Xining Rural Road Market

In order to avoid the traffic accident casualties occurred in the city of Xining along the highway, the city Department of transportation will be the city’s transit highway rural bazaars unified regulation.

with the city area traffic infrastructure construction and urban and rural integration process speeding up, especially along the road of national and provincial trunk highway intersection Town Road, etc., people spontaneously recurring and stage stallage, stop soliciting phenomenon is more prominent, many people and cars, fast speed, road Qunsiqunshang major traffic accidents are more prominent, along the road traffic safety situation is very grim.

for the effectiveness of remediation work, three counties at the same time to focus on remediation of the county farmers market, the town and the sidewalk stall point, random vehicle stop chaos by chaos, cluttered garbage, unlicensed meals and other timely Chajiu behavior. Datong County transit highway of serious market phenomenon of Chengguan Town, Xinzhuang Town, Starr Town, Dong Xia Zhen other markets, according to market towns concentrated open time to strengthen supervision, clean up illegal stalls set up since 10, Zhang Gongludong Liu Ning to correct the problem of private car parking lane intersection. Huangzhong County of Lu Yun Xi Bao Zhen Jia Zhai Cun Ge road section and other sections of the 16 markets of rectification, 5 bazaars which Lu Yun Road section, Republic of Xi Bao Cun Zhen Hou Ying Cun, Da Yuan Cun, rouchard Zhen Tu Men Guan Xiang Tu Men Guan Cun, Guan Xiang Tu Men and you should you want to check section of fixed places. Huangyuan County, more than 120 illegal demolition of illegal signs, banning illegal water plus car wash point of more than and 130. (author: Zhao Linsong)


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