Analysis of Shanghai dragon training the word why love Shanghai without a stable website

Shanghai dragon training the word I am concerned about two years, another point is that my blog has been Shanghai dragon training this word. So for the Shanghai dragon training of the word is still have the right to speak. According to my two years down the attention, find a point is to be a word site basically no stable for a long time, the basic site every day and the top twenty will have a larger floating. The general stability of three months is very good website. According to my concern now down two website ranking that is relatively stable and long-term stability, it is the Shanghai dragon WHY and Shanghai dragon research center. Other sites are just, including my long long flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, blog has put the word dragon Shanghai training do love Shanghai home, but unfortunately, didn’t stay long down. Today is to analyze why the Shanghai dragon training this word is difficult to have a stable ranking in Shanghai.

said there are two sites to Shanghai dragon training the word stable in Shanghai love home, why is this? It is because these two sites are the forum, and form the brand effect, has its own specific user groups. Remember.

another reason I judge is to search the Shanghai dragon training this word people are basically doing the training Shanghai dragon "of the people, rather than real users, so as to increase the cost of our judgment. According to a friend of Shanghai dragon training said that they have done to statistics. Search Shanghai dragon love Shanghai training index of more than 400 of the word every day, and the flow of home is less than thirty percent. This is enough to explain the word search Shanghai dragon training people is the word of his own people, based on the principle of search engine. If the search engine top ten sites should be accounted for seventy percent of the traffic, which is to meet the needs of users. Like Shanghai dragon training this word actually accounted for only thirty percent words, enough to show the page ranking of the sites do not meet the needs of users. I believe this is also caused by the Shanghai dragon training is a difficult word to stability in the important reasons to love Shanghai.

from the perspective of the user experience, the user may demand constantly changes, and your site is a constant. May your website ranking is up, then you can only represent the website is to meet user needs, and the needs of users after the change occurs, and your site does not have what change, so the ranking is hard for a long time. This can be from the search for love in Shanghai can be seen, I often pay attention to the related search Shanghai dragon training this word, found that almost every day there are different changes. What Shanghai dragon combat training, Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon network training, professional training, free training, Shanghai Dragon (except artificial brush). The search indicates that the user needs are constantly changing, and our website is very difficult to grasp these changes, your website ranking also represent you when this is to meet the needs of users today. Change fast and slow response of our web site is an important cause of Shanghai dragon training is a difficult word to long.

Chinese segmentation technology analysis of the aristocratic baby

, a noble baby Chinese search results

do you think noble baby (Google) is a powerful love Shanghai? (Baidu) on the nobility, baby can be found. Yes, but that is only limited to the English, or other foreign search. When using Chinese search. The two is really noble baby. Don’t believe the sea will take you to see me today the search results, you can try it yourself, this let me determined to love Shanghai, soso, Sogou search engine to search domestic Chinese, Chinese baby does not find aristocratic ye.

today a string of characters "Wuliangye search Chinese | Guojiao 1573
Fenggu | Jiannanchun honghualang liquor price list". Of course, this is a personal marketing Jianghai website, from Shanghai dragon and aesthetic perspective, I added the vertical bar "|". But because with the vertical bar used in the Chinese Webpage. Noble baby confused



two, love Shanghai Chinese search results

station in Shanghai Longfeng ER angle

noble baby is really two. You Chinese search does not love Shanghai, objectively speaking, also want to love Shanghai is not proud. After all, your baby more noble than scandal where, moral still accuse you of

just saw Guo Jiao 1573? Is ranked in the first part of the Wuliangye is not the user wants to search in the noble baby? Also own the noble baby? Do feel this kind of search is wired. But when removing the vertical bar in Jianghai search, more noble baby two. Search out the first three are the same waste site, a site of the Shanghai dragon people hate the special catch others snapshot, Shanghai Phoenix, people’s website included snapshot information. No user worth a damn website, ranked in the top three.


word segmentation technology is indeed a technology to do Shanghai Longfeng people must pay attention to the ability of TV founder believes that in the keyword set the site, classification and description when writing programs must pay attention to the love of Shanghai Chinese search engine segmentation features, try not to let your word processing become the short board of the Shanghai dragon second rate. After all, the content and structure is the inner part of Shanghai Dragon King’s primary focus, the >



is also a word "Wuliangye | Guojiao 1573
Fenggu | honghualang liquor Jiannanchun price list", I found was very good in Shanghai love to search, can accurately identify the vertical bar, do not affect the search results, also remove the vertical bar "|" love Shanghai search results is still so precise, Chinese search engine Robin Li created a really awesome.

