Now can also share method to improve website weight and spider crawling

2. for Google, it will look at the PR to identify the value of the site and weight. If the high PR website, Google spider will crawl, turn to low PR content site. The higher the weight of the site, the spider crawling to the opportunity will be bigger. If a high weight of the site links to your site, then the spider will soon find your website, and give priority to grab your content. At the same time, if high weight website links to your site, relatively speaking will also give you the site outside the chain of high weight. So, a lot of new beginning are desperately looking for some high PR website to do Links or buy links.

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3. factor

website ranking except in the chain, external links is also very important. These external links like on your website to vote, the search engine will be through these external links to your site to increase a certain weight and ranking. If a type of information the site outside the chain from high weight website information types, website information is also another type of website, is a chain of high weight, the weight of another chain, then the chain weight high website ranking will naturally in low weight chain type the front of the site.

This paper consists of:

spider crawling to the content, and through some complex aspects related, decide whether to include these contents. This, it is crawling the web page, in addition to the link, and XML map index. The spider crawling to the page, don’t value will add the index database. It is called a spider, because its main job every day is above the network crawl crawl content.

through high quality external links can improve your site weight and the spider crawling frequency, improve the amount collected website in search engine rankings and.

Shanghai dragon knows every web site outside of the chain and website content related to the chain of these correlations for the website ranking will play a role. The spider is through a link to your website, the author for your secret, how a spider crawling of the chain.

Share the most popular website in Shanghai dragon manipulation

two, Sohu. Sohu micro-blog do long term effect is really very powerful, fast to 10 minutes, the long tail word can love on the first page of Shanghai. One minute registered micro-blog account, two minutes of content simply fill in one minute, do the chain, leaving 6 minutes for the collection. Oh, isn’t it amazing, after 10 minutes, see the long tail word ranking. This is the most awesome way, but not in the long run, Shanghai has estimated love found this phenomenon, may be developed filtering program. Maybe the next update time, see these disappeared.

, a sprocket. The main purpose is through the chain sprocket reasonable layout, weight transfer. The chain effect is much better than single, when you operate the sprocket, attention must be moderate, excessive chain will cause the search engine punishment. The specific operation is A chain station to B station, B station chain to C station, C station and D station D station to the chain, then the chain to E station, E station and A station chain. Here is the links between the five sites, of course, some master do more, hundreds of websites do sprocket. It is very powerful, but there must be a lot of time and resources to maintain.

before sharing, please clarify, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in many ways, but the most fundamental is " the content is king, the chain for emperor ". As long as we understand this truth, there is a main idea of the Shanghai dragon will do. The change from the Pope, all the way around this is the main idea of the expansion, but in different time, some methods to achieve the effect is the best, not to say the words, here are some of the most popular Shanghai dragon manipulation.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization method is numerous, some say only a few, some say there are dozens, even some say thousands, ha ha, is not an exaggeration yo, can list the specific methods. The Shanghai dragon book method are many, but not all is the most effective method. With the continuous development and adjustment of the search engine, it will cause a lot of Shanghai Longfeng method play great effect. For we are still a novice, if a method to learn the words, what time can be made. Therefore, learning Shanghai dragon and not have to learn all the way. The key is to comprehend the essence of Shanghai dragon master, Shanghai dragon is the most popular method, you can have the harvest. Yesterday wrote a " " method; share several true original articles; and were very popular, because I know, will share good things to everyone, everyone will support. Today is to share the most popular Shanghai Longfeng operating practices, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

three, the original article. False original is adopted in most of the webmaster, first through the bulk collection, then use the software processing, or through artificial processing, and then released. This is the fastest and most direct way. To enrich website content, this is indeed a very good method, but for high weight website can taste.

The secret of micro-blog

Network marketing in Shanghai Longfeng although we can not ignore the other important

More than 80% domestic Figure 2

, GIF and JPEG are the most common image formats, we simply say what they are:

under the trend of the rapid development of the Internet, network marketing has become one of the most popular marketing way now, and the advantage of network marketing to the enterprise can provide direct consumer oriented platform, not only reduces the cost, the price of the product can achieve price minimization, can quickly spread, let more people see you product.

site traffic!

but the network marketing is very comprehensive, not only from the construction site to start planning, add content products on the site, and then bring traffic to the site, more important is to emphasize the conversion rate.

