Now the love of Shanghai to do the project bidding to be feasible

in the analysis of the successful operation of the project bidding love Shanghai, we can clearly feel that they are indeed made great efforts in the choice of time. What kind of products for customers in Shanghai auction? I personally think that is a choice we must first product is to have the market, however, in real life will not be what you think a love Shanghai will do I feel hot bidding, the possibility is very small; the two is our choice the product must have unique advantages, such as we are doing when foreign mask, mask can quickly realize the emphasis of whitening, and your products can not only whitening can.

but love Shanghai bidding project can make money, as a former success, also failed me, I think if you want to do the project and have the following conditions, then you may wish to try:

, a product to market, and has its own unique advantages of

actually, the love of Shanghai to do the project bidding, this method has appeared on the Internet, but because each selected products and the actual operation method is different, there are a lot of people are really in to earn a lot of money, of course, there are a lot of people lose money, then, now use love Shanghai what do the project bidding feasible? I personally feel that the operation is still very strong.

access to this topic in the US, the group immediately lively up, as I expected, a short period of time you will automatically split into two factions, one faction chose to support the school, choose to give up. Supporters of the reason is that love Shanghai bidding although expensive, but the effect is really good, and almost everyone in these supporters have made love Shanghai bidding experience, but also seems to do quite well. But opponents of opinion is that love Shanghai bidding too burn in, do not have a full grasp of the situation is not easy to try. Of course, I also have the awareness on the part of the group of friends attention for a moment, their composition is basically not done or done some love Shanghai auction, but did not succeed.

now uses love Shanghai to do the project bidding to be feasible? In fact, I don’t know what is going on today, suddenly head out such a topic, then in my mind over again, I would also like to know you for the love of Shanghai to do the project bidding is feasible this topic, so I put this topic thrown to my group of friends.

love said Shanghai auction, a lot of people’s first impression is that this thing is burn, one day is thousands or even tens of thousands of. Indeed, with the more traditional enterprises to enter the Internet, making Shanghai auction even more people, in this case, the word is now very cold before began to heat up, keywords heat up increased then there is the keyword click price cost, if the volume can not be together and cost rise, has become a loss a kind of inevitable. It may also be the reason, many people are on the sidelines of Shanghai for love.

The development of network promotion outside chain specific thinking analysis

with the current e-commerce era forward, more and more domestic companies involved, but many people have overlooked some basic common sense, many more friends don’t have a deep understanding, that the company set up a website to hang in there, there will be related to the business to send home, and also not every day you add an article can fix business issues, but not you pay a heavy price to buy love Shanghai and bring the bidding small volume of business, we Chinese, should know in such a truth, that means we should start from their own website, make the site a long and compared to other website advantage to survive, and then get more benefits. With the development of e-commerce, the fierce competition, the weight of the website is to be many people say with myth. In fact, I am here today, do not want to say some website internal problems, purely to express my superficial view on the external promotion.

platform when we must pay attention to, from their own itself, see their industry and a correlation between foreign to consider, of course, many of my friends are now applied to the information platform, blog, forums, news portals, quizzes and other related platform. Yes, these are all available resources, but you must consider themselves. For example, you do program type website, suddenly went to the women’s health to send the chain related, then I’m sure that as long as the women’s health website daily management professional people, so you outside of the chain will be deleted. So, the correlation is very important, but do not ignore these platforms is of no use, do a lot of outside the chain of friends all know their slowly collected resources, in order to make full use of. As I said earlier, a validity of our external promotion, that is to search engines, so we choose the platform when they must pay attention to those sites included fast release. Of course, if you are doing the word class propaganda, then you should choose a high weight to the external platform, this is the choice of platform related issues.

I think, now a lot of professional network company should do not have doubt, what is outside the chain, what is the use? The chain is to put your links in foreign release, the main role is to enhance the weight of their own website, what is more is the international market directly, but also is a kind of word-of-mouth publicity. I’m here to tell you that if it is for the weight of the problem, we have to be sure it must be included in the search engine, it represents your chain effectively, but the effect of the large and small this is related to the decision platform. Below, I carefully analyze the chain.

so, we have more content, if the content of the site itself is in the promotion, so we must pay attention to the original, when the site itself is not included, you copy the original promotion, so the website itself is very difficult to be included, if the site is included so, your promotion, one is hard, such as > two

