Xining county and municipal departments of the annual assessment objectives

days ago, Xining city leadership and leading cadres responsibility (performance) evaluation of leading group held its second meeting in 2015, passed "the county and municipal departments in Xining city" 2015 annual performance assessment target, strictly, ecological environmental protection, improve people’s livelihood and service level indicators, will focus on the content and assessment districts the Department, released a new target, marking the municipal government to implement the "four comprehensive" spirit, actively adapt to the determination and deployment of new normal economic and social.

allows the object to be assessed jump peaches

is a scientific and reasonable set of counties and departments work objectives, key personnel assessment running from the party and government departments, strong sense of responsibility and strong business goals set up the audit team, strict control of the six meeting of the municipal Party committee thirteen plenary meeting of the Ten Session of the fifteen NPC and determine the spirit, municipal government of the people’s livelihood projects. Review of the three counties of the city’s four district and 63 municipal units of the annual performance goals, revise and improve the target 203, cut 30, add 48, the pre audit objectives to strengthen the formulation of restraint and supervision of decomposition, to avoid the phenomenon of self reported target evade the crucial point. The main economic indicators of GDP, investment in fixed assets in accordance with the higher principle of decomposition and adjustment, the assessment was the target efforts to jump up "peaches", to ensure that the scientific evaluation index, combined incentives, and moderate pressure.

livelihood indicators accounted for 34%

according to the municipal government to speed up the construction of ecological civilization, adhere to the concept of ecological civilization to guide the overall requirements of economic and social development, the weight of the index has been adjusted. Four areas of ecological protection indicators from last year’s 12 points increased to 18 points (up to 50%), the new urban management work of the index. Three county ecological protection index increased from 17 last year to 25 points (47% increase), the new "ecological engineering", "natural forest (forest) protection work" and "garbage harmless treatment rate of 3 indicators, improve the livelihood of the people of new types of" agricultural science and Technology Park output growth "," public the culture of per capita cultural expenditure "," implement precise poverty "," county financial arrangements of special poverty reduction funds rate 4 indicators. Adhere to the people’s livelihood, and promote harmony as the focus of the work of the economic and social development, the residents’ income, education, traffic development, health, social security, food and drug safety, housing security, price control, employment, household registration reform index is closely related with the life of the masses, included in the annual performance appraisal index system, the people’s livelihood the proportion to all evaluation index of 34%, and strive to hard measures the objective performance evaluation work carried out to ensure that the people’s livelihood.


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