Figure 1

website traffic from the major search engines, so the Shanghai dragon is still occupy the leading position of the optimization of the extension service, it is the users who are most interested in the search, but also the most potential commercial value of the service means. For the enterprise, want to do network marketing should not ignore the Shanghai dragon operation, especially the recent events make bidding more rational, Shanghai Longfeng work is especially important.

In fact, apart from the

so, Shanghai dragon is only a part of the web marketing, is to deal with the relationship between the site and search engine, the relationship with the user, and forum marketing, QQ group marketing, blog marketing, marketing and other marketing methods as meager and Shanghai Longfeng marketing, is to expand the brand effect and

JPEG is one of the most commonly used image format, but it images are highly compressed, may affect the quality of images, but it also depends on your settings.

can use a variety of means, such as E-mail and micro-blog, blog marketing, marketing network marketing, video marketing, media marketing, promotion marketing, Shanghai dragon optimization ranking marketing.

At present, PNG

from the love experience of Shanghai

from PS


network marketing is not only a means of marketing, is also a kind of culture, the new culture of the information society, guide the media into a new pattern.



, SOE optimization and marketing, network marketing network marketing picture picture now has become one of the commonly used network marketing, many people tend to ignore the pictures, but choose the right picture is crucial to your web site. We often received in the QQ friends sent me a creative picture, see clues to the image-based posts in various forums, these pictures also have some advertising information.

the current Internet covering almost 90% people, it is no exaggeration to say that if a product is not timely with Internet standards, is no future.


Shanghai dragon essence is how to obtain the trust of the search engine

1. is the most headache of the original article, this thing is also a lot of stationmaster of head of a commonplace talk of an old scholar, things can not be, the original content proportion is too large, so we cannot do without the website optimization, hide something in a headache, also want to bite the bullet and to write, to do. We have rules in the update site, don’t three days fishing nets two days of drying, so that the search engine spiders eat a meal, hungry, so he will often visit our site, we update the trick is every time, quantitative update, I think this is relatively easy do, we compared the daily working hours are basically the same rule. Also note that the number of their updates to site and his size echoes.

is now feeling more and more Shanghai dragon industry disorderly, due to low threshold, let many people feel to buy a domain name, began to rent a space optimization industry, can make money. Who knows all the hair of the chain, update the content, but have not seen a penny of profit, slowly lose heart, let it hang to the site where neither dead nor alive. The final is to close the server or domain name expires.

I think, a lot of websites not profitable because the website didn’t think of how to profit, there is no purpose to do, just think about the choice of words, to optimize, certainly earn money, in fact, we should be clear about our website profit point where, before doing the station is advertising, is sales of products, or the development of a member of VIP, the US in the early stages in the heart has a bottom, and then toward their default path, until success.

so we in the site optimization process, the most fundamental thing is to get the trust of the search engine. This is what I want to say to you today. Then we should be how to get the trust of the search engine, I will share personal optimization and exchange of learning.

technology at all, there is a dialect said: it takes three minutes to eat shit. So no matter what you do, what we have to have a humble attitude to something, something not, hold a learning attitude, can slowly success.

In fact, any industry has

3. also pay attention to key words we optimized industry problems, for example you optimize some legal grey keywords >

2. domain name and server problems, if you often go to a friend’s home, friends always closed the door, you will often go, certainly not. Then the search engine spiders, if every time we came to the site above are real and not open the site, or return to a server, then he would often come to you, I do not have much to explain everyone will understand. In fact, the proportion of domain name in our optimization basic little effect, but for a good way to remember the domain name and have great benefits.