We choose the

The PR value and keywords ranking don’t throw watermelon picking sesame

, a stable website, do not easily modify the title, keywords, description

two, regularly update the content, carry out the chain

three, steadily enhance the website weight

four, increase website user experience

in November 8th, Google once again last night to update the PR value. For this, many people think that Google is for real-time search made an adjustment, because the distance from the last update time but about 1 months, but can also see Google basically has restored the update frequency. But this is not what I want today to discuss the theme of the PR value reflects the weight of a web site, of course, the higher the better, but for the keyword ranking, don’t say your website PR value high, will have good rankings, even the PR value rose, but the number has fallen! A website of my own in Shijiazhuang Cheng network is such that this update, the PR value rose to 3, can be said to give me a surprise, because the site now also half the time, but also to maintain the original keywords basically in the rankings, there are some slight decline! As we all know, keywords ranking is affected by many factors, the PR value is just one of them. The influence factors of ranking:

is an important standard is the user experience! We do Shanghai Longfeng, of course you want to improve the weight, but don’t just increase the weight, the PR value rose, Shanghai love weight rose, sometimes the ranking is not improved! The old saying that content is king, the chain for huang. The chain, to a certain extent, will gradually increase your weight, but if there is no content, no users, only the high weight. Now the search engine, the user experience of the ingredients to improve a lot, the PR value of the update once again proved this point! If the chain, the site also has original content, there are also regular updates, ranking remained unmoved, it can only say that users do not have the favor of this, can see the flow from this, after all the traffic is our concern, the flow can talk about the conversion rate, it also shows that your site really, I think you should happen in the user experience of the website on the.

chain to carry out, step by step, a stable and high quality of the chain every day, whether new or old station is worth.


user experience is defined as: people for use or desire to use a product, system or service perceptions and return >

1, 2, 3, domain name, title, keywords 4 update 5, 6, 7, the original PR value chain

this is mentioned in the chain second, outside the chain to be full, do not be too single.

believe this, needless to say.


content of the best original, do not have to do every day, but should be regularly updated;

In fact, summarize the general situation of

On the two level domain station and station of Shanghai Dragon

following it, this is the key.

I will talk about the benefits of Shanghai dragon

second: what time do I use the station, the general is to compensate for the shortcomings such as the master station, the actual web design, the use of static pages, the update is very troublesome, now if the re production process, and take effect in the rankings, at this time, in the directory by a station it is necessary, first of all is to facilitate the update, there is increasing web site included, in order to realize there is shoot two hawks with one arrow, a function, such as message boards, in fact is to make up for the lack of a message that one only plus there is this forum, may we also can be used as two level domain name station however, in order to establish a discussion area, then build a station to the forum is also very reasonable.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, has been written about the website internal optimization problem, then talk about the feeling of today, we must have the help very much, now I explain two level domain name, it is clear that the two level domain established stations, such as jms.hrbzskj贵族宝贝, this is the two level domain name general station, this station is the main station and the contents of a lot of difference, are generally the gateway station. What is the battle station, I like this blog, this blog is 贵族宝贝, the station of the station, it was clear that he was in the station directory is in the folder, usually do this in order to increase the content of a web site collected or perfect the website, I and you talk about them in what the case, what are the benefits of Shanghai dragon.

The first

first, this form used in what circumstances, in fact, I also introduced above, the specific said.

is to increase their mutual benefits included and update the site, there may be a lot of daily updated content here, if the management, increase the site of the original, the Shanghai dragon effect is very large, we can see many forums and blogs are independent to do so, it shows that the content of the benefits of the web site, there is a collection of the site from more benefits, included more, more conducive to the rankings, and may also the chain >

: the first use of two websites under what circumstances, usually use a lot of difference down in the content of the website, if similar content did not need to do so, to complete the line in a site, there is a large portal station, because the content is too much, this is conducive to the management, and just want to get a stable ranking, or to facilitate the optimization, so that the two level domain station has a great advantage, though in the beginning he may than the station ranking behind, but in the long run, or better than the station, but also affected by the domain name is not very large, very stable rank so we must choose the two level domain name at this time station.