Results Beidou mobile phone network CPS activity on-line!The voice of a web designer in Wuhan

‘s confusion at work

! >

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2, Sony Ericsson W300C


has a chance to change to a network administrator’s work, the company has a proof of income, with the help of parents. Make a small house. Having a baby. But the enterprise network administrator, after all, is not a professional it company. And it’s a company that doesn’t directly make money with the company. In the company to work for more than two years, wages are not good, I feel I can not get along any longer, and have to do something professional. But now out, Wuhan network recruitment company and many more requirements, proficient in css+div, proficient in flash, high-grade design ability, and wages will not be high. Finally understand alone do "work in the company by" hunfanchi really difficult. Technically difficult to progress. Money is not enough for the family.

data returns: real time

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settlement cycle: monthly closing

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just graduated from work, the cost of a lot of twists and turns, in Wuhan’s web hosting companies, looking for a web artist’s work, wages are not high, free to feed themselves. The company’s operating conditions are also bad, regular wages can not be sent down. I have no confidence in this industry, one is for us this is just a way of not what art work experience, a lot of pressure, the company requirements for your efficiency and quality, a website to a person to go through all that carry down inspiration, most want to do is to resign, sometimes a talk with the boss’s idea, the boss will comfort you to stay. Her no money, nor around what the real master, do one year down, really not what progress. The salary is only enough to support themselves, get married, buy a house to these things, only with the pressure of their own, the second is the Wuhan Internet companies are in a lethargic embarrassing situation, high cost, operation mode of low income. So there are no good days to go, and a line is just a hobby. If you really make love as a tool to make money, a lot of things and wishes. No confidence in the design. Do the procedure, and only know a little fur.


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CHANet results network

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A dare to call the world roadshow center of the public space, the cattle BWhat exactly are angel inv

indeed, angel investors pay close attention to the high yield possible, so they want to lower the price to buy your future shares — especially in the convertible bond financing can be used in the form of case. But equity is only a subsidiary gain for them, or a result of landing.

do I like their products,


, for example, the Nanjing roadshow center, has become a local entrepreneurial landmark, condensing a full version, or almost all of the elements of an ecosystem of entrepreneurial services.


at the same time, those who really belong to the incubator public record space operators, have involved in such a time node of a major reshuffle of the incubator, such as investment background, Hong Thai incubator, real estate background Hugo workshops, and the media community background of the 3W space and so on, following the 3W incubator upgrade 3W space began a nationwide distribution after landing gem venture has decided to intensify the dark horse dark horse, "public record space" landing, the public record brand "black street play center recently rapidly throughout the country to open flowers, has become a force to join the business incubator is an important ecological operation, and force characteristic.

is different from the Hong Tai, Hugo workshop, 3W space is the dark horse of the entrepreneurship public record space — black street play center, the starting point of the gene from the dark horse of the entrepreneur entrepreneurial community, the basic foundation is the entrepreneurial community, so people around the core and set up the public record space from the brand. The essence is more consistent with the entrepreneurial process, the entrepreneur is the game’s protagonist and the main characteristics of the origin, have many differences in any other category of public record space between different brand core point.

to users

therefore, angel investors will ask themselves, "

" struck the earth, various social forces to participate in the management of the tide, many professional threshold for entrepreneurial services higher also indifferent, also led to business services and business around the project land bubble, especially the incubator of the bubble, however, with some speculative nature of the incubator collapse of the crazy incubator market operators return to reason, upgrading of the incubator in succession.

," before making a decision

as an entrepreneur, you’d better give the answer to the question if you want to improve your chances of getting an investment, or to give an investor a digital, attractive check. Angel investors are bound to do enough homework before deciding to give money


do I like this team,

first roadshow center is the dark horse community organization carrier landing daily operations in the local community, is a line of social platform, and external, presented in the form of a social platform that often appear in the coffee business. >

what they are doing is more popular with users than the next "cornflakes",

can I accept the market they’re aiming for,

, your product,

your team,


market environment

, "we still know how to start a business, and we still end up in business.". But imagine that if angel investors were investing in your company and your future, why would he invest in the vast majority of startups that would have been virtually impossible to predict?

