To see whether the sale of links have been exhausted from love Shanghai update

love Shanghai for the purchase of links will dispose of

love Shanghai for the sale of links will dispose of

observation of these days and see the love of Shanghai or a certain collection for the sale of the chain link, but the observation of a large industry website has not been right down, specifically, is to say love Shanghai to fight the chain or to the domain name weight look very heavy, some domain name weight >

on the direct contact of words, there are a lot of people directly in the group called the "chain" for personal webmaster believe it is learned that the only way to get some of the chain is good, this website is generally well maintained and that only let love any Hisense website, transfer the link is valuable, and these trust station, personal website also occupies a large proportion of. So, if you need to link, go directly to this station, then to establish mutual trust, I believe you can get the weight transfer.

on that day, 11.5 love Shanghai released the official news, said the purchase link algorithm of monitoring sites will be in love with Shanghai and lose the competition opportunity, this let many webmaster and company wide spread, but think about buying links, in the end is coming from judgment? For example, I buy a chain of love, Shanghai is how to judge it? If so, you directly to your opponent to buy hundreds of thousands of links, that he is not a direct drop right? So, in this one view, as long as you don’t overdo it, it is good to buy some of the chain.

From November 5th

love Shanghai news release Shanghai to inform you, love to link algorithm to update, let me have been observed now, see love Shanghai how much effect for the link to buy website, look for a love Shanghai link to this end had much impact, but also ask link trading, whether it has been a dead end, after all, we sometimes need to use some of the chain in order to make our website more stable, best effect.


links to buy it but also we need to master a pair of good eyes, why? For example, a web site outside the chain of being sold, and hung up hundreds of thousands of the chain, if I’m not mistaken, this is love Shanghai that is a link the factory, is spam links transmission, this page if there is value, love Shanghai do not mix, PS: this industry station except love Shanghai has a prejudice against this station. When buying links in our small eyes, don’t look for some intermediaries, and you should go directly to contact the webmaster, the difference between the two is that the intermediate agency website you are unable to control, basically is the chain of garbage, many of which are everywhere 300-500 links, so stand up your site is an injury, or do not use.


Mutual understanding how to choose the attributes of a productThe advertising and marketing platform

one, similar products. The advantage lies in the corresponding resource channels, which can save a lot of time and develop new products quickly. When faced with difficulties, mature products have been established brand. Such an Internet model will inevitably save a lot of development time, but the product promotion is more difficult. Therefore, here may as well give a small recommendation, will be all the advantages of traditional products, effective collection, highlighting the concentration of functionality.

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company’s main business to Chinese Internet and wireless value-added services, vigorously develop the cause of several major Internet advertising agency, network marketing alliance, entertainment website development, e-commerce development operation. Network marketing platform owns independent development and operation with the leading brand position in China value-added services market.

sum up: no matter which of the two is chosen, it must have the corresponding idea. Simply speaking, there is a goal. That way, you won’t lose your way. Conversely, the direction of confusion, but also look forward to go far,


jinyumantang advertising marketing platform founded by a number of domestic Internet and network marketing, and proficient in SP wireless value-added business professionals. Team members have a network marketing experience and successful and excellent SP wireless value-added business operations experience, to fully understand the network marketing and wireless value-added industries, the formation of the accumulation of leading business and technology, has excellent project implementation capacity planning and market operation ability, good integration of promotion resources, quickly build effective network marketing.

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today’s network development is in a period of rapid development. And the derivation of the new network has undergone a qualitative change. In other words, the network of art, will give people a pleasant surprise. Simple example: People’s traditional mode of call, by WeChat’s impact by a lot of injuries". Voice chat visual software has long been derived from abroad. And the birth of the domestic WeChat, to make up for this vacancy, the rapid access to user support. Therefore, today’s network environment, for Entrepreneurs: it is both a challenge and an opportunity.


customer service, :

