Coal gas to allow residents to bid farewell to soot pollution

"The earliest before a heating period, the big chimney heating station on the black smoke, the yard everywhere black coal dregs. This winter, coal fired boiler into a natural gas boiler, you see, there is no pile of coal piled up like a hill, the chimney gas can not see the basic. More importantly, the boiler changed, the temperature did not decline at home, heating costs have dropped from 5.5 yuan per square meter to $4.9, I think this is a good gas to coal!" November 10th, when the reporter walked into the East District Kangle hydropower District, building 2, the home of the big ye, filed the courtyard of coal to gas works, the old man said happily. Located in the Eastern District of Kangle hydropower district has 3588 households, has been the district heating are relying on 5 sets of 60 tons of coal-fired boilers. In order to improve the air quality, the district implemented a coal gas project from the beginning of May this year. October 14th, the new district for 3 sets of 50 tons of natural gas boiler began to run. Speaking of the change of coal to gas, in the area of 20 years to burn the boiler boiler master week feeling a lot. The master said: "the week before, one day the average cell volume of 100 tons of coal, heating station coal storage capacity of 7000 tons, you have to think about dealing with the black coal clean every day, people can go? Now with the gas boiler, the environment is much cleaner than before." For half a year time during the heating period in Xining, a major factor affecting the air quality of the coal dust pollution, according to the study of Xining City, the source apportionment projects show that the coal dust pollution on the PM10 contribution rate up to 25.5%, therefore, through the vigorous implementation of coal to gas projects for the Xining air quality improvement, Xining city has been the goal. Today, there are more and more communities, units are enjoying the coal to gas to bring environmental changes. According to the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau responsible person, Xining in 2013 to complete the transformation of coal-fired boilers from coal to gas 527 tons of steam, this year upon completion of coal-fired boilers governance 809 tons of steam on again exceeded 165 tons of steam transformation tasks. Up to now, has completed the transformation of 540.57 tons of steam, has signed a contract is under construction of the 402.26 tons of steam. The ongoing coal to gas will improve the environment in Xining? Provincial Environmental Protection Department of the relevant person in charge of this work, they calculate, due to the implementation of the measures, this year will be reduced by 97 thousand tons of coal, 804 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, 189 tons of nitrogen oxide, 1359 tons of soot, which will undoubtedly Xining urban air quality, especially during the winter air quality to improve great.  

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