Tumblr’s six years of growth — from one person to 100 millionThe higher the ranking, the more valua

is actually a lot of people are considering using this method, 100M virtual space only a few dozen yuan a year, the domain name cn is a piece of money or buy, the overall cost of less than 100 yuan, you can set up a station within a day, if you set up a month, a conservative estimate there 20 or so, so if each station can do offline, at least 400 yuan of income.

cooperation with the deepening of recent Ali mother launched a series of activities, the recommended plan based in an army of ants on the site, according to Alexa website ranking represents recommended value, as long as the Alexa in the global ranking 5 million within the site, recommended that prizes, each 20 yuan or by accounting, if ranked 1 million less than an increase of 5 yuan, the total reached 25 yuan, if it can be recommended to the global ranking 500 thousand within the station, you can get a bonus of 30 yuan one-time recommended.

recently launched Ali mother activities can be more and more popular, the launch activities Antz program launched and put the code on the money ", increase the stimulation of the personal webmaster community participation enthusiasm, and with the continuous Discuz network, two site cooperation, will reach deep into the station, and bokee and mop, cooperation, and advertising platform to expand the field of action but with great blog, looks good.

is now in business for 6 years. Tumblr has been bought by YAHOO for $1 billion 100 million, and Arment has touched it. He reviewed the early days of Tumblr and its later development. After all, he looked at the company and David Karp step by step.

2007, Karp desktop

, is not to say completely useless, many SEO can try, establish websites for SEO ranking advantage, generally a dumpster hanging half a year, PR to 2~3, so you can take this.

in fact, this activity from the surface of the figures, there is really great temptation, if you can recommend ten websites every week, earn one thousand or two thousand, not too big problem. But many webmaster will disdain: "ten recommendations a week, impossible!" then we will now see if there is the possibility, or how to do such a thing.

but this station with sh419 to do dumpster blow gradually restricted, why? Because sh419 is not included, basically no traffic and ranking, especially the mass production of garbage station, now the situation is not included, and is likely to be the K domain name, and that the operation will bring the above cost consumption, cost more than earn higher, generally not recommended.

one. Use your website group

is more important, sh419 once the web site that rely on garbage flows to support GG, and Ali mother advertising to set one yuan per week, then according to the current analysis of one yuan advertising hot, every month 4 yuan each station still earn to increase the income of 80 yuan and intangible in. By ten months, nearly 800 yuan a year, plus nearly more than 1000 of the income, at least to offset part of the cost of doing the station.


you remember last month to sell the Instapaper Betawork Marco Arment, in fact he has another identity – joint founder of the famous Tumblr and CTO, then left the company in 2010, become independent developers and technology bloggers.


Arment and Karp Strike while the iron is hot. soon, Tumblr increased the function of reblogging, this website is no longer a simple content publishing platform, but with social elements, so that the morphology of the products to be unique. Followed by the summer of 2007, Karp decided to stop site outsourcing services, seeking funding, all time Tumblr before, two people’s income depends on the income and deposit Karp consulting work, very limited budget. Thus, in November 1, 2007, two announced funding and launched Tumbl>


soon two of them developed a prototype of Tumblr, and obtained Lifehacker reports, and the report on the front page of Digg first place, please note that it was 2007, and now the position of Digg very influential, almost Reddit, users love to go places. How many people were interested in the idea of Tumblr at that time?.

But the introduction of

David Karp in 2006, a few months later, he worked with Macro Arment to do network development

in 2006, Arment has worked with Karp to develop websites for media companies, including Frederator, Serious, Eats, and so on. In the fall of that year, before looking for new customers, Karp told Arment that he had an idea for a while and was going to do it. The domain name of the website has been bought, it is tumblr, it will be the platform that releases "tumblelogs" note.

Search engine how to judge the relevance of the links and connecting the site

what is the relevance of the website? A simple correlation is refers to the title and content, and the degree of correlation. If the title inside some key words, and there is no page content, this is not relevant. Just request Title keywords page contains content is not enough, this does not mean that is related to the need to contain the keyword Title occupies the main position in the content inside.

