Share with Google free advertising bidding cost Taobao customers to promote

this activity is from New Year’s day, the new Google bid registered users donated 350 yuan experience free advertising costs. Acquisition method is not in trouble, as long as the call free Google customer service phone contact customer service, to provide you the registered account can easily get 350 yuan advertising costs, rather than their own pay 1 cents. Lasted only 4 weeks, and because it is during the Spring Festival, so know not many people and to participate in this activity. This is a very good opportunity.

from January this year, Google launched a new user free advertising bidding activities, the amount of 350 yuan. That is to say, now the new Google bidding account registration can get ad auction costs 350 yuan free. This is a hard to find business opportunities, because Google does not often engage in such activities, but this time Google and no large-scale advertising, the author also through Google mail subscription discovered by accident.

first, must choose the high commission, high conversion rate of products. Do Taobao customers and businesses, although not supply and services, while at the same time the profit is much smaller. And not about the Commission has greatly affected the Taobao passenger revenue, said the conversion rate, would greatly affect the income. Because of their different auction promotion or >

yesterday issued a "customer marketing strategy" from Taobao Taobao mall renamed Tmall, the core idea is to seize the opportunity, do not take the conventional way, a Taobao customer promotion. Want to say today is this meaning. For a long time before, the author introduced the method of love Shanghai, Google Taobao auction off. This method is convenient, basically do not need hard promotion, however, due to the cost, and there is a certain risk, if it is possible to return the not fully guaranteed, so the use of the way Taobao guest is not much, most people only feel powerless and frustrated, or is in a wait-and-see stage.

As the author of

however now the situation is different: because Google offers 350 yuan free advertising costs, so the way to promote Taobao passenger is equivalent to no cost, but its income basically is definitely there, just how much difference. For example: usually you invested 350 yuan, if the lack of experience, improper operation, only to the 200 yuan, this is equivalent to you lost 150 yuan. But now Google offers free advertising costs 350 yuan, even if you just return the 200 yuan, because without the sale, or the equivalent of earned 200 yuan. Even if you don’t make money, but also the equivalent of a free class, since you can appropriate cost to operate Taobao customers.

as to how to operate it? Just go to Google Adwords home, registered an account, and then fill in the necessary information, call the toll free telephone support, after the acquisition of 350 yuan advertising costs, you can create your own campaigns. By bidding Taobao customers, must choose good products, good keyword optimization. Why, how to do? Then we set points from the two angles in detail for advertising.

How to judge the site is down right

2: home page ranking drop, ranking unchanged.

3: the content of the website not included or content only included a little increase a lot.


website weight is an important factor in ranking. The website ranking ascension and descent method in optimization are different. The website algorithm in the unceasing change, enhance the site’s weight is not the same. 51 cell network is how to determine the characteristics of the website right down:

we can search through the domain name baidu:site: (site:www.????贵族宝贝) www domain name is not included.

fifth: love Shanghai domain: domain name is not the first.

The 3 part:

2: the content of the website is not timely. If a high weight website included general soon, the shortest day.

: the first site keywords ranking drop:

we can search through the domain name baidu:site: (site:www.????贵族宝贝) www domain name is not on the first page.

we can search through the domain name baidu:domain: (domain:www.????贵族宝贝) when the domain is not in the first.

third: love Shanghai site domain name is not in the home.

1: the website home page is updated every day or periodic update or update the indefinite time more than

we love to go to Shanghai to search through the search engine website special name how not to row to the first page of the first love Shanghai. In this method, we mainly to see your name in a page of sea love blighted inside and competition.

second: website page:

website optimization to continue to learn and to summarize, analysis and observation,

sixth: the name of the site in Shanghai is not the first love.

welcome to communicate with you. 51 battery www.51dcw贵族宝贝

home page keyword ranking very big change.

1: Home Page Ranking Ranking does not drop, drop.

days (1-3)

fourth: love Shanghai site era www domain name is not included.