let’s put a little bit of valuation aside and change the scene. Imagine you walk into a supermarket and you need to make a choice between 20 types of cornflakes that are priced at the same time. How will you make decisions? For angel investors, you and your competitors are like corn flakes on shelves. So how exactly do they choose to invest? Generally, they are based on the following four elements:

pioneering dark horse "black road performance center" is what Dongdong

How attractive is

editor’s note: Aramando Biondi, author of this article, is co founder and COO of Facebook’s advertising management optimization platform, AdEspresso. He had been involved in the creation of Pick 1 and the other four non technology companies, and data analysis software Mattermark and ten other start-up companies, angel investors, and Silicon Valley incubator 500 Startups partner. In this article, he analyzes the standards of angel investors choosing startups and what they really want from these companies.

in the development planning of entrepreneurs horse in the focus of the next step is the dark horse of the public record space landing, and a public space that a foreign brand is the "black street play center", a collection of black community member of the family, and the mobile platform and a roadshow project incubation function as one of the spatial entity, with distinct characteristics.

for an angel investor, startups are competing with hundreds, even thousands of rivals. Each of them, noting that each has a valuation of $3 to $6 million, and a handful that could reach 8 million.

The "double

at the macro level, the nationwide "black street play center" is such a dark horse business to provide services for corporate, business service support platform of various business floor, is also the entrance channel of various business service object under the line, is the public record space brand from other brand core competitive advantage is the dark horse community daily basis of community operation line club.


Talking about the bitterness of clicking on an undertaking

I have realized that I am becoming a successful webmaster, so I write a few words to describe my experience as a master station and share with my friends in order to make new progress.

I do a very short time, to apply for a simple web site from the beginning of the free space there, is engaged in writing, made about 100 thousand, is too little, this year; then please hand design their own website, writing is still standing, earned $500 thousand, is still doing although, for several versions, but the camera is still writing, earned $1 million, now I still remember I used to walk the road, remember that a few worthless sites, without them, what to


I really appreciate, today, I just started to choose their own design,, found that there is a big gap between the design, if not found the love code 123, perhaps still feet strong, using advanced, direct code, modified, it was found that this is how good things, this is what a convenient condition so, decided to the site, in fact, now many of my friends have taken me this idea, the first reference after modification, in order to meet the actual needs of users, so that is not easy, a word.

I made a point of view, if you want to start, you must first feed yourself, don’t expect what VCs will suddenly love you, give you a lot of money, this is not realistic, instead you must adhere to the independent, to feed themselves can have a venture capital investment risk, which will raise money to himself the website? No, so not to risk investment must be independent, like a flock of ducks, this is what I want to say a few words. If you have ideas also think of me, then come on hero, really good.

love 123 Master Zhu


Baby website in the end there is no profit model anatomical explanation

one, for crowd analysis,

if there is people benefit from our children 0-6 years of age, is assumed to be 0 year old children (25-30 years old married parents calculated), their parents at the age of 25-30, while the 6 year old parents of children between the ages of 31-36. So the age of our beneficiary’s parents should be between 25-36. These parents should have only 90% children. That is to say 6 adults and 1 children, to educate their children is not very understanding, coupled with their parents due to busy work, in fact, most of the real direct education is the child’s grandparents instead of parents. So we should grab the characteristics of these people:

these grandparents are very doting on their children, so they are willing to invest in their children, as long as they are good for their children, how much money they are willing to spend.

‘s doting parents, grandparents and grandparents, want their children to receive the best education.

so the crowd should say, as long as the average family can.

in short, the information needed for early childhood education and management, both from hardware and software, is very demanding.

said below, Tianjin baby nets ( the direction of development

two, the development of rational advertising business

Advertisement for

1. site

as the media, advertising is the main form of profit. But how we put up ads and put them in any form is a problem. My advice is in the following way:

product recommendation: we have preschool education, food and other aspects of the module, so we can recommend a certain brand is more suitable for children form. (of course, we recommend the brand should be a strict inspection), for manufacturers, our accurate customer base, is the best and effective way to promote the market.

graphic advertising: the form of print ads on small pages of a subsidiary page, or links to friendship and partner links (involving a wide range of advertising vendors).


text ads: text ads targeted to do, each channel advertising and channel items corresponding.

naming channels: the channel can do naming sponsorship.

