Provinces and cities in China and the county leadership of the successful conclusion of the general

as of November 29th, 43 counties and 8 city of the province, the State Party committee, National People’s Congress, government, Political Consultative Conference and the 365 National People’s Congress, the township party committee and government leadership election all over, nominated 259 candidates for statewide leadership, 1081 county-level leadership candidates, 3746 candidates elected Township leadership no, not, young cadres and women cadres, cadres of ethnic minorities and non Party cadres are in line with the central and provincial requirements, set up the correct orientation, to further optimize the group structure, the overall function to further enhance the professional level has been further improved.

is the general Party of eighteen since the first round of local leadership succession, is to further promote the comprehensive strictly, the critical period of building a moderately prosperous society and the realization of the first hundred years of the goal, the overall situation is related to long-term, wide attention from all sectors of society, people full of expectations. The provincial Party committee to grasp the major opportunities as the general practice of the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech learning, as an inspection practice strictly and style construction achievements since the eighteen large, grasp, plan to promote the understanding from the height of the global political and. Provincial Party committees to fulfill their functions, strengthen coordination, promote the implementation of the deployment of carefully, "draw good blueprint, select good cadres, with a good team, for a good look" and the implementation of general policy of "zero error", in violation of the discipline of "zero tolerance", "zero unsuccessful nominee selection" of the "four" the goal of "30", to create a political environment on the "beautiful scenery", to implement the "four major solid" requirements, building rich civilized and harmonious and beautiful new Qinghai provide a strong guarantee.


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