Detection results analysis of the example of Shanghai lovelessness snapshot

site query is normal, but the webmaster tools query really is not love Shanghai snapshot, which makes us very depressed, but through the analysis of ranking of our website does fall, you may fall in love with the sea is really on the site down the right, from which I summed up several reasons, may lead to the following points reason:



2, website content is involved in

we can see, the query results show loveless Shanghai snapshot, but others included and love Shanghai weight, have not changed, below we look at the results of the query by love to take a look, as shown below:

1, the website keyword modify

we can see love for the results of the query are displayed is love Shanghai snapshot is normal, and the next day, the two tools check out different, what one can believe, love Shanghai did not give specific comments, but we’ll see through the site website snapshot.


here reminds me of is probably recently on the website of the title, description, keywords changes caused by reasons, because the update this Thursday love Shanghai, may be affected by a little.

if you have Links be K or drop right site must be cleaned up, otherwise punished too late to cry, at least should be tested every day, this is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er to develop good habits.

this morning we found the site of a two level domain name didn’t love Shanghai rum page snapshot, and then I query the next rank, was ranked in the second page, now ranking has a lot of back, the domain name has been in accordance with the formal methods of promotion, the chain is also follow through gradually, but why there will be no love Shanghai snapshot, we all know that the snapshot is every day we care about, it can reflect you this site has not been free from the spider, spider welcome, once did not love Shanghai snapshots, so our website has not entered a dangerous period, the following we give test results analysis of the example love Shanghai snapshot, the first is the use of love Shanghai webmaster tools, the site was detected, as shown below:

3, Links involved


because the rum information is compared with the news, then the editor when possible to add article content is original do not so extreme, and love Shanghai recently and just update the original algorithm, and users pay more attention to the experience of the website, so if you do not good enough, then love Shanghai must be ruthless.

When the detection chain

On the way to improve the site search engine of my good friend

you might feel ridiculous, just search engine program, how to do? But we all forgot their website only program. The program with program to make friends is just a metaphor. We can see it as a friendly. As everyone knows, cannot do without the website search engine, search engine is also not the lack of site provides content. So, this relationship is to make friends with the search engine. Methods to search engine friendly everyone should know, I speak several key reasons here, the code is a code, build up a bridge between the site and search engine, can let a search engine grab smooth code can obtain many impressive, and simplified code can make search engine feel professional site. The structure of the website, this is very important for the search engine and users, the website structure clearly can make both aware of their location. The third page optimization, pictures and ALT tags, use less FLASH, encapsulation of JS code, HTML code, closed and speed up page open speed are good ways to search engine. Third Links, exchange Links with search engine trust site can accelerate their site recognition speed. In fact, with the search engine to make friends is to make your site search engine recognition, trust your site, so as to give high ranking high weight, it is like love to give each other a good first impression is as important.

is like two people falling in love, if one party easily to challenge each other’s moral bottom line is the bottom line or if the end result is a sure will break up the love. The same as search engine optimization, not easy to challenge the bottom line. But we know that the lack of expert event, no one can survive in the search engine, such as stations, operating profit for the elder brother of Shanghai dragon, wolf rain sinks flicker arrogance optimization technology and so on are just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Although you can burst red temporarily, but is so great, for this burst of red price why? So, let’s fall in love with the search engine, also not easy to challenge the bottom line, and will not suffer the final results.

now most of the sites are mainly rely on the search engine to get traffic, after all, a personal site to leave the search engine can also obtain the flow of difficulty is relatively large, a few years of accumulation of users can not be done, just like NetEase, Sohu need to get traffic through search engine. So let’s site to the rapid development of the inevitable cannot do without the search engine to show, and common development of the search engine. In fact, many sites that can not rely on search engine that can develop rapidly, but the survival rate of chicken but Dryopteris angle. Then let’s stop point to the rapid development, first of all you need to do? The answer is to follow the search engine is the most correct way, after all, with the search engine to the consequence is that the site was K, the consequences of this for small point but a fatal blow. So the only way is to follow the correct steps to search engine, search engine first, and talk about a love never.