2. online photo album, send home service by mail. Our users can register online to upload -> -> choose Edit -> pay (or free) -> photo process in the Internet, mobile phone or texting is obtained in the form of flushing cheap, home delivery service than the market. (for irrigation), we can cooperate with the service provider. Of course, the packages in the mail can be sponsored by the manufacturer

Network marketing advertising skills on the Internet

We all know that

now the domestic network technology is very developed, and there are a lot of people will choose the online business ideas, but in the online business more attention by some means of marketing must.

in the network economy and the rapid development of e-commerce today, many enterprises have realized the necessity of the establishment of the enterprise site. But after building up the company website, if not for the promotion, then the enterprise products and services on the Internet is still not known, not a site set up the effect, so that enterprises in the building site that should start after using various means to promote their own websites.


online advertising pages

includes banner advertising (i.e. Banner, including full size and small size 2, can be static pictures or GIF animation or animation,   Flash) logo (Logo, it is divided into 2 types of pictures and text), text links and ads (ClassifiedAd.) forms. When visitors are interested in online advertising, they click on the link to the publisher’s website.

electronic magazine advertising

commercial adsRecommended

Hefei science and technology city will be located in Baohe District

is now an implementation of high-tech pioneering era, in this period, all over the introduction of advanced technology and a series of positive, to attract some high-tech talent to entrepreneurial activities is to conform to the trend of the times.

High technology talent

intends to invest 21 billion 700 million yuan in the construction of "Hefei science and technology city

The right way to open a clothing store

every day we have to wear clothes, wearing embodies our taste, also let the clothing industry has always been a very popular phenomenon, started a clothing store, a huge market demand and huge profits, are the reasons to attract entrepreneurs to join the. Now a lot of people start business, have chosen to open a clothing store, the business looks very good. But there are a lot of bad business, which is the reason for the operation. So, how to start a successful business clothing store?

if open to the mall, it is recommended to the major shopping malls to carry out research, observation, ask what clothing to sell? What brand is popular? The brand clothing and manufacturers to negotiate, agency fees, promotional fees, distribution and return system and other issues, to purchase their own streets or shopping malls, supermarkets, clothing to determine the object location, choose a lot of risks, the greatest danger is due to their blind resulting product backlog.

success of store operations, "technology" is the basic conditions for survival: really can make store air plant competitiveness is essential, adequate attention; the information of the market and focus on new forms of consumer culture and characteristics, to rational thinking bias in the consumer’s case, from falling into the vicious spiral of price competition.

must think individual character and interest, clearly do hold the number of funds, you want to learn more about the creation of the store, whether because of form different attributes, the need for special abilities, such as: business development ability, expression ability, and to be put into its fitness to do one by one assessment, such as work time, the length of working hours and work style. In the proposed species has not yet decided to sell, should be more involved in joining the industry that will be organized, listen to the voices of different types of industry, and personally listen to sell sour, sweet, bitter, hot.

but without experience, choose the right to join the system, learn from the management skills, can also be a good way to reduce business risk. In addition, the partnership investment shop, after must have face shareholders disagreement and division of courage. The best combination of 2 people to avoid the partnership, and to the best of the 3 people, up to no more than 5 people.

The vast majority of people in the

is the time to choose the clothing industry, is definitely a good industry, business is also a skill, entrepreneurship to open a clothing store, the successful operation, or the need for skills. Above on how to start a successful business clothing store introduction, but also hope that you can help you want to open a clothing store friends, after all, need a lot of risk shop, I hope everyone cautious.

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The three lot is the most suitable for open shop business is not difficult to fire

market demand for fresh flowers, profit margins, so open a flower shop is very wise. The florist’s business will be affected by the location of the store, so we must choose the right location in the flower shop. Where is the flower shop open? Three prime locations most suitable for flower shop.

Florist opened in what a good place? In downtown

in the downtown shop, store from the main business center and the main station should be closer, the flow of people in front of the door should be relatively large, and the sidewalks should have sufficient width for parking (making floats very convenient). However, such stores are generally not very cheap. As an ordinary flower shop, as long as one of the one or two can meet. The shop in the downtown area, service object to the floating population, they may not have too much time to wait, so you should be inserted ahead of several floral products, how many points a grade, so that all customers can choose as soon as possible to the required goods, the goods can be engaged in all kinds of gifts, handicrafts, jewelry etc..

Florist opened in what a good place? In residential area

from your shop to the residents of each position in the region, the best do not exceed 10 minutes. The shop in the residential area, the customer to nearby residents, their demand for flowers is mainly Home Furnishing decoration, as well as holiday family celebrations and anniversaries (wedding, birthday, baby etc.)   with flowers. It will be ready to order pictures, and equipped with on-site service personnel, because these customers are scheduled in advance, and delivery of goods can be inserted, run is the flowers and potted decoration etc..

Florist opened in what a good place? Near the hospital

is generally based on a patient with grief and bloom. Also prepare some finished baskets, where the bouquet. Because a lot of people are buying and visiting patients, no time to wait. Can run fruit baskets and other suitable for patients to see gifts. Should be standing carnation and chrysanthemum, Lily and other flowers.

A lot of