Love Shanghai algorithm fast update Shanghai Longfeng workers how to deal with

according to the latest foreign reports, Google’s algorithm has been from the past week to change more, this greatly improved the speed of Google update algorithm, the same for a lot of Google’s Shanghai dragon brings great influence on workers. Line to Google as the largest search engine platform love Shanghai has begun in the technology, is the second largest high technology platform currently behind Google algorithm, the algorithm updates the love Shanghai from the past month, quickly switched to the week, even in the near future, more will begin to turn into reality, in this context, how to deal with the Shanghai dragon workers became a very crucial thing.

first, site update frequency to accelerate more than love Shanghai. Now many webmaster for sustainability website content updates and no performance, sometimes a week to update, not to mention more. If the rapid update in Shanghai algorithm background, if the site does not update frequency love Shanghai fast algorithm, you can only make love Shanghai think your site on the Internet has already become sluggish website, so the spider can reduce the number of Shanghai love to visit your site, a long period of time on site weight will be decreased rapidly. So in the high frequency of love Shanghai algorithm under the influence, it is particularly important to speed up the update rate.

usually love Shanghai algorithm update slower, so the Shanghai Longfeng workers will be smaller, which is why the past content is king, the chain for the emperor has become an important factor in the industry an important standard, then need only crazy hair the chain, it is very difficult to website to no good rankings, so at that time the Shanghai dragon worker is proud, limelight without the two. However, with the love of Shanghai to enhance the degree of intelligent algorithm, frequency update algorithm continues to increase, many workers in Shanghai Longfeng began to feel confused, so re sort the optimization strategy for the love of Shanghai, love Shanghai rapid update algorithm under the background of the promotion of optimization effect is more important, it can from the following aspects to deal with.

third, on Monday and Tuesday during this period must be on the website of the Links full range of inspection, must know that now many site was suddenly love Shanghai punishment, often because of their Links website caused trouble, because love Shanghai although more new algorithm become more frequent.

second, after a lot of observation, love Shanghai algorithm to update the sensitive period on Wednesday and Thursday, most of the nodes, so if the sudden increase of the chain website, often let love Shanghai think your site in cheating, and now love Shanghai algorithm is very close surveillance for the unusual behavior of many sites, perhaps eventually not to punish the site, but occasionally will your site were observed in Shanghai love box, then your website ranking may be in a short time will disappear, the website operation will obviously be a negative effect, so in the fast love Shanghai algorithm to update the background, we must attach great importance to the construction site outside the chain of continuity and stability, remember to change radically.

Touch media to go bankrupt this year the founder has sold self-helpIPLUS new advertising online and



Shanghai Volkswagen

more information as in the League: http://top.admin5/u.shtml
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Pu man network

After Feng Huizhong tells

two days before October 20th, surging news reporters in Shanghai Jingan District City, the original touch media headquarters to touch media in August this year has been completely moved out, there have been new companies to enter the office.

official website information display, touch media currently has interactive screen number 50 thousand, covering areas including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Qingdao and the 7 largest city in Hongkong, covering the month 70 million audience, single trip average is 22 minutes long, 69% taxi passengers for 25-44 years of age in first-tier cities consumption the crowd.

accompanied by film and television actor Ray Lui and other star investors involved, touched the rapid rise of the media.

8 month 29 days due to the big winner data port from four pm onwards there is a problem, causing the data to not return on time, this part of the data was 30, six in the afternoon to warehouse, please put the webmaster login background query.

due to the replacement of DHC systems, the 8 half of last month confirmed that the data will be delayed until Friday, storage, and bring you inconvenience, please forgive me,

Feng Huizhong Oriental IC data figure


products. /1000ip
* data query: play day settlement data of settlement:

on DHC data delay notification

" touched the media during the outbreak of the period from 2008 to 2010 in Shanghai, World Expo." The insider told the surging news, "since then, with other mobile"

new fashion interactive platform – Pu network 2 yuan / person registration, the second wave of promotion soon in the beginning of this week, the first wave of advertising webmaster please contact customer service and welcome to get the code, so for the promotion of the website application code, access to the lucrative returns to

once in Shanghai taxi everywhere advertising screen, now has a large paralysis, because the operation of this business touch media has been closed down.