After the number of site outside the chain increased three measures to quickly solve problems

so far, there are many sites outside the chain surge phenomenon, outside chain jumped after the site has a lot of love Shanghai is down right, there are many websites weights rise, of course this is rarely the case appears, because most of the chain surge after all of low quality junk outside the chain, so the possibility of rising weight is very small, unless the chain jumped after the station is very serious to do outside the chain of high quality. So, in the face of the surge of the chain, the site began to appear a variety of problems, the owners how to do it? In fact, webmaster now do not need to think too much, because of love for Shanghai are abnormal chain surge three measures. At the same time, A5 also hope that the majority of owners encounter marketing site outside the chain increased the traffic anomaly, can refer to the solution given by the love of Shanghai. In addition, if your site appears right down, no ranking, traffic anomaly, unable to break through the bottleneck, through the A5 station network characteristics of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/? Hz) comprehensive diagnosis of the site to site service, away from the disease problems! A5 diagnosis consulting engineer, the enterprise qq:800017899! What are the love of Shanghai:

when the site outside the chain of abnormal surge, check whether the page is linked to the user to create personal pages, garbage page, content page, these are spam, junk vote. So, if the webmaster of violent chain increase belong to this class, that increased audit efforts will not allow this type of.

what is the mosaic of the search results page >

three measures: the search results page for stitching, directly in the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform feedback center feedback

when the site outside the chain of abnormal surge, see the links page is home page, channel page, page key and non batch Structure page, these are malicious voting. So, if the webmaster of violent chain increase belong to this class, the proposed increase to efforts outside the chain of tools can be directly to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform found in this link and reject.

measures: malicious vote, refused to increase the intensity of

A chain of The number of


site outside the chain suddenly soared, and the number of surge after very suspicious, this is not a good thing for the webmaster, perhaps for some webmaster is a good thing. Why? Because some sites outside the chain of the surge after increased a lot of high-quality high quality natural chain chain, some sites surge after increasing a lot of useless low quality chain. So, if the webmaster of the site outside the chain suddenly surge occurs, should be timely to this part of the chain analysis, look at the quality of the chain, the chain will retain high quality and low quality of the chain of garbage refuse, don’t let the garbage chain harm their own website.

two measures: to spam and junk voting, increased audit efforts

265 president and CEO Cai Wensheng speech at the webmaster Conference ChartBacked by the king of glo

listing before the game on more than once an additional, introduced Huarong, Haitong, Shun, Zhongyuan and other four brokerages.

is strange is that this seems to reap the benefits of the company, from 2017 since March, the stock price had tumbled, has fallen more than 60%.

There is such a company,

is talking about more games 834054, the Shanghai mobile game media.

after 2016, the glory of the king as the representative of the mobile game heat unabated, more games, and even direct on-line for King glory exclusive APP, providing Raiders, video, community, welfare and other services.

2016 annual report shows that when the game more operating income of 185 million yuan, an increase of 202%; net profit of 16 million 450 thousand yuan, an increase of 1256%.

The rapid development of the

and the new force of the game live on demand platform, and to host the State Sports General Administration of the Chinese E-Sports gaming mobile Carnival events, games and scenery of a year.

which includes Shanda’s tour of Jia investment, private chenchuang kikinda Feng, and the last two days the Tencent has a strategic stake in the palm interested in science and technology etc..

new three board concept is good, is called "Mobile Games media first unit"; the performance did not say more, 2016 operating income increased 200%, net profit soared 1200%; and the most popular mobile phone game of the glory of the king of blessing…… Can reap the benefits.

it’s a pleasure to be able to come to Xiamen today and have a happy gathering to attend the second China webmaster conference. Last year at this time, we held the first China webmaster conference in Xiamen. The conference was a success, and many media commented on the personal Adsense as a new force in the internet. Today, I saw many old friends and many new faces at the webmaster meeting. This is also a welcome phenomenon, indicating that in the past year, many personal websites have made leaps and bounds. I said at the DoNews conference in Beijing 6th anniversary that today’s webmaster conference in Xiamen is a grassroots hero rally. China’s Internet economy is inseparable from the grassroots, grassroots can also create history. All of you here are heroes in the grass roots. You represent millions of personal websites in China. You are the best and the best. You can see the hope and the future from you.


