Qinghai and the United States and Wuhan

Qinghai commodity brand promotion in Wuhan opening second days, coincides with the weekend, which makes Wuhan people have a good place for leisure. Many people choose to visit with family and friends, and some of the faithful fans arrived at the venue early in the morning, eager to buy Qinghai specialty, photographed under the great beauty of the United States to show the wonderful moments recorded in Qinghai.

yesterday, more than 8, Qinghai, Wuhan, Wuhan commodity brand promotion will be opened, around the west of the Yangtze River, the people of the West will flock to enter the exhibition security door didi sound constantly. Less than 10, Sanjiang snow food and beverage, red pepper, cocoa and other places in the West meat and other food products have been sold out of a few thousand dollars ranging from products. Mr. Wu came specifically to buy Cordyceps choice in Yushu, Sanjiang source booth bought 50 thousand yuan Cordyceps, he told reporters: "parents are not in good health, they want to buy back to Bubu, listening to a friend said, to get high quality Cordyceps in the exhibition."

followed his son moved to Wuhan has more than 3 years of mutual aid farmers Jiang Fazheng and his wife, also heard the news early in the morning to the exhibition. Jiang said the old man, see the hometown of Chinese wolfberry, Cordyceps, beef and mutton in a foreign country, it is warm and excited, can not help but think of hometown of the beautiful scenery, summer cool and hot oil PI, he hopes his specialty a lot to enter the Wuhan market, because there are a lot of people from the northwest very special love.

beautiful Qinghai fantasy rambling, in that distant place, Jinyintan throughout the day in Qilian, take high-speed rail to Menyuan hundreds of rape flowers, into the Qinghai Lake, the left from the province of Haibei and Qinghai Lake scenic tourism promotion and theatrical performances, attracted many visitors to the eye. "This is a natural Tibetan show, previously only seen on television, see today is really shocking at the scene, to Qinghai under the blue sky and white clouds, the prairie feeling certainly is not the same, Qinghai beauty really makes people yearn for." Ms. Yu Wenli said the people of Wuhan.


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