Safin: 152095555

aspects two: heterogeneous products. Is the integrity of the adoption of innovative methods, to subvert the traditional situation of industry leaders, there is a certain degree of tension. This is an example of what can be cited. For example: the Qihoo 360, free security guards used many years ago, and has become a pioneer in safety. And then to the search market, pioneered the user based form, breaking the commercial first model, search market share, in a gradual upgrade.

in the face of this situation, the entrepreneurs in front of two ways: first, take the traditional model; two, take the road of innovation. In simple terms, is it a similar product or a different product?. Therefore, according to the following two aspects of the final statement:

company homepage: jymtad

, as an innovator, needs more time to do research and development of products. In other words, the use of different marketing models, give full play to the highlights of the product, to a certain high point. The two models are based on the new product. So make a product that has a bright spot.

jinyumantang advertising marketing platform – elite team will bring huge returns for you to provide multi-channel cooperation opportunities for your

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– Jin Fen

products include FLASH game number, EMOL online prints, Q coins quiz, wonderful ringtone downloads, uusee, VOD, Fetion IVR free media and a number of products.

Blue ocean in the Red Sea 7ahr southwest agricultural talent network development road

tells us about the development of 7ahr’s southwest agricultural talent network. It is necessary for us to briefly introduce what is the Red Sea and blue ocean. The concept of "red sea strategy" and "Blue Ocean Strategy", is from the European Institute of business administration W. money · Kim and Renee Mauborgne · Professor in the co authored a book "Blue Ocean Strategy" was put forward for the first time.

"red sea strategy" symbolizes the traditional competition behavior of enterprises in traditional market space. The competition in the traditional market space is heated up, while demand has increased slowly and even stagnated. With more and more enterprises to carve up and fight for limited market share and profits, so in the "Red Sea" regional competition is bloody.

"Blue Ocean Strategy" symbolizes a value innovation management system which is out of the traditional market space and traditional competitive behavior. It is not just a breakthrough in industrial technology, or a re ordering and construction of competitive resources based on existing market realities.

blue ocean strategy requires companies to jump from the traditional market competition behavior, from the attention and competition than competitors, turn to provide buyers with a leap in value. Cross existing competitors, change market competition rules, re integrate market competition elements, rebuild market and industrial boundaries, open new market potential demand, and create new market space of blue ocean. Companies may be compatible with three competing strategies. In this sense, the blue ocean strategy represents a paradigm shift in the field of strategic management, that is, the change of positioning from a given structure to a change in the market structure itself.

red sea strategy in the existing market space competition, and blue ocean strategy is to create no competition for the market space.

in terms of talent network, must be called the Red Sea, in the Google search "talent network" keywords, about 16100000 records. Specific to each province and city, there are about ten talent websites. So far, the industry says, do what is good, do not do talent network. Of course, now the national talent network by qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin, ChinaHR network giants dominated, and by the local provinces and cities around the talent market dominated job market, it seems talent network basically did not enter the necessary, if not strong, the new website certainly compete with local talent website, let alone the class of large integrated talent website. So, talent website really can not enter again,


before taking over the talent network, we collected data through various channels and demonstrated to the industry. At present, the pattern of talent networks is that the mainstream market is dominated by a comprehensive or regional talent website. Many two or three line websites supplement, and 90% of the talent network strategies are all without exception. According to data show that talent network in the past few years has formed the Red Sea, to develop only a new way. Find your blue ocean".

, when analyzing the comprehensive talent network, we find >

Inside the chain is higher than the chain is the essence of SEO

in the chain of construction than the chain is more important, for the blind pursuit of the chain of friends, whether calm down, think about what is the customer needs of the site,


link believes that everyone is already familiar with SEOER,

‘s pursuit of it. In any case, the pursuit of status, reputation,.

indeed, link is really very important in the SEO industry, and everyone is busy pursuing quality and more link

even link transactions, so that the Internet is covered with a layer of black.

includes a lot of SEO companies, in fact, that is the use of links, this is a lot of rankings to do, of course, link is very important,

but I’ve seen a lot of companies. It’s really good to make your own pages, so the ranking is so high,.

