Xining public cultural services promotion measures and other six systems introduced to promote the d

November 23rd, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, the Xining public cultural services to promote measures, such as the six systems examined and adopted by the study, Xining will promote the development of efficiency and enhance the cultural soft power.

in the provision of cultural services, develop and promulgate basic public cultural service programs and services directory according to the social economic development level, population status and the actual needs of the public; according to the actual demand, through the purchase of folk cultural enterprises, cultural organizations, non-profit organizations, cultural conditions of personal and cultural products and services. The provision of public cultural services to the society; to promote all kinds of public cultural service facilities free of charge, and support for free or preferential public cultural service facilities; encourage the internal culture of qualified enterprises to provide services to the public; during the national holidays and school summer vacation, the opening time should be appropriate to extend the public cultural facilities, and add the corresponding cultural services; the construction of public cultural service digital will be included in the city City information construction planning, to provide the public with convenient digital cultural services, etc., to meet the basic cultural needs of the public.

in addition, and the "Xining city public cultural service promotion measures" jointly published a "Xining city public culture service social development promotion measures" "Xining city public cultural services operating public participation measures" of the "Xining Municipal People’s government to the social forces to buy public cultural products and services management approach", "Xining city the basic cultural demand feedback method" "Xining to promote cultural talent development procedures". ;

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