"it’s not surprising that it’s happening now." The person said, really touch media lay off employees, the company has become insolvent, but whether into liquidation is not clear.

informed sources told the surging news, in recent years, with the development of mobile media, network about cars, Touchmedia’s external environment has changed, but the internal management of the company is not in place, and let the top lazy, touch media situation increasingly difficult.

foreign press, Touchmedia spent 3 years developing a taxi with a mobile interactive LCD screen, until 2007, will be the first screen placed in the taxi companies have income.

public reports show that in 2008, the media annual advertising revenue touched more than 100 million yuan, an increase of 10 times. By 2010, the company had made a profit.

data on big winners


on data:

Feng Huizhong sellers repeatedly change executives

in 2003, Chinese American Feng Huizhong returned to Shanghai with millions of dollars and founded the touch media.

258 search engine online,

October 22nd, surging news from informed sources, due to poor management, touch media subsidiary – Shanghai Advertising Co. Ltd. contact frequency, at the end of July this year, has announced the end of operation, fully repaying the employees, and set up a working group responsible for affairs.

advertising company responsible person told the surging news, the current public rental and touch media cooperation has stopped, touch media on public rental is in arrears, the public rental has been seeking help through law.

on advertising online:

Price: 35 yuan

League address:

Millet 4 inspirations for entrepreneursFengyuyulai reducing the depth of the survival status of Amer

as music as the core of overseas ecological plate, as the music of the United States can inevitably be involved in this negative storm. In the past few months, as the United States has been under the shadow of mass layoffs, it has fallen into various unfavorable reports. Some of these negative reports come from the American media, some from the Chinese media; some are insider breaking, and some are official news; some have been subsequently confirmed and some have been confirmed untrue.

The so-called Before

millet personnel system mainly contains 7 core founders, department leaders, employees three levels. At the three level, only 7 founders have jobs, and the rest are engineers. Each founder is responsible for a business segment. In Millet unique management model, products, marketing, hardware, electricity providers, these business sections do not interfere with each other, each force. Once a team is a little bigger, millet will start splitting up, and strive to maintain the original >

technology in the United States LETV American reporter contacted the person in charge of public relations, and interviewed some China and foreign and former employees, efforts in this field Rashomon as possible truly reflects the shadow of the United States as layoffs real situation. Since the employees were not authorized to interview the media, anonymous processing was required.

from 2014 to 2016, the ambitious dreamer, Jabba, spent more than two years achieving his "North silicon Rockwell three headquarters strategy," in American technology


in many ecological capital poor helpless reality, also in Sun Hongbin’s continued public pressure, before indulging in ecological dream Jia Yueting only began to pick up a scalpel, to burn the non listed part of its business started to streamline the adjustment. Just last week, the continuous loss of a large number of core copyright music, sports began large-scale layoffs, downsizing scale reportedly reached 70%. And Jia Yueting himself, also announced on the weekend resigned as general manager of music network, as chairman of the identity focused on strategic thinking".

in view of millet and Iqiyi, the United States and the group’s two marriage, millet exposure in recent days is not low. I also once again focus millet, so loyal friend Wang Bin’s "reading a book" millet decryption. This book by the Internet IT senior prophet Wang Bin pseudonym rock heart book, a detailed analysis of the millet company was born into the whole process of the development, and how to create millet 4 years an alarming 160 times valuation; analyzes how to fan marketing, millet hunger marketing, thinking of the Internet as the implementation of the strategy; prediction of millet the future development trend and may face competition. Anyone feeling is quite deep, also have a little humble opinion. I think, Millet’s success is not accidental, but win in the management and channels.


since November last year, Jia Yueting, founder of music recognized the company’s funding problems, he created the music as a whole ecosystem business has been in crisis storm of public relations. Many negative news continues to affect almost all the ecological subsidiaries of the music company, while the core of the overwhelming majority of negative reports point to the same problem – shortage of funds.

flat management, by reducing administrative levels, departments and agencies, compression and downsizing, between the enterprise decision-making layer and the operation layer can reduce the middle management level, in order to make the enterprise fast to the front lines of production, marketing and extension of decision-making power of enterprises, so as to improve the efficiency of enterprises and the establishment of the new management model of elastic.