Shanghai love spark plan a gimmick

third, not through the website, will not enter the blacklist of love Shanghai. This is not really love Shanghai.

sex is more and more difficult, whether black or white hat cap is difficult. Even if you can put his black hat quick optimization to the home page, site ranking survival in a week or so, will give you drop right or K stand. White hat even if you go formal, the chain has been repeatedly made the upgrade algorithm if you don’t have enough money and personal support, it will be difficult for you to build on the chain ranking effectively. And when the chain does not work, we can compare the calm and said, we engage in the chain, to build a website, through the chain to transfer to the key of "full, the articles included page to slowly increase the weight, increase website ranking, but love Shanghai spark program out of so many people hope. Shattered. Why? Instead of serious station is not a good thing for

? Now Shanghai Shanghai dragon

first, for the serious website, only is part of a station, but not many earnest do stand webmaster (a statement, not seriously do not). Because, seriously do station, serious website, actually it is difficult to give you some original content, and the content is useful to the user or novel. In Shanghai love Spark Program, "the website first, the content and form of non mimicry, is a unique resource" is that the first love in Shanghai. The US dental medical website, the good website his internal content has many repeat (hospital presentations, repeated cases, repeated cases of knowledge), and in some of the key knowledge above, it is difficult for us to show something new to the user, because of the development of medical technology or will not update the number of articles published on your daily. In addition, we are also difficult to give users something, something useful. Such as dental implant prices, the price of this kind of beauty crown for the keywords of the article, no one will give you the real price, can give you an estimated average price has been pretty good. This is because the editor may not know the other news of the hospital, Department of outpatient department is not belong to the network editor, there is a loss of customers or to avoid some unnecessary disputes later.

second, the first phase of the spark plan is love Shanghai by invitation system, has nothing to do with our webmaster; although the second invitation opened, but you have the courage to make your website to let love Shanghai manual review? You have the confidence to make you fall in love with a website is Haitong? "To avoid simple two processing and reprint content; avoid submitting a large number of low quality content and soft articles" this is love Shanghai, even if the individual station, the site of the original, but in fact there are those who are truly original, are more or less two processing to see your degree of processing, therefore this for some human spark plan can bring benefits to what benefits the webmaster website. The original can be beneficial to the website, and not the spark plan for the benefit of the general website or webmaster.

To experience the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform mobile phone SMS reminder tool convenience

this morning, let me to experience the convenience of mobile phone short message reminder function, is on the train to work suddenly received a text message, open a look at the original love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform message reminder, the mobile phone SMS contents as shown below:

love Shanghai official Webmaster Platform released by < message reminder tools > the way of receiving mail, SMS, mobile phone log in directly to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform into view message reminder. According to the official introduction of perfect information, can be obtained through the above several website exception message reminder, but I received in the last message reminder in addition to direct mail login view and receive alerts when the mobile phone did not receive SMS alerts, then I am really a bit puzzled love difference Shanghai official is going to specially in the QQ group to discuss with you this time, we are saying that the instrument almost, just on the line soon, many places also need to continuously optimize the think it is.


if there is a webmaster friends especially novice webmaster do not know or have.

about love Shanghai Webmaster Platform message reminder tool release has been 1 years 4 months and 9 days, how many webmaster friends do not know real experience < in this year; message reminder tools > give us website abnormal reminding the benefits of regulation, but also did not see how many webmaster wrote receipt the message reminder for the original, just on the line near < message reminder tools > anyway, Yang Zi is Shanghai dragon experienced one, this was also wrote a related article titled "from the optimization of an industry website truly appreciate the Baidu message reminder tool action" on the article mainly talked about message reminder tool gives a website with abnormal supervision convenience, accuracy, if you are interested in any of the webmaster friends can search to see, in this I do not talk much, mainly for today To share mobile phone SMS message reminder tool < > convenience.


Yang Zi before the share of Shanghai dragon introduced first < message reminder tool > has an effect on the website which abnormal reminder, as shown below:

message reminder tools have been by binding directly to the mobile phone SMS notification abnormal information webmaster website, abnormal information monitoring website for the webmaster can the abnormal situation whenever and wherever possible, to timely treatment, improve the efficiency of adjusting website website optimization, website traffic to prevent loss.

pictured on the website of the message reminder tool 5 exception can remind the construction of 1. chain 2. abnormal abnormal content of the construction of 3. websites are sending spam marketing account information 4. website by various hackers grab spider 5. sites in abnormal. For the 5 problem is a simple website abnormal remind here, want to know more Webmaster Platform can enter the information channel, the mobile phone or get SMS receiving message reminder: site anomaly.

After 90 Entrepreneurs I will not spend 10 million to buy Papi sauce adSun Hongbin, Jia Yueting’s mu


these two days, about the latest news and music: Li Jiacheng’s music to the public enterprise debt.


