Chinese language resources protection project officially launched in Qinghai

Chinese language resources protection project Qinghai project launch ceremony and training will be held in Xining, marking the official launch of the Qinghai dialect survey project.

engineering Chinese language resources protection is by the Ministry of Finance approved, the Ministry of education and the State Language Commission organized the implementation of a national language and culture class project, is by far the world’s largest language resources protection project scale, including the local dialect investigation, literature collection, collection and display platform construction. According to the Ministry of education, the State Language Commission "on the start Chinese language resource protection project notice" spirit, the provincial education department, the provincial language application, March 2016 Qinghai dialect survey as the second batch of national language resources protection engineering construction project approved.

in the "investigation language resource protection project of Chinese dialect Chinese master plan (2015-2019)", our province has selected Ledu, Minhe and Guide and Menyuan of Xining City, the 5 survey points, the team composed of experts from Qinghai national university undertakes the task of investigation, completed within 3 years, the main purpose is to China language resources the protection engineering of Qinghai Chinese dialect voice state data, including audio and video data, the survey points text written information, picture information, the establishment of Qinghai Chinese dialect culture database.


training, the National University of Qinghai expert team officially entered the pilot area of Ledu to carry out investigation work.


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