The old owners on how to make full use of the chain website ranking stable

as everyone knows, the most love do place is the weight of the chain is high, included fast websites, such as Wikipedia, know, love Shanghai, love Shanghai space experience related products has been the construction of the chain platform webmaster favorite, but these platforms, although the chain quality is the highest, but the release of the the difficulty is the highest. We love Shanghai know it, most of the webmaster want to know the love of Shanghai increase some high quality of the chain to the site, but also because of its strict audit and make many webmaster to forget that back. If you want to stabilize the website ranking words through the chain, then go to challenge the construction of this area, because the more is not easy to obtain the link value naturally high, which we do know the Shanghai dragon. Do what others do not see the link, it might be difficult to surpass you. Also, we obtain the difficulty of the link is not easy, but once the effort got back there has been less than competitors do a lot of work.

has entered the ranks of webmaster imperceptibly for almost four years, from the beginning of a what all don’t know rookie, every day looking for articles related to the study of Shanghai dragon, learning website optimization, bitterness which presumably do the webmaster know, stay in front of the computer every day at least 15 hours or more, today in the forum to see about the chain can stable ranking posts, special sentiment, and wrote an article about his view article. All over the world to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization know the chain to improve the stability of the rankings, ranking is much. The chain also can improve and stabilize the website ranking, also can make the ranking is not stable or decreased. Need to do related operations so we use the chain to stabilize the website ranking, usually, outside the chain of long-term stability and quality can be absolutely stable website ranking, but now most of the webmaster chain method mainly concentrated in the Forum blog, which is difficult to maintain the stability of the chain, so often see webmaster complain your website ranking and down, has not been stable. Today I talk about how to use the chain website ranking stable.

in website optimization webmaster, more is to spend time in the construction of the chain, to improve website ranking weights through a massive increase in the chain to the site, of course, for the role of the chain, which has the common points and quality, relatively speaking, the chain is actually a common chain correlation not strong, after all, we all know the role of the chain are in correlation with the level of weight, to divide, and we do correlation chain will pay special attention to the chain and the site. For example, you do the site type is the movie related, so the construction of the chain of natural selection and movie related forums or exchange Links select peers of the website, the purpose of doing so is to let the chain and website showing correlation. Of course, in the eyes of search engine, the strong correlation between the chain is great in the rankings and weight function, and if you have exchanged Links experience, should know for Links requirements will take a related type of website exchange ", thus relevant to site

Yang Liang from Shanghai dragon recruitment that Shanghai need to have what qualities of dragon

Shenzhen Shanghai dragon network promotion specialist

5. has a certain promotion network resources is preferred

from the top of the Shenzhen network promotion website Shanghai Longfeng recruitment can be learned, Shanghai dragon.

since more than 400 years ago the economist’s father Adams proposed close social division of labor is more conducive to social efficiency theory since the human society, because of the different industry, different processes of the division of the same industry, has been a qualitative leap to social productivity, in twenty-first Century, the division of the continuous refinement, with professional technology, more for their own survival and development. The network marketing industry website optimization Shanghai Longfeng talent demand particularly large, so the network marketing industry segments of Shanghai Longfeng optimization which requires quality and ability, we from an advertisement with reverse thinking to analysis to interpret. Shanghai Longfeng specialist who need ability and accomplishment.

The exchange of

6. has a good team spirit, able to work under the pressure of high strength

is responsible for the 1. Shenzhen network promotion website (Shanghai dragon), the formulation and implementation of the web site of the Shanghai dragon eye search engine optimization scheme, real-time dynamic. To ensure the leading position of the website of Shanghai Dragon technology, website PR value, Alexa Rankings to maintain industry.

Job responsibilities: Qualifications:

2. by Shanghai dragon regular practices Shenzhen network promotion website internal optimization and external link building. Increase the search engine on the web friendly (to prevent any black hat behavior, all the chain can use mass software, the absolute need of manual operation.

1. college degree or above, male or female, more than one year working experience in electronic commerce and the construction site is preferred.

5. website construction basis, understand the basic HTML code based on knowledge, understand the CSS+DIV layout.

3. familiar with OFFICE software, good written expression ability and writing ability.

3. can monitor website keywords, monitoring and research of competitors and other sites related practices, and develop relevant strategies and programs for continuous improvement.

2. Shanghai Longfeng optimization principle, a successful case, e-commerce site application priority.

4. has strong ability of data analysis, to analyze the related data regularly.

4. and third party websites for traffic data, the reverse link or service, or a strategic alliance to increase website traffic and visibility.