Papi sauce is made of users sought for its funny Tucao short video, homemade short video content provided mode similar to the early "beast called Yi xing". But none of the Papi’s 8 million fans are paid, and no one knows if they’re willing to pay for the Papi sauce. In contrast, it is poison. The poison is the first live YY platform, until today, poison live real-time viewing number can still reach millions, "YY does not fall, with drugs to the old slogan scattered in every corner of the barrage, fans of hundreds of thousands of dollars gift only in exchange for a high cold" thank you". People familiar with the ecology of the YY anchor once told me that poisons bring at least millions of cash streams to YY every month, which is a veritable "money making machine"

reported that after arranging for the CEO, Sun Hongbin mentioned Jia Yueting only when it came to cars.

media latest reports: music as the new president Liang Jun will serve as a listed company LETV SZ300104 president.

last November, 16>

high-profile enter the United States is not optimistic, only $15 million sales target period, far from the expected $100 million, LETV for American companies have to lay off 175 people, while the music company in India has been ahead of 85% layoffs.

since April, as music is still bad news.

LETV North American automobile factory construction? April 24th, daily economic news reporter visits, "at the scene, the reporter did not find Faraday’s future office staff or project construction personnel, only the eagle circled in the howling wind."

"Chinese first red", 10 million fans, WeChat news subscription number 100 thousand + every moment… Not only that, in March 20th, Papi sauce and her partner Yang Ming also a famous star and investor Angelababy’s agent get it real fund, logical thinking, source of capital and capital star joint investment amounted to 12 million, the valuation of 3 hundred million.

LETV crisis since November 6, 2016 has been more large-scale outbreak of first half of the year, all kinds of crisis is like a bubble continues to emerge, although Jia Yueting made efforts, the public still can not see music as a substantial turnaround. More and more evidence that 2017 is music as life and death year, does not rule out the possibility of split into two.


yesterday, Papi sauce advertising resources merchants communications tickets were held in Beijing. Assist the commercial Luo Papi sauce plan has taken a solid step forward. 8000 yuan tickets and estimated staggering up to tens of millions of first advertising revenue, seems to have proved correct judgment Luo and Papi sauce.

is the first CEO easy to Hang Zhou leave, join Shun Lei Jun capital; then Feng Xing will no longer serve as mobile music as president, the focus of work to the government and operators are considered in affairs, then; announced a $2 billion acquisition of U.S. TV companies failed Vizio.

suppliers come to collect debts still in a continuous line, the driver request EDAW have not been met.

an interesting twist: in the past, whenever there is negative news out, LETV official will be denied though every rumor eventually turns out to be true, but recently, few are about music as negative as the official did not sound.

Wall Street informative title has great meaning: Sun Hongbin announced that Liang Jun served as music CEO, Jia Yueting through auto business fade,

music as bad news endless, when is the end,

and LETV Navy on dissidents bite, also a lot less than in the past, I have a deep understanding about it.

in 2016, the hottest news Internet circle is not Apple’s new mobile phone, "environmental protection" is not the music as sports continuous generous, also not wandering in the edge of the ant is not listed on the listed payment service, all the hot spots are concentrated in one person, a woman in Papi sauce – beauty and talent with a.

high profile music car, did not appear at the 2017 Shanghai International Auto show.

music holding CFO, Wu Hui has resigned.

I don’t know what kind of person I belong to, but I’m sure I won’t buy it. I have expressed on many occasions that net red can be simply divided into two categories: profitable and unprofitable. Of course, "no money" does not mean no income net of any red know how to sell advertising to make money or not, the so-called refers to the TA fans are willing to pay for their idol, it will eventually determine the commercial value of red net. If you find a representative in money and no money net net red red, a YY is known as the Queen’s poison, another name is Papi sauce.

How about the

but if I’m going to spend 10 million on advertising for Papi sauce, I definitely don’t want it. But given a lot of to the auction in the investment on the significance of one side affects the process of the Internet and network communication China. Sum up is nothing more than: "advertising is smart, do not buy silly X, or can not afford to buy poor X."."

"4.14" electricity supplier day’s record is not as good as before, as the music TV sales for the same period last year was 70%.

