Provincial government held a joint meeting of the province’s market price regulation

8 12, Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin chaired the market price regulation work meeting, informed the province’s market price regulation, price reform, research and analysis of the price situation and price reform work, arrangements for the next step.

the meeting pointed out that this year, all localities and departments of the province does not adhere to the ideological work slack, do not slack, actively study the deployment of the province’s overall level of prices, market prices stable, the price reform actively and steadily push forward, to create a good environment for the province’s price stable and healthy economic development.

meeting stressed that the price of a comprehensive, involving a wide range of regions and relevant departments should fully understand the importance of price work, to do a good job of the overall vision of the price. To continue to focus on price regulation, focus on the basic work of production, circulation, storage, sales, market development and other security price regulation, capital investment, agricultural product price regulation to the Mid Autumn Festival, new year’s day and Spring Festival and other important period, strengthen price monitoring and analysis, to ensure the smooth realization of the objectives and tasks of this year the price regulation. To grasp the price reform of key areas, promote the overall development of the province, city (state), county price reform, follow the basic law of market economy, adhere to the direction of the market price reform, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, and use reform to solve the difficulties and problems, fully solicit views of all sectors of society to work, and effectively protect the fundamental interests the masses of the people.


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