For example

civilization blog in the optimization of the chain, wrote an article about the "Overview" network marketing problems of the bathroom industry, the suddenly mentioned the word "network marketing", and the civilization of the theme of the blog page contains a network marketing problems, and I naturally made a hyperlink to the blog page, this is a correlation, only that the correlation is not very high; if I say the "bathroom" link to the blog, it is tantamount to cheating, cry up wine and sell vinegar, self-evident consequences.

no matter what the industry website, have similar or related websites champion. For example, owners of similar sites, we all trust the authoritative sites, such as A5, Chinaz the laggards, etc.; Shanghai dragon blog site represents: Shanghai dragon day stickers, Lu Songsong blog, blog, blog and other Hong Tao moon; Shanghai dragon class website and Forum Search forum, push a forum, A5 Forum, laggards forum and the 28 forum to push the most authoritative; and the webmaster website, Shanghai dragon blog and Shanghai dragon forum to optimize promotion, should be attached to the relevant authority website.

also known as the anchor text link anchor text, is a form of link. And similar hyperlink hyperlink, the code is the anchor text, the words do a link to other web pages; anchor text can accurately describe the page content, the search engine can be judged through the anchor text links to web pages of the theme is related to the anchor text, this is tantamount to links page to the search engine friendly, beneficial to the spider crawling index. On the contrary, if not related to the anchor text and link web page theme, so that a search engine will arrive very difficult to determine the theme of the web page by page link anchor text, so it is not friendly to the search engine, search engine think this is cheating is the result of the website may be K drop right, serious weight site will never recover. This cheating behavior is completely challenge the search engine authority, will always be the search engine hit the object.

is popular in terms of seeking truth from facts, the title is the theme of the page, the page content is around the title. However, here there is a premise that meet the needs of users. This relationship is what we say.

, anchor text and link page theme is

so how search engines through the correlation link website and link site? From which to judge? Will you answer blog analysis of civilization.

Some problems need to pay attention to the use of the template site

here is a concrete analysis of the establishment of the need to pay attention to using templates, thus providing a reference for the construction site owners cut.

with love Shanghai intelligent level, many owners have begun to fear the construction site using templates, since it is a template, then there are many similar sites on the Internet, so it will make love spiders in Shanghai that there is a code plagiarism problem, and thus have an adverse effect on the website optimization. However, using the template construction site, with high efficiency, easy to use the advantages, still has considerable appeal for many webmaster.

third, in the application of the template need to pay attention to some basic applications of Shanghai dragon optimization. Now many templates can provide the optimization function of Shanghai dragon, and these functions usually use is not very complicated. But for the webmaster friends, for the optimization of functions, not necessarily all use, such as many templates will provide keyword optimization function, when you specify the content page keywords appear, >

first, the selected template must meet the site location, and it is best to use the free version. Now the Internet templates on many different types, different templates and certain industries have a close relationship. For example, information template and business class template will have a significant difference. So in the choice of the template before it needs to be the positioning of the site to good, and then select the corresponding template. And the choice of the best template is a free version, although this will put some costs, but can let developers slightly change according to your intention. If you choose a free template for maintenance of the operation of the site will have a negative impact. Because once the site operation fails, will let you struggling to cope, and ultimately the website operation failed.

second, the main website template modifications for navigation. The reason to modify the content, a modification of the less difficult, but also to carry out better and their site positioning in close cooperation, for example, you want to do delicacy website, then the navigation bar or the background color you can use some warm shades of yellow and red. If you do is the science and technology website, you can use some cool colors such as blue and grey. In addition to the column style can also be personalized innovation, so you can make love Shanghai think you this site belongs to a personalized web site, there is a big difference between the Internet and many templates. So he can win the love of spiders in Shanghai’s favor, and speed up the love of Shanghai included.

so how to eliminate the negative impact brought about by the use of the template site? Actually we choose our website template, some a little innovation, then we can eliminate the problem of plagiarism template, that is to say, the webmaster get a template, to be modified. Or find developers to modify the template. So you can make the template has a certain personality, so as to enhance the attractiveness of the spider love Shanghai.

Some problems of

Your website optimization method can improve the work efficiency


, copy and paste can not get good rankings

as the search engine algorithm change constantly, decide the site’s ranking factors more and more, we work more often than competitors, but the website ranking is not very ideal. Then look around those websites ranking well, you will find your website optimization thinking is often lagging behind, now Riquan Pang summarize the general webmaster for website optimization method and the place needs to be improved.


you can go to search the title, just copy and paste the. Because the owners of the house of love Shanghai traffic is expected according to the website keywords ranking to decide, Shanghai traffic is expected to prove love as the keyword of the website rankings are good. We look at the website of love Shanghai traffic forecast:

from this site we know, we can also copy and paste other people’s articles, but these articles are for customers. Not just copy others, even the format of the article have not moved to clear your own website. The format of the article to the formal website, can not appear blank and paragraph massive disorder phenomenon, must be convenient for the user to read. You see A5 and the owners of the house, what time they write their own articles? If your website content is needed by the customer, the search engines don’t care about your copy or original.