: the first Internet industry to accelerate the development of the construction of many categories of personal websites are quickly to mainstream sites close, both in number and the quality of view, the current personal website is the best period since the Internet industry entered the China. I think such a change is affecting the development of the Internet industry as a whole change, but such a change is only just a beginning.

therefore, more than a month after listing, December 21, 2015, the game more transfer mode changed to make market transfers, the first batch of four market makers for the above four.

and start from the listing, the game shares also began to slowly.

fell 60%

2016 net profit growth of 1256%

second: last year’s webmaster meeting is now just one year, and a lot of changes have been made in the year

respected Secretary General Huang Chengqing, distinguished director of the Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, director Xu Pingdong, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

I must first congress organizer of the 265 network technology Beijing Co., Ltd., to extend a warm welcome to the participating leaders and guests, but also to express our heartfelt thanks to all the concern and support of the leadership of the general assembly and friends from all walks of life.

I also started personal websites, so I feel excited and excited about personal attention and attention. After a year of development, the webmaster of individual website once again gathered together, will more effectively promote integration and communication, for the construction of a more harmonious network and even a harmonious society to contribute.

, a shareholder of this company, has a very small background.

performance growth so fast, but also commendable, many games investors must be happy to open flowers.

mobile phone game industry benefited from the March 2016 game to produce its first report card listing: 2015 operating income of 61 million 150 thousand yuan, an increase of 390%; net profit of 1 million 210 thousand yuan, an increase of 143%.

below is the full text of his speech:

according to forum gentleman understanding, it mainly provides game information, download, welfare, Raiders, video and other services, in November 10, 2015 in the new three board listing, then the transfer of the agreement for the transfer.

April 25th, 2006, China webmaster forum and the second congress will be opened at Xiamen Asia Gulf Hotel. This forum is sponsored by China Internet association, and 265 network undertakes

, its main profit model is to gain revenue by charging game providers and other advertising fees on the game media platform, and subsequently increasing the game transaction revenue.

gathered so many excellent websites and excellent people in the Internet industry today, it should be a very difficult opportunity. After several years of opening and development, the development of China’s Internet websites is moving from spontaneous to conscious. I think there are several ways to see this transformation:

for three months

What is the location of the car maintenance shop

car maintenance needs fiery, by the people’s attention, open a car maintenance shop is also very profitable. Therefore, some businesses took a fancy to this business opportunity, from the car to start the maintenance shop, will bring a very good business opportunities, how to open the car maintenance store location? Look at the following introduction!



What new opportunities can be brought about by traditional diet

China since ancient times is a diet very country, with the traditional classification of eight in China, different cuisines have their own characteristics, which is representative to the number of Sichuan, Sichuan then can give now the market to bring what opportunities?

advantage: eating is a permanent topic, Sichuan and popular, so choose the right direction. Sichuan is also doing, people can make the red hot cool, a bowl of special noodles to sell 4 yuan can also sell $100, entrepreneurship is not doing anything, but how to do. Sichuan production method is simple, saves a hired cook shop area of trouble, not seeking, husband and partner joint venture employees do not reduce the cost, quick return.

disadvantages: Folk special snack shop, perhaps not difficult to survive, but also not easy to expand. First of all, it is best to open in the downtown or the market, in order to attract the flow of tourists, residents do not hide, but not on the grade, in order to make a reputation, you need long-term efforts. But the mouth picky, folk snacks is at an end, and the people of his own body is take care of the store, so show the utmost solicitude, health requirements.


Fourth returnees Innovation Summit held in Guiyang, 28

The development of

regions need to rely on some talent strength can be reached recently in Guizhou city of Guiyang province held such an association of students in the China open up a fresh outlook, but also attracted a lot of successful returnees arrived.

28 day, in the returnees innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, many returnees to return to entrepreneurship, especially in the western region has a strong interest in entrepreneurship. With advanced concepts at the same time grounding gas, adapt to the changing times to seize the opportunity is the consensus of many returnees.

WRSA · Chinese Overseas Students Association fourth annual conference of the returnees innovation (Guiyang) summit in Guizhou Guiyang on the 28 day, as one of the three major business forum returnees innovation forum held in Guiyang on the afternoon of the 28.