Wangzhuan industry also has risk network project should be cautious to chooseYour charm will never b

2, soft writing risk coefficient is high, there is one thing we don’t know is that some buyers will then use your article and then say to you: feel shy, your article is not qualified, so you will be taking a hard, how can you tolerate,

in the last month, it introduces a website from advertisers, to advertise on my website, with less than five minutes about a month 200. A little surprised me, a half dying Wangzhuan station seems to revive, and began to give me money. What I did not expect that after less than a week, another to advertise to find me, let me earn 200 yuan, God is more in the last night at 10, even third advertisers again through the network linked to fly me to advertising, it is 200. So, the site I was supposed to give up is starting to make money again.

website to make money, in fact, nothing strange, the fundamental purpose of our website is to make money. But you know, a website to make money fast is not so easy, especially now Wangzhuan station, the most competitive.

2, you are wasting a lot of time, time is money that many people are aware of this truth, but you cherish the time? This kind of Wangzhuan project without any technical content, you only need to repeat the action, but they waste a lot of time, so for you is one of the greatest losses.

3, the price is low, hard worker, soft writing is very mentally.


first class Wangzhuan: click on the registration, investigation, risk money

first engage in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, looking at some cattle station do good, I also followed a Wangzhuan station is today, fly part-time nets, this is my first stop, then the key is to do the questionnaire, by the development of offline like this kind of Wangzhuan is offline the fundamental survival, otherwise it is difficult to make money, and then through the website selling marketing software member, then a stage is made of HYIP investment projects abroad, the intention to do little about half the time, count down, do I make this station to have tens of thousands of dollars, in the process of the operation the site slowly came into contact with SEO, when SEO started up after routine general understanding of Taobao customers, specifically on the SEO website Taobao keyword optimization means, guest can also do. If from the large scale, I have been engaged in this business but I watch online, I think I only do SEO now, the questionnaire, the previous HYIP investment, selling software, and Taobao stores are not made, concentrate on the website, SEO, so the earliest the Wangzhuan station almost slowly to waste, but it still did not give up, do every day is to update a few articles, as of today the site has been operating in two years and three months time, up to tens of thousands of website updates.

soft writing this kind of Wangzhuan project contains forum text, press release and so on writing, but what do you think of this kind of Wangzhuan no risk? If you have this idea that I think you need to look at the following tips:

1, soft writing exists mostly unqualified phenomenon, if you don’t believe me this sentence, then I suggest you go to see the landing zhubajie, a task if the 50 yuan of money, then at least contribute more than 5, so your hit rate is?

today fly fly recently due to talk about Wangzhuan part-time network give some enlightenment to me, so I want to talk to you about the topic of wangzhuan.

1, if you can receive the money to ensure that, along with the influx of talent, now the Internet is not only the Internet, you may have money to find your credit is a month — white do you do after a month.


, click on the registration and investigation of this class does not need to make investment Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, so many practitioners with the idea to make a fortune in, but when you go in to know whether the risk of this kind of project of the higher, below I risk:

most people have heard of the stock market risk, market to be cautious, "this sentence, and for the Internet in me more as a topic of concern is in my opinion Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, also have the risk, no matter what type of Wangzhuan type has its potential risks, and this article" Wangzhuan risk, such as "I need to be cautious, I will describe several common higher risk, the hope can cause everybody’s attention.

09 years after the years, I have not been able to find suitable work I accidentally entered the Wangzhuan circle, and then began the exploration and development of Wangzhuan, here don’t dwell on the past before, the previous article had nearly had a detailed record of the words of my Wangzhuan experience, interested friends you can look at my space to see.

I am originally from make Wangzhuan then do today in SEO, the operation of the site, in fact, in my opinion, Wangzhuan and SEO are complementary to each other, is to make money through the network, and SEO is a progressive Wangzhuan, at least to me is like this, so I write a blog is SEO and Wangzhuan write together.

risk soft writing

second types of risk: the seemingly effortless Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

3, click believe 1 hair, registered 1 yuan, 10 yuan in Wangzhuan practitioners, so I suggest you can wake up, if there is such a good thing, I would rather not do every day what to click, sitting beside the computer, you say to a different IP, it is also very easy. The automatic IP software, you can also write an automatic click on the software, so that I can not every day hundreds of thousands of income? Is it really that good things he do not let you do, I can’t believe.

