1 billion 500 million commodity market in our city

"Mid Autumn Festival", "National Day" sections, the city’s major shopping malls, supermarkets festival market supply adequate, commodity rich, 13 large and medium-sized enterprises grasp the popular circulation time, the organization of goods amounted to more than 40 thousand kinds of goods amounted to 1 billion 500 million yuan, a wide range of goods, the price is stable, showing a prosperous scene of purchase and sale.

to guarantee the "Mid Autumn Festival", "National Day" market supply and stabilize the market price, the commercial circulation enterprises of the whole city carefully arranged, actively organize marketable commodities, commodity rich varieties, the large and medium-sized shopping malls, supermarkets generally carry out discount none buy gifts, launch colorful holiday promotions. Hualian Supermarket launched the "Moon Street" activities, sales rose 10%, a strong impetus to the two hundred square store merchandise sales; carry out premium redemption activities, lowest goods hit 50 percent off, there are 10 items to the public supply of cheap vegetables every day, more than 10 brands of moon cake festival market supply, meet consumer demand; Huarun vanguard supermarket to carry out daily activities to carry out the festival lottery, discount none of the washing products, fresh food, leisure food, wine, grain, meat, eggs and other commodities, egg every day to ensure that the supply of 2000 pounds, grain and oil supply capacity of 4 tons, cheap vegetables every day, attracting a large number of consumers to promote the festival market consumption.

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