, but also saw some enterprises do not rely on a lot of the chain, put their link to mention very high.

now everyone is too pursuit of external links, although for their own web site has certain advantages, but looking for the chain is a very difficult thing,

, especially some new sites, have no PR, even if PR is 3,

other people who are high PR are not willing to trade with you. I’m afraid to drag them down,.

I tried several stations, not on the outside of the chain will pull PR to 3 or 4

this is what I want to say in the chain, perhaps someone pays attention to, but for the deep analysis of the chain is very little

, the so-called inner chain, that is, web pages and page links,.

of course, as long as the website, will do this,.

but how do you make this a part of it,.


, then you need to do the following three points,

1. constantly updated the article, the speed of the information 1~2 chapter absolutely not.. so you need to wait for a long time, basically updated daily

more than 10 articles, and maintain a large number of original and pseudo original articles and content (do not see the original, that is difficult, in fact, there are many ways to do it. See your brain willing to do not want to think)

2. should be patient and persistent. Because waiting is a slow and long time to begin, the search engine will visit your website

is like an exploratory scout, and the frequency will get higher and higher. Basically, you can get the daily updates. It can be collected every day. That’s your success,.

then continues to update, but the number of updates can be appropriately reduced by.

3. is also very important. Add a lot of tweets in each page of the article you send

Dai Renguang tell me the story behind the encounter between Taobao 28 Street and Baidu index

has no intention to view traffic statistics, found directly through the flow more and more Baidu input "Taobao 28 Street" into the Taobao 28 Street website, so I checked the Baidu index, even one day nearly 100 people in search of my website, let me a little overwhelmed by an unexpected favour. Look at the pictures, because I didn’t say deliberately to do Baidu search volume, but did not think that there is a search volume of nearly 100 people, is also the first to my Baidu index data, accidentally will certainly exist, so today also want to share I think in "Taobao 28 Street" Baidu index of reason.



before 28 street was the "youth times" "information times" and "Wenzhou daily" the media reports, "Taobao search every 28 Street" to enter the website very much, but also does not appear in the Baidu index data, I think this may be some of the most popular events such as high as tens of thousands of people in the search. But the stability will be poor, reported after the search hot, people will be gradually reduced, and now hold, because so many people now do every day in the search, and is very stable, so it will be displayed in the Baidu index. I analyzed it for several reasons:

1: Taobao 28 street

is often mentioned in experience sharing

write in the blog to share the experience of the article, Taobao will be referred to the 28 street, because these articles will also be submitted to many webmaster website, online reprint is also very powerful, the coverage is very broad, with a blog message, everywhere you can see Dai Renguang’s article, because Taobao will share the experience mentioned 28 street take Taobao, even for the case of 28 street to share, to see an article will have a curiosity to see what is in the end to Baidu search site. This also shows that the soft is the way to make the Baidu search volume is very effective, but many webmaster in writing, always love to write into the web site, which usually makes readers disgusted, I either directly or by words, will add a link without WWW and address, the reader will naturally want to know to search.

2: Taobao 28 Street Shanzhai flooded

because before sharing once Taobao 28 Street static version of the source code, appeared on the Internet a lot of Taobao 28 Street site, but did not expect that, even the webmaster website doesn’t lead to change, appeared on the Internet a lot called Taobao 28 Street site, so I was very depressed, because many advertisers later and I said, several times almost mistaken. Fortunately, not heard of damage to the interests of advertisers, then stop the Taobao 28 source code download source code on the street, but also a good thing, think about it, again after the treatment provides the download, because I didn’t think that everyone’s enthusiasm so high, feel this code simple. Precisely because of the widespread spread of Shanzhai 28 street, I think this is for users to search Taobao 28 street to find websites

On the connotation of website vitality

for the current Internet users continue to increase and the rapid economic development, and now the network has become a commercial activities indispensable publicity and display of one of the models. Business or personal. Just have the consciousness of doing website. Most of them still lack a comprehensive and rational analysis, and lack the guidance of the subject concept. At last, they make many websites become fictitious and stop. Many people are waiting to spend it.