The WeChat public will have to walk the streets in a hurry

, who played the WeChat public number a few years ago, has been a large part of the population. A lot of people are watching people who are already wealthy and play public numbers, and they follow suit to get a public number. I’m part of the trend. No one had expected that WeChat could be as hot as it is now, and that the fire would shake at the Spring Festival Gala, even when mom and dad watched the Spring Festival gala. Pull away, we do not say today, WeChat has much fire, we talk about just contact WeChat public number players how to use alternative ways to rapidly increase fans?.


public powder, there are many methods, I believe many Daniel who have shared the old gold, here is not in the method repeats the traditional mainstream, but if the mainstream method of adding new powder is already very difficult, since it is certainly very mainstream because many people doing in the same way do, die many methods, it is recommended that novice to play the WeChat public number, you must not take the unusual way, today old gold share WeChat public number plus powder method three offbeat.

method one, making gimmicks

I just registered with the public number, and I don’t know how to add powder. I call the company’s attention to the public number, and I also like to advertise my public number to the customer as much as possible. More than a month down, fans only a few hundred. The old thinking of how people and their fans at every turn tens of thousands, but so little? How to increase the others fans every day brush, and their daily increase of several fans were tread on air. Just when I was worried about this, I had a chance to watch TV news with my family after dinner one day. Suddenly, there was a flash of light. Now, if the society wants to make a big thing, it must rely on speculation and attract people by gimmicks. I think if I take my WeChat public number to make a news, it should also attract a lot of attention. Thinking back and forth for a day, I came up with an idea and decided to give it a try. Immediately after finishing good ideas to prepare materials to advertising company to print 4 copies of the micro signal two-dimensional code body paste (20 yuan / square, spend tens of dollars on the fix), go to the supermarket to buy dozens of packages of sanitary napkins (the cheapest kind on the line, can not spend money). After returning home to the two-dimensional code printed on the body stuck in the car, around each one (why so much? Because we do this is to make the news, speculation will certainly a lot of people taking pictures sent to the Internet, and four with two-dimensional code to others on the angle from which to shoot can be in the photo on the left a two-dimensional code, such people who see these pictures can also sweep, the equivalent of two times), many virality posted napkin the rest position (as much as possible to attract the attention of others). The second day we drove to downtown commercial street, parked the car to the more eye-catching place, I was not far away, passing pedestrians have many wonderful to see so many people around to see the car, most people have come up with mobile phone kuangpai after filming, but also the way to sweep the two-dimensional code sweep car on the. And so on the crowd to a certain extent, I call the identity of passers-by, reported to the local television station, said the commercial street side stopped a car filled with sanitary napkins…… >

Answer new sites can not quickly profitable

website how profitable, is the first construction site, and then promotion, registered advertising alliance, alliance advertising profit. This is the way most websites make money. But such a process is usually long, because you get some new sites set up to promote traffic, which is already a long time, unless you can direct money in advertising in various sites at random. That way, from the flow of advertising profits, it is a long-term process. And many webmaster are in the process of walking, gradually give up. After all, now is not 04 years ago of the times, and now the site into one hundred thousand, and want to get traffic from this, itself is not easy.

if you follow this path, it’s almost impossible to make a quick profit. But our ultimate goal is to make profit, the flow of website promotion, the ultimate goal is only part of the profit. Without profit, the traffic has no real meaning. Before what, I have to follow a principle, the enemy can. Only when you fully analyze your present situation and the conditions you need to achieve your goals can you better utilize the limited resources to achieve the best results.

general website publicity way, summed up: paid advertising, search optimization, exchange / self-help links, message advertising (BBS post, QQ group and other instant information) and so on. Now let’s say something about these promotions.

1. paid advertising, you have to pay for advertising in exchange for traffic.

advantages: quick results, as long as you can afford to pay, in the big flow of site advertising, and then the introduction of traffic, persistence depends on your financial support.

disadvantage: the high cost of these, unless it can get more revenue from the site, we have to eat by advertising union needless to say.

2. search optimization: slow, the effect is great, because the search itself has a large flow of user base, as long as you can do the ranking up, the effect of traffic is amazing. And the persistence is high, unless you violate the rules of search after cheating, after all, you are eating by it.

disadvantages: slow, long, now do search rankings, included is a process not to wait for a short time, from the collection of new sites to be ranked, this process can be said to be long, of course, depending on different industries with different difficulty.

3. exchange / self-help link: this effect is general, unless you are those content more attractive site, or to introduce traffic from this, less.

disadvantages: the amount of engineering is not small, and the personal effects are common.

4. News advertisement: quick, usually you in a hot place, a short time into a relatively high flow, but generally such advertising, to remove the high probability of QQ, sending the message is the same, the effect is very short.

disadvantage: effect persistence > >