website optimization novice ask yourself what needs to be improved in the veteran, veteran general said "many update original articles, do not copy." It is not good for plagiarism website? Shenzhen website construction industry there is a company, he seldom to write their own articles, most of them are from other places and industry related articles to copy and paste.

is that part of the enterprise, they have internal chain of the Commissioner, asked how much the chain every day, to be at least the number of search engines included every day. But the enterprise website ranking are good? As we all know, now at other sites do a anchor text is more and more difficult, the anchor text is also known as the "link", is the weight can improve the site of a word. A Links is the anchor text, so Links can improve the site keywords ranking, also is the truth. Pure text links posted at the bottom left is to improve the weight of the entire page, will help enhance the overall weight of the site.


two, did not focus on the construction of the anchor text to

can see the chain number can be said to be relatively high, the number of the chain number is the anchor text (statistics is not very accurate). His Links is only 35, but the chain number is 138.

You need three hearts to do the website

a website is like a child of its own, growing day by day, day by day, and a little bit of accumulation on the top,.

at the same time, a good site can bring you a lot of benefits, bring you advertising fees, naming, and even bring the development and expansion of enterprises, so the website needs three hearts

1. careful

to view the site each connection, even if the existence of death, this article held that article. That article in the buckle to the users and search engines are a friendly attitude. Usually careful check by others or hang horse, flow, check the flow of the site is from what you came here. With his growing up, watching him grow up, I believe that your interests will increase

2. determined to

it’s important for a station owner. You can’t give him a day without your kids. Do not accompany him to play a day, then others will slowly think he is nobody’s child, search engine once, you still like this. You haven’t moved for the two time. You said he would come third times? He should be determined to maintain 3-5 original articles a week to enrich the content of his site. Let users get more useful things here, reduce the jumping rate

3 ordinary heart

After all, Baidu

is not my mother, Google is not my brother, so this is the rank size change can hardly be avoided, so we must have a common heart, do not do content for a station, garbage flows, you stand there will always be a good ranking

I’m from www.czsem.cn Monday peak, I hope everyone respects originality. Thank you

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I am not a general Webmaster in fact, I am a technical webmaster

first of all, I am a programmer, but not because I am a programmer to write the following paragraph, but the feeling of my site construction process. In stationmaster net, I once saw a word, the success of a website, there is nothing more than two. First, the rich, second, there are others who can not quickly follow the technology. Here, we can see the importance of technology for the success of a web site. I don’t have so much skill yet, so I’m not easily successful.

has no technology, not a website, but definitely not a successful website. Unless you are very rich. Talk about my situation: by the end of 2006, because I cooperate with others something, then bought a server, cooperation for more than 1 months, the money earned a little, but the cooperation is interrupted. The server is free. So, brewing a website, through the " planning " he began to develop slowly (spare time, sometimes a week do not write a line of code) until May 2007, formally launched. Because of the first time to do a website, I took many detours. This may be the legendary experience. Web site from pure dynamic to automatic generation of static HTML., from the previous Title are not added, changed to the current dynamic random loading keywords. From the beginning of their own manual upload, and now mad network resources. I deeply understand, to make a website that makes me satisfied, it is very difficult, and I am not satisfied with it. How do other people like it? Are programmers more perfect


is gratifying, from the beginning of August, the website every month has brought me close to 2000RMB, although this is only my one month’s rent, but still let me excited, as if in the presence of exaggerated high prices once confused I saw a little bit of hope is not too big. Appetite oh?. But IP has not broken through the 6000 mark so far. Ashamed. At the end of September, I found some problems of the Internet, especially there is a big problem in the interactive aspects of the user. So I started thinking about the next site, of course, this time there is power, and development speed is much faster, plus eleven long holidays, in mid October on the line. So far, close to 3000IP. No commercials.

my nearly 1 years of experience to do, keenly aware of the importance of technology. Creative implementation, collection and updating of websites, management of websites. Maybe you have many good ideas, but to use some technology, not only to give up or keep it simple. A lot of people have met, I have encountered, such as the fire is now online video sites, found that many people want to do, perhaps in thought, as long as I am a hundred independence, and so on, etc., so that you can solve the problem of bandwidth. Yes, this can be solved, and spell the hardware well… The money will not say. In fact, it can be solved by technology, how to solve it, I only know, I don’t know how to do it. Otherwise I’ll do it. But I know a company has done it.

acquisition updates, perhaps 99% of the webmaster will encounter this problem? Is it a locomotive collection?