however, there is a question that can not be avoided in the United States is LETV in its revenue is not sufficient to guarantee the status quo of the existing large-scale team, LETV America operating funds from the vast majority of domestic music holdings. If the music has been insufficient funding to support other ecological, Jia Yueting also is still in the market development period of American music have much patience? Once LETV decided to control domestic spending, so as to cut the United States will undoubtedly throttle.

in other words, when an enterprise expands, the most effective way is not to increase the management level, but to increase the management scope. As the management scale increases, the form of organization in Pyramid is compressed into a "flat" shape. The existing organizational structure of millet is the best interpretation of "flat management model". Why do you say, we can see from the millet personnel system?.

since November this year, millet has invested Youku and Iqiyi, for content construction, and teamed up with Jin Shanhe Temasek to $295 million stake in the domestic cloud platform providers century internet. In December, millet confirmed with the United States reached a strategic cooperation, the domestic traditional white giant’s first large-scale investment. Millet’s success is not accidental, but won in the management and channels.

, Jia Yueting’s frenzied investment and subsidies to music, mobile phones, sports, the United States and other businesses brought a brief boom, but also to the subsequent development of these businesses buried bitter pill. Real estate tycoon Sun Hongbin shares to Jia Yueting and music brings 16 billion 800 million yuan of hope, but also to Jia Yueting’s music as a whole ecological dream poured a spoonful of cold water. From the first day shares, Sun Hongbin publicly outspoken critic of music as part of the ecological crazy burn behavior is "Crazy", that do Jia Yueting car business and other "sold the sell".

compared to other Internet companies, millet can be called "geek management". Generally speaking, for the sake of safety, most of the newly born enterprises will conform to the management style of Pyramid type. After all, the personnel organizations of Pyramid type have certain advantages in the aspects of clear responsibilities and gradual management. However, millet from the date of birth to abandon this traditional view, pushing flat management.

Jia Yueting’s American expansion dream

1, abandon Pyramid, push flat

In four years, how I slowly deepened understanding of Wangzhuan

2011 is the first year I went to website, as a beginner, although little is known about the Internet, but still every day with enthusiasm to write articles, send the chain, every day looking at the increase of IP traffic, it is a happy heart. Of course, the enthusiasm did not last for a long time, although the IP traffic is increasing every day, but as a beginner, apparently Zhenjinbaiyin more attractive. But every day visitors do not seem to be cold advertising, daily click rate is very low, hard to do for a month, advertising costs just do more than 100 dollars. Of course, I know that in some friends, it’s good to make money in the first month, but I want to say that the ideal and the reality are really a lot worse.


do Wangzhuan to have minimum is expected for the future. Of course, this is not my writing today I want to say, is the expression of friends before entering the Wangzhuan industry must be very clear, that is the higher industry though it can earn money, but in the short term will have little chance of success is very low. That is to say we do net money to remind ourselves, to be 100% into every day, even if the purse up amount is very slow, we should stick to it, as long as the right direction, so money is sooner or later. Just like his original site to do Taobao customers, even if the number of visitors is low, click rate is low, as long as the content, good page design, and truly retain users, then making money is nothing more than sooner or later. But not many people do it.


to tell you the truth really let his guest make a pot of gold Wangzhuan career, but also an ideal. But the coincidence is that Taobao did not do long off with the Baidu 618K station, plus Ali for nearly two years, Taobao customer rebate site is limited to hit the past few take small means do the site could not continue to go mad. In addition to making money on the net several forum, currently in the hands of left, several other station basically is killed. That time is really don’t want to do it, always think they have established the website Empire and it was the third party has been destroyed, this time there will be second times, do not stability is bad, always working for others is not long. But to lose heart lose heart, but I don’t think before you do stand down, brilliant, I intend to transfer their attention to Wangzhuan direction, from the beginning of the third party platform to transfer their own. The straight point is to start being your own brand. This is what I want to give you second Wangzhuan suggestions.