7. can quickly adapt to the environment, active thinking, creative. Have a good learning ability for new things. Strong execution ability.

According to user needs to give the site a soul


keyword we usually say is part of the title of the website. The selection of key words is often the user demand. For example, search Dongguan website optimization keywords the keywords, itself has no value, but the needs of the user through the search engine search keywords, this is given a value, the more people search more value. On the contrary, not more people search the key words, the key is user demand, exactly the needs of the user, it appears the keyword value.

so that the second step is that the website title is to solve the user needs as the premise of setting, is consistent with the optimization of site location ranking.


so that the positioning of the site started from the site title, an accurate and unique website title determines ranking web site optimization. Because it will tell the search engine: I do is a what kind of website

so the third step is to analysis the search industry, what the needs of the user? The general enterprise is the sale of products, the search needs of users is the general products manufacturers, price, usage, contrast, parameters etc.. For example, search keywords of a product, is the product price based on a search page in front of the two page website title, then the user is the largest of the price of the product demand, so the title of the site will be able to set the price of the product, such as a product: in 2016 the latest price list – brand word. Of course, this title is the most radical.

then you need to know is the principle of search engine, why your competitor’s site in the front row? Because it addresses the needs of users, is using a search engine search engine to help users solve the problem.

The definition of The An important part of the

site is probably to determine the site characteristics, bring the special occasions and the use of special groups and the characteristics of interest, special position that the site in the network, the core concept, its core function, the target user group. So what is the positioning of the site? In fact, the positioning of the site with a simple sentence is: I want to do what kind of a

that should be how to operate? This time we need to know about the basic structure of the site, usually by the website is the website title and website content, the main form of the site is the site of the title location. For example, when we search the Dongguan website optimization, the first sight is the site’s title and description, that is to say the site title is directly involved in one of the most important factors of Web site optimization ranking. The description is added to the web site of the title of notes and words to attract users to click action.

website as enterprises and products, the need for accurate positioning. For the website optimization, website localization is very important, simple, and accurate site location, site optimization has achieved half of success.


Choose the six elements of the web site keywords

6, the selection of key words to consider the location of

4, seasonal key words

1, with the name of the company and service named

in the choice of key words, as far as possible to choose the long tail key words. Because the purpose of this traffic is relatively strong, and also more likely to become customers.

come to Fuzhou Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon fz贵族宝贝 address: www., please indicate the source.

if you are clockwise to the Fujian area, in the choice of key words and key words in front plus Fujian. For example, your website is the website construction, can be in the choice of construction sites in Fujian, it will not only reduce competition, but also makes the target more accurately.

5, select often easy spelling mistakes and can bring the flow of key

in the process of search engine optimization, choosing the right keywords is essential. This article has six elements to give you talk about the choice of keywords.

as "love Shanghai" by many people as "ferry" to search.


as to their target customers, thinking the customer search habits. The imagination is to himself as a search engine that sat in front of people, think of what you get in the information before in the search engine input box in what keywords. You can try to find friends to ask them for how often the product search.

In this paper, , empathy

for some of the key words of the seasonal analysis, reasonably clear, in what season, people will search for the key word of what.

do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng for enterprises in selected keywords, are the key words related to the main products of the company, and forget the key words company name. You know, for the enterprise, the company is a brand name. When you search the company name in the search engine, there is the name of a rival company, you will think of the consequences are? Enterprise website in the choice of key words, the name of the company can be placed at the end of the title, the main key words in front of title. Because the search engine that row in front of the key words in the row behind the weight ratio of keywords to be large, and often the name of competition is not very intense.

3, as far as possible to do more long tail key words

Do Wangzhuan first to find their own positionNovice Adsense talk about how to do advertising allianc


novice webmaster is relatively easy to make a mistake, for example, we all feel that the GG alliance is the best, so almost ZhengZhan advertising all put the GG code, this will only give you trouble, usually a GG page advertisement to no more than 2, only the best one, because GG is usually the first advertising price is relatively high, and if you first click advertising is not much, but second advertising click much, then click the lead you directly the advertising price is too low, although this time the number of clicks may be more, but you get less money. I also like this, on one page, to put advertising put GG, then only 5 knife around, then I put the GG advertising has adjusted, to some unnecessary advertising, in order to avoid delays, reduce the cost, and now my GG day earn 15 to around $20. At the same time, you have to put advertising bits into other league code, which is much better than before.

