Zhang Baowen rate NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection team to check the implementation

9 month 21 days to 26 days, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Zhang Baowen, the NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection group to Qinghai, the province to implement the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" to inspect. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng accompanied by inspection, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng chaired the briefing.

in the Qing period, Zhang Baowen line depth Xining City Haidong City, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, has been to a city road, rural road, national highway and highway on-site inspection, and further part of the traffic command center, traffic police team, vehicle management, driver training school motor vehicle driving test center, highway network operation monitoring and emergency response center, transportation monitoring station, highway toll station work mechanism, a comprehensive understanding of the province’s implementation of the law on road traffic safety situation.

9 25, law enforcement inspection team listened to the provincial government and relevant departments to implement the road traffic safety law report. Zhang Baowen fully affirmed the implementation of the road traffic safety law. Zhang Baowen pointed out that road traffic safety is directly related to the healthy development of economy and society and people’s lives and property safety, related to the realization of the goal of building a moderately prosperous society. We should attach great importance to road traffic safety, road traffic safety as an important part of safety development. Always firmly establish the concept of safe development, adhere to the interests of the people first, consciously implement the provisions of the road traffic safety law. Zhang Baowen proposed to solve the road traffic safety law implementation of prominent problems in traffic management departments of public security organs of law enforcement vehicles, road traffic safety management and protection, the development of ideas, focus, and solve the problem of chronic disease, promote the traffic safety situation continues to improve. Zhang Baowen stressed that to increase the intensity of the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, governments at all levels to achieve the leadership in place, security in place, put in place, supervision in place, promote the legal provisions and the implementation of policy measures, and do the work for road traffic safety, protect people’s lives and property safety, protect the people live and work in peace.

Hao Peng in the chair of the report to the law enforcement inspection team to inspect and guide the work of a green thank you. He said, as the foundation of the national economy and leading industry, the development of transportation in Qinghai such a vast infrastructure and relatively backward provinces is particularly important, is the current and future periods in our province to speed up the important aspects for infrastructure and public service short board. We will have to resolve outstanding issues as the road traffic safety law in the process of the implementation of the law enforcement inspection, to promote the development of transportation, the opportunity is important to enhance the level of road traffic safety, correctly handle the relationship between security and development, safety and speed, safety and quality, safety and efficiency, and further enhance the traffic supply capacity, to further improve the the level of governance according to law, the further innovation of the management system and mechanism, to further strengthen the leadership, to ensure that our province road traffic safety situation continued to improve the smooth, hard for economic and social development, the people to travel safely to create a good ring;

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