site is a business or personal information, then the site content of objectivity, scientific, comprehensive and innovation must be both that your website information is a particular industry or field ahead, then lead an industry trends. Allow visitors to click on you from many similar websites for best information and remember you. Have a deep understanding of you, and thus locked in the network audience, I personally understand that this is the vitality of the site lies.

this vitality is built by CEO intentions, no matter you do that aspect of the station, you should understand the information content of similar sites, content, etc., on the basis of someone else to find their own innovation —- concept. A new station, how to cut into the network of the ocean, and can make everyone easy to see you, remember you. This requires your innovation, you need to have a more eye-catching, better a logo for Internet users refers to navigation, Internet users as you are the guide of the ocean, this is vitality.

a new station is also a newborn, it needs to grow up. In the initial construction stage, must put all kinds of nutrients suck in place, healthy development, when Baidu included, Google included, YAHOO included, soso included, you are your youth. At this point can not be self satisfied, but to update the site and maintain a higher level. The number of stations is the ring of life.

concludes with a brief summary of the vitality of a web site in its fine content, which comes from CEO’s understanding and innovation of a watershed market. With wonderful content, and then seek to display the window, included in the future, more information about similar sites, timely updates and innovation, to maintain the essence of the content is to keep the site’s new blood. Thus producing high-quality website.

above is my understanding of the site, my station idea is the same. Must have rational thinking, rational analysis. Do not blindly build the station. These are purely personal experiences. If there is any discomfort, please excuse me.

Open clothing store purchase need to pay attention to what problems

As everyone knows there are a lot of

, which opened a clothing store purchase knowledge, including the purchase quantity, how to determine the types, stock funds and liquidity ratio of how to determine what, when and how to determine the number of replenishment replenishment and so on, are open when the need to pay attention to the problem.

a dress to know who to sell their clothes

clothing to join so many first shop clothing store owner because the eyes are not allowed, all suffered in the first purchase, some people even joked: clothing store opened the first batch of goods will be the backlog, cash into unsold inventory, so it is best to first purchase must be a little less. The term in our industry is called test marketing. Because the goods recognized by the market is the guarantee of profit.

two, clothing before purchasing, should have a clear positioning and planning their own shops

clothing to join the first, you have to consider the environment around the shop, the flow of people, the style and consumption habits of goods, peer competition and mutual support, the ability to consume and commodity price positioning

clothing to join the second, when purchasing only purchase in line with their own positioning style, to adhere to their own style, focus on managing your specific consumer groups, do not want to make money.

three, clothing to join the source to find the home, reducing the purchase cost of purchasing

clothing purchase price decided your store is competitive, one-time purchase less, cost may be very low, this is market rule! Only a one-time purchase amount, lower procurement and establishing long-term cooperation relationship with customers to the market purchase price, sometimes purchase only a few dollars, for retail the impact is very big.

four, apparel goods only, lock customers with


clothing for the mid-range boutique clothing store, the goods must be unique style, fashion, fashion style, prices do not care. Because of these stores guests, spending power is relatively strong, I hope to be able to wear a unique style of two. If you have enough money to open a clothing store, I suggest you open a mid-range boutique in europe.

for a lot of investment novice, looks like a simple clothing store is actually very difficult to operate, and there are a lot of things to learn and master. One of the purchase of clothing is a major and difficult thing, clothing store owner in the purchase, a little careless, often lead to the failure of the clothing store. The above summary on the purchase of clothing stores, we can refer to the use of.

Open an old teahouse to make business more popular

in the current venture market, said to open a teahouse, a lot of people are emerging in the minds of all kinds of high-end tea room. Indeed, the tea house has long been out of the prototype of the teahouse, the increase in the number of services is more and more, the cost of drinking a tea is naturally higher and higher. However, it is precisely because each teahouse in the constant innovation, open an old teahouse, but the business can be more popular.