do Wangzhuan first to give yourself a position, what is the objective? I want to touch my views on how to do Wangzhuan:

novice can earn a month? It is likely that many novice are most concerned about the issue, but the reality may make a lot of people disappointed me, do not know from what, you spend at least 20+ hours, can really start making money, one month after opening can really benefit! Just starting to yield, every day can earn 10 yuan if a few good, of course, this is the time to earn more! Is not very disappointed! Think of real life, a white-collar workers the average wage in Nanjing for one month only about 3000 yuan, or 100 yuan / day. To work 8 hours a day and you? If you can persist for 2 hours will be able to have a relatively good income every day, I say is insist! Should be satisfied, if you feel less then

shlf1314, sh419, Ali mother that is known to everyone in the league, generally recommended that the normal station to do this kind of alliance, and we called the garbage station, you can consider some other alliances, such as the eight party alliance chain is good, I can earn 50 the left and right side chain from the eight day, there is such as in addition, popcorn and nine wins, SMS alliance is also a good choice, that friends can apply some union account, do not put on is one thing.

model is: do Wangzhuan + recommend others referral



" " myself; is a inevitable stage, don’t want to eat into a big fat man, the sky one day fall millions, even if you pick it up for you at ease? Do " " although hard, but the only way we can slowly accumulate no – >

you can shlf1314, sh419 check, take sh419 index, there are more than 6000+ friends search "this two word Wangzhuan" in sh419 every day, what is it? That many newcomers want to earn extra money, Chinese poor, especially for our order people poorer! So there are a lot of people under the banner of "earn thousands to fool these newcomers, also led the industry confusion, the novice do not know how to start, even if the entry is in a disastrous state, even cheated was shy of the pockets! This too many examples, remember when just entering the industry it was recommended to me, what helped me do a website, like him, asked me to pay more than 200 dollars, I can earn thousands of yuan package, but he is not willing to computer background,

three, facing reality, how much can a novice earn in a month?

two, recognize the industry

before talking about advertising, friends have to do up the flow, no flow, good advertising is empty, so early in the site, can check what keywords search volume is relatively large, for relatively modest words, the moderate refers to a certain search, but not the kind of very popular the words, such as beauty, the word day search volume in more than 30000, the competition is too intense, want to do in front of sh419 is very difficult, recommended novice don’t choose this kind of words, except for the SEO master course. A little digression, specifically how to do flow, this article is not to talk about.

first introduce myself, I am a software developer, has a stable and fairly good treatment work of software development, website production is still a bit of understanding, the industry also has entered Wangzhuan for over 1 years, not for anything else, just to earn some pocket money.

station site today to 42 days, earn more than 200RMB, may have a webmaster will ignore the crumbs, but I think some webmaster friends just began to site will meet, this article only give new friends some help, also hope to exchange experience of cattle B webmaster, what writing is also wrong please show the younger brother of one or two.

I know myself

do Wangzhuan or most ready to do Wangzhuan is students, just work friends, wages are not high wage earners, anyway you want to earn more money, I belong to the second class. If you do not want to make money online, I advise you to leave early this circle.

…How do Wangzhuan

single page proposal put many types of advertising, such as a page at the same time on the GG, Ali mother and eight party, of course you don’t put the GG and sh419 put together, otherwise you may be K, sh419 and GG secretly engaged in a very fierce, I before another site is also on the sh419 and GG the results of direct advertising, sh419 is to pull the wool, and now sh419 and Ali also had a falling out, but if you intend to put sh419 and Ali’s friends to be careful, I have not done the experiment, but to remind everyone, ha ha, advertising collocation >

