Provincial government talks with Alibaba group Hao Pengsun Li Jun attended

11 30, governor Hao Peng and vice president of Alibaba group, Taobao, President of the country and his party to hold talks with. The two sides will further seize the development opportunities, expand cooperation space, strengthen cooperation in rural electricity providers, precise poverty alleviation, smart city, big data applications in-depth exchanges.

talks, Hao Peng and his party came to the green welcome to the green line of the. Hao Peng said that today’s meeting is an important measure to promote the implementation of the results of the October Qinghai provincial government and the leadership of the Alibaba group talks, will further enhance the foundation of bilateral cooperation.

he said, Qinghai West, ethnic, poverty-stricken areas in a body, to ensure that by 2020 with the national synchronized building a well-off society, must have the spirit of an important speech to the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai as a guide, implement the "four major solid", relying on "Internet plus", vigorously develop the Internet economy, promoting innovation driven development strategy, cultivate new economic development momentum, the release of the new vitality of economic development. Hao Peng hope that the talks as an opportunity, as soon as possible to build bilateral strategic cooperation framework, strengthen top-level design; to rural electronic commerce as the breakthrough point and the main starting point, to promote the electricity supplier of agricultural products, and accelerate the development of county rural financial wisdom; accelerate infrastructure construction, improve the system of rural electricity network, efforts to open up the rural logistics distribution of the last mile; around the big data, cloud computing industry innovation and cooperation in the field of e-government, cloud and cloud application industry pilot demonstration construction; to speed up the establishment of cooperation mechanisms, innovative forms of cooperation, expand areas of cooperation, enhance the level of cooperation, expand cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Hao Peng said that Qinghai will actively create a good environment to support the development of Alibaba group in Qinghai.

sun Lijun thank Qinghai provincial government support group of Alibaba, and to promote the group’s overall business ideas about landing in Qinghai. He said that the Alibaba Taobao group will be rural project as a starting point, including the construction of rural electricity providers, smart city, precise poverty as one of the county economy of Internet Ecosystem, including information technology to jointly promote the talent cultivation, Internet plus industrial innovation, Internet plus city services, e-government, data sharing exchange innovation in areas such as landing the shift speed boost economic and social development in Qinghai, to create a better future.

Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong introduced the situation of cooperation between the province and the Alibaba group, vice governor of the province, Yan Jinhai, Kuang Chung, Wang Liming, to participate in talks with the president of the United States, and vice governor of the State Council, the provincial people’s Congress of china.


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