According to the

survey found that the old traditional teahouse in the city almost disappeared, although in modern society has added numerous recreation projects, all kinds of office, but for a multitude of names, recall the old teahouse in the minds of many times but never stopped, Chinese love to drink tea, tea tea has the best place as a pastime there are thousands of years, now the most high-end restaurants and out of the old house form, with too much unnecessary services, improve too much without some standard. People miss the old teahouse, but also miss the old teahouse in the city culture, so now open a teahouse is a very good investment projects.

teahouse, especially the selection of open-air teahouse, the city in order to improve the rate of greening and the new ideal for modern residential and surrounded by the city park. Can be achieved through the development of local government leisure projects tender and the initiative to apply for their right to operate, an area of about 500 square meters is better, basically a monthly management fee of about $3000 will be able to compete.

to Chengdu City, for example, there are many community Plaza operators are allowed to intervene. These places were trees, just put a fence and then add some antique bonsai and shizhuodandeng, with some old bamboo table even finished all the decoration. Investment will not exceed 5000 yuan. Add tea 3000 yuan, and must be handed over to the management unit of a few million deposit, a total investment of less than $100 thousand.

operating budget: four small monthly wages of 800 yuan, total 3600 yuan, plus 400 yuan depreciation and chairs, plus a monthly contract fee of 3000 yuan, the monthly cost of a total of 7000 yuan. An average of 100 people per day substandard tea, as the sum of the most conservative estimates of the afternoon.

by calculating the profit in each of the average price of 2.35 yuan / bowl of tea, so if the price is 3 yuan / bowl profit of 0.65 yuan, which is the lowest profit rate and ensure the operational risk component, also can be a written report of business teahouse. To the actual level of consumption in the city, 3 yuan / bowl this price will be fully acceptable to the general public, and there is considerable market price competitiveness.

has a business, the following is the operating room and the ability to expand the operating profit.

the first step: to sell tea tea, tea and tea old tea is unique and unique, need

War Within Three Kingdoms creator Huang Kai talk about entrepreneurship

War Within Three Kingdoms

is a very popular game now, his original is a youth entrepreneurship, here, Xiaobian tell us about this young man named Huang Kai entrepreneurial story, hope to be helpful to everyone!

2004, Huang Kai participated in the college entrance examination. Parents wanted him to go to medical school, but his eyes only painting and games. Eventually, he admitted to the Communication University of China Animation School of game design.

One day

2006 in the summer, went to Beijing for a foreigner to open Huang Kai with friends "games" play "kill" game – this classic game was just the rise in the country. Huang Kai with fun and inspired, he would like to learn from similar principles personally compiled a game out, creative impulse.

through continuous research and improvement, Huang Kai "War Within Three Kingdoms" prototype released, named "Three Kingdoms". He made a number of game cards, in the first half of 2007 began selling shop in Taobao.

homemade "War Within Three Kingdoms" open shop selling, the popular game on both sides of the Changjiang River

see mother live free, Du Bin requisitioned her family do free labor. Huang Kai and Du Bin on the computer to design a good picture version of a square size, to store the inkjet printing, printing comments to the card, and finally by Du Bin’s mother with a guillotine put into a picture card game version. A year later, they sold a total of more than and 100 sets, not too much, not too small.

< >

We must first understand the necessary skills in the clothing franchise

with the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s basic necessities of life is in rapid development, rapid economic development today, the industry development is also more and more quickly, the most important economic pillar of our national garment industry, its development is very rapid, the apparel industry there is considerable room for profit so, many investors to the garment industry investment way, more and more franchisees to enter the garment industry, but also makes a lot of people have a lot of questions of clothing to join, do not know how to join, join what brand is good.

and guide clothing to join with another suggestion for you is to ensure that the clothing transport channels. This requires investors to choose those who have a mature and perfect transport system of clothing brands, so as to be able to operate in the clothing, to ensure adequate supply. When your business is thriving, requires perfect transport of goods, the store can continuously earn market profits, avoid the supplies of embarrassment, missed more profits. For this requirement, investors can expand the different clothing brand agents, expanding clothing is the transport channels, to ensure the supply of clothing.