How to play vertically and vertically electricity supplier

lead: many people in the industry even predicted that the next $one billion start-up would be in the mother and baby industry. But the industry is special, coupled with their own burning money is difficult to profit disadvantage, destined to go the traditional mode of doing mother and child platform, basically no chance.


throughout the electricity supplier circle, the mother and child can be described as the current most hot vertical market. Each year, 20 million of the newborn population bonus, pregnant with the next 2 trillion yuan scale maternal and child large market. These two figures alone will be enough for entrepreneurs to have boundless imaginations. Many people in the industry even predicted that the next $one billion start-up would be in the mother and baby industry.

market is large, but this money may not be profitable.

traditional vertical electricity supplier lacks core characteristics to attract users, the threshold of almost zero replication, as long as there is a capital and a team, you can easily introduce sellers, access to the full category sku. As a result, the product homogenization is serious, and the core of competition becomes the flow and the price. Who is the most burning money, can buy more traffic, dare to give a lower discount, who is the boss of this industry?.

traditional vertical electricity supplier competition, competition is who live longer. Everyone is thinking of waiting for competitors to burn the money, and they are down and they can make a profit. Very difficult, until the competitors are down, but found that the user has long been accustomed to low prices, once the platform price increases, users immediately lost seriously. High traffic costs, coupled with meager and curable gross margins, have made it difficult for industry heavyweights to make a profit.

and the maternal and child industry, the traditional vertical model of this disadvantage is more obvious. Compared to similar vertical industries, maternal industry with different safety, such as high sensitivity, reputation effect is greater than the brand effect and so on, these problems rely on simple sellers thinking is difficult to solve. This particularity, not only to enhance the access threshold for mother and infant electricity supplier, but also accelerated the elimination of maternal and child platform.

special industry, coupled with their own burning money is difficult to profit disadvantage, destined to go the traditional mode of doing mother and child platform, basically no chance. This is why, since the acquisition of the red child Su Ning, the maternal and child industry has not been a representative vertical platform.

, and then the new opportunities for mother and baby market, will be brought by the focus of electricity suppliers.

The difference between

model and traditional model of vertical maximum, is to replace the category breakdown thinking broken down by the crowd thinking, with buyers C2B core thinking instead of "holding stock for thinking of sellers.

is a typical traditional vertical electricity supplier sellers thinking, first and business contact paved the whole category of SKU, and then through various channels as a platform to import buyer traffic, which is the core of "goods" rather than "buyers". The focus of the electricity supplier is the opposite, its core is "buyers", all SKU according to the needs of buyers to introduce.

The advantage of the

focus model is that it is known

The webmaster knows these 4 kinds of websites and you’re qualified

, a successful website, requires an understanding of the latest information and technology in the industry, and a webmaster who understands website operations and marketing. A qualified webmaster, to understand the following four websites, truly "Neiwaijianxiu" to ease.

webmaster information: personal eyes, Adsense network is the best information website in the industry. Here, the webmaster can not only understand the latest Adsense news, learning other people’s website operation experience. Wang is committed to the grassroots webmaster survival and development of the concept, but also for the webmaster network to create a more relaxed environment. Admin5.com no doubt has become the soft Wen "distribution center", the webmaster publicity is also the first choice of this "treasure land."".

: the webmaster community forum to discuss current events and help each other, exchange ideas cannot do without BBS. To say the laggards forum community, can be said to be the most famous one, over a million online, posting daily volume of more than 40 thousand figures can explain everything; it’s administrator "refuse swimming fish" could be the owners of the old timers, in many webmaster activities also have his presence; stationmaster net A5 forum is almost the biggest webmaster trading center, a community forum is very unique.

free statistics: with the upgrading of technology, market statistics is by four. List of martial arts has become the past, by the end of 08 and the emergence of statistics. (www.tongji.la) and thunder Statistics (http://tj.xunlei.com/) test version; may be the reason of the fierce competition, CNZZ also launched a new version of… For webmaster, more statistics have more choice, it is a good thing. In this case, the webmaster should gradually try new statistical service, not limited to their own habits, because the flow of statistical data is for profit, marketing services (the old statistics of the existing lack of technology development in this area), this is also the statistics industry development inevitable trend.

