, who mainly engaged in leisure food, local specialties development agency, all the food is follow the same principle in the tastes of different ingredients, suitable for a variety of products, diversified taste to let people eat for a long time and do not forget, now has been catering to join Liao ribs is a big trend, not only distinctive, and amazing sales.

cheap, always very attractive. Not to mention healthy and delicious, but also cheap food. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the Liao ribs food items, shop is earned! Taste with innovative awareness, the best choice to trust!

Xining four computing standards enforcement behavior

In the party’s mass line of educational practice, Xining city law enforcement and supervision departments to improve the satisfaction of the masses as the starting point, efforts to solve the last mile problem of the vital interests of the masses and the style of construction services, release positive energy through the "four operations", set up the new image of honest and pragmatic people.

in the purpose of the people on the "plus". Adhere to rely on the masses to engage in activities, the masses involved in the whole process of activities. Carry out the "visit hearing" and "open remonstrance", "police and law enforcement officers stationed in the village", "Five" activities to "point record." and "twinning registration card", "convenience services contact box" platform to build ties with the masses, listen to their opinions and suggestions to law enforcement for the people, serving the masses to extend the reach of the grassroots level. In the process of "minus" negative. Through active consultation, timely revealing problems, respond to the demands of the masses, Jane and work flow, solve masses law enforcement problems. At present, the city’s total cancellation, decentralization, and approval 73, 37 municipal departments of examination and approval of the reduction from the original 342 to 276, reduced 19.3%; the 10 items of the 7 departments from the original commitments for the adjustment for the 208 items on applications, the overall compression processing time is more than 35%. Fair law enforcement on the ride effect. The law enforcement and supervision departments to improve the service efficiency from the perspective of law enforcement work, carefully combing link and process barriers, blocking point, actively improve the working methods, continue to refine the implementation of convenience initiatives, people get benefits. In the style of construction in addition to dust. Adhere to start from the first feeling of the people, which is not satisfied in which efforts to change the "ugly face, so ugly, the door is hard, difficult to deal with bad style, let people feel the law enforcement and supervision departments and law enforcement service image of real change. To investigate the use of official vehicles in violation of the relevant provisions of the issue of management 5, given party discipline 5 people, 13 people informed criticism, admonishing conversation 2, warning interviewed 14 people.