2016 annual monitoring shows that the Qinghai Lake ecosystem was a three increase and decrease to th

recently completed the 2016 annual terrestrial biodiversity monitoring work area Management Bureau of the Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve, including waterfowl monitoring, endangered species – Przewalski’s Gazelle survey and investigation of vegetation resources. Monitoring survey shows that in all aspects of the joint efforts of the province, the overall ecological environment of the Qinghai Lake to improve, showing a three increase and decrease ecological optimization pattern.

"three minus the specific performance: 2010 to 2015, the cumulative increase of Qinghai Lake wetland area of 148.67 square kilometers, this area is more than 4436.98 square kilometers, the water level reached 3194.88 meters, than last year the highest level high 23 cm, for most of the past 16 years; wetland indicator species waterfowl population, Przewalski’s flagship species the gazelle, the population increased, vegetation biomass, coverage gradually increased, the overall vegetation coverage of 64%, the dominant species cover 34%; desertification land, bare land, saline land area decreased by 41.75 square kilometers, ecological benefit.

in recent years, focusing on science and technology play a supporting role in the basis of waterfowl, rare and endangered species, vegetation resources on the Monitoring Area Management Bureau of the Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve, built a monitoring network system in video surveillance system, network video monitoring system, video management system as a whole; in order to master the flyway of summer migratory birds, and Chinese Academy of Sciences and other departments to work together, the migration of migratory birds carrying GPS tracking of migratory birds, has basically mastered the migratory path of Qinghai Lake main summer migratory birds; make full use of video surveillance system in Qinghai Lake bird breeding the real-time remote monitoring of the Qinghai Lake summer migratory birds, to carry out research on dynamic migration and early warning mechanism of important migratory avian flu epidemic foci in Qinghai Lake. The.

at the same time, the wetland ecological benefit compensation project to benefit the local people, direct participation by the local government authorities and the masses, hire coordinators as protection and monitoring management, explore effective working mechanism of the masses to participate in the collaborative management of protected areas. On the basis of the protection work, strengthen the education of popular science. According to the contract, "wetland" and "wild animal protection awareness month" and "Qinghai Lake international road cycling race" theme activities, to carry out a wide range of ecological environment protection and the protection of birds, wildlife and other promotional activities in the lake region. In addition, the continuous optimization of resources, promote ecological protection, the development of the lake resources monitoring and inspection system, the annual comprehensive monitoring program, wetland monitoring norms, biodiversity monitoring standards. The construction of the "water, soil, gas, and health" ecological environment monitoring system of Qinghai Lake.


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