promotion marketing: if you want to stand out from tens of thousands of websites, the webmaster doesn’t know how to promote marketing. In the Internet "eyeball economy" era, "wine is also afraid of alley deep."". Therefore, the promotion of marketing is particularly important. Here only to recommend a – Jiang Likun push (www.tui18.com) more precisely, this is love by a group of Internet, the Internet has many years of planning, operation, experience in the promotion of the industry to create a free service website dedicated to the promotion of research. In the "push a" forum, there are free web site operators to promote training activities?.

wrote here, perhaps many webmaster predecessors has no intention of watching it, after all, these are the circle line. But for novice webmaster, to do everything is not easy to master. Then, the navigation station collected is standing Webmaster Station Network (www.shangzhan.net) navigation station might come in handy, because from the time that a webmaster navigation station = Baidu +>

You need to know several issues to join the investment

Volkswagen entrepreneurship in China is now a trend in the form, as long as you have the idea that there is a possibility, as long as you act now, food and beverage business chain stores are the primary choice of investors. Many food and beverage items, choose their own is the best, here I made a small series of vegetables to join several suggestions for the majority of investors. Want to do dishes to join the money to achieve the goal of getting rich, we must understand the business before the start of the business, what are the problems you will encounter after the start of the business. Today, the author from the risk aversion to join venture venture, how to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, hoping to help more friends.

wants to start a business, these problems are obstacles.

entrepreneurial wealth is a wonderful vision, but how to find a good project, no one to guide the business direction without reliable talent, also don’t know how to control the investment risk, but do not know how the catering business location, no experience to have no idea how difficult business. In this case there are ways to start the business, the choice of food and beverage to join, rely on a brand to build their own knowledge of the kingdom of food and beverage, the elite team to help solve their own problems, which is very reliable. Which is more suitable for the project to take food catering to join without experience no funds for entrepreneurs, 5-8 million can make a good food and beverage stores, 3 months will be able to recover the cost, the size of 40 square meters can store business, store no chef, without catering experience, 3-5 days to learn technique, for beginners it is worth considering.

entrepreneurship, how to solve these limitations?

choose the restaurant after joining the entrepreneurs, often encounter such problems, and to entrepreneurs exchange, but did not want to circle; and well-known restaurant owner of the exchange, but did not want to cross regional resources; investigation and exchange, but no acquaintances; want to do the brand, but did not want to store bigger capacity; the strongest, but no way so, how to do


entrepreneurship is about to encounter so many problems, in fact, choose to join the meal can be a trick to get. To take food to join as an example, choose a reliable to take food to join the brand, they are basically under the banner of the stores to join hundreds of hundreds of business experience for reference, store operating problems with other franchisees to communicate learning solutions, can also contact the Ministry of planning team to give advice and suggestions and want to develop better and faster, with the help of the headquarters of the elite team will be able to complete the dream.

entrepreneurial late, what will join the headquarters of the advantages of


to join the food to join the food and beverage projects, entrepreneurs venture capital investment will be lower, there are high-quality entrepreneurial projects, there are high-quality talent, there are business experts Gu Gu

Tianjin to build Chinese vitality of innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tianjin has always adhere to the development road of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovative achievements have emerged, on the occasion of double era, through the reform policy Dongfeng, let Tianjin innovation and entrepreneurship development stepped on a new stage.

"12th Five-Year" period, Tianjin accelerate the transformation of economic development, actively adapt to the new norm, economy and society to achieve sustainable and healthy development. 2015 Tianjin GDP reached 16538 billion yuan, an increase of 1.8 in 2010, an average annual growth of 12.4%, per capita GDP of more than $17 thousand.

significantly enhance the comprehensive strength in the background, Tianjin continue to promote technological innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, the economic structure optimization significantly: approved the construction of the Tianjin National Innovation Demonstration Zone, an area of twenty-one yuan of pattern formation; launch intelligent robots, new energy vehicles and a number of major science and technology projects, the development of a milky way no, nebulae and a number of international leading technology products, build industrial technology research institute of biology and a number of innovative platform; small and medium-sized enterprise vigorous development, the total reached 7.2 million, nurturing small giant enterprises 3400; a number of large projects, large spacecraft mass transmission project be completed and put into operation; escalation effective Wanqi 1.2 enterprises successful transition…… Independent innovation bears fruit and has achieved good social and economic benefits.

to enhance the innovation ability as the motive force of the development of Tianjin city base, gathering resources for innovation, improve the innovation system, accelerate energy conversion, and resolutely to innovation development, to power, to benefit, to build a vibrant and strong competitiveness of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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