How many

The broken things of the stationmaster Zhang Baiwan

also do not know how to understand the webmaster network, that is, after graduating from high school last year, on a few days broke college, go home and quit, at home to spend money to study the plane and three-dimensional production. Maybe I was a restless person, in the first half of every day online learning which went to Internet cafes to collect inside the website in aspects of the article, after copied to the U disk, second days to learn the local computer on the plane, because there is no way to access the Internet in the plane where the computer learning at the beginning of the search, the most is to make money and personal webmaster webmaster, now I know that I collected mostly from stationmaster net out, because for a long time, he borrowed 50 dollars from my sister, she also said after the first half of 100, because the webmaster articles every day to earn money this is what I want to do, feel a lifetime career. Spend 45 dollars to buy a space, gave a name, I want a good long time to think of to apply for a domain, it began a metamorphosis, or ready to do porn website, then download the program and Baidu Post Bar Post Bar Peggy is the same, because there was no computer myself only to the Internet bar go online to copy the contents, the methods of publicity now think it is very funny, is to Baidu Post Bar to send, in order to sell the station, is crazy about buying and selling to Baidu Post Bar sites, said this abnormal me let Google acquisition of 20 million, which was later a man to buy this domain I said to do porn station, said to me 200, I said to the 400, he said, let him think about it, then there will be no more. After that, because the site has no popularity, never more than 100, there will be no how to manage. One of my old classmates said, call my station to play with him, I will put the management password and account number to him, because he won’t play, all of a sudden my data to delete, no, that sad ah. Later, in order to get a friend a web site, is given to him, and use this space, that metamorphosis of the domain name has also been useless.

study is in half a year later, after the Spring Festival this year, came out to find a job, do the two do not add up to a ten day, did not work, you must do a lot of things, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. till, also no money, 500 dollars also, I thought it is better to go home to sleep! Just after the family bought the computer at home, is because of the computer that I really fell in love with the stationmaster net, because will also look at several times every day to learn about, have now or so. Do a website of our county during the period, I hope to do local portal, is really funny now in retrospect, may want a few days to see a netizen reply as: do local station three years development, the name of the site several times, also did not get data a few times, want to start well, not now, but I still did not give up the domain name, a domain name after all about is very rare, and that is one of my dream, I am not sure I can. "

Several pitfalls of exchanging links

      as everyone knows, the chain is very important for a website, so our rookie webmaster always tirelessly to find or exchange links, but some websites Links after adding no sense, our efforts will be wasted, because they used a variety of ways, to find Google not or can not identify these links.

            first, the most common, put the links in the framework of

              second: a little more sinister, just put your website on the frame, into a "

          third kinds: non direct links, and the second somewhat similar, commonly found in some ASP self-help links.

Individual stationmaster wants to learn from the failure of Microsoft

, the world’s largest software giant, has a huge brand and cash flow, according to the latest issue of Fortune magazine,

. But in the face of Google, Microsoft still can not get its own place on the internet." In the face of a strong attack on Google and Microsoft in the search field of retreat, according to statistics, in the first quarter of September 30th, Microsoft online services revenue of $770 million, representing an increase of 15%, operating loss of $480 million, compared to an operating loss of $267 million.

I was a little confused when I saw the news, but I was very calm and thought it over, and that’s what it really is. When we opened the day when Microsoft control of the windows operating system to the Internet, few people thought we are so familiar with the Internet business, in addition to the operating system and IE browser, how many direct appeal with Microsoft. When we need to query data, in addition to Baidu is Google, when we think of what Live used Search search information? Personal webmaster every day is about Google of their PR, what reference included Microsoft PR or Live Search? But again, when I saw this news, I very calm. Even if Microsoft in the Internet search field army retreat, but for ordinary consumers, this does not affect our confidence and desire for Microsoft products. We still will not hesitate to pursue genuine operating system of Microsoft, when Microsoft has vowed to do black retaliation, we had no choice but to close, very upset to pray this black moment to end. That is to say, Microsoft even failed in the Internet field, but we can not see his fall.

Microsoft in the field of Internet failure, in fact, give us China’s individual webmaster a clear enlightenment: we can always do their own familiar business, never go after the big and all of the ideal.

recently made a small station, although the original idea is very simple, just hope to find a quiet corner, do what you like. But after a few webmaster BBS, by what PR and external links make a little dizzy, originally calm heart was made a little choppy. But I was very calm, to see so many webmaster hurriedly take Z-Blog to do a blog post, then full of Google advertising and search alliance, in the face of the Ip flow weak everywhere, burst into tears, I was a bit unbelievable: what shall we do a wretch to dream to get rich? What’s more, many personal Adsense dream rich are reluctant to invest, even the placement of Z-Blog space is tens of dollars of junk host, open a text page would spend ten seconds of time, I would like to ask the Webmaster: when you are faced with a need for ten seconds to open the page, you will feel calm and wait for us even? A sentence full text > no plot