WRSA "returnee Institute executive president, business mentor Yan Changming told Beijing reporters, said:" there are overseas returnees advantage, more important is to put the idea to country, based on understanding of the situation, the current situation, give full play to their own advantages." Returnees need "down to earth", Yan Ming in Guizhou in Guizhou that has a unique advantage in agriculture, medicine, and other big data industry, overseas returnees will learn internet and risk investment ideas to Guizhou, first to understand Guizhou, Guizhou to see the opportunities and seize the opportunity. I hope you can learn more about the rich mineral resources, as well as in medicine, ecological construction and other aspects of Guizhou, Guizhou is a potential, more opportunities." Yan Changming said.

"basic mode of service industry in Internet era has been changed, the traditional service industry should shift to service, just need to become ‘response’." WRSA "returnees entrepreneurial Institute Vice President Yuan Yue said:" the returnees previously regarded themselves as elite, "contempt" service industry, now the whole industry are changing, Internet products to industrial entrepreneurship to provide more opportunities for overseas service consciousness to rapid response, this is the opportunity of entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial services challenges and opportunities."

< recommended

China’s food and beverage industry ten hot words

Internet is undoubtedly a magical thing, it exists so that we marvel at the greatness of human wisdom. After the industrial revolution, the scientific and technological revolution must be recorded in history. The influence of the Internet to the world, the restaurant is naturally affected by its inevitable.

with the changing of people to "eat" the form and concept of the transformation of the catering industry to the Internet is an inevitable trend in the reform of the catering industry, business mode and management idea at the same time, we should use the Internet as a propaganda tool for optimization and upgrading of traditional catering industry, the operation efficiency and public awareness.

The national business conference held on December 27th

2015, the data released by the Ministry of Commerce, is expected in 2015 China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods will reach 30 trillion yuan, ranked second in the world, the contribution of consumption to economic growth of nearly 60%. Among them, food and beverage consumption occupies an important position, contributing more than 10% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods. Once again, the catering industry’s contribution to the development of the national economy has become increasingly prominent, stimulating the role of consumer spending is growing. 2015 10 months before the national food and beverage revenue of 29280 billion yuan, an increase of 11.8%, to maintain steady growth. From the monthly view, in 2015 after the catering market has maintained a steady growth rate of relatively strong, catering revenue growth in the fluctuations in prices; but since the second half of the year especially at the end of the year has been slightly sluggish growth, return to nature, model innovation, China catering industry stabilization rebound, affected by what factors, the development trend that has started the weakness? China’s food and beverage franchise in 2015 on the impact of the restaurant industry ten hot words inventory.

China’s catering industry ten hot words

1. new normal – catering industry opportunities and challenges coexist

China’s current economic development has entered a new normal, is in a critical period of transfer structure adjustment, nurturing endogenous growth momentum crucial period to improve employment opportunities for people’s livelihood. In this context, China’s catering industry also entered a rational return to meet the needs of the masses, to adapt to market changes, efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of the new normal development. First of all, the popular restaurant because of the rigid demand growth is relatively stable, become the biggest impetus of the whole industry to stabilize rebound, especially organic food, fast food, group meals catering, farmhouse and other formats of the masses meet segment consumer demand rapid development. Secondly, rents, labor costs continue to rise and no signs of slowing down, becoming an important feature of the new normal, the profitability of food and beverage enterprises will become the sole criterion for the healthy development of enterprises. Again, with the development of science and technology and the improvement of infrastructure, new technologies, new products, new formats, new models will provide new opportunities for the development of the catering industry, and continue to attract the attention of the external capital.

Huangyuan 251 taxi oil to gas

since last year, Huangyuan county environmental protection department will change the use of taxi oil as a clean energy to promote pollution reduction an important work. At present, Huangyuan County 251 taxis have all bid farewell to the black tail, with a green, environmentally friendly clean energy.

in the past, Huangyuan county taxi basically to the traditional gasoline fuel, as a result of the majority of the taxi all day operations, often in urban areas, resulting in fuel consumption, high cost, and very environmentally friendly. 2012 onwards, Huangyuan County transportation, environmental protection and other departments began to promote the taxi industry, natural gas and Automotive dual fuel. By tracking the evaluation and estimation, after the transformation of the taxi from PM2.5 is 93% lower than that of gasoline for a year, carbon monoxide emissions reduced by 97%, noise is reduced 40%, compared with the cost of fuel taxi, can save 1/3, emission reduction and economic benefits significantly. (author: Zhao Junjie)