Circular on Forwarding the notice of the provincial political and Law Commission on Further Strength

Subordinate units, bureau offices: according to the requirements of the Municipal Law Committee, the provincial Party committee "on the" two "during further strict discipline to strengthen the political and legal team management notice" forwarded to you, please combine their work done the following work: a,
to strengthen the administration of justice education. offices, Juzhu units to quickly convey the provincial Party committee to seriously study the "Circular" spirit, ensure judicial officers familiar with the provincial Party committee’s request, to learn to communicate in place, arrangements in place, education management in place, put in place to check. Two,
strengthen the duty guard work. of the offices and operating units to strictly implement the maintenance of stability during the holiday on duty, security, law enforcement and supervision requirements, conscientiously implement the provisions of the "ban" and serious discipline, leadership class system, resolutely correct all illegal phenomenon, strengthen the vehicle, cash, important files and articles management, good safety precautions work during the festival. Three,
to carry out activities for the people. offices, Juzhu units and leading cadres should change ideas, improve the style of work, firmly establish the awareness of people convenience, conscientiously do a good job of "three", "three" and "visits, investigation, mediation" theme practice activities, visit the grassroots judicial officers, retired veteran comrades, the the warmth of the party and government to the people, to guide the judicial officers carry forward the glorious tradition of hard work, a frugal, honest and for the people of the festival.       two January 11th  

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