first entered the Hongkong capital market of the enterprise sacred permanent cloth parent company

In October 15th, Lanzhou Manor Farm Limited by Share Ltd successfully listed in Hongkong (Stock Code: 1533), marking its wholly-owned subsidiary – Qinghai Qinghai Lake dairy limited liability company with its famous brand "sacred" and "permanent cloth" became the first province to enter the capital market of Hongkong enterprises, for the economic development of our province is incremental, actively play the role of the capital market to inject vitality.

"holy lake" in Qinghai province selling yogurtRelying on the natural pasture,

"permanent cloth" yak cheese layout of the country

as the first two Gansu Province of Hongkong listed company, as the outstanding representative of more dairy products in the western region, the brand out of the Tibetan Plateau, lakes have lead the development characteristic of the dairy industry in the listed company mission, and develop a base in Qinghai, the unique Tibetan Plateau "permanent cloth" brand. For the promotion of the national market, make full use of the Tibetan Plateau unique and rare resources of yak milk products, dairy products China open characteristic door.

sunlake "Qinghai Tibet Plateau Yak dairy dairy processing technology research and product development technology" won the two prize of national scientific and technological progress, create favorable conditions for the Qinghai Tibet Plateau Yak dairy characteristic resources industrialization, which provides technical support for the "permanent cloth" brand strategy under single product "plateau energy treasure" the first domestic yak cheese film, "plateau energy treasure" by life cherish the milk in the Tibetan plateau at an altitude of 3500 meters of yak, yak milk through innovative technology will be made of cheese, not only makes the treasure yak milk source can continue to supply, the nutritional components in yak milk can;

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