grassroots needs celebrity effect more. The Internet K station every day to continue, who said they do not own will next, if we were to be pulled out of the hair site next, then the flow and the success of Lu Songsong blog, decide on what path to follow? Is that a little bit, in the search brand into the era is the vertical flow is about third. The party, as long as we do this, the station will be third party containment. No >

Lessons learned and summarized from the site PR3 dropped to PR0

is one of the important factors of the PR value constant of a web site. Its importance and function are self-evident. Recently, my site from PR3 down to PR0, make me on the PR value of the role of a deeper understanding. Hope to inspire everyone. I believe that the understanding of the SEO know the PR value of the role, size factors, but also know that it is very important. But what is the PR value in the GG algorithm really how much attention, probably most beginners are not very understanding. Well, let me tell you something about my website. The following conclusions are drawn from the following points:

one, phenomenon

is a rapid decrease in traffic,


used to be a PR3 site, it would bring nearly a thousand IP a day from GG. And reduced to 0, the daily GG to IP less than 300., indicating the PR value, to improve the weight of the website, improve the site ranking for very big help.

two is included in the rapid decrease,

before the site is PR3, GG included nearly 40 thousand, but after the current PR0, gradually reduced, only about 20 thousand.

two and analyze possible causes

, the website is closed for several days,

because the server has recently been seized, closed for more than 10 days, perhaps this is the main reason.

two is a chain of friends unstable!


many e-books similar sites did not check in for a long time, the death of many.

three, measures currently taken,

doesn’t necessarily work right away, but it works.

is looking for the same kind of high quality outer chain.

two is the maintenance, updating and maintenance of the network.

three is constantly check the internal links, to ensure the normal operation of the site.

summary, PR value was reduced to 0 Google is not terrible, especially in the chain with other friends may be in trouble. But as long as we face the difficulties and find the cause of the difficulties, we believe the difficulties will be overcome by us. I hope you will communicate with me more. I sincerely hope that the novel and electronic network will be your friends, so that we can improve together. For communication, please add qq:7557331.

starter, and only in A5, please keep the source post. Thank you

WeChat operations how do I make an article reading 5 million +

when you see this title, may all say was the title of the party, the public, in the WeChat era of rampant, the general reading rate is not high, the amount of reading over one hundred thousand articles are large, you first do not worry about, listen to me slowly come.

I operate the public should be in March this year, around to see a few friends in WeChat public number, the number of fans 6, 70 thousand, every month has a very substantial income, even higher than my salary. In this regard, I have a great interest in WeChat public number, the original idea is also very simple, can do tens of thousands of fans, every month can be a little income is good.

But when

really do, also encountered many bottlenecks, the past few months I experience today, to share to you, hope you can trigger some thinking, today is to write out, no intention of showing off, just put this experience to share it, and a little of his own experience, hope to to see this article, the number of public operators play a useful role.

as people say, "we can’t succeed in every field. We can do one thing at a high level. That’s enough.".

spent the last few months in public, dreaming, even dreaming of his own public numbers. Through constant insistence and careful preparation, the day came at last. A 5 million + reading volume can be an amazing experience, even I can’t believe it.

well, let’s get back to business. How did I get an article on the WeChat public for 5 million of the reading,


first of all, introduce myself, Wang net, full-time micro signal operators, semi self media enthusiasts, while reading major is computer, but the network contact time is not long, WeChat this year began to contact the public.

didn’t know much at first. See WeChat do many types of public entertainment, carefully observe a period of time, the public number spread easily, not what content requirements, but also more suitable for novice area operation, without what thoughts, online there are a lot of Chicken Soup for the soul of the article, can be copied directly.

The disadvantage of

‘s public numbers is the need for fans to make better communications. The more fans spread, the faster the fans grow. Promotion has become a big problem for me, do two months later, also more than 1000 fans, the effect is not very good, almost want to give up, this time is not how to promote, usually push some funny, entertainment content, of course, also send the occasional rumors, sometimes will be deleted. This article is from the other, or get to the Internet to find, so it is not original, but sometimes will modify the title, and then change the pictures for the cover, then sent out.

, in the words of colleagues, is that we do not produce articles